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"Unveiling The Future"

Chapter 5, "Jim and Jimmy"

Father and son had stopped at a small restaurant and parked next to one of the picnic tables to have lunch. Jimmy had finished eating, and was sitting on the bike, pretending to drive. Sirius was smiling at him while he finished his own meal, thinking back to Easter break when he taught Jimmy how to ride a bike.


"Ow," Jimmy gritted his teeth and looked at his scraped knee through the tear in his jeans. "Why can't you just put a spell on it so I won't fall over?"

"Because then you wouldn't learn how to ride," Sirius said gently as he knelt beside his son.

"But it hurts, heal it," Jimmy replied in a whine.

"You can do it, you know the spell," Sirius replied.

"But my wand's inside," came another whine.

"You don't need a wand to focus your magic on these simple spells anymore, and remember, wandless works best with nonverbal spells. You can do it son, I know you can. You gotta try."

Jimmy gritted his teeth and sucked in his breath in concentration. He held his hand over the cut, which wasn't really that bad, and said the spell in his head. The scrape wavered a bit, and then healed about halfway, but was still visible. Jimmy let out his breath in a gasp.

"I can't do it," he sighed out.

"You did really well, Jimmy. You got most of it," Sirius said and finished it with his own wand, leaving no trace of the wound.

Just then Ali rode by on his bike. "C'mon Jimmy, it's easy," he yelled as he went past.

"Why did they hate me so much?" Jimmy sobbed out quietly.

"I don't really know, son," Sirius said softly. "They robbed you of so much, but now you're getting it back. The bike is just like that spell you just did. You have to focus on what you want. Think on it so hard that all you want is to do it, so much that you can get past thinking about it at all and just do it. Understand?"

After pondering the words for a minute, he said, "I think so."

Sirius got Jimmy up and brushed him off, then started checking that the bicycle was still safe. "You don't mind that I started calling you Jimmy, do ya?" he asked.

"Dad," Jimmy said in an exasperated tone, "I would have said something by now. I like it, it feels, I don't know, like me. James is my first daddy, and that would've got too confusing anyways."

Sirius smiled and nodded. Once he was sure the bike was okay, he got Jimmy back on it and started pushing. After Jimmy got up a little speed, he let go of the handlebars, letting Jimmy get a feel for it.

"Let go," Jimmy called out as he picked up speed going down the pavement.

Sirius let go and watched with proud eyes as Jimmy faltered a bit, but stayed up this time.

"I'm doing it," Jimmy cried out with wide eyes.

Jimmy felt the motion of the bike as he pedaled. He felt his reflexes learn and keep up just like the broom. He made a turn, and circled back. It started to feel more natural, and he was loving it. He watched Ali ride by him with no hands, complementing him for getting it and then blowing a raspberry at him. He focused his attention on balancing with his hips as he went, then slowly let go of the handlebars. He was 7 and ¾ years old, and no 5 year old was gonna beat him at riding a bike. He silently cursed the Dursleys for not allowing him these things, and then pedaled faster, challenging Ali, who watched in awe as Jimmy sped past him no handed.

end flashback

"Hey, dad. Can we get going now?" Jimmy called out, breaking Sirius out of his memory.

"Yeah," Sirius said, tossing his trash in the can and hopping on the bike. "We should be at Niagara Falls soon. I hear it's an awesome sight."

"Cool," Jimmy said and held on tight as they took off for more adventure.

In a small hut on a rock, in the middle of the sea, several figures in dark cloaks were meeting.

"What are we gonna do?" Avery said. "The Minister is gaining strength again. He's got Black's support and donations. The Malfoy's don't have a pull anymore, because Black was never a deatheater. That fact and the damned boy-who-lived, where ever they are, mean we are going to lose."

"Shut the hell up!" Macnair growled. "We're not going to lose. You want those mudbloods infecting our society? Then shut up. We're gonna break some people out of Askaban, especially that rat. With all of the time he spent with those redheaded disgraces for purebloods, he should have some information."

"I know where they are," Nott said, rushing into the room. "Some of our contacts finally paid off."

"Well spill it," Macnair barked out impatiently.

"America," he said. "Black got passports for the US and Canada. Turns out he's been looking after that Lestrange bastard, Ronan, got legal custody and everything. He got him into some school over there. After that, they're riding on that muggle contraption of his to some muggle museum in Texas."

"Should we tell the Lestranges their kid is still alive?" Avery said.

"He's not worth it, and neither are they," Macnair grumbled. "They're only a minor pureblood family and never openly supported the Dark Lord. Only ones worth a damn are Rabastan and Rudolphus, and they're still in Askaban until we get them out."

"So what's the plan?" Nott asked.

"I would say get Crabbe and Goyle, but they would stick out too much, and Malfoy won't get his hands dirty dressing like a muggle. Bring Carrows and Gibbon. Then we portkey to the US and start looking along the major highways leading from the school to that bloody museum."

Sirius and Jimmy visited the Falls from the Canadian side and spent several hours there. They got a few novelty pictures with them in a fake barrel in front of a backdrop of going over the falls. They also got a few pictures in front of the Falls itself. Then they checked into an expensive hotel for the night, enjoying room service for dinner. They had bought some swimming trunks while they were out earlier, so they headed down for some fun in the pool. Neither Sirius nor Jimmy had ever had as much fun as they did messing about, dunking each other in the water and such. There were a few other kids there with their families, and they all had a great time of it.

The sunshine was brilliant the next day when they checked out. They headed over the border into the US and made their way to a few sites in New York City, including the Statue of Liberty.

After a another fun night in another hotel, they took to the air, heading south towards Florida. They made good time, getting there in a few hours. One would have thought a near eight year old would have gotten bored, but he didn't. They played word games, took in the passing landscape, and just talked. Once in Orlando, they checked into the Disney Hotel, and had a blast over the next several days, going to all the different attractions and parks.

After this, they finally headed west toward Texas, catching any tourist attractions they spotted along the way. They hit a muggle sporting goods store and picked up some camping gear for the rest of the trip. Once out of sight, they shrunk it to fit in the saddle bags, and were off again, heading toward a nearby campground. It was a little full, but they managed to find a more discreet spot, and enlarged their purchases. They were having a bit of trouble putting everything together, but were having fun anyway.

It was nearly dark by the time everything was set up, and with a quick glance about for muggles, Sirius lit the campfire with his wand. Together they made quick work of dinner, and relaxed under the slowly appearing stars, eating a muggle treat known as s'mores.

Sirius began pointing out the different stars and constellations as they appeared. Jimmy watched in wonder at them all, especially when Sirius pointed out the namesakes for the family: Grandmother Capella, Grandfather Canopus, Aunt Andromeda, Aunt Bellatrix, Uncle Regulus, Cousin Draconis, and of course, his father, the Dogstar.

"Well, Jimmy," Sirius said as he got up to grab the sleeping bags. "You wanna sleep in the tent or outside under the stars?"

