1Authors Note: Oh god, I usually ignor these stories when they pop into my head, but I just couldn't resist this time. Hope you enjoy another one of Kawaii-Mahou's insane works.


Chapter 1: I'll be Arranging Flowers


"Your getting married on Saturday." Kagome's mother said, the words trembling as they spelt out of her mouth.

Kagome stared wide eyed at her mother. Was this some stupid joke? Yes, it had to be! Okay, rewind. WHAT!

It was just yesterday night that Kagome's life had been completely totally and utterly perfect. She had the sweetest, cutest boyfriend. She had been the most popular at her highschool, which she had only just graduated a month ago with the highest marks in Japan. She had the bestest friend from childhood. Her daddy was a big company president. A modeling career was on the way. And now, THIS!

"I'm really sorry Kagome, that I didn't tell you earlier..." Kagome's mom said, her eyes downcast, "It was arranged last week through your father. I didn't want to tell you so soon but it's become inevitable to avoid because it's so soon and you still need to get a dress and all."

"AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE!" Kagome shrieked, jumping up. "This is the 21rst CENTURY MOTHER! Arranged marriage is so barbaric and old."

"Kagome sit down. Though it is rare, arranged marriages are still known to exist. Your father and I, we had an arranged marriage." Her mother said calmly.

"But mother, my heart belongs to Kouga... My boyfriend...I really like him mom!" Kagome said, breaking down and crying.

"I'm sorry Kagome."

"No your not!" Kagome said, growing angry again. "So who am I being married off to? Who has Daddy decided is good for his little girl?"

"Sesshomaru Oshiro. Son of Taisho Oshiro, owner of Oshiro Incorporated. Oshiro-Sama was going to buy out your fathers company. To form a agreement Oshiro mentioned that one of his sons needed a wife because he'd be taking over soon. With you marrying Sesshomaru-Sama, your father becomes Vice-President of Oshiro Incorporated and your husband to be will be the president."

Kagome's jaw dropped even lower. Oh shit. She was engaged to the guy that was voted the most successful and sexiest man in Japan? She hadn't seen him herself, but she'd heard her friends rant on and on about him and what they learned in magazines. He was a very private person so pictures were few. She stepped back a bit, risking fainting.

"So I'm just a peace offering?"

Kagome's mother frowned. "Unfortunetly yes. I tried to deter your fathers decision, but to no avail. You do your father proud Kagome, you really do. Please remember that."

"Ah yes, sell off your daughter in a time where every other girl in the world is marrying the ones they love. And just for money no less, isn't that what life's about?"

Kagome's mother grew cross. "This is the end of this conversation. You are to be wed on Saturday. Here is a gift from your husband to be, and a few wedding magazines. It's going to be a small ceremony but your father said you get to make the wedding as extravagant as you want."

Kagome pursed her lips in a tight line. That was the end of the discussion. Oh, she'd have to have a talk with Daddy today, maybe right now? Oh, it was his lunch break right now. How perfect!

She watched as her mother walked off. Kagome walked over and picked up the wedding magazine and the small jewelry box. When she opened the tiny velvet box she nearly dropped the box for what lay inside was a huge diamond engagement ring that would make any girl swoon. Kagome simmered down a bit as she giggled, placing the beautiful ring on her finger. Oh yes, she'd be calling this thing off...but she was so keeping the ring!


Kaori Higurashi sat behind his work desk, speaking to Taisho Oshiro on the other side about the upcoming marriage. While Taisho seemed to be smiling and happy as he looked down at the photo of Kagome, Kaori was silently panicking.

He'd let his wife hold off on telling Kagome, but today he had told her to tell Kagome exactly what was going to happen. Going home would be scary, because it meant confronting his headstrong 19 year old daughter.

Kaori loved his daughter, he really did. He was still afraid of letting his little girl go but this needed to be done. Not just for money, but no one understood that he and Taisho had gone to college together. They'd once made a promise for their children to marry someday and make the two powerful families one. Of course, no one but them knew about this promise.

A few weeks ago, the two met up again for the first time in years. The two went out to coffee and they discussed many things. They finally came to children, and Taisho mentioned how he was worried for his emotionally constipated Son who would be taking over the company soon. He was worried he'd try and take it on without a wife and stay without love the rest of his life. And this, he could not have for his son.

Kaori had laughed. He then described his daughter, the smart fiery beauty. He was so afraid of her marrying some punk like her boyfriend Kouga, who's father ran a competing company. He could never have that.

Kagome would learn to love Sesshomaru, and Sesshomaru would learn to love Kagome just the same.

"Too late," Kaori sighed putting his head in his hands when he heard the familiar angry voice of his daughter just outside the door.


Taisho Oshiro plucked his head up when he heard arguing behind the door.

"Oh, hello Kagome-San! I'm sorry but your father..."

"Is in an important meeting, ya ya, I've heard it all before. I don't care!"


Taisho looked to his friend across the table with his head in his hands. Taisho raised an eyebrow. What? Before he could ask Kaori what was going on the door burst open and he turned around to see a beautiful woman standing with threatening angry eyes.

