Terminus II: The Process of Separation


Alone, he was so alone; he'd not been used to such solitude. It had been a gradual decline he was willing to admit, but still he wasn't sure how far he could go. But he was alone, for now that was all that mattered.

It had started so unnoticeably at first, a few missed or ignored calls, then a few plans blown off, small things. Suddenly she wouldn't slow down to let him catch up in the halls and strangely he didn't have time to listen nor did he ever mention little things to him. They didn't seem as attached to him anymore.

Danny could understand for a while, he often left them to fight ghosts and it wasn't their fault that they got tired of waiting up. They weren't responsible for protecting the world, after all they were just normal kids, normal. He wasn't, he was Danny Phantom, he could never be normal. And he could never be what they could, sure they could dabble in the abnormalities of his life but they could resort back.

They would never understand that he could never be like them. And that was tearing him from them, Sam and Tucker. And they were so blissfully ignorant of their friend's troubles. He wondered bitterly, why should they care? Soon they'd begin dating new people make new friends and then completely forget about him.

The secret he thought was keeping them together was actually slowly driving a wedge between himself and Tucker and Sam. He never thought that it would happen like that. Danny always thought that his heroic edge would always keep them tight, with all the uncertainty and all the adventure, that they'd never part and would be friends forever.

And if they were so easily driven away then what was stopping the rest of humanity from slowly detaching itself from him. Danny was a bit odd, enough so that people would start to talk. And before long they'd all label him troubled, if not dangerous, or unstable. A hatred suddenly seemed to snake itself up his spine causing a shiver.

How long before he was a complete outcast with a reputation he didn't deserve. They'd all call him crazy...crazy. They wanted crazy? A twisted smile took a hold of Danny's features, the term would be plastered on him inevitably, so why shouldn't he work to deserve it?

Why not give the whole term new meaning, because crazy was just a word people just liked to throw around. Crazy, they wanted to call him crazy, he'd show them crazy. Danny's fingers held tighter to the window pane as he gazed out over the street, he was shaking but he liked it.

No, they weren't going to be able to push Danny aside, not this easily. People might consider this revenge, but no this wasn't going to be about revenge, this was just something he was meant to do. He'd prove to him what crazy really meant and he'd show him that he was never meant to be forgotten about.

Oh the things he would do the fear he could already taste it. Carnage, horror, pain, grief, it all swarmed in his head. Everyone deserve it, since well the lives of the wicked should be cut short and for the rest of them death would be a release. Imagery swirled in his head, this wasn't like him it scared him and he loved it.

And she, oh she'd be so beautiful, the last thing standing out amongst the dead. He could imagine the fearful violet lost in all the ashes. She'd be perfect then, she wouldn't be able to leave him then.

He'd been gripping so hard that the window cracked and shattered all around him. Shimmering sharp pieces dropped dangerously but caught light in the most amazing way shinning reflections of the sun and his blood. A large grin spread across his face, his concerned parents they'd come to see if he was okay. And he, he would act on his plan, he'd gain his power he'd show the world.

Darkness clouded his mind, his eyes burning with a desire for destruction. With what little sanity he held, he had to wonder what thing really led him to this point just as the door opened.

"Danny are you alright?"

Oh my goodness, when I rewrote this chapter for about the fifth time I didn't think this one would turn out so brutal.