A/N: Instead of writing a big epilogue for this, I decided to let the Stockton Notes do it. (The Notes, incidentally, are based on a column in our local paper. I know, I know, pointless trivia.) Since some of this is incredibly stupid, let's just imagine that my hands are being taken over by the hands of a fifty-year-old woman that thrives on gossip.

(By the way, Crabapple Cove's variations are NOT mine.)

June 3, 1968

The Waterses arrived home from Greenapple Cove on the twenty-eighth, with the absence of their daughter, Jaclyn, and granddaughter Calla. Apparently she has decided to stay in Maine to work out some of her affairs. We miss her and wish her the best.

June 10, 1968

Julia and Walter Waters wish to announce the marriage of their daughter, Jaclyn Marie Waters, to Benjamin Franklin Pierce. The wedding took place in Maine on May 26th. No news on where the couple is going to live.

June 24, 1968

Jaclyn Waters-Pierce has put our old home, 13 North Maine, on the market with Aesoph Realty. Anyone wishing to buy it should give Alvin or me a call in Milbrook and we'll give you all the details.

August 1, 1968

Elliot and Michelle Waters recently purchased 13 North Main and moved into it last Saturday. May your house always be filled with love and family.

December 30, 1968

Ben, Jaclyn, and Calla Pierce visited Julie, Walter, Michelle, and Elliot Waters for Christmas. Jaclyn announced that's she's expecting a baby! The citizens of Stockton wish them the best back in Apple Cove.

February 2, 1969

We extend our sorrows to the Waterses in their time of despair. Walter was a pillar in our community and will be greatly missed.

February 9, 1969

Well, Jaclyn Pierce has certainly given us something to smile about! She went into labor on the morning of Walter Waters's funeral and delivered a healthy, eight pound baby boy named Daniel Walter Pierce at the Milbrook Hospital.

May 29, 1971

Calla Pierce, granddaughter of Julie and the late Walter Waters, graduated from Lobster Cove High on the twenty-fifth. Her Stockton family attended the ceremony and returned to South Dakota on the twenty-seventh. Calla's future plans are going to college at Northern State University here in South Dakota and getting a degree in early elementary education.

January 13, 1973

Daniel Pierce, grandson of Julia Waters, had his tonsils removed last Thursday. Grandma Julie hopes you feel better real soon so she can come and visit you!

March 5, 1974

Ben Pierce, husband of Jaclyn Waters-Pierce, went into the hospital on April thirtieth for knee surgery. Calla Pierce was not able to be there. He is recuperating well.

May 17, 1975

Calla Pierce graduated from Northern State in Aberdeen on May eleventh. Her family stayed at the Motor Inn from the tenth to the twelfth. Calla is planning to go into a teaching career.

December 2, 1976

Julia Waters threw a marvelous Thanksgiving feast for her relatives, including Harry and Martha Waters, Mark and Ella Waters and their children Carol Black (husband Pete and son Pete Jr.), Jack, and Joann Woods (husband Rob and children Eliza, Lucy, Leonard, and Stanley), Jaclyn and Ben Pierce and their son Daniel, and Calla Pierce and her fiancee Paul Jackson.

October 31, 1977

No spooks were out for Calla Pierce and Paul Jackson on their wedding day! They were married on October twenty-ninth at Tabor Church in Blick and are honeymooning in Canada. (Brrr!) Calla's attendants were Mary Berkin (maid of honor), Faith Montgomery, Joann Waters, Carol Waters, Patricia Jackson, and Betty Pierce. The groomsmen were Jim Jackson (best man), Chuck Harrison, Jack Waters, Randy Smith, Michael Berg, and Kevin Kane. Lucy Woods was the flower girl, and Daniel Pierce was the ring bearer. Calla's dress was a family heirloom, worn by her mother, grandmother, and great-aunt.