"Outside," Jimmy said quickly, and got up to help.

They spread out the sleeping bags in front of the fire, and Sirius noticed that Jimmy had grabbed a double bag for him and only a single for himself. Just in case, he guessed as they got ready to goto sleep. Jimmy hadn't needed to sleep with him during the whole trip, but things could change.

"What's the matter, Pronglet?" Sirius asked after watching the thoughtful look on Jimmy's face for a while as they lay there.

Jimmy turned his head and smiled. "I was just thinking maybe I wanted a star name too, but I don't need it to know that you love me and that we're a real family."

Sirius was a bit stunned and couldn't keep his eyes from misting up. "You're growing up on me, Pronglet. You are right, but slow down a little, would ya?" he said and gave Jimmy a playful tickle in his ribs.

"I'll try," Jimmy said with a giggle.

The next day, Jimmy and Padfoot found an empty field where Sirius learned to catch a frisbee. They played about all morning and then hit the lake in the afternoon after lunch. It was getting late and they were tired when three older teens of about seventeen or eighteen decided to spoil the good time they were having.

"Well looky what we have here," said the apparent leader. "A wittle kid and his doggie. Where's your old man, kid? We ain't seen him all day. What did he do, leave ya all alone?" he taunted.

"Let's just see what he's got," said the second one as he grabbed up the knapsack and clothes sitting on a rock.

"Put that down," Jimmy cried out and rushed forward, only to be grabbed and held by the leader.

Padfoot growled and took a step forward, baring his teeth. The second boy dropped the clothes and backed up to where the third was standing.

"Oh no you don't doggie," said the leader as he pulled out a hunting knife, holding Jimmy tighter with the other hand.

Padfoot stopped and stared. Then transformed into Sirius and quickly closed the distance between him and the leader, snatching the knife out of his hand and throwing it behind him, where it stuck deeply into a tree.

He twisted the teens hands behind him and said, "You should be more careful who you pick on, as sorcerers are plentiful and VERY protective of their family."

All three pissed themselves and the third boy fainted.

"Are you alright, Jimmy?" Sirius said, never taking his eyes from the leader's.

"Yeah," Jimmy said and moved forward confidently, adrenaline overcoming his fear. "Can I show them something?"

Sirius gave a feral smile and said, "Sure."

As their wands were in the knapsack, Jimmy decided to only use his hand to focus his magic. They had been practising small spells, but he felt he could do something special, and thought of the spell that Severus and the Marauders had used so much. With a smile, and a flick of his wrist, the second boy was hanging upside down by his ankle, flailing about and screaming.

"Quiet," Jimmy yelled and the teen actually shut up and stopped flailing, staring fearfully upside down at his young captor.

"W...what are you gonna do to us?" the leader said, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Even though we wizards can't be caught or held by your...m...mortal police, we're not bad. Not like you," Sirius said seriously. "We don't pick on those weaker than us. Well, most of us don't anyway. I suggest you guys grow a conscience and grow up unless you want to end up in jail or worse. Other wizards aren't as forgiving as we are."

They nodded as they were released. The boy who fainted had got up and nodded as well.

"One more thing," Sirius said as they started to leave, making them stop and look back fearfully. "Don't you ever, EVER, pull a knife on a little kid again, especially my son."

Sirius then pointed his finger at the knife embedded in the tree, and both the tree and the knife exploded with a nonverbal reducto curse. They gulped, nodded vigorously, and took off.

Once they were gone, Jimmy sat on the ground and started crying. Sirius quickly scooped him up in a hug.

"Shh. It's okay. I know it probably reminded you of the Dursleys, and that you over exerted yourself with such a powerful spell. You were brave though, brilliant even, and I'm proud of you."

"Yeah," was all Jimmy said as he hugged Sirius tighter and stopped crying.

With a wave of his hand, Sirius managed to pack up Jimmy's clothes into the knapsack and levitate it over to him. He walked back to camp, while Jimmy just silently stared at the foliage that passed by.

They were both tired, so when they got back to their camp, they had a early dinner of hamburgers and went to bed. Sirius lay in his sleeping bag, looking at the stars sometimes but mostly watching Jimmy sleep with a little worry. He watched silently as Jimmy got up after a few hours and went over to a tree to relieve himself. Jimmy couldn't see that Sirius was awake in the darkness, but wasn't surprised when he snuggled into Sirius' sleeping bag and an arm hugged him protectively.

"I'm okay. Really," he whispered and Sirius just tightened the hug reassuringly.

They woke late and felt completely refreshed. They had a quick and quiet breakfast then started packing up to head out. Sirius broke the silence first.

"How are you feeling today Pronglet?" he asked quietly.

"I'm okay, dad," Jimmy responded with a bit of cheerfulness. "I used Occlumency and meditation to help put things in perspective. We're okay, and we had a bit of fun with those bullies."

"Perspective?" Sirius chuckled out. "Who've you been talking to?"

"Er, Uncle Remus?"

"Figures," Sirius said with another chuckle. "Though we do need to watch out for magical exhaustion. I think we both pushed ourselves too far without our wands. I am proud of you though for what you did."

Jimmy blushed. "Why does that happen? I mean, we can do stuff without our wands, so why use them at all?"

"Well," Sirius started as they put the last of their things in the saddlebags, "using a wand is easier to focus our magic through, and therefore takes less magic to work. That's why we got so tired afterward. A lot of wizards never bother to learn to control their magic without a wand because it is so much harder. What you can do at seven years old makes me very proud. I'm proud anyways, but still."

"I'm almost eight," Jimmy said with a blush as he climbed on the motorcycle and hugged Sirius tightly from behind. "I'm glad you're my dad, dad."

"Me too, kiddo," Sirius said and kicked the two wheeled beast to life, heading toward Houston.

"Any luck yet?" Nott asked when he met Avery, Carrows and Gibbons outside a small diner in Texas.

"Not a bit," Carrows said. "We think it's pretty obvious they didn't come straight here from that mudblood school."

"Macnair has been using a tracking charm, but I don't think they're likely to use magic strong enough to be traced," Gibbons added.

A pop behind the building announced the arrival of Macnair. He glanced around, and then headed for his companions, a feral smile on his lips.

"I found them," he said. "There was a large magical signature near a muggle campground about 150 miles from here. I used Legilimency on the grounds keeper, and it was them. I also found the magical traces and ashes of a powerful reducto spell."

"How soon?" Avery asked.

"The should be along this way within the hour. They had just left," Macnair responded. "We gotta get ready. Focus on Black, he's too strong. Once he's contained, we'll be able to kill the Potter brat, no problem."

"I thought we were gonna just hold him and find out what happened to the Dark Lord," Nott said cautiously. "After all, he was able to stop the Dark Lord."

