The Pain I Feel Inside

Hey guys. This is my first foray into the world of Pacifier writing… and it's the most depressing story I have ever written. In the film, Zoe tells Seth he's been an hour in the bathroom. This is what I think he'd been doing in there.

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The Pain I Feel Inside

Seth closed the door and leaned against it. His heart began to beat faster and he pulled his shirt over his head.

He stared at himself in the mirror, taming in every bruise, every scar, every place where muscle wasn't. He raised a hand and ran it along the scars that dominated his shoulders.

He'd started soon after his dad died. The pain he felt inside seemed to ease when he felt the blood drip down his shoulder.

He'd stopped for a while, when he tried to be the man of the house. A man didn't slit his shoulders every time something went wrong. But the temptation had been too great.

He started again when George Harman and 'The Murninator' started picking on him. One by one, his friends – not that he'd had many – saw reasons to abandon him. And to make it worse, Zoe's boyfriend Scott was best friends with Harman. So every time he went out, he was reminded what a loser he was, what a complete loser and outcast he was.

The Creeper.

And it was times like that when he felt he couldn't go on, when he looked at a knife and wondered what it would feel like to push it against his throat.

It was after the party that he felt so desperate that he found himself curled up on his bed crying, felt so low that nothing Harman could do could make him feel lower.

Zoe didn't care. He'd told her not to do it, begged her not to, but she wouldn't listen. He'd come to the sad conclusion that she didn't care. No one did.

Seth pushed the knife against his lower shoulder.

Just once more.

Well? You like? Or do you think that angst and The Pacifier just don't go together?