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Switched: Part 2


Holly was right. The commander didn't take the news too well, surprise surprise. That was the most understated understatement she could have made.

As of right now she was staring at the tomato-like face of Julius Root, or should I say Foaly? It appeared that no matter what body Root was in, he retained his coughabilitycough to turn redder than a...very red thing.

"Short. Out. Foaly, stay, I need to have a word with you." Holly gulped and tried to appear calm as she left the stuffy office, the situation was out of her hands now. The best she could do was sit and wait, hoping for an outcome where no one was shot, stabbed, or suffocated.


Holly didn't hear a peep out of Root's office for the next few hours and resignedly went home at 6:00. She didn't see Foaly in his office so she assumed both he and the commander were still cooped up in the office.

What were they waiting for, for their bodies to switch themselves? Holly couldn't think what. The rest of the day passed by in a blur and before she knew it, she was going to bed, drifting into an uneasy sleep…

Next morning:

…Holly woke up to her alarm clock. She had been dreaming a vivid dream involving penguins visiting Taco Bell and was still debating this concept as she got up. Haha…wish I had a taco right now…

Her amusement vanished when she thought of Foaly and Root though. She didn't know what to expect when she arrived.

She had purposefully walked by Foaly's office, but she didn't see him inside. Hmmm…

Holly stepped into her office/cubicle and began her paperwork, thinking about the past two days. She was itching to go see Root, see if he was in his own body, but wouldn't that look a bit obvious…

She was the saved the trouble though as the commander walked into her office/cubicle right at that second, looking grim and grave, but like himself at least in terms of face color.

"Short," he barked; it really appeared this was Root, why shouldn't it be? He looked…angry couldn't begin to describe it, seething and boiling still wouldn't be close… "Look at this. LOOK at this."

He held the Haven Times in one hand and pushed the newspaper in front of her. Holly's eyes widened as she read the headline on the front page. Oh god no…

The headlines read, Body-Switching Mayhem in LEP Leads to Questions Concerning Officer Holly Short, Commander Julius Root, Former Technician Foaly, and Human Artemis Fowl.


No one knew exactly how the press could have found out so quickly, or even at all. Were there secret video-feed microcameras hidden somewhere? Could it be the fault of one of them? Or was some other unknown variable that was to blame?

Right now though, Root, Foaly, Holly, and even Artemis were not unduly concerned about the how or why in favor of the what. As in, what under ('in' in Artemis's situation) the world was happening?

It seemed like by the time all four found out about it, every single fairy in Haven knew the story too. And all publicity is not necessarily good publicity.

At promptly 12:00 noon, Root called Foaly (who had turned up to the office that day unexpectedly) and Holly (each in their own respective bodies by now, thankfully) into his office for an urgent meeting. They contacted Artemis on one of the screens. The Mud Boy had picked up on the first ring on his communicator and now was staring coolly at the fairies.

"So," Root began. "We have a…situation…here on our hands, as you all know."

It was all Holly could do to keep from elbowing Foaly and grinning despite the utter lack of amusement in Root's voice.

"Through all the humiliation and degrading things the paper says about us, you all know I'm not the type to let something like this go peacefully, or at least without redeeming our reputations." An unexpected grin flitted across Root's face before his morose expression returned and he glanced at Foaly. "Foaly, you got any of that potion left? Or can you make more?"

Foaly swallowed hard, visibly confused. "Uhh…I could make more."

"Good." The commander was smiling now. "Because I think it's time our local newspaper gets a little taste of exactly what we had to go through.

"There are still lots of little hijinks that need to be sorted out, but—"

Slowly, incredulously, Holly said, "Commander sir, are you by any chance saying…?" Even Artemis was grinning slightly now.

Root had a smile stretched out on his face. "Let's give 'em hell, kids."

(hope I made this clear enough!)


Ten minutes later Artemis and Root were done with their, erm, 'planning' and had let Holly and Foaly in on their 'parts'.

Root severed the connection with Artemis after bidding him goodbye and waved Holly out his door, commanding Foaly to stay in his office for a second. He closed his office door and faced the centaur.

He began to speak, "Foaly, I know that yesterday was a bit of an…unusual day, and that despite what I've said-" The commander turned around and rummaged in his desk drawer, his back to Foaly so the centaur couldn't see what he was going. He picked something out of it and closed the drawer.

The commander turned around, extending his palm to Foaly.

There, cupped in Root's open hand, was Foaly's LEP badge.


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