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"…" Speech

'…' Thoughts

From Chapter 8

"Don't worry we can do this" he assured. Cagalli just nodded.

In a blink of an eye, Athrun managed to knock out a few of them (GO ATHRUN!). But as quickly as the triumph came, it totally disappeared when he heard a gun shot and a cry of pain that did not come form him. At that moment fear strangled him as he turned around and the horrific scene as Cagalli's eyes were wide open and the blood that was seeping out of her chest area. Her heir flying behind her as she started to fall forwards all he could hear was


Denying Love

Chapter 9

Athrun and Cagalli (Normal POV)

"Cagalli!" Athrun shouted, fright evident in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye he was by her side hugging her blood soaked body ignoring the gasps the men gave out when they registered what happened. Quickly they all ran away in fear of the police.

"This is not over Zala, Cagalli will be mine." Yuuna said before running off.

"Cagalli! Please say something! Oh gods…" he spat out really quickly as if his life depended on it, but right now it was even more important than his life, Cagalli the one he 'loved' was shot and unconscious.

"A-Athrun…" she managed to whisper out to tell him that she was alive,

"It hurts…" she said as her eyes clenched shut in pain.

In the speed of light, Athrun called 911 and returned to Cagalli's side.

"Stay awake Cagalli. Don't sleep, they're almost here just hang on a little longer." He said.

He did not understand, even in this situation she could still smile. The smile made her look angelic despite the situation. Suddenly he heard sirens.

'Took them long enough.' He thought as he ran out to greet them.

"Hi sir, were you the one that called?" the police officer asked.

"Yes. My girlfriend has been shot." Athrun replied calmly.

"Ok I'll need you to come down to HQ to answer some questions." He replied.

"Is it alright if I go to the hospital first? Just to make sure she's alright?" Athrun asked worry written all over his face.

"Sure, we'll ask the questions if you don't mind, just to keep the subject fresh for you." The officer said.

"Thanks, excuse me but I've got a few phone calls to make." He said as he walked away with his cell phone. The officer just nodded.

Quickly he dialed Kira's cell phone and wasn't surprised to find him with Lacus.

'That's good, one less call to make.' He thought.

"Hello?" Kira answered.

"Hey Kira it's me, something happened… put it on speaker so that Lacus can hear, and I know she's there." Athrun said, laughing mentally as he pictured the look on kira's face.

"Um sure. Ok. What is it?" he said.

"Well I kinda followed Cagalli and Yuuna and I saw him trying to… you know rape her so I ran in but then she got shot and we're going to the hospital now. I think you guys should come." Athrun stated.

"Oh dear, I hope Cagalli is fine. We'll come right away." Lacus said.

"Alright bye." He said.

"Bye." Lacus and Kira said as they hung up.

Athrun mounted in the ambulance with Cagalli.

"Hang in there Cagalli." Athrun said as he held her hand and gave it a squeezed of reassurance.

She replied with a faint smile and fell into unconsciousness.

In a flash the paramedics were by her side checking her thoroughly and supplying her with blood. Suddenly the ambulance stopped and the doors were open. Quickly and carefully the paramedics took Cagalli's stretcher down and transferred her on to a rolling hospital bed. They took her into the surgery room to remove the bullet.

Impatiently Athrun waited. What seemed like hours were mere minutes.

"Athrun!" he heard someone call.

Athrun turned around to see Kira and Lacus running towards him. Once they reached him the doctor came out.

"How is she?" Athrun asked with Kira and Lacus listening intently.

"The operation of removing the bullet was successful." He replied.

They all sighed in relief.

"However," he continued as he watched the blue-haired boy stiffened, "she has lost a lot of blood. We unfortunately do not have her type of blood since it is very rare."

Everyone's face fell.

'You can't do this Cagalli. Don't leave me. You survived the bullet!' Athrun thought.

"The biggest possibility of having the same type of blood would be from her immediate family, are any of you her family member? Her blood type is AB negative." The doctor informed. (cherrie: I don't know if there is such thing… eheh. Making it up. Go along with it pls?)

"I'm AB negative." A voice answered.

They all turned around. It was Kira Yamato who stepped up.

"That's surprising," the doctor said, "Are you part of her immediate family?"

"No. I'm her friend," Kira replied, "Why? Is that a problem?"

"Oh no no, it's just quite surprising that you have the same blood type since it is rare. I just thought you would've been her brother or something of that sort." The doctor explained.

Suddenly there was a lump in Kira's throat. Could she be? Was it fate? He didn't know. One thing's for sure though, he would give his blood to save Cagalli, friend or sister. Swiftly Kira followed the doctor into the room for blood transferring.

'Kira and Cagalli please be safe.' Lacus thought as she sat in the row of chairs in the hallway with Athrun.

'Please come out alive Cagalli. I need you here with me. There's so much that I haven't told you.' Athrun thought with his forehead resting on his fists looking at the floor.

In the blood transfer room (Kira's POV)

The nurse came in.

"Hi. I'm here to make sure that you have the right blood type, just in case. This may hurt a little." She said.

Then she took out my left arm and punctured it with a needle.

'Ouch…' I thought as she drew blood.

She then put a ban-aid on my punctured spot.

"There. All done, now please have a seat. The doctor will come and tell you if it's the right blood type soon. And thank-you" she smiled then walked out of the room.

'I wonder if I can help her… I hope so. She's my friend, and she might be my sister.' I thought to myself.

Just then the nurse came back in with a curious look.

"Hi, Kira Yamato is it?" she asked.

I nodded stupidly.

"It well seems that you are related to Miss Attha… but it might just be a mistake since you claimed not to be…" she said looking quite lost herself.

Cagalli… Cagalli is my sister? I mean ya sure I've thought about that but I didn't actually think she was… I-I finally found her.

It sunk in.



The nurse looked horrified by my sudden outburst.

"O-o um yes. Right away, please lay down Mr. Yamato." She said.

Then she inserted the tube to my arm and my blood started pouring into this little pouch.

'Creepy.' I thought.

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