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The mist had finally cleared, letting the light from the sun filter slowly on the occupants of the small clearing.

King Thranduil was kneeled at his son's side, royal clothes smudged and stained; fair face etched with worry and concern.

A shaking hand rest on the young prince's neck, praying for a pulse from the elf. Legolas's sudden blackout had truly startled the king, and a sigh escaped his lips at the weak beat of a pulse.

Taking in his son's pale complexion and many wounds, Thranduil quickly deduced that Legolas would need a healer soon. He felt his own face drain of color when a sudden thought of what would happen crept into his mind.

The king shook his head, regaining his composure. He did not have time for these dark thoughts. He had almost lost Legolas too many times already, he would not lose him now to foolish thoughts.

He had to get Legolas to the palace.

Strong blue eyes scanned the surrounding area, searching for a way to carry his son without aggravating his wounds further, but found none. His horse had obviously gone, most likely frightened by the battle. And even the smooth elvish animal would ride to rough to support Legolas in the condition he was in.

Thranduil looked at the fair face of his son, outlined with pain and fatigue.

"I am sorry ion-nin." he said softy, pre-apologizing for the pain he would cause.

The king slipped his arms underneath Legolas's lithe body and pulled him up in his strong arms. Thranduil became instantly concerned at how light his son felt in his arms. Legoals was only slightly smaller than most elves, but Thranduil had never noticed at how thin he was till now.

He would have to make Legolas eat more.

The king steadied the prince in his arms, resting his golden head upon the older elf's chest. Thranduil was slightly alarmed that Legolas didn't cry out from pain or show any signs of life besides the soft, ragged breathing. It only encouraged him to move faster.

The king began to make his way to the edge of the clearing, encouraging his weak legs to move, when a small noise caught his attention. His ear's pricked up as the trees ruffled and a tall figure lightly jumped down from the green canopy.

Thranduil's body shook in relief at the sight.

Gadir ran across the clearing as soon as he had landed from the tree. He stood stricken in front of his king and prince before remembering his place and bowing slightly.

"My lord..." he began, voice shaky and uncertain of the sight before him.

His king stood, in front of him, looking too pale and ragged, with exhausted blue eyes.

Gadir's eyes traveled down to the figure in the king's arms and paled at the bloody, unconscious prince.

He gulped slowly as worry flooded his features. The prince was not looking very healthy at the moment.

"Gadir, thank Valar you have come." Thranduil said, eyes softening with relief. He hauled himself over to the stunned elf and lifted a limp Legolas to Gadir.

Gadir appeared uncertain, afraid that touching Legolas would harm him further.

"You must get him to the palace and a healer." Thranduil said, pleading the elf to be swift.

Gadir hesitated and reached out trembling hands to take the prince in his arms. Legolas needed a healer, but he did not like leaving his king in the state he was in. He lifted his eyes to meet those of Thranduil. The king's features were filled with grief and worry for his only son. He hated to see his king like this.

Thrnaduil had always been known for his strength and unprecedented presence, but now, he seemed so feeble and weak.

"Be swift, mellon-nin." Thranduil said softly and let Legolas fall into the arms of Gadir.

Gadir was thankful that the prince weighed less than he originally thought. He tried to ignore the wetness that crept down fingers that was most certainly blood.

The elf turned to leave, a new mission in his mind when he spotted a man lying face up close to where Thranduil was standing. A hatred filled his eyes when he saw that the man was still breathing. The young human's tunic was bloodied and torn in most places. Gadir felt a twinge of joy at the man's pain; the man who must have been a part of his prince's and king's pain.

"What about him?" Gadir said, inclining his head toward the man.

Thranduil turned and locked his eyes on the man, taking in his presence.

"Go, quickly." Thranduil said, leaving no room for argument, eyes still locked on the human.

Gadir turned and ran off to the woods at the fastest speed he could muster while carrying his precious cargo.

Once the elf had gone, Thranduil walked slowly up to the human sprawled out on the ground.

He studied the human once again, heart conflicting with his mind.

Finally, after a few moments, he exhaled loudly and bent down to the man, resting an elegant hand on his head.

