Well, this story has been floating around in my head for a while, and it finally wouldn't let me work on chapter 17 of Destiny anymore. This is most of what I had for the idea, I was considering making it be a one shot, but now I have a few ideas how to continue, so there should be more chapters, I was gonna call this chapter 'Big Daddy' after the Adam Sandler movie, but it didn't seem to fit as well. The chapter title came from Terminator 2. and of course, the Harry universe is owned by JKR. I hope you like it. Please review, thanks.

"Unveiling The Future"

Chapter 1, "There Is No Fate"

The last five years seemed distant now, as Sirius fell back from Bella's spell. Balance lost, he couldn't stop himself from falling towards the veil. His eyes grew wide with shock as he looked over to Harry, who was scrambling to get to the dais where the veil was located. He heard Harry scream his name as the blackness overtook him.

"Haaaarry," yelled Sirius sitting straight up in bed, hands over his eyes, trying to block the memory.

Sirius couldn't think where he was. He couldn't catch his breath as he shook his head to clear his mind, but nearly every detail of the last five years seemed to be permanently etched in his brain. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Sirius?" came a vaguely familiar voice, but Sirius blocked it from his mind, trying to think what happened.

Slowly it came back to him. Azkaban. He had been in the island prison of Azkaban for the supposed betrayal of his best friend. But he wasn't in Azkaban, he was in a very comfortable bed. As his breathing calmed he was finally able to focus a little on where he was. He removed his hands and slowly opened his eyes. Things were still a little blurry from spending six years in the darkness of the prison.

"Sirius?" the voice spoke again.

The image of a tall wizard with long white hair and beard came into focus finally. "Dumbledore?" Sirius said weakly. "What happened? Where am I?"

"You're in St. Mungo's," Dumbledore answered

"St. Mungo's?" Sirius questioned, his mind still a little fuzzy.

"Yes. You collapsed in your cell at Azkaban. You've been in a magical coma for over a month," Dumbledore said gently.

"I remember, Dumbledore," he said. Eyes wide. "Harry's in danger. I've gotta get to him."

"It was a prophetic dream as I suspected then?"

"Yes. Yes. I can remember everything. I woke up when I died in a battle to save Harry. My cousin Bella knocked me into a veil of death somewhere in the department of mysteries."

"Veil?" came a shocked voice to Sirius' right.

"Sirius, this is the new..." Dumbledore started before Sirius broke in.

"Minister of Magic. Yes I know. The dream was very detailed." Sirius spoke in ragged breaths as he was still weak from the coma and years in Azkaban.

"Minister, do you know of this veil?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, I'm afraid I do. That would seem to confirm at least part of the dream, as no one outside of that department knows of its existence. Certainly not someone who has spent the last six years in Azkaban."

"Six years?" Sirius questioned. "So it's not to late, I can save Harry."

"Why would you want to save someone you tried to kill, Mr. Black," said the Minister, trying to sound important.

Sirius eyes started to tear up as he said, "It was Peter Pettigrew. I switched with him at the last moment. I thought no one would suspect him. I figured I would be the target and could save them, but I failed. I didn't realise that he was already a deatheater. I should have known."

"But you killed Peter, along with a dozen muggles," the Minister said accusingly.

"No, no I didn't. I was going to, because he betrayed James and Lily, so I knew he was working for Voldemort."

The Minister was the only one to flinch at the name of the Dark Lord. "A likely story, Mr. Black. I am familiar with the story. I looked into it after we found you collapsed in your cell. I know Crouch didn't give you a trial, but with so many witnesses, there was really no need."

"Forgive me, Remus, James," Sirius said to himself before looking into Dumbledore's eyes. "Peter faked his death. Thanks to the dream, I can tell you where he is and why no ones seen him, even though he's been hiding in plain sight." Sirius paused, trying to gain his strength.

"Go on, Sirius," Dumbledore said softly, "It'll be alright."

Sirius continued. "He's an animagus. Peter, James, and I learned how in our fifth year. It took us two years to figure out just how to do it, but we succeeded in the end. We did it so we could hang out with Remus during his change."

The Minister was about to say something as he was familiar with Remus Lupin's condition, but refrained with a look from Dumbledore.

"He's been hiding at Arthur Weasley's house, waiting for the perfect chance to strike at Harry."

"Did I just hear my name?" came a voice from the door. "I was looking for the two of you, Albus, Minister. It seems that Mr. Moody is not to happy in his retirement."

"Mr. Weasley, you've got to get your son's pet rat away from them. He's dangerous," Sirius warned.

Everyone just looked at Sirius. "Do I know you?" Mr. Weasley said, a little puzzled.

"No, but I know you. Your son Percy has a rat named Scabbers, right?"

"Well, er, yes he does, but, how did you know? I don't understand."

"You found this rat not long after you-know-who's down fall? An ordinary garden rat, but he seems to be long lived as its been six years." Sirius' face almost maniacal, but he tried to calm down when Dumbledore gave him a stern look.

"Arthur, if you could please retrieve the rat, caged if you would. Ministry business, I should think, right Cornelius?" Dumbledore said.

The Minister was starting to get annoyed with Dumbledore. Yes, he often asked for advice from Dumbledore, but HE was the Minister. He was going to say something about that but thought better of it and just nodded his head.

Arthur just nodded and left a little puzzled as Dumbledore waived his wand, A silvery mist appeared in the shape of a phoenix and sped away. He then turned back to Sirius. "If this is true then I would have to commend you for keeping it a secret from me."

The Minister gave Dumbledore a sharp look for making light of a very serious situation. "Mr. Black, I trust Albus' instincts about the prophetic dream being true. But some additional information would be helpful."

Sirius looked up at the Minister with hope in his eyes. "I know that all they ever found of Peter was a finger. When the rat gets here you will notice that one of its toes will be missing."

"Hmmm," the Minister said. "It's true all we found was a finger." The Minister started getting a little nervous. "I'm afraid that if all of this proves to be true, the best we can offer you would be a sincere apology on behalf of the ministry. I..I don't know what else we could do to make reparations for your time in Azkaban," the Minister said with heartfelt emotion mixed with a little fear.

"What is it Albus? Oh my word," said a voice from the door upon entering and then seeing who was on the bed.

"Minerva, it would seem a terrible mistake has been made. Sirius Black has been in a prophetic coma for the last month. Upon his awaking he has claimed innocence and that Mr. Pettigrew and he are animagi," Dumbledore said and then quickly explained the rest of what happened.