"He's a seven year old brat," he replied. "Yaxley did a bit of research and thinks it was his mother's sacrifice that damaged the Dark Lord, nothing else. We will kill him and make the blood traitor watch."

"I've gotta meet with Malfoy," Nott said suddenly.

"About what?" Macnair growled.

"What, are you afraid Macnair? Afraid of Black and the Potter boy?" Nott taunted as he pulled out his portkey.

"Fine, we four will handle it. Since you're getting too weak stomached to kill a dirty half blood like Potter. Make sure and tell Malfoy that we're taking care of it."

"Fine," Nott said angrily then activated his portkey, appearing on the edge of Knocturn Alley a moment later.

He quickly made his way to his room at the Dooim Inn, to wait for his visit from Malfoy. It wasn't long before there was a soft knock at the door. The wards on the room told him immediately who was there, so he got up to let them in.

"Glad you could meet me, Narcissa," he said to the beautiful young woman with long flowing blond hair as she entered.

"I take it you've thought about what I said, Theodore?" she replied with a mask of indifference.

"They plan on killing the Potter boy, and I...I couldn't help but think of my own son Ted, and what you said about Black."

Narcissa Malfoy wanted to be repulsed by such a show of emotion, only she was feeling much the same. She watched as the deatheater scratched nervously at the pale, yet visible Dark Mark on his left forearm.

"My cousin is doing the best he can for that boy, and I can do no less for Draco. He saw something in his dream. Something about me and Draco involving the Dark Lord. My husband was oblivious to the remark, but then again, he is not a Black. If the Dark Lord comes back, Draco will either suffer or die. Most likely both."

"I get it." Nott said impatiently. "I don't want my son hurt, either. He's the same age as Draco and Potter. I just can't do this anymore. I thought it was about blood purity, but it's just about a madmen killing for as much power as he can get."

Narcissa caught his gaze and spoke softly. "We will wait, and see what your friends manage, before we take any steps for the safety of our own family. My cousin isn't one to be dealt with lightly." Nott simply nodded as she turned and left.

"I can't wait to get there, dad. It's gonna be so brilliant," Jimmy said excitedly from the back seat of the Road Hog as it sped down the highway.

Sirius just smiled as he kept his eyes on the road. "We'll be there soon enough, Jimmy. Just relax."

Sirius saw a ripple in the air in front of him, but realised too late that it wasn't the heat from the two lane black top. It slammed into them, or rather, they into it, knocking them both from the bike which kept going for about fifty feet before spinning out. Sirius had the wind knocked out of him, and struggled to get to Jimmy, who appeared to be okay as he tried to sit up.

"What happened, dad?" Jimmy asked as he got up and started toward Sirius.

Sirius had only managed to catch his breath before he felt the full body bind grab him, while a man he knew well appeared from under a disillusionment charm and grabbed Jimmy. Three more men appeared, two of whom he didn't know.

"Hello, Black," Macnair said with a sneer. "I'm sure you recognise me, don't you?."

He strolled over to the fallen bike, retrieved the two wands, and strolled back. He smiled evilly as Sirius mentally scolded himself for not expecting this, and keeping their wands where they could reach them.

"Oh, Carrows, Gibbon, stand the blood traitor up so he can see properly," he said, and the deatheaters quickly complied.

Sirius could only watch as Jimmy struggled against the man he knew as Avery. He saw tears running down his cheeks as he started to cry, and silently screamed, wanting to do something, anything.

"Quiet," Macnair growled and backhanded Jimmy. "So this is the brat-who-lived? And he's pissed himself," he laughed out.

Sirius was going to kill Macnair, plain and simple. Kill him, and transfigure the body into a dead fish for the buzzards. No paperwork, no trial, no imprisonment. So simple. Then he realised he had to be strong for Jimmy, or they wouldn't get out of this. He looked into Jimmy's eyes and tried to convey calmness, and rationality.

"Black, I was going to ask what happened to the Dark Lord, but I'm sure you don't know. I'm also sure the brat doesn't know. So you get to watch and suffer while I simply torture and kill him. After which, you'll join him and his dead parents," Macnair said then turned to Jimmy. "Ready to die, Harry Potter? The boy-who-lived?"

Jimmy scowled at the name, and found the strength Sirius, his dad, gave him. No one was going to force him to be something he didn't want to be, and no one was going to hurt his dad.

"Not yet," he gritted out and brought the heal of his right foot up and into Avery's groin, causing him to let go.

Then he brought his hands up, and two red beams of light shot out of his palms as he nonverbally and wandlessly sent two weak stunners at the men holding his dad. Nobody moved out of shock as Carrows and Gibbons staggered and fell, unconscious. Jimmy then silently summoned the two wands from Macnair, tossing Sirius his as he quickly cast a Finite Incantatum, ending the body bind.

Sirius caught his wand in the air and brought it down in a slashing motion, casting the cutting curse as he did. Macnair's upper torso split open, and he fell to the ground, his screams lasting for only a few seconds before he died.

Jimmy and Sirius then turned their wands on Avery, who had just managed to recover from his own pain and shock in time to activate his portkey, disappearing before they could get a spell off.

Sirius knelt down as Jimmy ran into his arms, sobbing, as everything caught up to them. Sirius just held and shushed him, telling him it was okay now. Sirius glared as the American Aurors popped in suddenly, causing them to back away until Jimmy had calmed down. He nodded to the leader then glanced over to the bike. The leader got the message and retrieved the passports. He waited until Jimmy was calmed down before speaking.

"Name's Johnson, Mr. Black, and we know who you are. Your Minister Fudge seemed to think there might be trouble. Are you okay to tell us what happened?"

Sirius looked down, and saw that Jimmy had cried himself to sleep. "Ambush," he whispered. "I don't know who the two unconscious ones are, but the dead one is Macnair, a known deatheater. A fourth deatheater by the name of Avery got away using a portkey."

"You're sure they're deatheaters?" Johnson asked.

"Check their left forearm," Sirius replied, to which he nodded, having been briefed on the latest news about the Dark Mark.

A mediwitch checked Sirius and Jimmy over just to be safe, and gave a calming draught to Sirius, and left a vial for Jimmy for when he woke up, plus one for mild magical exhaustion. Sirius summoned the sleeping bag for Jimmy, and carefully placed him in it after charming it to keep him at a constant temperature in the desert sun.

"Alright Johnson," Sirius said after carefully telling him what happened. "I promised myself I would transfigure Macnair into a fish for the buzzards, so if you would just leave the body?"

Johnson wasn't sure if he was joking or not. Probably not. "No, I'm afraid not, Mr. Black. I hate the paperwork, but we gotta take it with us before handing it over to your Ministry."

"Please?" Johnson just smiled and shook his head. "Didn't hurt to try," Sirius added with a sigh.

"You guys will be alright?" Johnson asked as everyone started apparating out with the prisoners and the body.

"Yeah, our holiday's almost over. Gonna head home after visiting the Space Museum," Sirius said sadly, unsure if he was glad it was over or not.

