The Little Waterbender

SleepingDragon13 is doing Beauty and the Beast, JustAnotherAvatarFanGirl has done Cinderella, so why not me too!

The Little Mermaid is the movie.

Zutara is the ship.

Zuko has no scar, he isn't disgraced, and he gets along fairly with Zula.

Katara is still stuck in the Southern Water Tribe and wants to explore the world.

Aang travels the world and tells Katara about it.

Oh, and the Northern Water Tribe is deserted; it's inhabitants residing in the Earth Kingdom or in the Southern Tribe because of a huge attack that nearly ended their lives as they knew it.

And the Southern Water Tribe was rebuilt; almost as big and as grand as the Northern.


Katara: Ariel

Zuko: Eric

Sokka: Sebastian

Yue: Flounder

Suki: Carlotta

Meng: Another palace girl

Aang: Scuttle

Jun: Ursula

Flotsam: Haru

Jetsam: Hello? His name is in there! It's Jet.

Grimsby: Iroh (who else?)

Sailors of Zuko's ship: Zuko's Crew.

Pakku: King Triton (yes. Now, Pakku is Katara's father.)

Kid from episode 2 who said 'I have to go potty!': That announcer seahorse.

Ariel's 6 other sisters: random girls of the Water Tribe I'll name later.

This story won't be a huge priority, but I'm having writer's block for Sea of Indemnity.