Author's Note: The story will show Ken's thoughts in italics. Thoughts that are strictly Ken's are like so, thoughts that are only the Kaiser's are like so. It will make more sense later. Ken usually listens to the voice because it has control over him. He doesn't often fight it, and when he does, he usually loses.

This is a Ken/Kari and there will be some violence, not-too graphic romance scenes (not a lime or lemon), and possible strong use of language.

The digidestined were called to help the digiworld at age 15, not 11/12. They have been fighting the Kaiser for over a year, and now know his identity.


Kari, Tk, Davis, Ken, Yolie: 16

Cody: 13

Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi: 19

Izzy: 20 (just cause I want him to be:)

Joe: 22

I tend to alternate between Japanese and English names for a few of the characters. I hope that that isn't a problem.

Also, I don't remember all the names and attacks of the digimon, so if I have it wrong, please let me know in a review so I can fix it! (I had to make up attacks!)


Chapter One: Captured

The Kaiser watched anxiously as another fierce battle unfolded between his slaves and the digidestined. He stood there, perfectly composed, in the middle of the battlefield, totally still save the slight ruffle of his spiky hair and the constant darting of his eyes. He couldn't miss a thing. He wanted to defeat those digidestined brats once and for all.

Davis and Flamedramon were holding off five Monochromon, but his strength was beginning to falter. Yolie and Cody were circled by several Tyranomon, while Halsemon and Digmon attempted to defend them. Kari and Tk were by the edge of the cliff with Nefertimon and Pegasusmon flying overhead and pushing back two Blacktyranomon.

Ken saw that Tk and Kari's digimon would soon overpower the Blacktryranomon and go help the others. He pointed a finger in their direction and several Gisamon (think a type of dinosaur, you decide which) rushed past him and towards the two.

One Gisamon jumped up and bit down into Nefertimon's back. Being distracted, she could not block the Blacktyranomon's attack a second later. Kari cried out to her partner as she ran to catch the descending Gatomon.

"Gatomon, are you alright?" she asked, cradling the injured cat in her arms. Gatomon nodded weakly.

The Blacktyranomon swung his tail around to finish off the white feline, but Kari threw Gatomon from her arms just in time, and took the attack herself. She was thrown to the ground, a few feet from the cliff's edge.

"Kari!" Tk screamed, catching the Kaiser's attention. What's this? Ha! the girl with the cat digimon must be hurt. I wonder how those boys will react. Her name is Kari, and I'm not trying to hurt them, just to defeat them! What's the easiest way to defeat them, Kenny?

Ken ignored the voice and jumped on his Airdramon to get a better look at what was happening. From the air he saw Tk leaning over Kari and shaking her shoulder gently. She awoke, but moved little. Gatomon was being attacked by Gisamon left and right, and wasn't fairing well. Tk shouted to Pegasusmon to help her out, which he did, leaving both Blacktyranomon to their own devices. The Blacktyranomon who had attacked Gatomon now turned his attention on the two humans set out in front of him. He slammed his tail down in front of Tk. He went flying backwards a few feet and Kari was left by the edge of the cliff. The tail slammed down again and the cliff crumbled. Kari screamed as she went over the cliff.

Well, that's one way to off a digidestined. No way will she survive that fall, if the impact of the water doesn't kill her, she'll surely drown. I don't want her to die, I'm not a killer. Let her die, she's a distraction. No! Well, the others won't reach her in time.

Ken cracked his whip against the Airdramon's back and it flew down towards Kari. He caught her arm a short distance from the water. He was pretty sure he heard a 'popping' sound when he grabbed her arm. Being knocked off balance, Ken fell off the Airdramon and into the water. "Dammit, I just got this cape cleaned!" He pulled Kari onto the Airdramon before hoisting himself up. She was unconscious at this point.

Now what, genius? I'm not sure- get back to the base, take the girl with you. I have a plan. Ken cracked his whip against Airdramon again. It took off with Ken and Kari.

Tk had recovered from being winded by the Blacktyranomon. He stood up in time to see Ken riding off with Kari in his arms. "Kari! NOOOO! Pegasusmon, stop Ken!"