"Albus, are you sure?" said Minerva.

"I know you don't hold much weight with divination, but I believe that what Sirius has experienced to be genuine."

Mr. Weasley then entered carrying a small cage with a very mangy looking rat in it. The Minister gasped and pointed out the missing toe on the front paw.

Sirius gathered as much strength as he could and belted out, "Hello Peter, you traitorous rat!"

The rat immediately began shrieking and squeaking trying to get out of the cage.

"If you would, Minerva?" Dumbledore said to the tall witch who was a little shocked.

She leaned over and looked at the rat closely for a few moments. She then stood up and said sternly, "Minister, if you would summon a few Aurors."

"Oh dear," Dumbledore sighed as the Minister gasped and then went and did as she asked.

Sirius was shaking with both mental and physical exhaustion from the coma and Azkaban's effects, not to mention the anger toward his ex-friend. He growled at the rat before looking down and shuddering violently.

Soon, the Minister returned with two Aurors and was about to introduce them when Sirius broke in, "Kingsley Shacklebolt," he said to the tall man on the left. "But you, I don't know," he said then grabbed his head in pain as he had a sudden flash of the other man as Minister some time in the future."

Dumbledore who was nearest, put his hand on Sirius' shoulder until he calmed down.

Once Sirius had calmed he said, "Er, Rufus Scrimgeour, I believe. I just had another vision with you in it."

"Well I don't normally give much stock to divination, but we'll see, won't we?" the large man said.

The two aurors stood on either side of the rat to cast an antitransformation charm the moment Minerva forced the rat back into human form, as Transfiguration was her specialty.

"Ready?" she said, "1...2...3." And then waived her wand.

The transformation happened immediately and seemed to be a bit painful as the cage the rat was in suddenly became to small and burst apart. Peter Pettigrew emerged, fully human again, a little mangy himself after spending six years as a rat.

Sirius shook again trying to keep his emotions under control, especially his anger. Finally he laid back against his pillow and sobbed out, "How could you, Peter? They were our friends. James was like a brother to me." Then he sat up in the bed suddenly and screamed out, "HOW COULD YOU?"

Peter just sobbed and begged and pleaded. "You don't know how persuasive the Dark Lord can be. How could I say no?" he whimpered out.

"How could you say yes? Show them your left arm. Show them!" Sirius exclaimed.

Peter slowly rolled up the sleeve on his tattered robes to reveal a faint but clearly visible skull with a snake protruding from it's mouth, the Dark Mark.

"Severus, I know you're in the hall listening," Sirius said suddenly, in a low but shaky voice. "My animagus is a dog and I can smell your scent. Please, I beg you, for the sake of truth, for Harry, an innocent child, tell them."

Severus Snape, masking his shock at Sirius' tone, strode in rolling up his sleeve, showing an identical mark. "It IS the mark of the Dark Lord, faint now because he is weak, but not gone."

"Mr. Black, I am truly, truly sorry," the Minister said, nodding his head, sadly.

Sirius just sat there, his breathing a little unsteady. "You might want to check out Crouch's house as well. He faked his son's death at the request of his dying wife. Barty Jr. is right now under the imperius hiding there," he said in a calm whisper, trying to not vomit at what he saw in the dream, at Peter's betrayal, at everything.

Everyone, including Snape, was a little stunned at that revelation. The Minister quickly recovered though and nodded at Scrimgeour, realizing that his career was about to get a significant boost. Correcting a mistake by the previous administration and capturing two more deatheaters as well.

The aurors left with Peter, after conjuring restraints and binding his hands.

"Anything I else I can do, Mr. Black?" The Minister added, hoping for another boost. "I really would like to make up for the previous administrations mistakes in any way that I can."

Sirius realised he was shaking again as he thought about his best friends son. He held back the sobs as he said, "Make Harry Potter my heir, as his godfather, I should be his legal guardian, but I want to adopt him completely, make him a Black."

"I will see what I can do Mr. Black. It may take some time to get through the paperwork though," the Minister said apologetically.

"No!" Sirius screamed out now, no longer holding back the anguish and sobs in his voice. "Albus, those muggles you put him with keep him in a cupboard under the stairs. The fucking cupboard under the goddamn stairs. They treat him like an old discarded shoe. His cousin constantly beats on him." Turning to the Minister, "the Black Family won't forget if you push this through, Minister Fudge. Please, help me. Harry is just a little boy, and shouldn't be treated that way."

A stunned Fudge nodded simply. "It will be done. We will send someone immediately, as you are not able to go yourself."

"No," Sirius said a little more calmly, "No strangers, I will go myself. I just need something from Severus."

He then turned to Snape with pleading eyes, "Severus, I am sorry for everything that James and I did to you in school. Too little too late, I know, but we were immature, and I didn't realise it until this dream. I failed James, Lily, and Harry by suggesting Peter as secret-keeper, even with my doubts. I failed Harry again by going after Peter myself and letting him escape. I don't want to fail him again. You were the best potions student we ever saw, and I think we were jealous. Please, I know you have a potion that will restore my health quickly. Can you forgive us for being such stupid prats, please?"

Snape strolled quietly over to Sirius' bed and stared down at him with a mask of steel for several minutes. "Don't tell anyone, I have a reputation to maintain," he said with a slight smile that reached his eyes, stunning Albus and Minerva. "I shall return within the hour with the potion," he said and swept out of the room, his cloak billowing behind him.

"I don't even know what day it is. What time is it?" Sirius asked.

Fudge looked at his watch. "It's nearly 8pm on Wednesday October 21, er, 1987 in case you couldn't remember that either."

Sirius relaxed a little then. "If you could have the paperwork ready as soon as possible, I'd like to get him tomorrow when he gets home from school."

Dumbledore was about to object but Sirius looked at him scathingly, "You could have kept him at Hogwart's, you know. It's safe there. It would have been as good as the blood protection Petunia gives." Sirius said before settling back down into bed.

"I'll have the custody forms owled to you by the morning Mr. Black," Fudge said after giving Dumbledore a disapproving look.

"Thank you Minister, I won't forget this."

"Your quite welcome, and please call me Cornelius. Since Harry is in the muggle system, I'll send along their adoption forms as soon as I contact the muggle Minister." Fudge said puffing himself up a bit and the striding out of the room.

"I warned you about those muggles, Albus," Minerva said scoldingly. "Sirius, I'm sorry for ever thinking you could betray James. Take care of Harry, will you?" Sirius nodded and she left the room.

