When I dropped my stack of papers at a medical convention in Sioux Falls, I knew it was a bad sign.

"Jaclyn, pick them up," said Dr. Matthews.

I nodded and grabbed the stack that I had so carefully alphabetized. It was a total mess.

We walked into the room where the convention was being held. It was filled with mostly men in suits and briefcases. A briefcase. Why didn't I think of that?

"I found our seats!" Dr. Matthews called from across the room, and I cringed. Sometimes it was hard being from a small town in northern South Dakota, where people could shout anything they wanted across the cafe and no one would care.

I went over to the doctor. "I have to organize these," I said as I put the papers down on a table. "Let's see, Aaronberg would be first, and then Carter--no, there's a Berg in here somewhere..."

"Jaclyn, there's no time now." Dr. Matthews shook his head. "You'll have to do it outside. Go and get me some coffee."

I rolled my eyes. If he wanted a maid, why didn't he hire one? I asked silently. But, then again, I was getting a free trip to Sioux Falls to hear about the new medicine.

After getting the doctor's coffee, I sat down and drummed my fingers on the table, waiting for the convention to begin.

"Good morning," a voice said from at the front of the room.

The voice sounded vaguely familiar. I was about to look up when I knocked the stack of papers on the floor.

"JACLYN," said Dr. Matthews. "Go in the library and organize those."

I nodded. Looking up to see who was speaking, I felt a lump settle in my throat.

The doctor who was at the microphone was none other than Hawkeye Pierce.

For the third time that day, I dropped the papers.

I heard Dr. Matthews let out a sigh of exasperation.

The look on Hawkeye's face let me know that he'd seen me, too.

It had been fifteen years since I had seen about my ex-husband. Now he had to show up at a medical convention and just HAPPEN to be the head of the whole thing.

"Uh, my name is Dr. Benjamin Pierce," said Hawkeye. "And I'm from...from Crabapple Cove, Maine."

I willed my feet to move, and they did. Not very well, because I ended up falling over a planter with a fern in it.

A/N: I was planning to take a long, LONG break before writing the sequel, but I couldn't resist. I've been thinking about this story since the final chapter for Crash was posted. Enjoy, and your feedback is very much appreciated.