CAG's Girl: Chapter 2

Kara was still in shock, she knew she was impulsive, wild and renown for her out-of –the-box thinking, but even she was amazed at herself. She had just kissed 'Lee Adama', actually if she was honest she had just kissed Lee in front of everybody, her pilots, the deck crew, pretty much half of Galactica, Admiral Cain, Pegasus' officers and pilots, the President, Commander Adama, and Tigh. 'Oh Lords I just kissed my superior officer, her frakking CAG! In front of the XO, she was way beyond dead.' But if Kara was truly honest with herself she was more focussed on the kiss itself than the rather large audience, she and Lee had kissed before, hell they had known each for years, since the academy, usually off a post flight high, or as congratulations like after she had returned from Caprica, but never had it been that intense.

She knew why they never crossed that line before, it wasn't because of any of the obvious reasons that most people believed, Lee had only been her superior officer for months and they had known each other for years, it wasn't because of Zak, it wasn't because of the regulations, or because they were afraid of the old man, all those reasons were valid and true, but the main reason that had stopped Apollo and Starbuck crossing that invisible line was they knew that after one taste they wouldn't be able to stop.

Everybody knew about Starbuck's addiction to flight and Vipers, she couldn't hide it, it showed in every breath she took and every movement she made, in a Viper and off the ground. Starbuck exuded energy, adrenaline and flight almost 24 hours a day, her instinct for flight was infamous, what most people didn't know and Starbuck did, was that Apollo was exactly the same. Except he could hide it better, whilst Starbuck was famous for freedom Apollo was known for his restraint. Everything Kara felt about flight, so did Lee, its why they worked so well together, they were both addicted to flight, and so they both knew instinctively that if they crossed that line, if neither of them held back, that their addiction would transfer to one another. And damn if Kara couldn't still taste him, she knew better but for some bizarre reason she forgot why she shouldn't, and she kissed Lee Adama.

Now normally when one of them forgot the other would pull back, like she had on the Astral Queen, breaking the tension with humour. But this time somehow Lee forgot his infamous restraint and kissed her back. That had never happened before, hence the shock. Sitting in her Viper waiting for launch, Lt Kara Thrace was desperately trying control her breathing and her body, which was still trembling from finally connecting with Lee, even if it was only a kiss, it had been long denied. Kara prayed to the Gods, that she wouldn't have the taste of Lee Adama on her tongue for the entire 4 hour CAP, she wouldn't be able to handle that, not while she was flying with him.


Apollo thanked the lords that he was as good a pilot as he was, whilst his mind was in overdrive his body mechanically went through the process of pre-flight and take off, he had just kissed Starbuck in front of his superior officers, ok so she kissed him, but he kissed back, for the first time. Damn, he was screwed, just not literally, unfortunately for him. That was the problem, normally he would be able to hold himself back, especially around other people, his attraction to Kara used to mainly be a problem if they were alone, but as they acted as a couple, in front of his pilots and friends with no reprimand, even with the smirks and sarcasm something felt right, he knew they were pretending, but somewhere along the line between 'sweet pea' and 'honey' he forgot, his hands had moved of their own accord and the end result had been his first true kiss with Kara, unfortunately they had more witnessed than he had ever dreamed of. He was relieved and frustrated when the call came for their CAP, it gave him time and an excuse to leave the deck, but even now she was still with him in flight and in his mind, 'gods he could still feel her, pulled up next to him, her flavour on his tongue…damn these thoughts led him back to his frustrated state.'

The problem with Kara was that she had the ability to make him lose control, to forget and to relax, she always had and was the only person that had that amount of control over him, and she knew it. Normally she would use her influence to get him to relax and rest, this time she had managed to make him forget his surroundings, which was dangerous for a Viper pilot, but he knew he had to say something. Due to his preoccupied mind, whilst he was flying his body was in tune with his Viper, he knew he could fly the CAP in this state, he had done during the constant Cylon attacks that occurred after Ragnar, Starbuck was the only other pilot he would trust to fly in the same state, but his body still tingling and his mind running for the first time Captain Lee Adama forgot that his comms were being monitored and that he still and an audience. Unfortunately Starbuck's similar state meant that she also had forgotten.