Arthur Weasley had been standing in the corner watching and finally approached Sirius. "I know you mainly did this for your own freedom and Harry Potter's welfare, but thank you. Who knows what that deatheater might have done to my children. I have a son Harry's age, when you two get settled, you must visit. I know my wife Molly will want to thank you too," and he strode out of the room leaving just Dumbledore and Sirius.

As Sirius lay there finally getting control of all the emotions he was experiencing, he sighed and turned away from Dumbledore. He then noticed a beetle over on the nightstand. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Opening his eyes, he let out the breath, calmly. He smiled and gave the beetle a wink knowing that all of this would be in the morning's Daily Prophet thanks to another unregistered animagus. Sighing again, he turned back to face Dumbledore.

Dumbledore let out a breath and asked, "What are your plans? Harry needs to stay away from any fame as the-boy-who-lived. You know that."

"I know, but I saw too much pain in the dream. Yes, it built character and leadership, Albus, but there are other ways to do that. I will raise him away from the wizarding world, but to a point. The ward's on the Black houses should be strong enough. You can help make them stronger if you like, and then when he turns eleven, he can goto Hogwart's."

"You know this is dangerous, Sirius. You would actually put his safety at risk over some small pain that he would get through?"

"An American muggle once said, 'They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.' Harry James Potter WILL have a reasonably normal childhood," Sirius said, and Dumbledore suddenly looked old and weary. "If you aren't willing to help with that, then get out."

Snape smiled to himself when heard that as he strolled into the room. "Here is your potion, Black. Take one now and the other in a few hours. You should be nearly back to full health by tomorrow, but you will still need some rest. I could have improved the flavour without decreasing its effectiveness, but I didn't feel the need to bother," he said handing Sirius two viles of a nasty looking potion.

"I deserve it, and Severus, thank you," Sirius said and downed it without showing any emotion regarding its flavour.

Feeling the effects of the potion almost immediately, he got out of bed and stretched. "If I may, Severus, I'd like to stay in touch with you. Maybe we could get past our differences."

Another stunned moment for Severus Snape, who quickly regained his cool sneer. "I think I can accept that," he said and strode back out of the room.

"Sirius," Dumbledore said finally, "you're right. I'm getting too old. What good is saving a life if that life isn't lived. I'll help anyway I can."

"Well, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you transfigure these rags into fresh robes? And then apparate with me to Olivander's and persuade him to let me get a new wand. I know it's late, but he does seem to like selling wands."

After Dumbledore transfigured the robes, then cast a cleaning spell on Sirius, they went to see Olivander, who was more than happy to sell Sirius a new wand, charging it to the Ministry, of course. They went through about four dozen wands before finding one. By then it was way pass midnight.

Sirius parted company with Dumbledore after he drank his second potion. First, he sent an owl to Remus Lupin asking if they could still be friends of any sort. Then he had another idea to make his life a little more bearable and sent another owl to his cousin Narcissa Black Malfoy. He then headed to Gringott's to check on the Black Family finances, since they never close. Goblins keep such odd hours. After getting two credit cards, one wizard, and one muggle, he transfigured his robes into a pair of jeans, boots, t-shirt, and a leather blazer and took off for muggle London

Thanks to Lily, he was no stranger to muggles. He found a motel and took a deep soothing bath, which could work as many wonders as any potion and get you cleaner than any charm. He wasn't looking forward to doing one certain thing that he needed to do, but after moment's indecision, he decided to put aside his uneasiness, for Harry's sake.

"Kreacher," he called out quietly.

A pop sounded a moment later with the arrival of a very dirty and slightly insane house elf, name Kreacher. The house elf muttered all kinds of obscenities about being in a muggle place and blood traitors until Sirius told him to shut up.

Sirius then had to think for a few minutes how best to make his request so that Kreacher would be least likely to betray him.

"Kreacher, listen. I don't like you, and you don't like me, but that's okay. I still like muggles, but I don't really trust the good intentions of people like Fudge or Dumbledore or any other so called light wizards. If you can do the things I need without grumbling, then I'll give you to the Malfoy family, and you can take the picture of my mother with you.

The elf's eyes brightened so much, he looked even more maniacal than usual.

"I take it, that you're agreeable with that then? You may speak."

"Yes, master. Kreacher is most agreeable to do what you like and take mistress to live with the Malfoy family."

"Good. I want you to put all of the Black Family Dark Arts objects from Gimmauld Place into the family vault. Then remove all of the dark colored wall paper and paint the area underneath it white. Then get rid of the various animals that have taken up residence and then clean all of the paneling and floors and carpeting very thoroughly. I know it's a lot to ask, but you've got powerful magic and I give you permission to use it, just don't be seen by the neighboring muggles. Oh, and you will also take the heads of your ancestors and the other portraits except for Phineas Nigellus Black with you as well. Do that and I will give you to the Malfoy's, after I discuss it with them, of course. No surprises either. Then once you're belong to them, forget all about the Black family. Alright?"

The elf took a moment and finally said, "Yes master," and disappeared with another small pop.

Sirius went to bed, hoping to get some rest before the long day ahead of him. He drifted off to sleep rather quickly. He woke at nearly 8am to an owl tapping on the window. He got up and stretched and realised he felt remarkably refreshed. Probably due to being in a coma for a month he thought.

He let the owl in and removed the large envelope from its leg, after which, the owl promptly took flight again. Inside the envelope, he found his release papers, a formal apology, and both custody and adoption papers from both the wizard and muggle Ministries. The name Harry James Potter Black was written on it, confirming Harry's status as an heir of the Black family. Sirius had to steady himself for a moment.

He whispered a small prayer and promise, "I'll take care of him, James, Lily." Then he gave a short moment of silence in respect, as he remembered, he didn't even get a chance to attend the funeral and say goodbye. After wiping his eyes, he got dressed and prepared to leave.

After checking out, he grabbed some breakfast at the diner next door to the motel. Tipping the waitress and smiling with the Black charm, he asked her where he might get his hair washed and trimmed. Following her directions, he found the hair salon easily. His elbow length hair, though not nearly as long as Dumbledore's, was more greasy than Snape's, and that simply wouldn't do.

"What can I do for you?" the lady at the counter ask when Sirius walked in.

"I fancy a good wash, and trim the tangles off, but keep most of the length, if you could," he said with a flirtatious smile.

