Short ficlet I thought of. Set sometime in 2015. Random. Augh. I have Panic at the Disco's "The Only Difference..." stuck in my head!

Katherine studied. Her friends were out, partying, like they weren't supposed to. And she was stuck inside with several Slayer books. Faith Lehane this, India Cohen that. It boggled her mind. If she was the future like Mr. Giles had said, why did she need to know about that past? She groaned and began to read.

Buffy Summers…

She walked in. He was already sitting. His suit jacket shed, he was lounged in a leather swivel chair.

"Hello, Mr. Harris." She smiled.

"Kat, I've already told you to call me Xander." He sighed.

"It's just so informal, sir." She replied "If Mr. Giles were to hear me speak that way to you, he would think it disrespectful." She took a seat next to her Watcher.

"Don't worry about G-man, Kat. Me and Giles, Kat, We've known each other a long time. He wouldn't care." Xander shrugged.

"Okay." She looked to her feet for a semblance of comfort.

"So…um, did you read the assigned material?" He raised his eyebrows, twiddling his thumbs.

"Oh, yes." She looked to him. "I found Buffy Summers' case quite interesting."

"You would, wouldn't you?" He smiled softly.

"What does that mean? Did you know her?" Her eyebrows bunched in confusion.

"Yes, I knew her." He paused. "Giles told me that when you were found, you mentioned a dream of a blonde girl in a white dress, she died, is that right?" He looked at her, in the eye.

"Yes." She remembered the terrifying dream vividly, she had only been fourteen at the time "That was Buffy, I suppose."

"You often remind me of her."

"How so?" Kat wished to be a legendary Slayer, it was her heart's hope.

"Continuous contempt for Council regulations and rules, amazing fighting skills, intelligence, sarcasm, and also the blonde thing." He smiled.

"Is she still alive?" Kat asked, curiously. She belonged to a Slayer school of sorts, she had been assigned a Watcher because of her exceptional talent.

"No." He said hoarsely.

"How-?" She asked awkwardly.

"She died fighting. She always knew…" He whispered.

"Can you tell me how? It isn't written in the book…"

"There are certain things omitted from those books. Things the Council doesn't want you to read. They don't want to plant bad ideas into your head." He rubbed his eyes.

"Mr. Harris, please?" She begged, her lip quivering.

"She allied herself with The Immortal, an ancient vampire, elusive, a player. He betrayed her in the summer of Two-thousand ten. She knew she wouldn't live to thirty." His eyes narrowed. Right before he had been assigned to Katherine, he had undergone eye surgery. His focus was no longer on Kat.

"Why would she-? Vampires, they're evil!" She cried. She was shocked at his comment. "Well, it did mention her allying with Angel and Spike…but-"

"No buts. Buffy did things her way. Always her way. It didn't mention her quitting the Council in the book, did it-?" He paused and smirked "It wouldn't."

"She couldn't have quit the council." Kat shook her head.

"You'd be surprised." He stood up and stretched.

"How did you two-?"

"Meet? Oh, I remember it very well. Down to the short skirt and leather boots she wore that day. It was spring, spring Nineteen Ninety Seven." His voice had a hint of nostalgia.

"She seems amazing." Kat sighed. "I'll never-"

"You will. Don't doubt yourself, Kat." He smiled "Now, go on. I think you have a weapons test, don't you? With Faith?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Thanks for reminding me." She groaned.