"FATHER!" The woman growled.

Taisho looked her over. She was astounding and elegant despite her obvious edge. She had light brown eyes, long silky straight and layered hair with side bangs. She had a light complexion with a natural beauty to her only more emphasized with her pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara.

A short black skirt revealed never ending legs, made shapely by the black strappy stiletto's she wore. For a shirt, she wore a tight sleevless pink turtle neck, showing off a tiny waist and a fairly nice bust, about a B cup probably.

"Father what is the meaning of this?" Kagome hissed angrily as she stormed over, which amazed Taisho because he wondered if she could even walk in those stilts.

"What ever do you mean daughter?" Kaori asked innocently, wincing as he put a hand behind his neck..

Kagome stopped in front of the desk and turned to Taisho, bowing elegantly just enough so her skirt didn't reveal anything.

"Hello Sir, I am sorry for inturrupting your meeting but I need to speak with my father." Kagome said kindly then got back up, turning to her father and glaring, coking her hip with her hand on her hip.

"Father?" Taisho mouthed slowly, he then looked down at the picture and reconized her at once. This was Kaori's fervent daughter. He chuckled to himself, oh, how Sesshomaru would love her!

"You know very well what I mean father!" Kagome snapped. "I had an interesting conversation with mother about an hour ago. So I'm going to be married?"

"To my son!" Taisho said cheerfully smiling. Kaori stared at Taisho. Did this guy want to get killed?

Kagome gaped at him. How could this man be so happy? It was so horrible what he was doing.

"I'd show you a picture, but your father and I have decided it would be best if you guys don't see each other until the wedding for discretion reasons." He said nodding. "Well, I'll be off. See you on Saturday!"

As the man left Kagome turned to her father. "You have got some splaining to do!"


Sesshomaru stared out of the window of the jetplane. So he was to be married. His father had decided to bring him back to Japan from America to get married? How annoying. He'd recieved word a week ago.

What was worse was that he couldn't even see the girl until the wedding day so he could be marrying a hag for all he knew. Apparently the girl was practically an offering so that some man could merge with his father's company. That man would be vice president.

Sesshomaru heaved a sigh. Once he was married he'd no longer be able to go around with all his mistresses. He didn't see himself as a player, just a man with needs. But even trying to do that would bring dishonor to himself and his family if it were to get out. So he'd just have to hope his new wife was some nympho, or he had to get it out of his system. He had 5 days until the wedding.

He thought over the problem closely as the plane landed and he walked out to meet his dad who as smiling. Beside him was his brother looking annoyed as he listened to music.

"Father..." Sesshomaru began but his father cut him off.

"Sesshomaru, I know you may not be upset with my decision I would wish you to honor it."

Inu-Yasha let his huge earphones drop to his shoulders. "Haha! You have to marry some ugly chick that no one else wants to marry and that's why it's arranged!"

"Inu-Yasha that's not true...she's very pretty." Taisho said, trying to reassure his older son.

"That's what they all say." Inu-Yasha chuckled.

Sesshomaru grimaced. His brother was right for the first time. Knowing his luck she'd be some ugly female that had a scarred up face and was large and round. Great, just great...maybe he'd pay for lipo suction and some surgeries? Yes, just maybe.

For now he could get drunk somewhere and find a new one night stand.


Kagome scowled as she stared out of her bedroom window. She wasn't allowed outside or to use the computer to try and keep the wedding a secret. Supposedly it was on the newspapers that the two companies were merging at that there was a wedding.

She couldn't even use the phone to get her closest friend in the whole world to come to her wedding. It was so sad really.

Kagome pouted and sulked as she was paraded around the mansion to make preparations for her wedding. Tasting cake, sniffing flowers, and being dressed up like a doll in all sorts of dresses. This was supposed to be fun! This was her dream as a little girl! But no, Daddy had to have it his way.

"That's it!" Kagome growled as she pushed the cake off the table in a tantrum. "I've had enough! No more! You will be lucky if I come out tomorrow!"

Kagome's mom shook her head, frowning. How could they not foresee this? Three more days until the wedding and they still needed to make the dress. Kagome could pout and fight as much as she wanted but this thing was going on wither or not she liked it.

Kagome picked up a nearby stuffed animal and whipped it at the wall angrily. They couldn't do this to her! She would never be married off to some man. And what if he was old fashioned? Did he expect to control her? Nu-uh! No WAY!

She was going to get a job, and live on the opposite side of the mansion. That's what her dad had promised her as a gift right? A large mansion and a black Jaguar? Yes. So this Sesshomaru guy could go off and do his own thing while she did hers. She was sure he wouldn't mind because she was sure he hadn't seen this coming either.

Kagome got a stupid idea. What if the two of them got together and spoke to their parents together? Maybe then the wedding would be off? Oh but Kagome was too hopeful. Kagome sighed once more. She suddenly felt that it was truly the end.

Isn't it sad, when everything goes according to plan?