Bullwinkle Becomes a Nogoodnik


Our story begins in frostbite falls, the heroes of our story Rocky the Flying Squirrel & Bullwinkle J. Moose. Bullwinkle had just recieved a letter and wanted to tell Rocky about it.

"Rocky, guess what?" sid Bullwinle, "I've just won one billion dollars!"

"Bullwinkle, those contests are always rigged," said Rocky.

"Not this one. It says here in big bold letters: NOT RIGGED."

"Well, where do you get the prize?"

"According to the letter, I have to get in mountains."

"The mountains? Why?"

"Maybe there's too much cash and they need to unload it in a large area."

"Can't they just hand you a check?"

"Rocky, this is money we're talking about, not the Nike logo."

And so they went off to the mountain area to get Bullwinkles prize money. Little did they know, this was all part of Boris Badenov's plan to get rid of Rocky and Bullwinkle once and for all.

"Here's the plan, Natasha," explained Boris, "When Moose and Squirell walk over to that sign, it will tell tell them to stand on then X."

"Yes and then what Dahlink?" asked Natasha.

"Then, when I say 'now' you push this boulder off the cliff and then Moose and Squirell

get flattened into pancakes."

"That's a good plan Dahlink."

"Good plan? No this is a bad plan as in bad guy plan."

And so the Boris and Natasha quickly hide on the cliffs as Rocky and Bullwinkle stand in front of a sign.

"It says, 'stand on the X'", said Bullwinkle.

Rocky and Bullwinkle look around to find an X, but the only letter they find is a Q.

"A Q?" asked Rocky

Boris was just as confused.

"A Q?" asked Boris, "Natasha, I thought I told you to draw an X!"

"I did!" explained Natasha, "A-B-C-D-L-M-N-O-G! Don't you know your alphabits Boris."

Boris just put his hand over his face, not beilieving how stupid Natasha is. He then ran to Rocky and Bullwinkle to take care of this himself.

"Your prize is over there." said Boris pointing to the Q.

"But it says standon the X" said Bullwinkle.

"He looks familiar" Rocky said to himself.

"There's been a change of plans so it's a Q now" Boris said as he pushed Bullwinkle to the Q.

"Now?" asked Natasha.


"NOW!" shouted Natasha as she pushed the boulder off the cliff. Luckily, Bullwinkle's antlers were strong enough to smash the boulders into peices. Unfortunately, it couldn't protect him from the shock as Bullwinkle collaped. Boris was also knocked out cold when one of the boulder's pebbles him.

"Bullwinkle!" shouted Rocky.

"Boris!" shouted Natasha as She and Rocky ran to the victims of the boulder.

"Bullwinkle, can you hear me?" asked Rocky. When the Moose came too, instead of giving a direct answer, Bullwinkle instead shoved Rocky.

"Get off me, you bushied tailed rat!" snapped Bullwinkle.

Rocky couldn't believe what Bullwinkle just did. They've been good friends for a long time and all of a sudden, Bullwinkle shoves Rocky.

"Boris Badanov, speak to me." said Natasha.

"I'm not Boris Badenov," answered Boris, "I am Boris Goodenov! Defender of justice!"

"Oh no!" Natasha shouted, "Boris has become a...a... a Goodnik!"

Then she approached by Bullwinkle.

"So you need a nogoodnik now, eh?" asked Bullwinkle in a cocky tone.

"Just what do you know about being bad?" asked Natasha.

"I can rob banks, steal candy from a baby, and worse of all," said Bulwinkle, "I give people atomic wedgies while doing bad stuff"

"MY MAN!" said Natasha as she jumped into Bullwinkle's arms.

"Let's blow this popscicle stand, baby." said Bullwinkle as they hopped into a conveniently placed red 2005 mustang convertible with the keys still in the egnition and drove off to commit various crimes.

Can Rocky stop Bullwinkle from commiting crimes or will he end up becomimg a Jailhouse moose? And what about Boris? What role will he play in this story. Tune in to the next chapter of this fanfic: "Bad Moose" or "Good Boris"

(Cuts to scene shown after every Rocky and Bullwinkle short where they run from lightning, fall and spring up from the ground)

To Be Continued...


Sorry about the chapter being so short. They'll be a bit longer later.