Whilst Starbuck and Apollo were on their CAP, the hanger deck was full of speculation and gossip. The by now famous 'Starbuck & Apollo' kiss, had enflamed the betting rings that had been started when Starbuck refused to leave Apollo behind at Ragnar.

Commander William Adama was stuck, the commander in him cursed his two best pilots for putting him in this position, especially in front of Admiral Cain, the father in his was amused, he knew he had given Lee the subtle okay to relax and be a pilot, but even he could not have anticipated the resultant kiss, the look on their faces however at the end of the kiss as they heard the call for their patrol however that was priceless. He had never witnessed a faster or cleaner take off, even under action conditions, but he still didn't know what to do about the situation, he knew both Tigh and Cain would demand answers, he decided to put it off and return to the CIC, he then felt somebody watching him, he knew it was Laura Roslin, she had a small smile that graced her face, her eyes however were full of laughter, he knew she was barely maintaining decorum in the hanger deck, in truth so was he. But it wouldn't do to have the Commander of the Galactica and the President of the Fleet to break in to laughter over the breaking of regulations.

"Madam President, would you like to join me in the CIC?" he asked, finding a solution to their predicament.

"I would be honoured, Commander." Laura accepted graciously.

Once they were away from the hanger deck and in an empty corridor they both looked at each other and broke into gales of laughter.

"Oh I'm sorry, but did you see their faces?" Laura gasped out.

"I know, I couldn't believe it when Lee called Kara 'sweet pea', oh her face, I don't think I'll ever forget the gob smacked expression on Starbuck's face." Adama replied.

"Oh lords I didn't think Captain Apollo could be that brave, facing cylons is one thing, but Starbuck?" Laura questioned.

"You know we can hear the CAP comms in the CIC?" Adama offered.

"You read my mind Commander" Roslin said with a grin.

Together they made their way to the CIC, to hear the conclusion to Kara's stint as the CAG's Girl. As they walked Laura Roslin could be heard saying "How about a little side wager Commander…"

5 minutes later in the CIC…

"Communications, can you put the CAP comms on the speakers" Adama ordered as both Tigh and Cain made their way into the room. Both of them looked they wanted to say something, Tigh looked angry, but with a slight gleeful edge, William could almost feel his happiness at being able to reprimand Starbuck, whereas Cain looked slightly thoughtful as if she was working out a puzzle. William thought that being on the run from the Cylons had softened the Admiral slightly then she asked "you only have two Vipers on CAP?"

"Not normally, but we've relaxed slightly, you have Pegasus fighters in the air and we have enough alert fighters on standby" Adama answered her.

"And…" Cain got the impression that he hadn't finished.

Surprisingly it was the President who answered "…and it's Capt Apollo and Starbuck" as if that answered her query.

"So? Their still only two pilots"

"They are the best pilots I've ever seen, they don't normally fly together but when they do… they can handle most things until alert fighters can reach them." William stated with certainty.


"Trust us Admiral, as much as it pains me to say it Starbuck and Apollo can handle the CAP on their own," Colonel Tigh answered.

Cain was still unsure, from what she had heard about Commander William Adama before the war, he was strict, traditional and upheld all regulations, yes he was known to be partial to Viper pilots as he had started out in Vipers, but she could sympathise she was the same, but that still didn't explain the scene in the Hanger bay, Adama didn't give the impression that he would let his pilots blatantly ignore the frat regs, even if one of the pilots was his son. And then the fact that he had only assigned two fighters on CAP, it didn't make sense to her, Adama was known for never dropping his guard, especially now that they were at war with the Cylons. No matter how good the pilots were. She should probably go back to the Pegasus, but the situation over here had her more than intrigued, so she decided to stay silent and watch the Commander, he was obviously expecting something.

