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Enemy or Ally?

Manic sighed heavily before he finally plopped down on the couch, closing his eyes. Everything had been kinda hectic at HQ the past week, and the freedom fighters rarely got a break. Then he opened his eyes again, and looked around the room. He never knew he'd have to fight for his life like this. He only had to steal to survive when he was living with Farrell and the other pickpockets, but now, it was literally fighting for survival. He sank the lump he had gotten in his throat. Farrell. He missed him. Like a father. Even though he knew he was only adopted. Sort of, anyway. When he found Sonic and Sonia, his life changed totally. He was with his real family, but it didn't feel right. Perhaps because their mother was missing. Perhaps because something else was missing. He was feeling kinda lonely. Of course he had Sonic and Sonia and the other freedom fighters, but he still seemed to want to take care of himself like he did before. No follow-the-leader. Farrell taught him to take care of himself, and he was used to this. He sighed, and looked around the room again. He suddenly noticed a figure standing in the door, looking at him.

"Huh?!" he sat up, fast, making himself dizzy. Looking at the figure once again, he recognized it. "MOM?!" he got up. The figure laid a note, and then, ran away. Manic ran to the door, and looked out at the corridor. The figure, or Aleena, was gone. "Mom?" he whispered, still a bit confused. He then looked down at the floor, noticing the note. Biting in his lip, he picked it up, and started reading.

My dear Manic.

I know you, Sonic and Sonia have been searching for me for along time, and I promise you the prophecy will be fulfilled. As long as you all work in harmony, I know you'll overthrow Robotnik. The Oracle of Delphius contacted me yesterday, telling a new obstacle- especially a test for you, Manic- will come up. A stranger. A stranger you may not like the first time you meet, but remember, it's not always what's on the outside that counts. Even though this person may look like an enemy, it might be an ally inside. Only if you're in harmony with this person, you will overthrow Robotnik and the prophecy will be fulfilled. I know you will be able to understand this, Manic, and I have to ask you to hide this message and the medallion until the time is right for Sonic and Sonia to know about this. I know you can make everyone feel in harmony with this person. You're the only one who'll be able to do this. I love you.

Manic looked up, from the note, realizing he was still biting in his lip. He looked around, and then, down at the note again, like he wanted to make sure it actually existed and he wasn't dreaming.

'Medallion? Which medallion?' he thought. Then he finally noticed it. A shiny medallion right in front of him, where he found the note. Picking it up, he noticed it was shaped like a transverse flute.

"A stranger… a test… for me." He mumbled to himself, looking at the note again. Suddenly, somebody put a hand on his shoulder. He hid the note and the medallion in his fanny pack, quickly, and turned. Sonic stood behind him, grinning.

"So… ready to go?" he asked. Manic looked away, and then, nodded yes.


"Great… the mission doesn't wait for us you know. Could you get sis? Then, I'll get the van ready." Sonic looked around in the room.

"Yeah. Where is she?" he asked.

"Probably in the band room, giving herself a facial." Sonic finished looking around the room then looked at Manic again, "Is something wrong, bro? You don't look like everything is alright" He leaned against the wall.

"I'm fine… just a little tired, that's all." He walked off, feeling like Sonic was still looking after him.

"Ok! Tell sis we're leaving in five minutes. She needs to finish her facial too!" Sonic shouted as he sped off.

Manic heard himself mumble yes, and continued down the corridor until he reached the room where the SU usually practiced and slept. He tried to open the door, but found out it was locked.

"Sis?" he asked, knocking on the door.

"Coming!" he heard Sonia's voice from inside, then, steps coming closer. The door opened, and a green face looked out at him. Manic jumped back with a scream. The face, who happened to be Sonia, frowned.

"What's up, Manic? It's me!" she folded her arms, and tapped her foot. Manic felt his pulse fall back to normal again, while his heart fell back from sitting in his throat. "Sorry…" he said, breathing out, "Bro asked me to tell you that we're leaving in five minutes. We need to pack." He walked into the room. Sonia walked over to a mirror and washed the facial off in some water, which stood on the table beside. She looked at Manic in the mirror. He sat down, rubbing his face.

"What's up, Manic?" she asked, turning to him. Manic stopped rubbing his face, and grinned sheepishly.

"Uhh… nothing."

"You look like something's wrong." She dried her face, and turned to him while brushing her hair.

"I'm cool. Just tired." He got up, "Sonic's waiting for us." He started walking towards the door while Sonia lifted an eyebrow. Then, she walked after him.

"It's been kinda hectic, right?" she asked. Manic just stared out into the air, while saying nothing, "Manic?" still no answer, "MANIC!!" she stopped. Manic turned to her, shocked.

"Wh… what?"

"Never mind. What are you thinking of? Something IS wrong, right?" she walked up to his side and the two continued. Manic felt himself bite his teeth together. 'don't tell them before the time comes.' he heard the voice inside his head. He then shook his head.

"I'm just tired." He replied. Sonia rolled her eyes. She knew she couldn't get him to tell her anything when he acted like this. When the two reached the building where the van was parked and walked inside, Sonic was scarfing down at least ten chili-dogs.

"Are you finish?!" Sonia asked, through her gritted teeth while she tapped her foot in disgust. Manic couldn't help smiling. Sonic and Sonia had been like this since the first day they all met. Always having something to argue about. Even now. Sonic looked at her, careless, scarfing down the last chilidog, and licking his lips.

"Satisfied, miss?" he opened the door to the van. Manic walked in, giggling while Sonia stared at Sonic, her teeth still gritted.

