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The Final Verses



"Fingil first, named the bloody king,

Flying out of he north on red war's wing.

Hjeldin his son, the Mad King dire,

Leaped to his death from the haunted spire.

Ikferdig next, the Burned King hight,

He met the fire-drake by the dark of night.

Three northern kings, all dead and cold,

The north rules no more in lofty Hayholt.

The Heron King Sulis, called Apostate,

Fled Nabben, but in Hayholt he met his fate.

The Hernystir Holly King, old Tethtain,

Came in at the gate, but not out again.

The Eahlstan Fisher King, in lore most high,

The dragon he woke, and in Hayholt he died.

""Last was the Old King, Prestor John,

Thought to kill the fire-drake, but the truth is long gone.

""King Simon the Brave, was given a ring,

Once a kitchen boy, it made him a king.

""7 kings have ruled in Hayholt's broad halls,

7 masters have stridden her mighty stonewalls.

7 mounds to watch over Kynslagh bay,

7 kings to sleep there until doom's final day.

""And when the sad day comes, when Simon is slain,

I'll rewrite my song o'er the graves once again…"

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