"Just listen" Adama said as they heard Apollo's voice on the comms, for the first time.


"Comm. check Starbuck" Apollo called, he couldn't think of anything else to start the conversation.

"I hear you…Lee-Lee" Starbuck answered sarcastically, it was irrational she knew, but part of her was angry with Lee, if he had behaved like his usual uptight self then this mess wouldn't have happened.

Apollo was amazed, she was angry with him, who started the whole thing! "Don't even try and make this my fault sweet pea" he replied angrily.

"Of course its your fault, everybody is used to me joking around, if you acted like your usual anal repressed uptight CAG self, then it wouldn't have gone as far as it did!" Starbuck sniped, this was better, their arguing was beginning to feel familiar, safe.

"You started it!"

"You're right!" Starbuck replied.

"Huh?" Apollo did not expect that. "What?"

"It's not your fault, it's not my fault either…it's Helo's fault. I'm going to kill him!"

Apollo smiled, 'Oh yeah, Starbuck was back'. "I'll help you."

"Racetrack too…"

Lee burst out laughing "Oh lords did you see their faces, I thought Hotdog was going to faint"

Starbuck laughed in agreement, "I missed this, you being you, you're a great CAG, but I haven't seen you like this since the academy."

"Well we can't both be in the brig, who fly the Vipers" Lee responded casually, he knew what she meant; they hadn't been like this before Zak.

"You know I think that's what I hate the most, everybody thinks your this perfect by book CAG, that you always were… when you really were worse than me! Most of them time it was your fault we ended up in the brig…but Starbuck gets the blame!" Kara ribbed good-naturedly.

"I don't know what you're talking about Starbuck, I don't remember anything like that, and I seem to recall bailing your ass out of hack a lot though." Lee replied with innocence.

"Oh don't even go there flyboy, I was there! And I know you…that brawl at 'The Mermaid' on Picon was totally your fault!"

"They accused us of hustling! I couldn't let that slide."

"Lee, we were hustling them." Kara reminded him.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Lee said abashed.

"And I totally got the blame for soaping the Colonel's Viper at college, and that was you! I got 3 nights in the brig, because of you!"

Lee just laughed, "but I convinced them not to make it official and I brought you stogies everyday" he tried to appease her.

"That's it, the nuggets are so going to hear about the exploits of their CAG at the academy and college." Kara threatened.

"You wouldn't"

"Wanna bet?"

"You would…don't forget I know all of your exploits at college too…truce?" He offered.

"Truce" she relented.

"You know, I'm going to burn this day into my memory" Lee said out of the blue.

"Huh? Why?" Kara asked confused

"Today was the day the Kara Thrace called herself the CAG's Girl, in public no less, you referred to yourself as 'my' girl, never thought I'd see the day 'miss independent' would say that!" Apollo gloated.

"Frak Off Apollo! It was a joke, don't let it get to big head of yours, I don't know how you fit into Viper with an ego your size-Oh Frak we've got incoming Apollo, 10 raiders bearing 108"

"I see them Starbuck" Apollo and Starbuck were all business now.

"Galactica this is Apollo, we have 10 raiders on dradis, on your starboard side, Apollo and Starbuck going to engage, looks like a scouting party, repeat Galactica this is Apollo you have 10 raiders coming in from starboard." Apollo and Starbuck flew to attack the raiders.


"We read you Apollo, launching alert fighters, they'll be there in 5 minutes." Adama replied.

"Copy that Galactica, it'll probably be finished by then, Apollo out"

"Starbuck to Apollo, there's only 10"

"I know, you up for it?" Apollo joked.

"Please, the two of us, it's too easy, let's get this done so I kick your ass and kill Helo" Starbuck replied confidently as they both engaged the raiders.

The CIC was full of action as the alert fighters were launched, Admiral Cain was amazed at what she had heard, Galactica's pilots were incredibly informal, and these two thought that they could take on 10 raiders! It was unheard of, at least on the Pegasus, so she continued to listen, and her ship was on the other side of the fleet, protecting the port side of the fleet.

