Spike walked into the Magic Box as Anya was balancing the Magic Box check book. The tinkle of the bell let her know of his place. She looked up.


"Yes, Spike? Are you looking for Buffy?" She asked bluntly.

"No, no, I'd just like you to do a little favor for me."

"Which is?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Can you invoke Halfrek or Hallie, or whatever the bint's calling herself these days?"

"Why?" Her eyebrows bunched.

"I knew her when she was human." He sighed looking to his feet.

"You knew Hallie?" Anya was surprised.

"She was Cecily then." He spoke, a hint of nostalgia in his voice.

"She did tell me about an poet named William once..." Anya smiled.

"Did she now?" He raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

"She did. Well, here I go." Anya paused then screeched in a voice Spike had never heard "HALFREK!" A mist occured and Hallie came towards Anya.

"What is it, Anyanka? I was in the middle of a wish made by the darling-est looking girl-" Hallie snapped.

"He wants to talk to you." Anya pointed to Spike awkwardly.

"Well, well, William. Nice to see you again." Her demon face faded into her human visage.

"It's Spike." He grunted.

"Oh yes, always behind on the aliases." She smiled.

"Why did you become a 'Justice' Demon?" He bunny-eared "justice".

"What an odd question to ask. Why? Because of you." Her lips pursed uncomfortably.

"What? Me?" His eyes widened.

"I watched you devour my children from behind a closet door."

"Those were your children?" He wasladen with guilt.

"The brunette Virginia and the raven haired Richard Junior." She insisted, almost tearfully.

"So you did marry him..."

"Yes." She sighed "Only to have a railroad spike driven through his head. Wonder who could have done that?"

"Caught me…" Spike muttered.

"Well, I was at the cemetery after their funerals, and in the dead of night, I was mourning. D'hoffryn, as I know him now offered me sympathy and a job." She remembered it vividly.

"Such lovely children, Halfrek."

"My name is Cecily. And please leave me be." She sniffled in her hanky.

"You know who committed the crime, help avenge children. You have so much pain. Help others not to feel as you do."

"I wish upon them to suffer, I want them to feel my pain." She said in a biting voice.

"Halfrek, please join my troop (if you will), of Vengeance demons, helping others right the wrongs of hate and injustice."

"Demons? Like in the storybooks? Under the bed, killing poor children? I could not do that." She shook.

"It is your destiny, Halfrek. No children shall be harmed unless you wish it."

"Destiny... an odd word. Destiny." She paused. "Does it pay well? For I am a widow and one without children at that."

"We can probably work something out. Come join me."

"I his mere apprentice, and that was power. I met Anyanka and knew that she was powerful, too. I was a rookie and she a grand master. She took me under her wing and taught me the ways of vengeance, ways to make fury with just my once un-calloused hands."

"So, that's the story of your life?"

"Almost. There is still you."

"Me?" Utter surprise was evident in his features.


"Spike!" He muttered fiercely.

"Spike, you had a kind soul. But, in the end that wouldn't have been quite enough."

"Kind soul, bah! I was a bloody awful poet, didn't make much with my follies, didn't come from big money-"

"Yes, exactly. I meant what I said that night, but I do wish us to be friends..." She paused "Spike." She grinned and poofed away.