He stepped out of the small cottage Chichi and I shared, and took a deep breath as he stretched in a cat-like manner.

He sighed longingly. "Do you smell it Kakorot?" He asked, not quiet turning around to look at me.

I took a deep breath as well. "Chicken?"

"No," He snorted. "Rut season."

"Rut season?" I asked. "What's that?"

He sighed again, this time in annoyance. "It's when Saiyans have the urge to mate."

"Mate?" I frowned. "You mean, have sex?"

"Yes, whatever you want to call it." He waved me off, and began to walk off as I followed him. "Soon, you'll have an undeniable wanton lust for me."

"That sounds dirty."

He laughed at my unintentional joke; an actual laugh that caught me off guard. "You won't think so when you can see only in red, and the only thing that seems to make sense to you is fucking the first Saiyan you see."

"You?" I asked, "Why would I go after you, and not my wife?"

"Because her sent is all wrong. You'll go after someone you can smell from a mile away. Someone you can fuck and not kill all at the same time. It could be Trunks. Or maybe one of your sons? Who knows?"

"My sons?" I choked on that thought. "Why would I go after my one of my own sons?"

He shrugged. "It's only on this planet where incest is considered wrong and immoral. As well as the general thought that only women and men are to be wed with children."

"What are you saying?"

He thought about it, probably trying to think of a way to explain it to me without freaking me out. "On Vegeta- Now keep in mind that the concept of a condom never went well with Saiyans. On Vegeta, 75 of the entire population is male. With only one out of four being female, the process of reproduction would be very difficult; taking into account that breeding season is always 15 years apart. This gives new cubs time to sexually mature. Are you with me so far?"

I nodded.

"So to ensure the population a quick leap every 15 years, one out of every three Saiyan men can be used as an incubator for children. You fallow?"

"So… you're saying that Saiyan men can become pregnant?"

He cringed. "I hate that word. But yes, that's what I'm saying. And with half the population used for reproduction, all was well and life was happy."

"That's… creepy."

He shrugged once more. "Creepy or not, since there are five of us, most likely two will be able to reproduce."

That thought brought me to a new level of realization.

"What to do, what to do?" he asked, a glint in his eyes.

"When will it start?"

"When? It's already started, Kakorot. Can't you smell it?" His nostrils flared for effect.

"Can we stop it?"

He seemed to think about it. "No." He stared at me for a moment, and then smirked. "There's nothing to fear, Kakorot, I'm not that bad in bed."

He left me to think about that.

At first, I thought he was just joking. But as the days went on, that 'joke' seemed to become more and more real by the minute.

Everything seemed to simply loose color, until there was nothing but bleak red. Food became unappetizing, and I had an urge to eat everything as fresh as I could get it; even if that meant eating it live.

The sides of my stomach seemed to burn at times, especially when I saw Gohan or Goten. I would wake in the middle of the night with the urge to scream wildly, while sweat dripped down my fiery body like I was melting.

As the days went on, they seemed to grow longer. Every minute seemed to be my own little hell. The heat began to get to me within those days, and I found myself wading out in ponds near my house. This wouldn't have been odd; except for that it was November.

At one point, I thought my brain was melting, because everything was red in my eyes, similar to a time when I got a concussion while fighting and found I could only see in purple and green for three days.

I was reduced to wearing nothing at all most of the time, only putting clothes on to leave the house or when Chichi told me to.

Gohan and Goten seemed relatively unaffected by the heat, but that could have been because they only had half the blood for it.

Eventually, I had to go to Vegeta with more questions.

When I found him, he was laying naked on the Gravity Room floor. He looked dehydrated, and still hot, but relatively peaceful.

I nudged him with my foot. When he woke, he rolled over and grabbed for the towel next to him that was drenched with sweat to cover himself.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, his voice coming out raspy and dry sounding. As a last resort to grab the upper hand, he smirked and said, "Come to molest me already?"

"How do I make the heat go away?" I flat out asked.

He didn't need to think about this time. "Mate with a Saiyan." He started to walk away to find a cooler spot to lie.

"That's it? That's the only way?" I asked following him.

"Yes. I answered your question, now leave me alone."

"But… that can't be the only way!"

He shrugged. "Don't believe me. I don't care. Go away."

I grabbed his arm as he tried to leave once more. I pulled him closer to me than I had intended. "How can I fix it?" I growled. I could smell him now; more so than I could before. His sent seemed to waft into my face and absorbed into my skin.

He growled back, but more so like an animal than a man. "Let go, Kakorot. I just told you how to fix it. What more do you want?"

That question lingered in my mind for a moment. What more could I want from him?

I found it odd that he did not pull away, though. I also noticed his other hand clutched the towel around his waist tightly.

Gently, I grabbed his other arm and pulled it away. His towel fell down at once with a small whisper.

Though I could only see things stained in red, he looked perfect at that moment. I hadn't notice just how attractive he was up until then; how his small body seemed to compliment my large one with perfection only a god could place. And the lusty look on his face; worth the weight of the world in gold.

Without too much thought, our lips pressed together. He stepped back and hit the wall behind him. I pinned both his arms over his head to give myself complete control.

I soon found myself grinding against his bear flesh, and could hear his throaty moans inside my mouth.

He bit my lip, whether it was on purpose or not, but did not stop this wondrous heart-breaking kiss.

Finally, he pulled away. When I made the move to dive back in, he stopped me. He told me something in Saiyan, and then repeated it again. "Far too soon to go any further." He whispered, lips swollen and pouty looking.

He gave me one last chaste kiss and pulled away from me. He covered his throbbing erection with his towel from the floor, and left the room without another word.