Set just after Admiral Cain's 'welcome back to the colonial fleet' and they are start celebrating, so just before it all goes downhill, this is just a little scene that would not leave my head, and I couldn't work it into my fic so I've decided to post it as a one shot, AU kinda thing. It occurred to me whilst watching the second season, that by the end of 'Flight of the Phoenix', that the crew had started to mend, Helo was acknowledged etc, Lee and Kara had found a happy middle ground (or that could have been the oxygen deprivation, whatever), but it inspired this scene, where I can show the relationship between Lee and Kara, from the eyes of the Galactica and the Pegasus. Now I have given fluff warnings before, but seriously this is PURE 100 FLUFF, there is no substance, or underlying messages, it is just an opportunity for fun, and the lighter side to Lee and Kara.

Spoilers: up to and including Pegasus S2 episode 10.

Disclaimers: It ain't mine, belongs to Moore and Larson.

'CAG's Girl'

The Hanger bay was full of people, crews and officers from the Pegasus and the Galactica mixed and relaxed. There was a large group of pilots and deck crew that included Racetrack, Helo, Hotdog, Kat, Evans, Tyrol, Cally, Jammer, and Seelix, even Dee and Billy were there. They were meeting a contingent of Pegasus pilots, around one of their mach 7's.

"Hey guys what's up?" Kara asked as she strolled up with her flight suit half on, she was due on CAP with Lee in an hour.

"Hey Thrace, just checking out Peggy's mach 7's, haven't seen one this clean for a while" Helo replied.

"The mach 7 is this bird here, by the way" a Pegasus pilot said condescendingly.

Everyone from the Galactica stared at him, other than the Deck Crew and Kara everybody was in the formal wear, the idiot from Pegasus must have assumed that the females around him were not pilots, but they did not expect such a 'sexist' and idiotic comment to be spoken out loud and to Starbuck of all people, Galactica's crew was just waiting for the explosion from Starbuck, who was still staring at the Pegasus pilot incredulously.

Helo decided that he could have some fun and keep Kara out of the brig in one go, "Oh Kara here knows all about Vipers, don't you Kara" Helo said to Starbuck with a trust me expression, and a subtle follow my lead.

"Yeah" she replied slightly uncertain, not sure where Helo was taking this

"Kara's the CAG's girl, Apollo likes her to know his birds" Helo said with a grin.

There was a round of subtle chokes and coughs from the Galactica's crew, many of them staring at Helo with a 'what the frak are you doing?' expression. Starbuck however knew an opportunity to mess with some heads when she saw one, if she was smart she could embarrass Lee as well, and that was something she never passed up!

"Yep, that's me CAG's girl, my Lee-Lee even lets me wear the flight suit, so I don't feel left out." Kara said in her most feminine voice.

'Lee-Lee' Helo thought, oh lords this was gonna be good.

"That's good of him" the Pegasus pilot said uncertainly

Whilst Kara was spinning her web of deceit, Lee was talking with the President, Tigh and his father; he was also dressed for patrol, when chief Tyrol came over.



"Er- you might want to come on over Captain, Lt Thrace is putting on quite a show"

"Oh Lords what is she up to now?" Lee groaned.

"It was actually, Helo's idea, one of the Pegasus pilot's nicely showed Lt Thrace what a mark 7 looked like-"

"Kara knows what a-" Lee interrupted

"Yes Sir, but I can only assume that the Pegasus pilot isn't familiar with female pilots, even though Starbuck's wearing a flight suit…"

"Oh God, what did Starbuck do to him"

"Actually Sir, Helo told them that she knew all about Vipers because she was the CAG's girl" Tyrol finished off quickly.

Lee choked, "He what?" Lee turned to his father who just looked amused, as did the President. "Quite an opportunity son, I suggest you use it" Adama said cryptically. Lee just grinned; his smile was pure mischief "Right, let's go see my girl chief."

"Er- Ok Sir" Tyrol had a feeling that Helo's joke was about to turn into one hell of a show!

Slowly word got around the room that 'Starbuck was pretending to be the CAG's girl' the crew of Galactica began to subtly watch the pilots.

"…so that's how I met my Lee-Lee" Kara had just finished when Lee and Tyrol approached the now much larger group, the Galactica contingent had a variety of smirks, smiles and grins in place.