She eyed him over with what was clearly a bit of lust and said, "I'd love too."

They made small talk while she played with his hair, and in the end, he had her phone number, though he didn't plan on using it, as Harry was his sole concern right now.

As he was walking down the street deciding that a muggle limousine would be the right way to pick Harry up from Privet Drive, a car passed by blaring the song, "Fade To Black", by Metallica. "I love American muggle music," he muttered to himself. Then he remembered he needed to check on Kreacher's progress and meet with his cousin at noon.

He spotted a telephone and was about to call a taxicab when he glanced across the street and gasped. "Oh yeah," he said to himself and headed in that direction.

He ran his hand slowly over a beautiful brand new Harley Davidson Softail, all black with chrome trim, as a salesman walked up.

"She's a beauty, isn't she?" he said.

"Oh yeah, reminds me of a bike I use to have," Sirius replied as he stroked the fine leather seat.

"I'll make you a good deal on her," the salesman said with confidence.

Sirius walked around the bike, saying nothing, as he took in all of the features; the small saddlebag compartments, the chrome exhaust, and especially the raised passenger seat with the medium height sissy bar, perfect for Harry to sit in without worry of him falling off.

"Care to take her for a spin?" the salesman asked, hope tinging his voice.

Sirius grinned to himself. "Nope, but I will take her home. I have an appointment at noon, so I hope you take plastic."

As a credit card was the same as cash, the salesman was thrilled. He led Sirius back to the sales office fill out the charge slip and to do a small amount of paperwork to transfer title and such. The salesman had never heard of Gringott's Bank before. But a quick phone call for an authorization number, and a half hour later, Sirius was heading down the highway towards number 12, Grimmauld Place on his new bike.

When he was almost there, he stopped at a bookstore. After making sure no one was around, he made his first modification to the bike. He enlarged the inside of the small saddlebag to fit the rather large amount of magazines on muggle home decorations that he bought.

Upon arriving at his family home, Sirius had to stop for a moment. Although he knew of his mother's death from the dream, in reality it had only been two years since she had died. He hadn't seen her since he was 16, when he ran away to live with James. He wasn't sure if she deserved it, but because she was his mother, he gave her a moment of silence as he looked up at the old house.

As he was pulling the bike into the garage, he noticed a woman who appeared to be his neighbor, raking leaves. He smiled and nodded to her before going into the house. He still couldn't get over the fact that a pureblood wizard family would have their house in the middle of a muggle neighborhood. Good thing though, as it would keep Harry out of the spotlight, hopefully.

The place was still quite a bit of a mess, even though Kreacher had apparently done everything that he had told him to do. As he was looking around, noticing that indeed the portraits were gone as were the house elf heads, there came a knock on the door. He glanced at the clock on the wall, it said five till noon.

"Always prompt," he said as he went to open the door.

"Cousin," said Narcissa when he opened the door. "You remember my husband?"

"Of course, cousin. How've you been?" Sirius replied a little coldly, stepping back to let the Malfoy's in.

"Isn't that something we should ask you?" said Lucius Malfoy, just as coldly, looking around at the mess.

"I take it what happened to was in the Daily Prophet this morning?. So tell me, are you agreeable to my request?" Sirius asked.

"All for the Potter boy, Mr. Black? Dobby does seem to have a fondness for him, and he was always a disappointment to me, so yes, an exchange, house elf for house elf." Malfoy said, sneering. "It will be a waste though, you realise that when the Dark Lord returns, Potter won't survive."

"You forget yourself, Lucius, I had a prophetic dream. Harry WILL survive encounters with the Dark Lord many times before he regains a body, and then, the Dark Lord will fall in finality." Sirius lied about the last part, but they wouldn't know that. "I thought you would care more for your son than any wisp of a Lord, because I know that the Dark Lord doesn't hesitate to make children pay for their parents mistakes."

Lucius nearly got a look of shock and regret, but maintained his coolness. "Let's get this over with, Black. Dobby," he called out, followed by a small pop announcing Dobby's arrival.

"Fine, as it was my idea, I shall begin the transfer. Kreacher, come here," Sirius responded without emotion.

Kreacher came in and glared at Dobby, who glared back. Dobby then looked up at Sirius with thankful eyes and nodded.

Sirius looked into Lucius' eyes and clasped right hand to right hand, left to left, and began the ritual. "I, Sirius Black, head of the noble house of Black, give the house elf Kreacher, protector of the noble house of Black, in exchange for the house elf, Dobby."

Lucius' eyes narrowed at the slightly odd way Sirius was phrasing the ritual, but didn't break his gaze. He then responded in kind. "I, Lucius Malfoy, head of the noble house of Malfoy, accept the house elf Kreacher, protector of the noble house of Black, in exchange for the house elf, Dobby."

A dim white light glowed about Sirius, Lucius, Kreacher, and Dobby for a few moments and then faded. "It is done," Sirius and Lucius said in unison.

The Malfoy's and Kreacher left quickly with an odd smile from Narcissa with an equal gleam in Sirius' eyes.

Dobby looked up at Sirius. "Did master know what he just did?"

Sirius smiled. "You bet Dobby, Lucius cannot hurt any member of the Black family now, that includes my cousin Narcissa, and her son Draco."

"Master should have been in Slytherin."

"I don't think so Dobby, I'm just looking out for Harry."

"Tis true then, Master? Harry Potter is going to live with master and I is going to serve him too?"

"Right again, Dobby. Harry is officially and magically a Black now as well. Harry James Potter Black. I got the papers from the Ministry this morning."

"Oh thank you master, thank you. You are a kind master for making this so."

"Please Dobby, you can just call me Sirius. Now as you can see, this place is still a mess with even what Kreacher did to begin fixing it up."

"Yes sir, Sirius, sir."

Sirius just smiled. "Alright, I want you to finishing fixing this place up. I have some general ideas for that. The downstairs kitchen I would like to be made into a rec room with a small kitchenette and bar. Up here on the main floor, expand the back of the house and make a grand kitchen off the dining room. Take all necessary precautions, as we do live in a muggle neighborhood. In the saddlebags of my motorcycle, there are some muggle magazines with design and decoration ideas for muggle houses. Use them as a guide and have a little fun. Don't go too crazy though. Oh and one more thing, the second floor I would like you to make into two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A smaller one for Harry, and a larger one for myself. There is no way I would ever use my mother's master bedroom on the third floor. Connect the two bedrooms with a large door, Harry may need me at times. In the larger bathroom, I want a Jacuzzi, you should find different pictures in the magazines. Also, see if you can figure out a way to get a muggle telephone as well as electrical things like Televisions and stuff to work here. Maybe isolate them from the house's magic or something, I'll leave it to you. Alright?"