"Well, things should be okay. We have all of the info we need and a copy of the report should be along to your Ministry in about a week, along with the prisoners and the body."

"Thanks, Mr. Johnson," Sirius said and shook his hand before the man apparated.

Sirius looked around at the deserted highway and took a deep breath. With a glance at Jimmy, he headed over to his bike and got it vertical again, checking it over for any damage. By the time he was done, Jimmy began to stir. He quickly gave Jimmy the two potions, and he promptly went back to sleep.

The sun was high over head now, and Sirius could feel the heat bearing down as he watched his son sleep. He glanced up and saw a grey wolf eyeing them carefully. He gripped his wand as he watched the animal trot forward a few paces. He looked down when Jimmy sighed in his sleep, and when he looked back up the wolf was gone. He let out his breath slowly, until he heard a small noise behind him.

He spun around with his wand high and a curse on his lips to see an old man with long grey hair staring at him.

"I saw you in a vision," the old man said. "You are the great dog that walks on two legs, and protects your pups. Come, we have been waiting for you."

"Why should I trust you?" Sirius said, his wand steady.

"Because the serpent man's followers will cause more pain to you and your pups. Your changes to the winds of time have only begun, and your vision isn't complete."

Sirius just stared at the man. Although he was having more respect for divination since his own visions, there was still some doubt left in his mind that he couldn't shake. "What do you want of me and my son?" he finally said.

"We will help your pup. Your medicine isn't strong enough to heal him. But you, there is one who waits to give you a message. Another light in the night sky seeks you."

The old man then bent down and drew a circle in the sand, drew an 'S' in it, and then a dot in each curve of the 'S'. Sirius gasped at the sight. A familiar, long forgotten sight. He picked Jimmy up and banished the sleeping bag back into the saddlebags, before levitating the bike as he followed the old man.

They walked about a quarter mile before entering a hidden trail that led into a ravine. The old man had stamina, and Sirius was just able to keep up. Soon, they came upon a rather good sized camp, with plenty of people of all ages. Children were playing, men were talking and practising with bows and arrows, and women were cooking. Sirius felt like he had walked into an old western movie that Lily had told him about. Then a young, dark haired woman that reminded Sirius of Rachel approached them.

"Grandfather, I see you found them," she said as she hugged the old man and then introduced herself. "Susan White Cloud."

"Sirius Black, and my son, Jimmy. What is all this?"

"A bunch of us like to come out a couple of times a year to celebrate the old ways. Grandfather said this one would be special, though, as the two of you would be joining us."

"But how?"

"Old magic. Our kind of magic."

"It is time," the old man interrupted.

"Jimmy will be alright with me, you can trust us," she said.

Oddly, Sirius felt an overwhelming trust in her and the old man, and handed Jimmy over to her before following the old man to a small hut with smoke pouring out of a hole in the top.

It really was nothing more than a pit with a roof, and Sirius was reminded of Trelawny's classroom when he and the old man entered. It was even hotter though, and Sirius had to fight with the dizziness that tried to overcome him. The fire in the middle of the little room blazed with an unbearable heat, and the burning sage threatened to make him nauseous.

"You will journey on this vision quest alone," the old man said. "Normally we quest together, but this is for you alone."

"What do I do?" Sirius asked, confused.

"Relax and wait, your brother will come," the man said and left a shaky Sirius standing there.

Sirius stood there for a moment, then pulled off his t-shirt and wiped the sweat out of his eyes. Another wave of dizziness swept through him, giving him the idea to sit down before he fell down. Sitting cross legged before the fire, he tried to relax like the old man said, which was surprisingly easy in spite of the searing heat.

The flames and smoke danced before his eyes, forming nonsensical shapes as his mind drifted. He felt like he was drifting off to sleep when a long forgotten, but familiar voice brought him wide awake.

"About time you got here, big brother."

"Regulus?" Sirius said, jumping up and staring around at the dark void surrounding them.

"Remember this?" Regulus said and tossed a coin at him.

Sirius caught it and stared at it, taking a shaky breath as a tear slid down his cheek. "Yin and yang, Regulus. Of course I remember it," he said as he looked up at his brother. "Our secret from our parents. They never understood the black and white muggle symbol."

"It was you trying to protect me from them, Sirius, to connect to me. I never really understood when we were little, only that it was something special for you and me. You were the White, trying to escape the darkness of our family, always rebelling. I was the Black that they wanted me to be."

"Yeah," was all Sirius could choke out at he stared at his long dead brother.

"Remember what happened just before you ran away to James?"

Sirius closed his eyes and nodded. He and his brother got into an argument about him leaving. That James was replacing him as his brother. Nothing he could say could sway Regulus. He opened his eyes and saw the pendant had broken just like he remembered.

"I split the pendant, telling you we would always be brothers. I gave you the Black half, as you were the heir of the family and I was disowned. I kept the White, saying that the world was a bigger place than what our family could know, because they refused to step into the light. It hurt so much to leave, but staying would hurt even more."

"I hated you that night, Sirius. For leaving me, for never returning. A part of me believed you, though, and I kept the pendant. I...I locked it away for a time. When I found it a few years later, I remembered. You saved me big brother. It cost me my life, but it was the memory of you that made me betray Voldemort. The family branded me a coward, but I didn't care. I had to do anything I could to help in the fight. I hope you can forgive me, Sirius."

The two brothers hugged for the longest time before Regulus spoke again. "I have something to show you, Sirius," he said and the void transformed into a little house at Spinner's End.

Sirius watched, for the first time, the entire conversation between Snape and his cousins Narcissa, and Bellatrix. He saw all three parts of the unbreakable vow that Snape took. To watch over Draco as he attempts to fulfill Voldemort's wishes; to the best of his ability, protect Draco from harm; and lastly, carry out the deed if Draco fails.

Their surroundings shifted to Hogwarts, and Sirius watched as Harry went through his sixth year, following Draco. He chuckled at Dobby and Kreacher fighting it out as Peeves egged them on, then turned angry that nobody really believed Harry's thoughts that Draco was up to something, not even Dumbledore. He was startled at his young cousins crying episode in Myrtle's bathroom, even more so at the spell Harry used to defend himself. A dark spell invented by Snape, he remembered. A curious name for Snape, the half-blood Prince, which he soon saw the reasons behind the name. So much like Voldemort, he was.

Soon the scene shifted to Dumbledore's office. Sirius looked around at the familiar surroundings, little had changed during Dumbledore's reign as headmaster. Dumbledore walked in then, and Sirius gasped at the sight of his blackened hand.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Slytherin's cursed ring found at the Gaunt house," Regulus replied, and after seeing Sirius questioning face, added, "You'll see."