"Sweet pea" Lee grinned as he saw Kara

Kara looked gob smacked as did the rest of Galactica, they didn't expect that! Helo just had a shit eating grin on his face.


"Sugarplum, where have you been I've been looking everywhere for you!" Lee said

Kara understood his challenge, she would play this out.

"I was just entertaining the Pegasus pilots, with stories of how we met, honey" the last word was said with emphasis.

Lee just put his arm around Kara with a little too much familiarity, whilst everybody looked on.

"Oh your wearing the flight suit I got you, don't you look adorable," he ruffled her hair affectionately. "Normally she wears dresses, you know those floral flimsy ones, I try to tell her it's not practical on a Battlestar, but you know women, it's all about how they look." Lee finished with a not so gentle smack on Kara's butt. Kara's body froze 'Oh no he did not just- yep and the bastard was smiling too, oh he was enjoying this way too much.

The Galactica pilots had gasped at their CAG's audacity, they looked at him with awe and fear, was he insane or plain suicidal?

Kara just grabbed his hand, tightly, very tightly, "Oh Lee-Lee, you know I don't wear clothes in our room" 'Hah' she thought 'take that!'

Lee gulped, his mind was going places it really shouldn't and he couldn't stop his face from blushing.

"Baby, Striker was just explaining why he had a scorecard on the side of his viper" Kara took pity on Lee and moved the conversation on.

"Yeah, it's a kill count, that's 48 cylon kills" Striker replied smugly.

"48, is that a lot?" Kara asked Lee in a fake confused voice.

Lee was hard pressed not to laugh out loud, "48 is, erm it's good" he said after a pause, even Hotdog had tagged twice that, and Kara knew it.

"Kara, sweetheart, Ellen Tigh was looking for you, I know how you girls get on so well whilst I'm at work, shall we go find her?" Lee asked in a fake polite voice, his hand once again resting on her behind, he was pushing it he knew, but she couldn't kill him in front of witnesses could she?

Kara couldn't stop the look on disgust on her face, "Er no that's ok Lee-Lee, I'll find her later, I like talking to pilots, they're so brave and manly" Kara sugar coated voice caused all of the female pilots to break out laughing, they would never have believed Starbuck could be so feminine, had they not seen it!

Racetrack decided to rock the boat, and have a little fun of her own, "I know, you usually can't keep your hands off the CAG, guess with all the new people around you're shy"

Lee began coughing, and Kara narrowed her eyes at Racetrack, 'oh she was going on her list right next to Helo and Lee, frakking traitors. She'd get all of them back; if they wanted a show she'd give them a show!

Kara turned to Lee, and said "she's right Lee-Lee, we've got nothing to be shy about" and she grabbed the lapels of his flight suit and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Lee thought he had died and gone to heaven, he kissed back without thought and pulled Kara close. This wasn't like their last kiss, it was just as surprising but much deeper and longer, and also with a larger audience, but he didn't care he just held on to Kara and felt.

The entire Galactica contingent had their mouths wide open, nobody could have anticipated this development, and their CAG and Lead Pilot were blatantly ignoring the frat regs in the same room as the Commander, Colonel Tigh, Admiral Cain and the President of the Colonies! And they were still kissing!

"Oh my Gods" Hotdog muttered

"Holy Shit!" Kat exclaimed

"Are they crazy, the old man is still in the room!"

"It's about time if you ask me" Dee said and Cally agreed.

"Do you think they're ever going to stop" Billy asked.

"I don't get what the big deal is? You guys said they did this all the time?" Striker asked the shocked pilots and deck gang.

"The big deal is that-" Racetrack began


Starbuck and Apollo broke apart, looked at each other and went "Oh Frak!"

They both ran for their planes.

5 minutes later Apollo and Starbuck began their 4 hour CAP, as the hanger deck was awash with gossip about the kiss between 'Apollo and Starbuck'.

"I thought she was the CAG's girl?" one of the Pegasus pilots asked in confusion.

"No, sorry that was just a joke, that went a little too far, Kara Thrace is actually Galactica's lead pilot and flight instructor, her callsign is 'Starbuck', hence the shock of our CAG and Lead Pilot kissing. Sorry." Helo apologised, he felt bad, but he felt worse knowing he only had 4 hours to live; Starbuck would kill him when she got back!