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Chapter 2 Conflict

Lupin tore past James and spun around. He grabbed the hem of James,s robes. Standing tall he pulled him back and refused to let go.

"Hey Mooney , what the hell are you doing. Let go of me" , cried James.

"James , I always stand back. I always let you and Sirius engage in duels. But that was then , it has to stop now. If I hadn't stood back last time and let you tease Severus , Lilly might have gotten to know you more. I blame myself".

James snarled and gripped his wand. " Snape called Evans a mudblood. I wouldn't care if she was the nastiest girl in the Wizarding World. He had no right to say that...Remus dont you see...he is different from us. They all are , the Slytherins , I mean. Of course you get good and bad people in the other houses as well. But come on have you seen the way they treat others , especially half blood and muggleborns".

" Causing harm isn't the way out James".

" Oh yeah cried James , and I supose letting Snape insult whoever he feels like is more importent".

" Prongs yelled Sirus , get over here quickly. Snape is getting closer."

" See yelled James , Sirius is on my side. He understands why Snape should be taught a lesson.".

Lupin sighed." We are all close friends James , but you and I know that Sirius likes a challenge. He is always tempted into causing mischief and this time it is going to far. What do you plan to do when you confront Severus".

"I ...I ...Well I dont know talk maybe".

For the first time that day , Lupin laughed. " James I know you. The minute you go over , you will have him hanging from his knees".

James pulled his robes from Lupins grasp. Raising his hand he messed up his hair and grinned. A group of girls talking nearby giggled and quickly began whispering. James who appeared to have noticed , winked and imatated catching the snitch. The tallest girl smiled and signalled for him to come over. But before James could rotate , Sirius had caught him by the arm and dragged him over.

" Mate if I see you trying to catch an invisible snitch again. I swear , I will turn you into flobberworm , and then we will see just how attractive the girls find you then eh".

" Sorry Padfoot said James smoothly , I just cant keep the girls away". James grinned and then came to his senses. " Go on say it".

" Pal your a tad bit big headed. I mean , you are cool and everything , but it is noticeable all the same".

James nodded and turned as he saw Snape looking over. He broke off into a run. Lupin and Sirius followed. Wormtail stayed behind , he didn't like getting involved , after all it wouldn't benefit him in any way. James sprinted forwards.

" No thought Lupin , dont James please dont".

James sped past Snape , who whizzed around startled. James sighed , technically he hadn't touched Snape in a duel. However one little spell woudn't hurt and after all Snape woudn't realise it until James was gone. He flicked out his wand and muttered an incantation. A sissors like light sliced open the back of Snapes robes. James grinned. " Dont sit down Snivellus , or everyone will see those greying underpants". Chuckling he raced back to the dormitory. Lilly was seated by the fire. James smiled and walked towards her. " Just be friendly" he told himself. Lilly looked over. James heart fluttered wildly.

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