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22. Awakening

They'd missed him. Somehow, someway, they'd missed their chance to finish off the Chaos Bringer's herald. Silvershadow and Megatron stood in the center of the dark room that Sideways and... someone... had been only moments before.

"Blast!" Megatron snarled, and slammed his fist into the wall. "Why can't anything go right for once in life?"

"Because life doesn't like to be that way?" Silvershadow suggested, kneeling in the center of the room to pick up his sword's spike. He paused, noticing that the spike had a strange, black, liquid-like substance dripping from its edges onto the ground. "Megatron... Come look at this..." Silvershadow said slowly, taking a closer look himself. Megatron turned toward the mercenary and took two steps to get over to him before kneeling on the ground. The Decepticon examined the shard closely.

"It looks like he managed to get it out."

"No, not him. Someone else," Silvershadow shook his head. "Since when has Sideways ever had an actual true form- like us- that bleeds?"

"Hmmm..." Megatron said thoughtfully. Silvershadow ran one of his claws down the side of the shard. The spike flashed with light, and jumped back to his sword and sealed itself to the blade. Silvershadow stood up and looked around at the darkness. Something's not right… Sideways is definitely gone, as well as who took the shard out of his back… Who is this other spark that I'm feeling that's still here? The mercenary wondered, and with a quick decision, he slid into the darkness to hunt out the spark he felt nearby. After a moment, Megatron looked up and found that wasn't beside him anymore. The Decepticon leader stood.

"Now where did he go?... Silvershadow?" He called, and vaguely wondered if the mercenary had found something and left him on his own. Then there was a loud crash followed by a faint scream, and Megatron snapped his head around to see the mercenary's silver sword glowing faintly in Silvershadow's hand as he towered over a mech. Megatron started over to them, and stopped when he recognized the femmecon on the ground. His optics went wide in astonishment.

"Blazestorm…?" He whispered, afraid to believe what he was seeing. The femmecon looked at him.

"Megatron!" She gasped, scrambling to her feet and past Silvershadow- who stepped to the side to avoid getting run over- and into Megatron's arms. Her red, silver, and gold frame shook with relieved tears, and Megatron wrapped his arms around her, finally able to believe that she was real. Silvershadow glanced at them, and turned back to the direction they had come from. Seeing Silvershadow's glance, Megatron turned slightly, keeping his arms around his long-lost bondmate and gently started to lead her to a place where she could rest and be cared for…

Shiori sat in a booth in Hot Shot's diner near the park, cradling her daughter in her arms as she sipped on a Energon-1 drink thoughtfully. She could easily see Leo and Snarl playing with some small bots in the park through the window, and listened to the sounds of Hot Shot rummaging around in the kitchen behind the counter.

"Now where did I put that...? Oh, here it is..." She heard him mutter. A few seconds later there was a loud clang. "Ow..."

"You alright back there, Hot Shot?"

"Yeah... Just.. hit my head under the counter... Dang, that hurt..." He popped up from the other side of the counter. "At least I found what I was lookin' for."

"Alright," She smiled as she glanced out the window again. Movement near the alley on the other side of the park caught her attention. Shiori tensed. Sideways, or Optimus and Megatron? She asked herself uneasily. 'Shiori, stay where you know you'll be safe,' Optimus's warning ran through her mind. She watched the alley opening for a moment, knowing that even if it was Sideways, she could probably chase him away with Hot Shot's, Leo's, and Snarl's help. Shiori relaxed as Optimus, now back to his red, blue, and silver coloration, came out of the alleyway, followed by Megatron who had his arms around someone. Together, they walked through the park, heading toward's Hot Shot's diner. Leo stopped playing for a few minutes to bound over to Optimus and walk with the three of them to the edge of the park before dashing back to the game in time to swat a ball back at Snarl. The other three bots continued across the street and entered the diner.

"Hiya out there!..." Hot Shot called from the kitchen, still rustling around.