Sirius watched and listened as 16 year old Harry Potter entered and sat down in front of Dumbledore. He saw the memories in Dumbledore's pensieve. Memories of Marvolo Gaunt, Voldemort's grandfather. His uncle Morfin, and his mother, Merope. He saw young Tom Riddle as he lusted after the Founder's heirlooms. He saw Harry use Felix Felicis, the good luck potion, to retrieve a hidden memory from Professor Slughorn, and then saw the contents of that memory.

He saw Harry and Dumbledore go after the locket Horcrux. He felt Regulus put an arm around him as he watched the horror of Harry forcing Dumbledore to drink Voldemort's poison, and then fight the Inferi to escape. He saw them return to Hogsmeade, and Rosmerta's imperious controlled actions. He saw them fly to the Hogwarts Astronomy tower, and he watched in fear as Dumbledore prevented Harry from acting as Malfoy failed to kill Dumbledore. Dumbledore had purposefully played himself into Draco's hands, an obvious attempt to save the boy, to bring him away from the Dark Lord.

Sirius closed his eyes for a moment, fighting back the tears that threatened to come. Narcissa had cried. Draco had cried. They were family. He cared for them more than he realised. Right now Draco was an innocent eight year old, much like Jimmy. With an unsteady breath, he opened his eyes to watch and relive an earlier vision as Snape killed Dumbledore, fulfilling the third part of his unbreakable vow to Narcissa.

He held onto Regulus as he watched Harry then battle his way down the steps and through Hogwarts, chasing Snape. He saw Snape hold back in the fight as Harry was unable to duel with any effectiveness against him, due to a lack of nonverbal spells and no Occlumency shields. He saw Snape take Draco with him as he left, continuing to fulfill his vow.

He watched and felt the pain from everyone at Dumbledore's funeral. Harry's pain. He saw Harry and his friends talk about how the good luck potion had saved them. He heard Harry, Ron, and Hermione talk about forgetting about their seventh year, even if the school did open, and their determination to find the remaining Horcruxes.

Then he saw Harry open the locket, and the note. He let out a gasp and turned to Regulus.

"Yes, big brother," Regulus said with a sniffle. "I tried to do the right thing, and it cost Dumbledore his life. You know where to find it, and then destroy it."

"Dumbledore knew what he was doing, little brother," Sirius said encouragingly. "You did do the right thing. It'll be okay, now."

"But...there is something else," Regulus said nervously. "I...I did something else to try and stop Voldemort. I knew about the prophecy, so I did something else. Something I thought would create an insurance policy if something happened to Harry."

"What?" Sirius excitedly. "It couldn't be that bad if it could help, could it?"

"You'll see," Regulus said sadly. "Right now, Jimmy is wondering where his daddy is."

"But I don't wanna say goodbye," Sirius pleaded, suddenly feeling again what he felt when he ran away all those years ago.

"I'm always with you big brother," Regulus said, pointing to his heart. "And James and Lily are really proud of you and Jimmy. I gotta go now, bro."

Sirius started to say something, but everything went foggy as his vision returned to the blazing fire of the sweat lodge. He breathed hard and used his t-shirt to wipe away first the tears and then the sweat dripping off him as he climbed out. A little unsteady on his feet, he breathed deeply the clean, cool air around him and looked at the setting sun in the distance. Suddenly he had a seven year old in his arms, hugging him.

"Daddy," Jimmy said. "I was wondering if you were okay. They said you would be out soon."

"I'm alright, kiddo. I was having a chat with your uncle Regulus," Sirius said a little sadly, keeping with his vow to not withhold anything the way Dumbledore did in his prophetic dream.

Jimmy's eyes went wide. "Did he show you how to stop Voldemort for good?"

Sirius smiled. "Sort of, Jimmy. I know a lot more now. It was pretty exhausting though. Let's get something to eat, and I'll tell you about it while you tell me about your day."

And that's just what they did. Jimmy had awoke not long after Sirius had started his vision quest. Susan gave him a potion that made him feel a lot better, then he played with the children, but kept asking about his dad, getting more and more worried the longer it took. Sirius told him everything he saw in the visions. Jimmy hugged Sirius when he got a little choked up, talking about his youth with Regulus and the yin and yang pendant.

"It's okay dad," Jimmy said with a smile. "He was right, he is with us."

Sirius hugged Jimmy and then they dragged out their sleeping bags, making for an early night. The day had been long and eventful, and they were both ready for a good night's sleep and then the Space Museum the next day.

They woke early and had breakfast with Susan and her Grandfather the next morning, before packing up to head out.

"I know you're unsure about sharing Jimmy with Rachel," Susan said with a reassuring smile as she looked at a startled Sirius. "I know it was hard with his birth parent's portrait as well, but trust her. She feels the same way in a certain regard. It will work out, just trust her, okay?"

Sirius looked at her for a minute, then smiled. "Ya know, your magic is pretty powerful."

"Of course I know that," she said and smiled again, waving as they walked away.

"Are you really okay about yesterday? The fight with the deatheaters, I mean?" Sirius said as they approached the bike and mounted it.

"Yeah, I talked about it with some of the other kids and Susan," Jimmy said, hugging Sirius as he kicked the bike to life. "I was scared then, but now, where I'm safe, I kinda enjoyed it, even though I'm still a little scared about it."

"Spoken like a true Gryffindor," Sirius said as the two road warriors hit the blacktop once again.

They got to the museum just as it opened, and spent a wonderful day there, taking in all of the exhibits. Sirius was actually a bit surprised at the extent of everything muggles managed to accomplish without magic.

They spent the last night in a hotel, enjoying the swimming pool and room service, vowing to get a pool when they got back. In the morning they scared the Ministry official half to death as they activated the portkey with the bike moving, and about two feet off the ground. They landed with a squeal of tires, and tossed the portkey to the man, bidding him good day, before taking to the air again as they went home, laughing at the sight.

As they headed for home, Jimmy started shaking and had to grab onto Sirius hard, causing him to stop the bike. "What's the matter?"

Jimmy calmed after a few moments and said, "It's Jim, dad. He's been trying to talk to me, and couldn't because we were in America. It was like waking up in the middle of the freeway."

"Is he alright now?"

"Yeah, took me a bit to calm us both down, dad."

Sirius felt a prickle inside his head. "Tell him it's alright now. If you want, tell him about our adventure."

"I can tell him? Really?" Jimmy exclaimed. "I thought you didn't want me to trust him too much."

"I think this would be okay, alright?" Sirius said, as he pulled the bike back onto the road again. Jimmy nodded and was silent the rest of the way home.

As much fun as they had, they were glad to be home. They flopped into the chairs in the living room, and Dobby brought them some iced tea. They relaxed and just said nothing.

Soon, the doorbell rang, and Sirius smiled to himself. Jimmy gave him a knowing look, and they called out together, "Come on in, Rachel and Ali."

"So, have a good time?" Rachel said as she sat down next to Sirius.

"Brilliant!" Jimmy said, and then he and Sirius began to relate their experience to Rachel and Ali.