"Sonic Hedgehog! You're getting on my nerves!" she muttered while she walked in. Sonic sped in as well, closed the door, and sat down in the driver's seat. The hatch to the underground garage opened, and Sonic drove the van out, heading towards Robotropolis.


Even though her parents had never cared for her, she missed them now. She had never missed them like this. Sitting there in the dark corner, hiding from anything that should come by, shaking like a little child even though she was a 16-year-old girl who was always able to take care of herself. But not this time. She was locked up in some sort of cell, she tried to make somebody hear her by knocking and kicking the metal door while screaming franticly. But now, she just sat in the corner. Being the only human onboard this thing, among a lot of robots and two… aliens? A wolf and a dingo, walking and talking like her. She looked out of the window beside her, through the bars. If she didn't know better, she'd think she was in space or something. But that was impossible in her theories. In her theories, yes… but who said her theories were right? She saw something getting closer underneath the ship. A planet? A little ball, glowing blue and green in the middle of what seemed like a bottomless, giant hole. It was getting bigger and bigger when they came closer. A sound interrupted her thoughts, and she turned her head in that direction, seeing the door open and two of these robots step in. They saw her, and started approaching her, fast.

"No…" she whispered as they held their arms out to grab her when she tried to get away, "please… don't!" she felt the metal hands grab her firmly by her shoulders, lift her up, and drag her out.


"Yo, Manic! Wake up, sleeping beauty! We're there!" Manic heard Sonic's voice and opened his eyes slowly when Sonic shook him by his shoulders.

"We're… where?" he asked, bluntly, yawning.

"Robotropolis, Manic!" Sonia said from her seat.

"Huh?" Manic blinked a couple of times.

"It's time for a mission bro!" Sonic laughed quietly, looking at Manic who sat, looking more asleep than awake.

"Oh…" Manic finally got up, "I'm up, I'm up." He yawned again. He still felt the sleep in his eyes, but what had to be done had to be done. Sonic and Sonia looked at each other, lifting their eyebrows, but then, got up, and followed him out. Sonia walked up by his side.

"Manic… you're sure you're alright?" she asked, softly. Manic nodded yes, rubbing the last sleep out of his eyes.

"I'm fine, sis. I'm fine." He took a deep breath of the fresh evening air when he and his siblings stepped out of the van. They stood looking down at Robotropolis. Everything seemed to be calm down there.

"Ok, guys… everybody knows what to do?" Sonic turned to his siblings.

Sonia nodded yes.

"Uhm…" Manic scratched his neck. Trying to remember made the headache he had earlier this morning come back. He shook his head no.

"I guess we'll have to retell… alright, first, we'll blow up the roboticizer. Then, we'll go to the prison building to check to see if there are any prisoners. The chances of finding any are small, but we have to check. Then, we'll blow the prison building up. That's it." Sonic explained.

Manic looked towards the prison building. He knew the chances of finding any prisoners there were small. In fact, very small. He checked the lists of prisoners earlier today, and there was nothing. He didn't get why they bothered checking the prison at all. He was totally SURE there weren't any prisoners anyway. But something told him it had to be done. Besides, it wouldn't hurt. He yawned, and nodded yes.

"We only need to look out for SWATbots if there are any. It looks kinda dead. Too dead to me." Sonia shuddered.

"Yea… no party!" Sonic snickered. Sonia rolled her eyes.

"I'm serious, Sonic Hedgehog!" she hissed.

"I know, I know! Let's go, anyway… we just need to keep an eye on everything around us, and nothing should happen! Ok?" Sonic tapped his foot.

"Fine!" Sonia muttered.

"Ok! Let's do it to it!" Sonic slapped the others a high five, and they all ran off.


She sat in another cold and wet cell, still knowing nothing about what was going on. Still scared. When suddenly, she noticed somebody standing in front of the cell. She turned around to face the person. The wolf and the dingo were there too. The person was a big (REALLY big) man with a moustache, which looked more like pencils sticking out of his nose, and black and red eyes with no feelings. They all looked at her while she tried to hide herself, melt into the wall, something, just hide.

"Is it her?" the man asked. The wolf nodded.

"She was the fastest one to get, sir. The SWATbots located her fast, and even though she fought, she was easy to get." He said. The man smiled at her, evilly which sent a shiver down her spine.

"She's perfect! Make sure everyone gets to know! I want all of my noble subjects to be there when she's roboticized! The first roboticized human in Mobius' history! I can hardly wait!" he rubbed his hands, and laughed while he walked away. She looked after him. Roboticized? What was he talking about anyway? He was a human himself too… or… was he? The thought sent another shiver down her spine. She turned her head. Facing the wolf and the dingo who still stood in front of the cell, looking at her.

"He should give us a raise now. That human wasn't easy to get." He looked at her, frowning. The dingo looked at her too, confused.

"Why a human?" he asked. His accent was very Australian. More like one great walking stereotype. The wolf sounded more French in her opinion. He slapped the dingo.

"Because Earth is the only planet near Mobius with proved intelligent life on it, flea brain! But I don't understand why he'd want to go to another planet just to capture some alien and roboticize it! It's a waste of money if you ask me!" he rolled his eyes.

'So this IS another planet?!' she thought, biting in her lip, looking at the wolf and the dingo again. They looked at her too. Something about them made her shiver. Maybe it was just the cold?

"We won't get much pay for this one! She's locked up in the panzered cell, it'd be stupid to try to unlock it without Robotnik knowing it was us. This lousy job's just too much!" the wolf muttered as he and the Dingo walked off, finally leaving her alone. Suddenly, a great boom sounded, sending an echo through the building. Then, everything was dark again.