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Title Snapes Choice

Chapter 1 Down by the lakeside

James Potter , Sirius Black , Remus Lupin , and Peter Pettigrew were hanging out by the lake side on a Friday evening.

- So anyways I grabbed the snitch right in front of Montagues eyes , laughed James. You should have seen his face Padfoot , the guy was livid. I mean I cant blame him , it was under his nose literarily.

- Montague was angry huh.

- Yeah said James , he tried to hex me afterwards , but I was ready. One , two , three levicorpus and he didnt bother me anymore.

Sirius laughed , Peter gasped in amazement , and Remus sighed.

- James maybe if you didnt tease him , he wouldnt hex you.

- James laughed and threw his arm over Lupins shoulder.

- Moony , I can do this stuff , because I have you as my conscience. I do the bad deed , and then I listen to your lecture and I feel sorry.

- James smiled and then knelt down. Remus he said sincerely. Montague turned his wand on me after the match. I honestly didnt provoke him.

Lupin smiled , boys will be boys , and I trust you all completed Professor Slughorns essay.

- Wormtail squeeled , I havent even started.

- Sirius look unbothered , Potions essay right , no problem , we can do it at dinner. Hey James have you done it.

Sirius grinned at Lupin , who smiled faintly. James was watching a group of girls by the lake , and was gazing intently at one of them.

- Lilly said James dreamilly , he was completely unaware of his surroundings and he slipped of the rock he was sitting on. Sirius sniggered , but Lupin looked rather grave.

- Hey Evans , cried James frantically. Lilly stopped and looked over. She waved at Lupin , who smiled , but ignored James.

- Hey come back cried James , Evans dont go.

James turned around , what a complete waste of time it was coming out here.

- Not really said Sirius.

- Oh yeah muttered James , what makes you say that.

- A grin spread over Sirius,s face , look its Snivellus.

Lupin rose from where he was sitting , he stepped in front of his two friends.

- James , Sirius , dont rise to the bait. Please lets not start a fight.

- Oh come of it , Moony cried Sirius , what do you take us for , a pair of troublemakers.

- Exactly said Lupin , James talk some sense into him.

Lupin looked back startled , James , no. It was too late. James was striding across the lawn towards Snape with his wand clutched in his hand.

- Snape glowered and pulled his wand out , they faced each other. Lupin took a deep breath and walked forwards , he would not stand back and let a duel break out. This time he would protect his two friends even if it meant using force