Rachel thought the deatheaters were terrifying, but Ali thought that was a cool part of the adventure to America. Jimmy and Ali went off to play while Sirius had a serious talk with Rachel.

"So, now you know about Deatheaters," he said. "We didn't embellish the story at all. Can you still handle it."

"Yes," she said without hesitation. "I mean, it was terrifying, but, I'm okay with it."


"Yeah, I can't explain it."

"Great," Sirius cheered, giving her a deep kiss. "Er, care to watch Jimmy while I run an errand?"

"No problem."

Sirius called Jimmy and asked him if he wanted to stay home with Rachel and Ali, or go with him. Jimmy thought for a moment and gave Sirius a hug, before telling him he wanted to stay home. Sirius smiled and kissed Jimmy on top of the head, saying he would be back later, and with a pop, was gone.

He popped over to Moody's house first, finding a wand in his face the moment he appeared. "A little paranoid, Moody?" he asked with a smile.

"You've stirred up a small hornet's nest since you woke up, Sirius," Moody growled with a smile.

"Oh no. What's going on now?" Sirius asked with a sigh.

"An acquaintance of mine in the Department of Mysteries told me of a new measure Fudge thought up to protect muggles from pureblood attacks."

"Oh shite," Sirius said in an exasperated tone. "What's he done?"

"Anti-house elf wards on certain buildings. Starting with orphanages, and places like that."

"Well, I guess it sounds like a good idea," Sirius said doubtfully. "Have there been attacks?"

"No, not yet. But you never know," Moody responded.

"Yeah, I know, Constant Vigilance," Sirius chuckled. "Speaking of which, keep an eye open, I gotta go check on something, okay?"

"Sure thing," Moody said and Sirius apparated.

Sirius popped over to Gringott's Bank next. Down in the Black Vault, the goblin waited patiently while Sirius looked around at the dark objects Kreacher had moved there. It wasn't long before he spotted the silver pendant with the ornate 's' on it. Slytherin's locket. The Horcrux. Sirius shivered as he looked at it. A piece of Voldemort's soul was locked inside it.

"I'm gonna need Severus and Dumbledore's help," he muttered to himself with a sigh.

Then he noticed that the locket was sitting on a velvet bag with the yin yang symbol imprinted on it. He scooped up the locket and dropped it quickly in the bag, and then was startled at what he saw next. Underneath where the bag and locket had been sitting, was a small, wooden box, also with the yin yang symbol carved into the lid.

"What did you do, Regulus," Sirius asked the air.

He grabbed the box, then made his way to the back of the vault, where he updated the golden liquid for his future portrait. His errand complete, he headed back home to his son, Ali, and Rachel.

Back home in the library, Sirius stared at the wooden box his brother had left when he was startled out of his thoughts by Rachel.

"Everything is set for the party," she said a Sirius nodded absentmindedly.

"Oh, yeah, today's the 29th, that's right," he said and looked up at her. "Jimmy's first birthday party."

After a few minutes of silence, she spoke again. "I take it the errand had something to do with the vision quest you didn't want to discuss?" Sirius just nodded. "Ready to discuss it now?"

Sirius just sighed and said, "My dead brother showed me some things, and I just found this box in the vault." He ran his fingers over the carving on the lid. "This is the symbol we used when we were kids."

They moved to the sofa and Rachel held him as he told of what he saw in the vision quest. Having Rachel there, listening as he told her about his brother seemed to take the weight off his heart.

After about five minutes of silence when he was done, she spoke up. "So, what's in it?"

"I don't know," he said as he attempted to open the lid, which wouldn't budge, making Sirius smile. "Me and my brother used this long before the Marauders," Sirius said as he pulled out his wand and touched the wooden box. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Rachel smiled, having heard all about the Marauders as the wooden box clicked, and popped open. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked, peering down at the contents of the box.

"Yes," Sirius said, a little fear in his voice.

Inside the box sat a large vial, filled with a shimmering silver liquid. It rolled and flowed, with multiple swirls. There was more than one memory inside it. Suddenly Sirius felt a tingle in the back of his mind, and he became afraid of what the memories might be.

"Do you want me to watch it with you?" Rachel asked, concerned.

Sirius looked at her, and couldn't make up his mind. He had told her so much over the last months, and they had grown closer. But could he share first hand of whatever Regulus had done? Yes, he could, he realised, then remembered what Susan had said. "I would like that, Rachel," he finally responded.

Sirius retrieved a pensieve from a top shelf and set it on a table. He ran a finger around the runes that decorated the ornate bowl and gave it its power. Uncorking the vial, he poured it's contents into the bowl, staring as the memories swirled and shifted, almost begging to be seen after so many years. He called to Dobby and told him to keep an eye on the boys while he and Rachel were in the bowl.

"It will be alright, Master Sirius," Dobby said, sensing his apprehension. "It will make things better."

Sirius nodded and held Rachel's hand tight. Because she was a muggle, Sirius would have to lead her into the bowl. With a look at each other, Sirius dipped is finger into the shimmering silver and they felt the pull as their reality shifted into the swirling mass of the bowl, and it's long forgotten memories.

Sirius and Rachel found themselves in a long, white corridor, dimly lit with torches. A glance out of a nearby window confirmed it was night. In the shadows near a door stood two figures. One, Sirius instantly recognised and pointed out, was Regulus. The other wore robes that seemed to be charmed to be darker than the darkest black, and had his hood up, concealing his face.

Through the door was a shocking sight, and made that little spot in the back of Sirius' mind tingle again. The tingle of a forgotten memory, of a hidden memory. Sirius explained what he could as they watched events unfold. Events that seemed foggy to Sirius, but became clearer as they watched and listened.

It was a private room at St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Three figures stood around a bed. Three well known figures, one with long, black hair, another with messy, black hair, and a healer known to many quidditch players at Hogwarts. On the bed lay a woman in a prone position, her long, auburn hair lying about her head and her deep, green eyes set in determination.

"Thanks again, Poppy," James Potter said as he held his wife's hand. "I'm glad you agreed to do this."

"Not at all, James," the healer said as she did her job. "The welcoming of new life is much more satisfying than all of the injuries from your pranks and quidditch."

Sirius blushed while the memory of his younger self frowned. "Hey, blame the Slytherins for any bad thing in quidditch."

Soon, the crying of a baby could be heard. "My son, and your godson, Sirius," James said as he held up a baby with messy, black hair, just like his father. "Harry James Potter."

Sirius, the younger Sirius that is, clapped with happy tears in his eyes. "Look at his eyes, James. He's got Lily's eyes."

"My son," James said, his own tears flowing as he wrapped Harry in a blanket and held Lily's hand again. "Now for what we dared to keep from you, brother, from everyone. My other son, and your other godson," James added as Poppy continued her work.

"What?" both Sirius' exclaimed as another baby was born, and began to cry.