The little elf just stood there, looking as if he would break into tears at any moment.

"I'm sorry, Dobby. Is it too much to do? You can take as much time as you need."

"No sir, its just that no wizard has ever trusted Dobby so much. Thank you, sir, thank you," Dobby sobbed out and hugged Sirius' leg.

"That's quite alright, Dobby," Sirius said as he patted the elf on top of the head. "I think maybe you should start with the bedrooms, because Harry will be here tonight. Oh, and keep the light airy white theme that I had Kreacher start for the most part. This place has been too dark and dingy for way too long."

"Yes sir, Dobby will be glad too sir," Dobby said and disappeared with a pop to begin his work.

Sirius heard lots of noise upstairs as Dobby worked on the bedrooms. He could hear Dobby humming to himself with glee, and smiled.

"I'm going next door for a bit before I go pickup Harry," Sirius called up to the house elf.

"Yes sir, Sirius, sir. You goes and has fun and gets Master Harry, sir, I has lots and lots of work to do," the house elf called back down in a delighted tone.

"One more thing, Harry's been living with muggles and doesn't know anything about magic yet. Stay hidden until I can have a talk with him."

"Yes sir, Sirius sir. I don't wants to scare master Harry sir. Now goes, lots of work to do, yes."

Sirius smiled and left to go next door. He knocked lightly and the woman that he saw before answered shortly. Sirius was taken aback. She was quite lovely, with dark red shoulder length hair, and the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. He shook his head a little, no time for this, Harry comes first.

"I'm sorry to bother you, my names Sirius Black, and I'm just moving in next door and I wonder if I might use your phone."

"Certainly, I'm Rachel Stewart," she said stepping aside to let him in. "The phones on the counter."

"Thank you," Sirius said walking over to the phone. "Er, do you have a phone book?"

"Sure, here ya go," she said, handing it to him.

Sirius was a little confused for a bit but then got the idea and quickly found what he wanted and made the call for a limo rental, it wasn't the weekend, so plenty were available. He gave his credit card number and was informed the driver would be there at 2pm as requested.

"Well, thank you so much Rachel," Sirius said when the call was completed.

"A limo?" she said smiling.

"Yes, er, well..." Sirius stuttered.

"Fancy a cup of tea?" she cut in.

Sirius smiled, "Sure, why not. I've got some time before it gets here."

"I'm glad someone is finally moving in," she said as she went about making tea. "It's been deserted since that crazy old woman died two years ago. I swear I've heard noises though. Really crazy she was too. Made a few insane threats to my little boy when she saw him."

"She was my mother," Sirius said with a chuckle.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I.." she stammered.

"Don't worry about it, Rachel. She was nuts. I left when I was sixteen and haven't been back since."

Rachel relaxed a bit setting a cup of tea in front of him. "So, a limo?" she said again.

Sirius thought for a moment, and decided friendliness was the best option. "Well, okay, I'm just back in town, and I'm going to pick up my...son. He's been living with his aunt and I thought I would impress him, well and his uncle too. His uncle never cared for his wife's family at all, and barely paid me any attention."

"They treated him okay though, didn't they?"

"Not really, that's why I made my mind up that I had to come back. See, his mother died when he was one, and I was too devastated so I just buried myself in work, traveling a lot, and he went to live with them."

"I'm sorry to hear of the loss, how old his he?"

"Thank you. He's seven now. I really wish I could have got back sooner, but, better late than never, I hope," Sirius said with a sad tone.

"My boy is five, his name is Ali, Alister," Rachel said, not really knowing what else to say.

"Thing is, I'm a bit nervous, really. I haven't seen Harry since he was a baby." Sirius replied as the weight of the matter start to hit him. He was a dad now.

Rachel put her hand on his. "You'll do fine. It's obvious that you care for him deeply. It'll be alright. How far do you have to go to pick him up?"

Sirius looked up at her and smiled, thankful for the reassurance. "His aunt lives in Surrey. I hope to get there before he gets home from school. That reminds me, isn't there a school around close?"

"Yes, it's just one street over and down. You can see it from the corner. I thought you grew up here," she said, a little confused.

"Yes, yes I did, but I went to boarding school. Er, would I be imposing if I asked you to help registering him once we're all settled? I really have no clue to what I'm doing," Sirius said hopefully.

"Not at all," she smiled. "I'd be happy too, just let me know, okay?"

Sirius nodded and then heard the sound of a car horn. Sirius glanced at the clock. 2 pm on the dot. "That'll be the limo. Thanks for the tea and everything."

"That's quite alright," she said, walking him to the door. "You might want to be quick about it. The weatherman said a nasty storm was headed this way this evening."

Sirius glanced up at the approaching clouds. "Thanks, hopefully we'll be back long before then." Sirius then climbed into the limo and left to get his godson, er son.

"What is so important that I have to leave work early?" Vernon Dursley bellowed to his wife as he came in the door.

"This," she said and held up a parchment envelope and letter. "It was delivered by an owl this morning," she said nervously, as such things were most unwelcome in the Dursley household.

Vernon just glared at the envelope and letter. It was addressed to,

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley
Supposed caretakers of Harry James Potter.
4 Privet Drive
Little Whinging

Vernon gulped and then carefully held up the letter, afraid it might explode or something.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dursley,

It has come to our attention that your nephew, one Harry James Potter, placed in your care
by Albus Dumbledore six years ago, has been mistreated in a shameful way. His godfather,
one Sirius Black, who was unjustly imprisoned without a trial by the former administration,
has been cleared and given custody. Mr. Black will arrive today, October 22nd, 1987, to
collect him.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Cornelius Fudge,
Minister of Magic

Vernon looked up at his wife with wide eyes. "We're free of him?"

"Yes, dear," she said, although unsure how. Dumbledore's letter had been very clear about taking him in.

"Weeeeeeeeeee," Vernon actually pranced around.

"But dear," she said.

"What is it, Petunia? We're free of him and his kind," he said jovially.

"They know we didn't treat him very well, what if, this Sirius Black, his godfather," She couldn't even finish the sentence as Vernon went white. They both just fell onto the sofa to wait.

As time ticked slowly by Vernon had a thought, for the first time, "What if he just takes Harry and leaves? When do the boys usually get home anyway?"

