Chapter 1

In all of the other dimensions he was a hero, the light in the darkened times, a supreme leader on one side of a planet-wide war. If they only knew... the millenia-old Autobot thought wearily. If they truly knew what he, Optimus Prime, did on most of his little 'trips' he wouldn't be suprised if they wanted to take away his position as Supreme Commander and unquestioned leader. Even if they did, it wouldn't stop him from what he did- he had to continue or he would end up taking more lives than those he'd lost over the thousands of centuries in his life. He'd lost several friends and family members throughout the wars, not to mention part of himself.

A large amount of his armor had been seriously damaged in the last battle he'd gone through, even if the weapon charges had been considerably weaker than what he was used to. Which partially explained why his armor seemed to have decided in its own right to be blue and silver instead of its normal combination of red, blue, silver and gold. Recalling the faces and names of his fallen followers from that battle, as well as others long past, he bowed his head in silent respect for their sparks. As he did, his mind began to focus on what had really caused the change in his armor color, the darkest part of him (aside from his armor) was his spark-light; which, for its part, was now pulsing a middle gray instead of its normal light blue-gold color.

Shiori, Cheryl, Elita... Is this what was forseen? That your missing presences would somehow lead me to this dark place within myself? Who would think that after all of the spark-jumps I have done through dimensions, it would eventually lead me to a dimension where war is not neccessary? Only to have me face my emotions by going through time and dimensions? Forced to be a mercenary to prevent myself from going out of my mind and giving in to the darkness?

No, it was better his followers didn't know where he went and what went through his mind at times like these. Of course, that didn't stop his second in command from being persistant- that was how the winged mech had discovered the dark secret he held inside in the first place. Suddenly reminded of his green and white comrade, he lifted his head and looked over the console, searching for the familiar presence with his mind and spark. A small feeling of amusement touched his mind from behind him, accompanied by a soft chuckle. Prankster, the commander thought, turning his head to face the other mech.

"You know you can't sneak up on me, Jetfire. I'm getting too good for you to do that anymore."

"Really, Optimus? An' I thought I'd gotten away with it," Jetfire teased him, the green and white head tilting slightly to the side. I won't point it out, but you normally get away with it, Optimus thought stubbornly. Then he caught on to another feeling...

"There's something else, isn't there?" he asked. Jetfire looked at him with growing respect.

"You are gettin' good," he admitted, shaking his head. "We've a few stowaways in the cargo hold. Do'ya want to turn back and kick 'em out, or keep 'em?"

Optimus looked at the viewport screen thoughtfully. I may not want them to know, but I can't hide my secret forever. Starscream is the only Decepticon I feel on board, and he isn't a full Decepticon any more... Jetfire tilted his head the other way, waiting for an answer. Getting tired of waiting, Jetfire gave him a long, hard look.

"Optimus?" Jetfire inquired, slightly irritated.


"Com'on Optimus... this really ain't funny... what're we gonna do about-"

"I'll deal with them."

Jetfire blinked his optics. "You'll deal with 'em? What're ya gonna do?"

Optimus stood up and turned to face him with an amused glimmer in his now-silver optics before answering, "I'm going to have some fun." He then turned, sweeping on a black cloak and started down the hallway to the cargo hold.

Jetfire watched him leave the room, once again marveling at the strange, silver scar that ran from Optimus' right shoulder to his lower left back before it was hidden by the cloak. Jetfire wasn't all that concerned on where the scar had origionally came from because he had been nearby when it was put there. What really concerned Jetfire was the fact that the scar itself was part of a sparked-sword, and the sword hadn't healed the wound it's earlier version had made- the Seerevah had sewn the wound together with part of itself. Forcing the thought out of his mind, Jetfire turned to the console and checked their time and course.

Have fun, huh? What have you gotten yourself into, Optimus? Optimus thought to himself as he continued down the hallway, noting the humming sound in his silver spark-sword pressed against the scar in his back. He listened to it for a moment, then thought, Alright... What have we gotten ourselves into? It still doesn't change the situation. The sword hummed even stronger, and a soft hiss escaped Optimus. That hurts! Seerevah! The Seerevah stopped humming and pointed out something in a nearby room with its presence. Optimus turned his own senses in the same direction, and found several autobot presences within the room, along with Starscream's double presence. With a small smile, he started towards the room, now able to hear Red Alert and Vector Prime argueing with each other...