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Summary: Cagalli is now the new student at Seed High. there she meets all sorts of people. She hides many things from everyone that tries to know. She has a secret. But will the love and care from friends be enough to force her to tell them the secret?

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Seed.

Denying Love

Chapter 1

"Dammit" murmured Cagalli as she trips and falls scraping her left knee. "Why does the dress code have to include dumb mini skirts for girls? Can't we wear pants?" mumbled Cagalli as she got to the school. The school was very big with a bronze gate in the front. "nice school" she thought. Her thoughts were interrupted when a group of girls came in front of her.

"Well well well look what we have here." Smirked the red head.

" It's the new girl! And I thought we'd have much of a competition. Ha!" laughed a brunette.

" What's that supposed to mean?" spat Cagalli. She already didn't like them. The redhead was dressed in the school uniform (a white shirt and white mini skirt) but the skirt was two sizes too small and the shirt was unbuttoned so low you could see a lot of cleavage. The brunette and the two others was dressed similar but their shirt wasn't as low. the redhead just laughed.

"Well for one we thought that she'd be a little more mannered and civilized." Said the redhead. Cagalli gritted her teeth.

"Who do you think you are, telling me this" said Cagalli

"For your information, my name is Fllay Allster cheerleader captain. My father is the owner of the Allster company as you should know." She pointed to the brunette, " this is Jean." She continued, " you should know that I practically own the school so don't even think about doing anything stupid to us. Or else." Fllay threatened.

" O ya? or else what?" she asked.

" We'll make your life a living hell in and outside of school" she stated. Then Fllay and her gang walked passed her pushing her aside.

Cagalli clenched her fists. "o great" she thought, " first ten minutes and I've already managed to make enemies." Cagalli walked into the school and found that it was amazing. The walls were beige with a white and creamy orange tiled floor. Unfortunately just as she finished her observations the bell rang which meant that classes start.

"Damn" Cagalli thought, " first day I'm late and I still have to report to the office… o shoot! Where is the office anyways? Aw man."

As Cagalli walked through the hallways she spotted a whole bunch of girls squealing and screaming in delight at something but she decided to ignore it since it was really none of her business. She sighed. At this rate she was never going to find the office all the people that she asked all just shrugged her off. Cagalli thought " o the nerve of these people, I'm going to give them a piece of my -" Cagalli didn't get to finish her thoughts because she crashed into someone making her fall backwards, she closed her eyes waiting for the impact that never came so she opened her eyes seeing emerald eyes meet her amber ones. The emerald-eyed boy had caught her wrist before she fell. She finally took a good look at him and the first thing she thought was " wow he looks kind of hot" then, "hey! What the hell? I'm not supposed to think that about a boy" the boy had silky midnight blue hair that ended at the length of his chin. Cagalli snapped back to reality.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" yelled Cagalli.

"I'm sorry, are you alright" the blue haired boy asked while helping her stand up.

"Ya I'm fine. Just watch it." Mumbled Cagalli.

"I'm Athrun, Athrun Zala." Greeted the boy.

"Cagalli, Cagalli Yula Attha." Said blonde.

Athrun's POV (point of view)

"Hey she's kind of cute, I wonder if she knows about them yet… hope not"

Normal POV

"You must be new here" said Athrun.

"Ya it's my first day here. Nice to meet you. Bye!" said Cagalli and tried to get away as fast as she could, for some reason he made Cagalli nervous. So she walked passed him until she heard the screaming and yelling of the group of girls from before coming closer.

" O not again" mumbled Athrun. He started to panic, then he saw a door to the lab room beside him "bingo!" he thought. Without thinking he grabbed the stunned Cagalli in to the room and pushed her in to a corner in the shadows with him. Cagalli yelled.

"Hey! What are you-" Athrun put a hand on her mouth to quiet her.

"He's not here!" yelled one of the screaming girls.

" Don't worry he has to be here somewhere" yelled another.

Then one of them opened the door to the lab and looked inside. Athrun quickly pushed himself more against Cagalli to hide themselves. " No he's not here" the girl stated as she went out of the room, " he probably went over there." Sighing, Athrun released his hand from Cagalli and looked at her. That's when Cagalli realized that he was so close to her that she could smell the cologne that he used and that there lips where centimeters apart making her blush. Athrun who also realized this quickly pushed himself away and saw her blush.

Athrun's POV

"Man she's cute when she blushes like that" I thought.

Normal POV

" Sorry about that, it's just that those girls kind of drive me crazy" apologized Athrun.

" It's alright, I think it'd be kinda scary to be chased like that." Cagalli said.

Athrun chuckled. Cagalli liked his chuckle, it was low and sweet. She blushed at her own thought. Athrun saw this,

"You're cute when you blush like that" he stated.

At that comment Cagalli just blushed into a deeper shade of red.

" I am not cute!" Cagalli argued.