"About 4," she said quietly.

Vernon glanced at the clock, it was nearly 3:30 now. "Well, good, I'm sure he won't do anything in front of Harry, so let's just hope he doesn't get here first," he said as they got up and went to the window to watch and wait.

Just then they saw a long, black, limousine pull up and stop directly in front of their house. They both gulped and nearly fainted at the sight. A very tall, handsome man stepped out, looking nothing so much as a rockstar. Jeans, black t-shirt, black boots, and black leather blazer, with his long black hair tied back in a ponytail. He immediately headed for the front door, causing them both to nearly black out again.

Ding dong came the doorbell causing them both to jump. Vernon pulled his wife behind him as he opened the door.

Sirius just glared at them with a wicked smile. "Sirius Black. I'm here to pickup my godson, Harry Potter. I believe that he shouldn't be home from school yet, is that right?" They both just nodded and stepped back as he walked in.

Once the door was shut, Sirius whipped out his wand and cast a spell. "That was a magic anti-tracking charm," he said. "Please have a seat, we have things to discuss."

They both went pale again as they sat down numbly on the sofa. Sirius took the chair across from them and relaxed, wand pointing straight at them.

"What time will Harry be home?" Sirius asked politely, an almost cheerful tone in his voice.

"F..four o'clock," Petunia stuttered.

"Good," Sirius said, twittering his wand in his fingers.

Vernon finally found his voice and said, "So you'll just be getting Harry and leaving us alone?"

"Oh, I don't think so," Sirius responding condescendingly. "You would just let a stranger take my godson away? I know about the cupboard, by the way."

Vernon held up the letter and stammered out, "letter...knew you were coming...no other place for Harry."

"Oh no, it's not that easy," Sirius sneered with an evil gleam in his eyes. "Your fat bully of a son has a second bedroom for his broken and wasted toys I believe. And you could have asked for identification."

Sirius pulled out a driver's license and held it up. "I may be a wizard, but I do many things the muggle way."

"Now then, for your punishment," Sirius continued and they both gulped. "Oh don't worry, I don't think I'll do anything visible. Harry's father and I were quite the pranksters when we were at school. James was much better at transfiguration, but I'm willing to give it a try, if I mess up, oh well. Now, since it concerns the treatment of a child, how about I make it so you can't have anymore children, hmm?"

Sirius grinned evilly and waived his wand in a series of complicated movements. A flash followed by a scream as Vernon's and Petunia's lower external genitals were swapped with each other.

"Ah I believe Harry should be coming up the street by now and got up to look.

"Change us back, please," Vernon pleaded.

"Behave yourselves and I'll consider it," Sirius said, although he had put a timer in the spell as well as the magic anti-tracking charm, they would reverse in an hour, but he wasn't going to tell them that.

Dudley punched Harry in the gut to the cheers of his gang as they walked home from school.

"Please, leave me alone," Harry pleaded to no avail.

Dudley's gang kept pushing him back and forth as Dudley kept taunting him.

Why won't they leave me alone, Harry thought as he tried to walk faster, but between his oversize hand-me-down clothes from his cousin Dudley, and Piers Polkiss, Dudley's best friend, he couldn't do anything. They turned the corner and were almost home before noticing the limo in front of the house. Dudley's gang were in awe, asking him who it belonged to, forgetting about Harry for the moment.

Harry walked up to it in awe himself. He dared to hope that his dream last night was coming true. At seven years old, believing in dreams was still possible, even with the Dursley's trying to stomp his imagination out of him.

Dudley saw the dreamy look on Harry's face. "It's no one for you, freak," he said, pushing him down onto the pavement, his school books and papers going everywhere. He scraped his hands and broke his glasses. Again.

Dudley started taunting him again as Harry started to cry a little, trying to hold it back but failing. Dudley's gang just started laughing and pointing.

Then the door opened causing them all to look up. There stood the owner of the limo it would seem. Dudley puffed himself up as much as he could and started up the walk toward the house as the stranger started walking toward them.

Everyone got a big surprise, especially Dudley when the stranger pushed Dudley down as he walked passed and kneeled in front of Harry.

"Harry? Are you alright?" the stranger said in the kindest voice to Harry, who was so stunned that he stopped crying as he looked up at the man.

Harry nodded and said, "Are you here to rescue me? I had a dream last night that someone, some uncle was gonna come and rescue me."

"I'm your godfather, Harry. My name is Sirius. Your father was my best friend in the whole world, and yes, I'm here to take you away from these bad people. No more living in that ruddy cupboard under the bloody stairs. You'll get your own room thats as big as this house. I'm sorry it took so long to get here, but I'm here now," he said as the tears slowly rolled down his cheek.

Harry watched as Sirius pulled out an official looking document that said it granted permanent adoption to Sirius Black of Harry James Potter Black.

"James?" Harry asked in confusion.

"That's your middle name, Harry. It was your father's name. I had no idea your aunt and uncle never told you that," Sirius said feeling the anger bubbly up in him.

Sirius stood Harry up and hugged him for the longest time as Harry's happy tears rolled down his cheeks. Sirius stood up holding Harry in his arms, towering over the seven year old boys that made up Dudley's gang.

They stood there in awe as Sirius looked down at them. Sirius then growled out, "You shouldn't pick on other kids like that."

Piers actually wet himself before taking off with the others. Dudley finally realised that this man was a freak too and got up as fast as his chubby legs would let him and ran into the house yelling for his mommy.

Harry asked as Sirius and he got into the limo, "What about my books, glasses, and stuff?"

"Don't worry about it, you're getting all new stuff and new glasses, and you'll be going to a new school in London," Sirius said with a warming smile as he wiped away Harry's tears with his thumb. "But we should probably return the books to your school and turn in your homework for credit."

They got back out and started picking up the papers that were flying about. Sirius looked up and saw the three Dursley's standing on the porch, watching with trepidation.

"Why don't you go back inside, and stop staring, Dursley. You won't hurt my SON ever again," Sirius barked out loud enough for the neighbors, who had been peeking out of their doors at the limo, to hear.

The Dursley's quickly ducked back inside in fear and embarrassment.

One of the boys from Dudley's gang had been hiding behind the bushes finally came over and started helping. "I'm sorry for what Dudley made us do, Harry," he said timidly, sadly. "I ain't gonna be his friend no more."

"Thanks, Dean," Harry said and gave him a weak smile.