"Humans..." he stated bluntly, wondering lightly if Legolas was rubbing off on him.


His head hurt.

And it seemed like annoying dwarves were back, this time harboring in his ribs and back instead of his leg.

He felt so tired, but was overcome with a sudden sensation to wake up. Unfortunately, his eyelids now weighed much more than he remembered them weighing.

He closed his eyes tightly, then, with much effort, opened them a slit, letting a wave of light crash down on him.

The elf felt strange sense of familiarity when he racked his tired mind for any recollection of past events. He slowly put together his father arriving, Sadir dying, and then...nothing.

His head pounded in an annoyingly steady beat along with his back and ribs. Sucking in a deep breath, Legolas opened his eyes fully and gazed at his surroundings, praying that he wouldn't find wargs, spiders, or insane humans anywhere.

The elf immediately recognized the room. The intricate details of the woods stretched out along the walls, filling the room with the presence of the forest. There was a slight smell of herbs and medicine that lofted under Legolas's nose.

Ah yes, he had been here many times before.

Legolas was in none other than the healing room of Mirkwood, a second bedroom to him if you asked any other elf.

He squinted against the bright light that shone through the window that exited out onto a small balcony. The light that filtered in, spread across Legolas, causing his head to pound even worse.

Legolas turned his head to the side slowly, surprised at how hard it was to make such a simple movement.

"Well, my friend, you have finally awaken." a gruff voice stated.

The voice seemed so familiar to Legolas, but he couldn't place it. His mind struggled for a face to put with the voice, but came up empty, so he was content with looking for the source.

The young elf moved his eyes slowly across the room to rest on a blurry figure. He squinted further and the face cleared to show a smiling human, brown hair hanging loosely around his face.

"St..rider?" Legolas choked out. It frustrated him that his voice, like his head, was not being cooperative.

"About time." The human said, smiling as he did so.

"You have been asleep for five days." he stated calmly, adding a smirk. Aragorn was immensely relieved that the elf had awoken. He could not stand the many questions that the king had assaulted him with in the day he had been awake.

Aragorn also felt very out of place when the king had sat by his son's bed during the day, royal eyebrows scrunched with concern.

Legolas's eyes widened as he slowly took in the statement.

"Five days!" he all but yelled, his voice miraculously coming back.

Aragorn jumped back, wide-eyed as Legolas attempted to sit up. He had never heard the elf sound so disgruntled at a fact, even when they were captured by Sadir. Aragorn could not help but let a small smile play across his features at this.

Legolas looked almost comical, a bandages wrapped tightly around his forehead and ribs. His golden hair was a mess about his head, making his blue eyes seem brillant.


Both Aragorn and Legolas froze at the voice, fear building up inside of them at the icy voice.

Legolas had heard that tone many times before and knew that it would be much more beneficial to play dead than any other option. Hopefully it wouldn't be too late to do so.

"What are you doing, penneth?" Legolas cringed and looked up slowly to meet the eyes of Thranduil, praying that what ever he had done wasn't that bad.

But he was instantly surprised at the warmth and caring in those eyes. It seemed as though the king was filled with joy, not anger.

"Lay back down Legolas." he said softly, leaving a wide-eyed Legolas to relax back on his pillow.

"And you...Aragorn, Strider, whoever you are, you just awoke yesterday and should not be walking around in your condition." he said sternly, eyes glaring at the human.

If Aragorn hadn't been so intimidated by the elf's presence, he would have scowled, but since Thranduil was the king of Mirkwood and a great deal taller than him, he only nodded and went back to his bed beside Legolas.

Thranduil smiled when Aragorn had situated himself in his bed and then focused his attention on his son.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, concern of a father shining through in his face.

"Fine ada." Legolas replied with a huff. The healing room was his most un-favorite place to be. The healers usually contained him there for sometimes, weeks at a time, poking and prodding him in different places and forcing him to consume different potions.

He glanced around the room hesitantly and sighed with relief when he saw no healers hiding in the corners ready to feed him their latest drink.

But the worst part of the whole ordeal was the confinement in the room, away from the trees and the forest.