Athrun just put his hands up in surrender. When they walked back out of the lab room Cagalli looked left and right not knowing which way leads to the principal's office. Remarking this Athrun asked,

"You want me to show you where the office is"

"Yes please." Replied Cagalli.

In the office

" O yes miss Attha. Pleasure to meet you" greeted the secretary, " and thank you mister Zala. You may go now"

" Yes miss." Athrun replied as he left for class.

"Your class schedule is here and here are your books and this is your locker number!" explained the secretary. "Now please get to class. I will inform the teacher Mr. La Fllaga that you have arrived. Good day."

"Thank you." Replied Cagalli as she headed for her locker then the classroom.

At class

The door opened.

" Class welcome our new student, Cagalli Yula Attha" announced Mr. La Fllaga.

Cagalli stepped in to the class and smiled. Although she was very nervous she couldn't help it but to be mad at the looks the guys in the class gave her. She glared at one particular boy with purple hair. He just flashed her a flirtatious smile.

"Well Cagalli you can sit at the desk beside miss Clyne." Pointed Mr. la Fllaga at a pink haired girl with a lovely smile.

As soon as Cagalli sat down the pink haired girl introduced herself as Lacus Clyne.

" I'm Cagalli. Hi" replied Cagalli.

First period went by really quickly as she learned that the boy with brown hair sitting in front of her was Kira Yamato and the girl beside Kira was Milliaria Haww. She quickly became friends with them.

Lunch in the cafeteria

As Cagalli walked into the cafeteria she saw met Athrun. He was just lining up for lunch.

"Hey Cagalli"

"Hey" replied Cagalli. Cagalli and Athrun just stood there for a moment until Cagalli broke the silence.

" Um see you later." Said Cagalli as she walked away. Athrun grabbed her wrist.

"Aren't you going to buy lunch?" Athrun asked.

" Um no its ok." Cagalli said uncomfortably.

" Why?" Athrun asked curious, "don't tell me you're on a diet"

" Heck no! I love food." Replied Cagalli.

" Well then why aren't you buying lunch?" asked Athrun.

"Umm…" stuttered Cagalli.

" Hm?" questioned Athrun which now was getting suspicious.

" I already ate!" Cagalli lied.

"Its only 3 minutes after lunch time… you eat that fast." Said Athrun doubting her.

" Umm… HEY LOOK!" yelled Cagalli while pointing behind Athrun. When Athrun looked there was nothing and when he turned around Cagalli was gone.

" Cagalli?" asked Athrun.

In the hallway (Cagalli's POV)

" Phew, that was close" thought Cagalli, " I cant tell him that I don't have enough money to buy food, that's just sad. Well I guess I'll go outside until lunch period is over."

In the cafeteria

"That was weird" Athrun thought out loud.

" What's weird buddy?" a blonde boy said.

" O hey Dearka, hey Yzak. Nothing just the new girl." Replied Athrun.

The platinum haired boy just snorted, "girls."

"Hey was she hot?" asked Dearka.

For some reason what Dearka said bothered him.

" Um well I don't know. Hey I think im going to go and find her." Replied Athrun who took his lunch and left.

" Hey kira hey lacus did you guys see where the girl went? She has blonde-" Athrun was cut off when lacus replied

" Ya Cagalli went outside, she said she was done lunch. She eats at quite a pace if she was done already."

" O ok thanks. Cya later!" shouted Athrun while running towards the doors.


Cagalli was sitting under a Sakura tree dozing off. When Athrun got there he saw Cagalli sleeping under the tree and from where he was standing the sight was breath taking. Since it was fall/autumn, the leaves were gently falling down on and around a peacefully sleeping Cagalli.

Athrun's POV

" Wow she's so beautiful sitting there sleeping its like a dream" I thought.

Normal POV

Athrun cautiously walked over to the sleeping Cagalli. Athrun wanted to melt when he saw her cute childish face. Then a gust of cool wind blew and Cagalli shivered. Being a gentleman Athrun gently put his coat over her trying not to wake her up. While cover her, the wind blew her hair from her neck and Athrun saw bruises on her neck and the collarbones. He frowned and thought, "what happened to her?"

Feeling a presence and something covering her she opened her eyes and saw Athrun's face a mere inch away from her and blushed. Athrun noticed the distance and blushed too moving away from her.

"Hey what are you doing here?" asked Cagalli.

" Just wanted to give you this." He replied, giving her a sandwich.

" Thanks." Cagalli said while she started eating the sandwich at an inhuman pace. Athrun just stared eyes wide opened.

" What?" asked Cagalli feeling Athrun's gaze on her.

Athrun smiled, " I just thought you said you ate, you look really hungry to me."

Cagalli blushed.

Athrun chuckled.

"What's so funny?" yelled Cagalli fists clenched.

Athrun held up his hands in front of him and said, "Nothing, nothing."

"Hmph" replied Cagalli.

"Hey Cagalli can I ask you something?" Athrun asked.

"Sure what is it?" asked Cagalli.

"What happened to your neck?" questioned Athrun.

End of chapter 1