"Mister," Dean said handing a few books and papers to Sirius, "is Harry still gonna go to our school?"

"I'm afraid not. I have a house in London, and there's a school just down the street."

"I wish I coulda been your friend the whole time, Harry. Bye," Dean said sadly as he started to walk away. Then stopped and turned around. "My cousin Ali lives in London, he's only five but maybe you'll go to his school."

Sirius looked up, "Is his mother's name Rachel?"

"Yeah, you know them?" Dean said, hopefully.

"Yeah, she lives next door to me. I haven't met Ali yet, because I just moved in, but I did meet Rachel," Sirius said, smiling. "She's really nice."

"Cool, maybe I'll see you sometime then, Harry?" Dean said hoping he had made friends.

"Yeah, alright, Dean," Harry finally said, and he and Sirius climbed back into the limo, waving goodbye to Dean.

As they pulled away, Sirius thought about what Dudley did, and gave a slight wave of his hidden wand toward the house. From in the limo, they couldn't hear the scream escape Dudley's throat as a curly pig tail suddenly poked through his trousers on his fat backside. Sirius smiled again as this spell did NOT have a timer.

As they rode rode down the highway Harry just stared at Sirius in disbelief. He couldn't believe that it was really true.

Sirius kept staring back, smiling. "Yes, Harry it's really true. You're never going back to the Dursley's," he finally said, causing Harry to wonder if he could read minds.

Harry then pulled out a paper from the pile.

"What's that, Harry," Sirius asked.

"I drew this picture during art today. It's the man that I saw in my dream coming to rescue me," he said and handed the picture to Sirius.

Sirius stared unbelievingly at the picture drawn in crayon. A tall man with long black hair, wearing what Sirius himself was wearing, and holding what was unmistakably, a wand. "What's that in his hand, Harry?"

"A stick, I don't know what it's for, but he had it in the dream," Harry responded with innocence in his eyes.

"It's a wonderful picture, Harry. It does look kinda like me doesn't it?"

Harry nodded and sat still for a few minutes. "What was my mom and dad like?" Harry finally asked quietly.

Sirius pulled out a picture that he had of his friends. He had spelled it to not move like a normal wizard picture. He showed it to Harry.

Harry looked at it closely. He saw a tall man with messy dark hair and glasses just like himself. He was standing next to a pretty woman with brilliant green eyes holding a baby with the same eyes. Behind them stood his godfather grinning madly with his arms around the shoulders of his parents.

Harry reached into Sirius' inside pocket and pulled out the adoption certificate. He held his glasses to his face and read it again. Harry James Potter Black. After studying it for a few minutes he set it and the picture down and climbed into Sirius lap and hugged him around the neck. "Thank you for being my new daddy," he whispered and drifted off to sleep.

The driver looked back and smiled a crooked smile, making the lines in his old face even more twisted. "You'll do right by that boy, won't you?" he whispered back.

"Of course, he's my friend's son. I won't let anything happen to him," Sirius replied, smiling.

"That's good," the driver croaked out softly. "You gotta practise constant vigilance with deatheaters still out there."

Sirius looked up suddenly at that as the driver took off his hat and turned around, to be seen clearly.

I know that face Sirius thought for a moment. "Moody? What the hell are you driving a limo for? How are you driving a limo, for that matter?"

"I'm no stranger to muggle devices, Black. Dumbledore asked me to keep watch when you went to get the Potter boy. Sad thing, those bloody muggles. If it were me, I would'a cursed'em."

Moody smile when Sirius blushed. "Good man. They're what give muggles a bad name I tell ya."

Moody started get loud until Sirius shushed him. "Sorry," he whispered. "I just wanna tell ya that it didn't sit right with me you bein' sent off to Azkaban. I said you and James were too close for such a thing to happen, but they just brushed me aside, and finally forced me to retire."

"I appreciate the sentiment, Moody. Thanks."

"No problem. Dumbledore wants me to move across the street from you to that house thats for sale. I told him I'd think about it. I really wanted to talk to you first, get your thoughts."

"Meddling old coot, I told him I would ask for help if I needed it."

"Just as I thought, but still, it couldn't hurt ya know. Decent neighborhood too, from what I could tell. constant vigilance, Black. You should consider it, for the boy's sake."

"Yeah, I know, but I wouldn't want Dumbledore to get anymore bright ideas. I want Harry to have a normal quiet life until Hogwart's."

"Don't worry about that, I'll set Dumbledore straight."

"Thanks, in that case, I would love for you to move across the street. I might even have you tell Harry some of your old auror stories."

"You gotta deal, then. I think I might just have to play grandpa a bit a spoil that boy rotten for ya."

"Oh, no you don't. He needs to stay as grounded as possible. So if there's gonna be any spoilin done, I'm gonna do it."

They both chuckled quietly, so as not to wake Harry, who was still pleasantly asleep in Sirius' lap.

Harry woke up when they were nearly there and looked up at Sirius and smiled. "I thought maybe it was the dream again, but you're still here."

"Yep, still here, and I'm not going anywhere. You hungry? Should we maybe stop at, er, what's that place with the clown?"

"McDonald's? Yeah, let's stop," Harry yelled out and start squirming around. "I've only been there once, but it was good."

"Moody, you know where it is?"

Having returned his hat to hide most of his face, he said, "Yeah, I know the place. Be there in a bit."

They spent nearly an hour there while Moody waited in the car. Harry talked more than he ate as he looked around, fascinated by everything.

Sirius just watched and listened with a smile. The boy was so starved for attention and affection. No interaction with anyone or anything it seemed. How could that bitch Petunia do that to her sister's kid? I should have made that curse permanent, Sirius thought. Or maybe even give them pig tails too.

When the finally got home, they bid Moody goodbye and headed into the house. Harry just looked up in awe at how big it was.

"This house has been my family for generations, Harry," Sirius explained. "I'm having it redone, so its still kind of messy." he said once they were inside. It seemed that Dobby hadn't really touched the main floor yet. "Our bedrooms are on the second floor," he said as he led Harry up the stairs.

"Wow," is all Harry could say as he looked around.

Harry was left speechless as was Sirius when they got to the top of the stairs and looked about. Dobby really did a wonderful job. On one side of the hall, was the elaborate banister overlooking the stairs. On the other side at either end were two doors. One to each bedroom. At the far end next to the door, was the other stairway that continued to the upper floors.