Pegasusmon took off the ground but was brought down by a group of Gisamon jumping on him. Pegasusmon dedigivolved into Patamon a moment later. "I'm sorry Tk; I just don't have the energy to fight anymore."

Tk nodded at his partner. He scooped up Gatomon and carried Patamon under his arm. Davis motioned for him to come over when he saw Tk running in the open area.

Before Davis could ask what happened, and where Kari was, a battered Veemon was thrown at him. "We need to retreat," Yolie called. Tk and Davis made a run for the forest, both holding the injured digimon. Yolie and Cody were holding Hawkmon and Armadillomon, both of which were out cold.

"Run!" Yolie screamed as all the controlled digimon turned towards the defenseless teens. They complied, though Tk was reluctant.

The slave digimon did not chase the digidestined for long. "I have to go after Kari," Tk choked out, after they had made it a safe distance from the humiliating battle scene.

"Where is she?" Davis asked.

"Ken took her," he answered, beating his fist against a tree.

"We have to have faith that Kari can take care of herself for a little while, the digimon are too exhausted to go after her," Cody, the voice of reason, explained.

"Then I'll go by myself" Tk snapped back.

"How are you going to find her? We don't know where the Digimon Emperor's base is. Besides, you'd never make it past all the controlled digimon."

"And you're hurt," Yolie added, looking at Tk's bloody arm. "We'll go back, have Izzy track down her location, and then the older digidestined can help us get her back."

Tk and Davis were both pulled to the nearest TV screen kicking and fighting Yolie and Cody. "Digiport Open!" Cody yelled.

The group landed in a heap on the computer room floor. "What if he does something to Kari while we're waiting around for the digimon to regain their strength?" Tk started pacing back and forth in the computer room. "We have to go back."

"I agree with Ts. Ken's crazy, he might hurt Kari" Davis jumped in.

"Can't you see that the digimon are in no shape to go on a rescue mission? Kari can take care of herself until morning." Yolie took Davis and violently shook his shoulders. "Okay?"

Davis nodded reluctantly. He couldn't ask Veemon to fight anymore and Gatomon was barely able to hold her head up. Not that she could digivolve without Kari anyway.

"You don't understand," Tk said, "I made a promise to Tai that I wouldn't let anything happen to Kari. I made a promise to her!"

"Tai isn't going to blame you for this. He might not understand right away, but it's not your fault." Cody took a deep sign and sat down.

"What won't I understand and what isn't his fault?" Tai asked as he walked into the computer room with Matt.

"Tk, you look like shit, what happened?" Matt went to his brother's side and examined Tk's arm.

"I'm fine," Tk snapped, pulling his arm away.

"You don't look fine," Matt commented.

"Where's Kari?" Tai asked.

"She's…she was kidnapped." Tk lowered his head so the others wouldn't see the tears forming in his eyes.


The hallway was poorly lit and had a distinct odor like that of decaying flesh. The Kaiser carried Kari down the corridor towards the dungeons. "Ken, you're all wet! What happened? Is that a human girl with you?" Wormmon was instantly at his partner's feet.

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me master? Go away Wormmon, this doesn't concern you." Ken opened one of the cells and placed Kari on the cell bed. She actually is very pretty. I can see why those two always fight over her. Exactly what I was thinking. What do you mean? Grab her digivice and the white computer.

Ken found the objects and left Kari lying on the cell bed, soaking wet and still unconscious. He made his way up to the control room and started up his computer. "Let's see how the other Digi-losers are doing on their own." Ken checked out the surveillance camera that was connected to the nearest spire and several others that were hidden nearby. Ken only saw the controlled digimon lying around. "Hmmm…" He checked out other cameras that were around the area, but nothing showed up. "I guess they ran off when they saw that their defeat was at hand."

Opening up the back of the digivice, Ken made a few small changes to it. Mainly, he blocked the signal so that it wouldn't lead the others to her. Then he took the white computer (a/n what is that called?) and turned it on. He looked through the list of e-mails and selected a few. He began typing a short e-mail and, after a moment of debate, he sent it.

"WHAT?" Tai screamed, lunging at Tk and pinning him against the wall. Tk grunted in pain.

"Dude, chill," Matt yelled, pulling Tai away from his younger brother. Tai turned on Matt and shoved him backwards.