"Good." Thranduil said a smile playing at his lips. He walked up to Legolas and set a soft hand on his shoulder.

"I am glad that you are well, my son." a flash of reminiscent worry crossed his face for just a moment before he smiled broadly.

His heart had nearly stopped when he arrived at the palace to behold his son so feeble and weak. The healers had worked through the night patching him up and stabilizing his condition. They had said that the young prince's condition had been critical for the first day.

It was amazing how fast he had healed.

"Pardon me, king Thranduil." Aragorn started, a slight trembling in his voice. He could not tell if the king smiling was a good thing or not. He hoped for his and Legolas's sake that he was not still angry.

"Do have any news on Dater?" he asked. He could not help but wonder what happened to the man. Dater had caused much pain, but he had also saved them in a way. As much as it hurt Aragorn to say, Dater had saved them; intentional or not, it if wasn't for him, they would not be here.

Thranduil looked out the window, staring out onto the dazzling leaves dripping off the trees.

"I know not what happened to that human." Thranduil stated coldly, not letting his eyes stray from the golden leaves.

"I can only assume that he went to live with the other men."

Legolas and Aragorn locked eyes, a silent understanding drifting between them.

They would not see Dater again.

"Now you two get some rest." Thranduil said turning to the man and elf.

He let his eyes stay on Legolas's face for just a moment, taking in his son's bright eyes. In those deep eyes you could never tell the pain that the young elf had go through. They almost shone past the dark bruises on his fair face and the bandages wrapped tightly around him.

He let his hand rest on the door before turning sharply, eyes blazing.

"And don't even think about getting out of bed till a healer approves of it." he stated, voice full of unmentioned threats.

Legolas pouted slightly while Aragorn nodded, finding more and more similarities between Lord Elrond and the King. He really did not know if that was a good or bad thing...


Legolas opened his eyes suddenly, looking around the dark room for any signs of life.

The healers had just left a few hours ago, after changing his and Aragorn's bandages, convinced that Legolas had been getting some much needed sleep.

He let a smile creep up on his lips. It was almost too easy...

Legolas took one last sweep of the room, skipping over the bundle in the other bed he only assumed could be Aragorn.

He slowly lifted off the covers and slid out of his bed silently. His ribs burned with every noiseless breath he made, but he could handle the pain.

He could not handle being locked up like an animal.

He moved stealthily over the floor not making the slightest noise.

Legolas made his way over to the window and slid it open, cringing when it made a slight jarring sound. After pausing to listen for a moment, the young elf stepped through the window, out onto the balcony.

He sighed, taking in a breath of fresh air and letting the cool night wind caresses his hair.

"You too?" a sudden voice shocked him and caused him to jump slightly.

He let his eyes flicker to Aragorn sitting in the corner of the balcony. Legolas raised a confused eyebrow at the man, before the bundle of sheets clicked in his mind.

The man obviously had experience...

"So I thought that you were not allowed out till the healers commanded." Aragorn said mockingly, rasing an eyebrow of his own.

"Well, technically, they did not say I could not leave." he said, smiling back.

"They just said that you must stay." Aragorn finished for him, shaking his dark head.

"Your loopholes are pathetic." he said, adding a little laugh afterwards.

Legolas just shrugged and let his gaze rest on the stars, dotting the sky, and sending light to the darkest of places. He paused, features scrunching up at a sudden thought.

"I just wanted to... thank you." Legolas said, after a moment. He turned his blue eyes upon Aragorn, hard seriousness gracing his features.

Aragorn studied the elf for a moment, before smiling and giving another laugh.

Legolas raised another eyebrow at the man.

He must have found father's wine somehow.

Aragorn stopped laughing abruptly when he saw the questioning look he was being given.

"No need for thanks, mellon-nin." he said softly while putting a supporting arm on the elf's shoulder.

"That is what friends are for." Aragorn said, adding another smile.

Legolas paused for a moment, taking in the statement, before giving a wide smile that encompassed his whole face.

Somehow, he knew that the statement meant so much more than on the surface.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as both man and elf looked upon the vast heavens, a thousand questions being answered and asked at the same time, not knowing how that statement would dot the rest of their lives and friendship.


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