Starbuck was in her element, her first raider went down as soon as she sighted it, with a yell she said "woo-hoo, one down" she twisted and then flipped her viper, "and that's two" then one came one her tail.


"That's three" came from Apollo as he took out the Viper behind Starbuck. "Make that five." He said, as he took out two raiders in rapid succession. "Starbuck, remember the derby race?"

"Yep, lets go…" she answered.

CIC watched in amazement as Apollo and Starbuck took out 5 raiders in less than 3 minutes, then Apollo and Starbuck flew straight at each other whilst they had raiders on their tails, at the very last instant they both pulled out and the raiders collided with each other, that little stunt took out three raiders leaving only two left.

"And that makes eight" Apollo counted. "No make that nine as his missile hit the raider he was tailing."

Starbuck was having too much fun; there was only one raider left and she dodging left and right to stop it from getting a lock on her. Apollo watched as Starbuck evaded the raider but didn't take it out; the alert fighters were about to reach them in 30 seconds.

"Starbuck, stop playing with the raider, and take it out." Apollo reprimanded her.

"Aaah, you're no fun Apollo, just a little bit longer please" Kara's tone was childish and pleaded Lee could imagine her pouting.

"Now Starbuck, stop taunting the cylon raider and kill it, that's an order."

"Spoilsport, fine sir" she said petulantly. "And that's ten."

Starbuck had killed the last raider just as the alert fighters reached them. "Sorry boys and girls, looks like you've had a wasted journey"

"Aaah, couldn't you have left us one Starbuck?" Hotdog whined.

Starbuck and Apollo's laughter rang over the comms. "Hotdog, Evans and Kat finish the CAP, Starbuck back to Galactica, may as well let the chief check out our birds" Apollo ordered.

"Whatever you say Lee-Lee!" Starbuck answered with humour, she was on a high after her tussle with the cylons.


Admiral Cain was reeling, 10 raiders taken out in less than 5 minutes by 2 pilots! Damn no wonder Adama let them get away with breaking the regs. They were amazing in the air, she had seen moves that she had only seen in the sims before, she may not agree with the informal atmosphere and attitude on the Galactica but she had to give Adama credit, it worked for them, she decided to leave the Galactica alone, obviously they could stand against the cylons, and informal as they were, they were professional under attack.


Lee just watched as Kara got into the shower, the head was empty as they in the middle of a watch, he knew he was breaching etiquette watching her, but he couldn't help himself. Their flight, combined with the adrenaline of fighting the cylons by themselves reminded him how it was flying with Kara one on one. For the first time since the attacks he didn't have to worry about anyone else as he flew, Starbuck could take of herself, and he trusted nobody more to watch his back, he knew she felt the same. He still remembered their kiss from earlier, could still taste her, he didn't know what affected him more her taste or the fact that she called herself his, even for a joke, a part of Lee rejoiced that she had acknowledged his claim, and now watching her in the shower like a voyeur, he decided to just be Lee, the one Kara missed. He'd follow his father's advice about following his instincts and taking the opportunity with Kara.

"LEE!" Kara exclaimed as he joined her in shower. "What are you doing?" She shut up as she saw his body, up close and oh so very personal. His body was perfect, she knew that, he call sign was accurate, but his eyes burned her, she couldn't stop the blush that covered her body as his eyes unashamedly roamed over every inch of her. Suddenly Lee's eyes dilated as he pressed her against the tiles and kissed her…hard.

"So I hear, you're my girl?" Lee said breathlessly, he meant to say it in an air of confidence, it came out unsure.

Kara looked at him, still reeling from the kiss, she saw him, probably for the first time, he really let her see him, vulnerable and real. She reached her hand up to his jaw, looked straight into his deep blue eyes and said "I'm the CAG's Girl, so I'm yours" she kissed him, possessively so he knew unequivocally that she was his and he was hers.

As the water got cold, Lee and Kara heated each other.


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