"Where is she?" Tai asked through clenched teeth.

"With Ken" Yolie spoke up.

Before Tai could attack Yolie as well, four beeping sounds were heard. Tk, Davis, Yolie, and Cody took out their white computers. "An e-mail from Kari!" Davis exclaimed.


Seeing you all run like cowards rather than face defeat with dignity was a very disappointing to me. You are just prolonging what is inevitable. The girl is safe, for now. Have all the digidestined meet up in your computer lab tomorrow morning. 10 a.m. All of you show up, including the older morons, otherwise the next time you see the girl, she won't be in such good condition. Tomorrow, I will tell you the circumstances that will assure you that she stays out of harms way. Be there, 10 a.m., OR ELSE.

The Digimon Kaiser.

Tk read the e-mail over several times. Tai was breathing over his shoulder and looked like he was trying to read Latin. "How could this have happened?" He asked the young blonde who merely shrugged.

"So what do we do now?" Davis asked.

"We call up all of the digidestined and tell them to have their asses here at ten tomorrow. Yolie, I'm going to tell my parents that Kari is spending the night at your house." Yolie nodded her head to Tai.

"We're going to get her back. And if Ken touches so much as one hair on her head, he'll be in a world of pain," Matt said, trying to calm both his brother and his best friend. (a/n Sadly I'm not going to make this a Yakari, so I'm not going to torture Yama by making it one-sided. And I am NOT putting him with Sora because I personally can't stand Sorato. He's just too good for her. I stick her with Tai generally so that she doesn't get in the way :) ok…back to the story)

"Yeah, tomorrow we'll kick his sorry ass and have Kari back safe and sound!" Davis lifted Demiveemon to his eyes. "You're with me, right buddy?"

"Of course Davish!"

"I'm going to start making phone calls then," Yolie said with a sigh.

Kari opened her eyes and let them slowly come into focus. She was freezing, probably because she was dripping wet from the fall. A large gash from the Blacktyranomon's tail went across her left thigh and was bleeding badly. Feeling a pair of eyes on her, Kari looked up and saw the Kaiser leaning against the wall, arms crossed, staring at her intensely.

"Where the hell am I?" Kari demanded.

"You're in one of the cells in my dungeon" he replied, taking a step towards her. She pulled herself into a sitting position and backed herself away from him until she was against the wall. She hissed in pain as she tried to move her right arm. "You shouldn't move too much, your shoulder is dislocated."

"That would have been helpful before hand." Her eyes widened as the Kaiser came even closer to her and sat down on the bed. "Stay away from me!"

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said in and almost gentle tone.

"You aren't?"

"Of course not, you'd be of no use to me if you were dead."

"What are you planning on doing with me then?"

"You are going to help me take control over the entire Digital World."

"I'd never help you. You don't deserve to even be able to come to the Digiworld!" She pushed herself against the wall as Ken extended his arms out. "Stay away from me!"

"Hold still!" he commanded. She complied, but only because it hurt her too much to move. He felt her upper arm, making her flinch. He glared at Kari before forcing the joint back into position. She grabbed her arm and screamed in pain. "I wasn't asking for your help. So long as you're my prisoner, I have all the other digidestined under my control. Remember that, you are MY prisoner, and I can do whatever I want with you!" The Kaiser waited for a reaction of some sort, but Kari fell forward and her head rested on his shoulder. He was surprised at first, but quickly realized that she had passed out; probably from having her arm forced back into the correct position.

This could end up being quite interesting. I thought you just wanted her dead. That hasn't changed, but that doesn't mean we can't make our time together worth the while. No! Oh come on Ken, you know you want her… You're not going to win this one! Leave her alone!

After Ken's little battle with himself, he laid Kari back on the bed and stood to leave. "What is it?" He asked, not bothering to turn and look at the little green digimon he knew was there.

"Aren't you going to clean her injuries or give her some dry clothes? She needs a blanket and some food and fresh air and-"

"If you care so much then I'll put you in charge of her; just don't do anything stupid that you'll both end up regretting. Do you understand me?" Wormmon nodded and watched as Ken's cape brushed past him. He jumped up on the end of the bed and waited for Kari to awaken.

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