Poppy Pomfrey wrapped up another baby boy, with equally messy black hair, and just as piercing green eyes. "Born thirteen minutes after Harry," she told them.

Suddenly, there was a flash, and the figures froze as Regulus walked into the room, followed by the stranger. "I'm sorry, Sirius. But I know about the prophecy, and I have to do this," he said as he picked up the younger twin, stood aside, and nodded to the stranger.

The figure in the dark robes stepped forward, and cast powerful memory charms at each person in the room, erasing the memory of the twin. Sirius could feel the tingle as his memory was completely restored, as he watched the figure seal the memories, keeping them from being revealed unless viewed, as in a pensieve.

Sirius and Rachel followed Regulus and the stranger outside in a daze. Soon the memory shifted as the two memories and baby apparated to a deserted street corner in Muggle London.

"Alright, hand over my money," the stranger said forcefully. "I still have my own memory to modify."

"Alright, here's your money," Regulus said, handing over a bag of Galleons. "You better make sure you do your own memory charm right. Voldemort's the one after these babies."

"What?" the stranger said, his anger switching quickly to nervousness. "Smart move, Black. I would have never taken the job if you had told me that."

"Are you sure you can handle a strong enough charm?" Regulus asked as the stranger removed his hood at last, revealing himself.

"Gilderoy Lockhart," Sirius whispered.

Lockhart looked nervous for a moment, and then his expression turned to an unfamiliar one to Sirius. One of forced determination and confidence. The angry expression of a slightly dark wizard.

"I am the best at memory charms, Black," he said, but his shaking hand betrayed the confidence in his voice. "That's why I get paid top Galleon for what I do."

He pointed the wand at himself, and visibly pushed the nervousness away as he cast the charm. Overforcing the charm, he was blown off his feet to land in some nearby shrubs. After quickly conjuring a bassinet, Regulus charmed the baby to sleep before helping Lockhart to his feet.

"Are you alright? What do you remember?" he asked the ruffled wizard.

"I'm fine, fine," Lockhart said in an almost singsong voice. "Er, do I know you?"

"No," Regulus replied as he watched the wizard look down at himself.

"These robes are filthy and will never do," Lockhart said and attempted to transfigure them, ending up with more tears than before. "If you could? Something in mauve, I think?"

Regulus stared for a moment and then granted Lockhart's request.

"Thank you, thank you," Lockhart said, delighted. "Now, excuse me, I don't seem to recall my occupation, I shall have to think on this."

Regulus watched the man trot off, muttering to himself about dark magic, fame, and memory charms. He picked up the baby and headed off as the memory faded to a room at Black Manor. A room from before Sirius had changed everything. In a chair sat Regulus, breathing hard, in very poor health, the baby was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm sorry, Sirius," he said, apparently to nobody, as no one else was in the room. "This memory is just for you. I don't have long left to live. Voldemort has ensured that, but I had to tell you. My last words while I can still think clearly. I took the baby to a good muggle family. He'll grow up with love and understanding, I made sure of that after doing something you probably hate me for. His magic is completely bound, and will stay that way unless something happens to his adoptive family or Harry. I don't know which baby will threaten Voldemort, so I hid one. I had to, Sirius. And I hope you can forgive me for taking a baby from his parents. From you. But the Dark Lord has to be stopped. If you're seeing this memory, then..."

Regulus got choked up a bit, and started to cough, what ever his illness was, it was getting worse.

"If you're seeing this memory, then the something has gone wrong. I hope you found that damned locket and destroyed it. If not, then look for it. A large 'S' on it, an heirloom of Slytherin. Voldemort used it as a Horcrux. Put a piece of his soul in it, making himself immortal. Destroy it and he can be killed," Regulus paused and took a deep, rattling breath. "I have many regrets, brother. My biggest one, is not joining you when you left."

He held up his half of the pendant from around his neck.

"I never forgot, brother, and I never will. After Voldemort finally kills me, I'll try and watch over you. You and Harry and Reggie. Yeah, I know. I had to name him after myself, didn't I? I didn't use the Black name, though. Black and Potter are pretty common in the muggle world, but not together, and I wanted to remember his birth parents. For you, and for him. So, I named him, Regulus James Potter. If something happened, then go find him, protect him, and stop Voldemort."

With a wave and a wink from Regulus, the memory ended, pushing Sirius and Rachel out of the pensieve and back into the library. They looked at each other for a long while, saying nothing.

Rachel just held Sirius, as silent tears fell from his face. "You have to, Sirius. There is no choice in the matter. We both know who he is."

Sirius nodded silently as he held onto her. "I miss Regulus," he finally said.

"I know, Sirius. He is watching out for you, you know," she replied quietly.

"Yeah," Sirius said as he stood up and went to find Jimmy. "Jimmy!" he called out as he entered the living room.

"What is it, dad?" Jimmy asked, coming in from the kitchen, followed by Ali.

"Well, er, shit!" Sirius said, not really knowing how to tell him.

"Just tell me already," Jimmy said and rolled his eyes.

"Okay, Jim is your twin."

Jimmy stopped, the roll he had halfway to his mouth, which was frozen open in shock. Whatever Sirius had to tell him, this was the last thing he expected.

"Your uncle Regulus took him when he was born, to protect him from Voldemort. To try and ensure that the Dark Lord would be defeated."

Jimmy sat down and stared at the floor. "My...my twin?"

"Are you alright?" Sirius started getting nervous. "I was going to suggest we go get him, but if you're not comfortable with that..."

"No, please," Jimmy said quickly with pleading eyes. "We gotta help him. Let's go now."

"Calm down," Sirius said with a nervous smile. "To be sure, ask him if his first name is Regulus."

Jimmy contacted Jim, and then nodded his head. "Yeah, that's his first name dad. He's really anxious now, bad things are happening at that place."

"Ask him the name of the institute where he lives?"

Jimmy thought for a moment. "He called it the Kardene Institute."

"Good," Sirius said, and retrieved the phone book to look up the address. "Tell him it's gonna be okay."

"Ow," Jimmy screamed out and grabbed his back. "They hit him. They...they said they're getting rid of him."

"Tell him to hang on, we're coming," Sirius said, finding the address at last. "Rachel, call the police."

"Ow, it burns," Jimmy said, grabbing his arm and Sirius looked up at Rachel.

"They're drugging him," she said.

"Where is he?" Sirius asked. "Can he tell you where he is?"

"He's...he's in the basement," Jimmy replied as he got control of his emotions.

"Okay, Dobby?" Sirius called and Dobby appeared quickly, as if waiting for it. "Can you get there?"

"No, Master Sirius. The new wards Mr. Moody spoke of won't let me," the elf said sadly.

"Oh yeah," Sirius said and smiled evilly. "Fine, we do this the hard way."