September 28, 1979

Everyone in Stockton is still in shock because of Julia Waters's passing last Monday. Heart attacks happen so quickly, we never even got a chance to say goodbye. I, for one, will miss her coffee cake served at all of Tabor's potlucks. Funeral services will be held on Friday.

November 3, 1979

Ben, Jaclyn, and Daniel Pierce were guests at the Elliot Waters home in Stockton for Julia Waters's funeral.

July 31, 1981

Calla Jackson gave birth to a five pound baby girl named Gweneth Pamela on July twenty-eighth. Elliot and Michelle Waters are planning to visit her soon in Nova Scotia.

August 9, 1983

While visiting family in Maine, Calla Jackson gave birth to her second child, a boy named Bradley Clark. There was quite a team of experienced doctors, as the MASH 4077th was having a thirty-year reunion.Calla's husband got quite a surprise when she phoned!

May 28, 1986

Daniel Pierce graduated from Crabapple Cove High on the twenty-sixth as valedictorian. Daniel's future plans are medical school in New York.His Aunt Michelle and Uncle Elliot were unable to attend but send their congratulations.

June 11, 1987

Michelle Waters passed away last week due to hepatitis. Her funeral will be held Sunday at Elim Covenant Church here in Stockton.

June 17, 1987

Jaclyn Pierce attended the memorial service for Michelle Waters.

May 19, 1990

Daniel Pierce, son of Jaclyn and Ben Pierce of Crabapple Cove, Maine, graduated from his college in New York. He is now going on to medical school in Boston.

December 20, 1991

Benjamin Pierce, wife of Jaclyn (Waters) Pierce, went into the hospital in Iltai, Maine, on Wednesday for a heart bypass surgery.

December 26, 1991

Jaclyn Pierce's husband Benjamin passed on due to heart bypass surgery complications. Elliot Waters, Calla Jackson, and Daniel Pierce are in Maine. Funeral services pending.

January 3, 1992

Funeral services were held Monday for Benjamin Pierce. No word on if Jaclyn is planning on coming back to Stockton.

March 12, 1992

Jaclyn Waters-Pierce came to Stockton to visit her brother, Elliot. She was seen reading the real estate section in the Wilkton News.

May 25, 1992

Calla and Paul Jackson and their children Gwen and Bradley visited Elliot Waters in Stockton from May eighteenth to the twenty-second. They ate lunch at the cafe and attended Sunday morning services at Tabor.

June 9, 1992

Jaclyn Waters-Pierce has moved back into her childhood home in Stockton! Anyone wishing to visit her should drop in. After all, we certainly know where she lives!

June 17, 1992

Calla Jackson visited her mother in Stockton on the tenth. They didn't exit the house but were spotted drinking coffee in the kitchen. Jaclyn looked very upset. Calla left on the fifteenth.

July 10, 1992

Daniel Pierce came to Stockton to visit Elliot Waters and Jaclyn Waters-Pierce. He brought with him his girlfriend, Joliet McCarthy, who lives in Boston.

May 18, 1994

Jaclyn Waters-Pierce and Elliot Waters attended Daniel Pierce's graduation in Boston. He has earned an internship at Boston General. I had a cousin who had her appendix taken out there, I remember, in 1961. Wonderful doctors, good healthcare--we approve of your choice, Daniel.

April 29, 1995

Elliot Waters passed away Sunday at his home in Stockton. The service is this Thursday at Tabor Lutheran in Blick. Calla Jackson and Daniel Pierce are houseguests of Jaclyn Waters-Pierce.

May 31, 1995

Jaclyn Waters moved out of 12 North Main on the twenty-fourth. I fondly remember when all the Waterses were together in that big house that now sits empty on the corner. When family goes seperate ways, everything just falls apart.

February 6, 2005

A piece of out-of-state news for you: Jaclyn Waters-Pierce, daughter of the late Julia and Walter Waters, passed away on January twenty-fifth in Nova Scotia, visiting her daughter Calla. Her funeral service was held in Craybable Cove, Maine.

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