The first door Sirius discovered was his bedroom. It was easily 40 feet long by 40 feet wide. The left wall had a large fireplace as well as a door leading to the master bath with the jacuzzi in it. To the immediate left, next to the hall door was a large screen television. Apparently Dobby was successful at getting muggle electronics to work. On the far wall across from them, there was a window and glass doors leading to a terrace overlooking the back yard A Kingsize bed stood in the center of the right hand wall, with a night stand on either side. Next to the night stand nearest them, was the door that led to Harry's room.

Going through it they found a smaller, and nearly mirror image of the first bedroom. In the wardrobe next to the T. V. they found a large selection of muggle clothes in Harry's size.

How did Dobby do that? Sirius thought just as Harry asked, "How did you know my sizes?"

Sirius knelt down and whispered, "Magic."

Harry's eyes grew wide as he dared to believe that magic could exist, as his uncle had always drummed it into him that magic didn't exist, even in the face of the weird things the sometimes would happen around Harry.

"Well," Sirius said, still kneeling beside Harry, "I think it's time for good little boys to be in bed." He stood up and looked down at Harry. He wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do now. Harry seemed so small, even smaller then the other boys of the same age.

Harry just looked up at Sirius, a little confused as well. No one ever really cared about him before, and it showed on his face.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I'm really new at this too. But I promise you, I do love you and I will take care of you."

Harry looked as if he was about to cry again, so Sirius picked him up in a hug. "Perhaps you should get a bath and we'll get rid of Dudley's old clothes. How's that sound?" he said as he carried him into the bathroom. "Er, can you handle it yourself, or do you need, er, want some help?"

Harry looked at the floor and mumbled something that Sirius couldn't understand.

Sirius knelt down and lifted Harry's chin to meet his gaze. "It's alright, Harry, you can tell me."

"Aunt Petunia always made me do it myself and then would yell at me cause I didn't do it good enough."

A surge of hatred towards the Dursley's swept through him to be replaced quickly by compassion for Harry. "Alright, how about I give you a hand then, only on the difficult stuff?"

"Okay," Harry nodded with a slight smile.

Sirius turned on the taps to a good temperature and added bubble bath as Harry pulled off Dudley's old clothes. Once the tub was full enough for a seven year old, Harry climbed in.

Harry spoke as Sirius washed his hair. "Can I grow my hair like yours?"

"Sure Harry," Sirius smiled and used a pitcher to rinse off the shampoo.

Sirius then showed Harry how to lather up the wash cloth really well, and then washed his back for him, before handing him the cloth so he could finish up himself.

"Make sure you wash everywhere really good, while I go get you some pyjamas, alright?" Sirius said and Harry nodded.

Sirius returned after he thought he gave Harry enough time to clean himself good. "Alright Harry?" Sirius said as he set the pj's down.

"Yeah," Harry said almost sadly as he finished rinsing off by ducking completely under the water.

"What's the matter, Harry," Sirius said, wrapping him in a big fluffy towel.

"Would you get mad at me if I called you dad?" Harry asked quietly.

"Absolutely not, Harry. I would be proud to have you call me dad," Sirius said softly.

Harry relaxed a little then, but clearly had something else on his mind.

"What else is it, Harry," Sirius continued as he hugged him.

"That," he whispered as he melted into Sirius. "Harry is what my other family called me. I wanna be called by my dad's name. And I figured I would use my new last name too." He turned around and looked up at Sirius through his mother's green eyes.

"That's more than fine, Harry, I mean James," he said with a smile, James relaxed fully then.

"Now then, JAMES, like I said before, it's time for good little boys like yourself to be in bed, okay? I'll leave the door open between our rooms if you need me. Get your pj's on and I'll be back in a bit and I'll tuck you in."

James gave a big smile to that, as no one ever tucked him in before. "Thanks, dad."

Sirius smiled and left, heading up to the third floor. Once he was there, he whispered, "Dobby?"

"Yes sir, Sirius, sir," Dobby said after he popped in.

"You did a wonderful job, Dobby, thank you. I can't wait to see what you got planned for the rest of house. And thanks for getting Harry, I mean James those clothes."

"Yes sir. Dobby is glad to do it. How come master James' other family treated him so bad?"

"You heard?" Sirius commented and Dobby's ears drooped. "No it's okay, you're allowed to listen in, really. Unless I'm planning a surprise party for you, that his," Sirius said with a mischievous smile. "I need you to listen in, I think it could help Ha.. James, you know?"

"Yes sir, Dobby will love to help."

"Alright, I'll see you later," Sirius said and went back to James' bedroom.

He found the boy under the covers already, patiently waiting.

"Hey, Pronglet, ready to get a good night's sleep?" Sirius said as he walked over to the bed.

"Pronglet?" James questioned.

"I don't even know why I said that. It really just slipped out. Your father's nickname in school was Prongs, so, er, I don't know, it seemed to fit."

James thought for a moment, then said, "I like it, but I think, only you can call me that dad."

"You betcha Pronglet. Now remember if you need anything, just come and get me, okay?"

"Okay, g'night dad," James said.

"Good night, son," Sirius said and kissed James on top of the head before going to his own room to sleep. Man, what a long day, Sirius thought before grabbing a quick shower and climbing in bed.

Sirius lay there for a while thinking about everything when he heard the first clap of thunder from the promised storm. He looked over at the clock, nearly midnight. "Hmmm, muggle weathermen," he mumbled to himself before snuggling down to sleep.

He heard the rain begin and a few more claps of thunder in his half asleep state. Soon there was a big flash, quickly followed by very loud, house shaking thunder. It was enough to cause him to sit up. In Azkaban, the outside sounds never made it through, so it was kind of startling. Then he heard the pad, pad, pad of small feet coming from his left. He looked over to see James standing there, looking a little frightened.

"I didn't remember where I was," he said in a small voice.

"It's alright, James, it kinda scared me too. C'mon," he said and held open the covers.

James quickly scampered in and snuggle close to Sirius. Another loud thunderclap and they both jumped and then giggled at themselves before settling down to sleep.

As he held James in a protective embrace, Sirius tried to think of how to tell him the truth. The wizard part should be easy, but he most definitely won't be able to handle the murder. Not so soon after such a big change. He would take it slow, maybe, and yes, he would ask Arther Weasley for help. Definitely Arthur, Molly would be too overprotective, he thought. Since he didn't have an owl yet, he would send Dobby with the message tomorrow. For now, they would sleep in peace, as the storm rumbled around them. After all, it had really been a long day.