Jimmy smiled as Sirius picked him up and headed out to the bike. "Have the police meet us there, Rachel," Sirius called out as he kicked the bike to life and turned on the radio. He laid a stripe of rubber as he sped off with Guns and Roses' cover of 'Heir of the Dog' being heard clearly over the squeal of tires.

"Jim's not answering, dad," Jimmy said nervously as they rode along.

"It'll be okay," Sirius said and gunned the engine.

They arrived at the front gate of the institute, and slowly walked toward the main office. Sirius really didn't have a plan, but hoped things would be alright anyway. He put his arm around Jimmy, who was getting visibly nervous about the institute. Sirius stayed acutely alert as they entered the dark and dank building. No receptionist was there to greet them, so they kept walking, easily finding the administrative office. Inside they found a well dressed man sitting at a desk while another, shabbily dressed man hovered over him.

"Excuse me?" Sirius said, startling both of them.

They both looked in shock when they saw Jimmy, and the well dressed man spoke. "I'm sorry sir, I'm Mr. Bancroft, the administrator here, and this is Finch, the caretaker," he said and with a glance at Finch, he nodded toward Jimmy.

The man called Finch headed toward them as Mr. Bancroft spoke again. "I apologize for whatever problems that little troublemaker may have done to you or your property."

Finch grabbed Jimmy roughly, and Sirius grabbed the man even more roughly, spinning his arm around his back. A sharp crack filled the air and Finch cried out.

"This is no troublemaker, this is my son," Sirius growled out. "And no child should ever be treated in such a fashion."

"Now see here," Mr. Bancroft started only to find himself upside down by one ankle.

"No, you see here," Sirius spat out in disgust. "Whatever you're up to, is done. Now."

"Put him down," came a gruff voice behind him. "The muggle police are almost here."

"Fine, Moody," Sirius said and released the spell on Bancroft, letting him drop to the floor with a thud. "No word, Bancroft. Not that anyone would believe you anyway."

"Alright, what's going on?" came another voice. "Let that man go, we gotta follow some protocol."

"What?" Sirius said, confused as he released the whimpering man.

"Chief Inspector Chuck Brenner. I've been trying to bring these arseholes down for a year. Your girlfriend made the call, yes? A Rachel Stewart?"

"Yeah, what's going on?" replied a confused Sirius.

"Sir, we found the boy in the basement, unconscious. Obviously drugged," said a new man who then did a double take when he saw Jimmy.

"Yes, they're twins," Sirius said. "I'm Sirius Black, and this is my son, Jimmy. We've been trying to locate his twin for some time now."

"Good job, then. Abuse charge to start with, and a statement from you and Jimmy," Brenner said.

"You won't believe us," Sirius tried to get them uninvolved. "It's a twin thing, they could talk with each other."

"I've seen weirder, Mr. Black, but I get your drift. I'm sure we can get enough paperwork this time. Couldn't get a warrant before, but with Miss Stewart's call, we didn't need too."

"Is Jim gonna be okay?" Jimmy asked as tears threatened to come.

"He's gonna be fine," Brenner said. "Just gotta let the medic check him out, and let the drug work its way out of his system."

"If you don't mind, Inspector, we have our own, er, doctor?" Sirius said, and glanced at Moody who gave a slight nod and stepped out."

"That's quited understandable," the Brenner said. "We have the vial and syringe that was used, so no medical test will be needed for our report. Just so you know, I'm familiar with the case involving a certain three men, yourself, and your son. No worries about publicity, Mr. Black."

Sirius released the breath he didn't even realise he was holding and relaxed a bit. They went outside after Brenner gave a few instructions to his men, and met the medic at the ambulance.

"It's gonna take some time for the boy to come out of it, Inspector," he said. "There's a large, fresh bruise on his back, as well as a few older ones. I've taken pictures already, so we can head to the hospital and let him rest."

"Just what's going on here, Mr. Black?" came the wonderful sound of Poppy Pomfrey's voice. "I get a message from Moody that Jimmy's been drugged and, oh my goodness."

She looked about to faint as her gaze switched from the boy standing next to Sirius to the one in the ambulance. Her eyes glazed over a bit for a second and then she looked at Sirius for confirmation of her renewed memory. He nodded and was startled to see a tear roll down her cheek.

"Alright, step aside," she told the medic and pushed him out of the ambulance.

"Hey, what's she doing? That's my ambulance."

"She's the best," Sirius said with a smile. "Just give her a minute."

"But that's impos..." he was cut off as the ambulance door opened and a groggy but awake Jim was ushered out by the Hogwarts healer.

"Am...am I dreaming?" the boy said as he stepped over to Jimmy.

It was uncanny for the two boys, like looking in the mirror. Jim's scar from the auto accident was on the opposite side of Jimmy's curse scar. They both had the same messy, mop of black hair, and the same brilliant green eyes. They each raised a hand to touch the other, and then grinned.

Sirius, Moody, and Poppy watched the two as they stared at each other. Moody and Poppy just a little more unnerved by it, but only because Sirius had a few hours to get use to it already.

"Jim, this is my dad. Our dad," Jimmy said and took Sirius hand.

"I...I'm sorry sir. I only had one dad, and he was killed in a car crash."

"I know, Jim," Sirius said and knelt down in front of the boy. "You can call me Sirius. I knew your birth parents, and technically, I'm your godfather, so Jimmy and I are going to look after you. No more bloody institute."

"Thank you, sir, er, Sirius," Jim said with a sad smile.

Sirius looked up at Brenner. "Need anything else, or may we leave?" he asked.

Brenner smiled and said, "No, that's about it. Expect a call from social services. Just a formality, I'm sure. Lots of paperwork to get sorted out."

Sirius stood up and shook the Brenner's hand, bid Moody and Poppy goodbye, then took Jim and Jimmy's hands and led them over to the motorcycle. Jim's eyes went wide as they climbed on behind Sirius.

"Is this thing safe?" he said nervously.

"Don't worry about it, Jim. It's brilliant," Jimmy said and then whispered, "especially when it flies."

Sirius smiled to himself and kicked the bike to life and pulled out, deciding to take the scenic route back home. Once out of sight of the muggles, he pulled the bike into the air just as 'Wayward Son' began playing on the radio.

AN:'Dooim Inn' was inspired to me first by Songofthesky, who has a nice fic on this site called Blood Red that you might want to check out.

Also, many of the ideas for the Jim subplot are from a movie called 'Tom And Thomas' The child actor in this movie is very talented, and portrays the different personalities of the twins brilliantly. It's pretty easy to tell which twin he's playing at any given moment, he does it so well. The movie had me on edge until the end. I suggest you watch this movie if you can find it. I found it on cable quite often, however, the DVD or VHS is a bit hard to find.

I was gonna go a little farther, but with over eleven thousand words, I ended here. The plan for the next chapter is still to get to Hogwarts, there just has to be a little more before that, Jim getting used to his new life and such. Hopefully it won't take as long. Thanks for the reviews, please send more.