" 'Lo, Hot Shot," Optimus called back softly, before starting over to Shiori. After a few seconds, the blue-grey and yellow bot poked his head out of the kitchen.

"Can I get anything for you?" He asked before noticing the Decepticon leader. "Oh, hey Megatron. You want anything either?"

"If you wouldn't mind..." Megatron began, stepping closer to the counter as Optimus shook his head 'no'. Blazestorm glanced at the Decepticon leader before following Optimus. Hot Shot listened to Megatron for a moment, nodding every here and there before heading back into the kitchen.

"Would you mind if the three of us joined you, Shiori?" Optimus asked, gesturing at the table. Shiori shook her head, and moved over with her daughter in her arms so her brother could sit next to her.

"Go ahead, Optimus," She said, smiling at the red, silver, and gold femmebot. "You can sit here too if you want."

"Thanks," the other femmebot told her softly, looking slightly uneasy until Megatron came up beside her.

"Inside or outside, Blazestorm?" he asked.

"Inside," she said, blushing slightly. She slipped into the bench across from Shiori and Megatron sat down next to her as Optimus did the same next to Shiori.

"Did you catch Sideways?" Shiori asked them. Megatron shook his head. "He got away with some help. We're not sure who helped him," the Decepticon leader told her.


"I don't think they'll be bothering you anytime soon, Shiori. You gave him a pretty good beating. He'll think twice before coming after you or your daugther," Optimus reassured her.

"He might think more times than that," Megatron added with a growl. "Trying to come after my second-in-command's wife...If I'm not the one chasing Sideways away; When Starscream comes back Sideways will definitely be running... Starcream would go even crazier than Cyclonus if he finds out Sideways has tried to kill you..."

"Now I don't know about that," Shiori chuckled. "At least I know that you aren't angry at him because of me..."

"Why would I be?"

"Because," Optimus cut in, "Shiori is my sister, and used to be the Leader of Autobot City twenty-nine or thirty million years ago."

Megatron stared at the two of them in suprise. "I didn't know that..." He started to say, but trailed off as Shiori laughed.

"Not many knew. I don't think Starscream knew that Optimus was my brother until awhile after we were married. I don't think he ever met Optimus through me, actually... And I never told him that I was the Leader of Autobot City either."

"You're Starscream's wife?" Blazestorm asked.

"Yes, I am," Shiori confirmed with a nod.

"I was wondering why you looked familiar..."

"She was at my coronation a long time ago- well, at least a long time ago for me, I don't know how long it's been for you," Megatron explained.


"Alright, who wanted food?" Hot Shot asked as he came over with a few plates of food and some drinks. He quickly passed out the plates and drinks and then dashed back to the counter as another bot came in to order. Optimus tilted his head and frowned slightly.

"I didn't ask for food..."

"Well, I asked for you, Prime. Now show some of that decency you seem to have and eat some of it," Megatron growled, taking a sip out of his drink.

"If you insist on it..."

"Of course I insist!"

"There's no need to shout at me," the Autobot leader rumbled slightly, taking a small bite ouf of some energon chips. The other three bots laughed.

"Stubborn as always, aren't you, Prime?"

"That's my brother for you... And always looking for a diplomatic solution..."

"Stubborn? No more than you are, Megatron."

"Oh do be quiet, Prime..."

"Would you two knock it off?"

"Possibly..." "Depends..."

The four of them laughed again. After about an hour of chatting, they all rose (Megatron had already payed for the meal), and left the diner. Optimus walked Shiori and her sparkling to their new house in Iacon City.

It would be eight years before Starscream returned.

Subi: W00T! That's the end of "The Swords of Primus and Unicron I: Shiori's History".

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Subi: WHAT!

Shiori: Erm... BYE! (runs away to try to escape both Optimus's & Subi's wrath)

Optimus & Subi: SHIORI! GET BACK HERE!