Later on, in the evening, none of the three siblings said anything when they went to bed. Manic lay in his bunk, listening from any signs of sleep coming from his siblings. After three hours or so, he was finally sure they were asleep. He sat up in his bunk and looked over at Jennifer.

"I said you'll be alright… and you will, J." he whispered. She had closed eyes and her hands were folded. He was almost convinced that she was only asleep, but inside he knew better. He got out of his bunk and walked over to Sonic. He was snoring, loud. Manic quickly snatched his medallion. Sonic groaned in his sleep, making Manic freeze on the spot. Sonic rolled over, and continued snoring. Manic breathed out a sigh of relief. He walked over to Sonia and took her medallions too. She still slept when he left her and walked over to Jennifer, "ok… I hope Sonic forgives easily… but I owe you my life, I can't just let this happen!" he picked her up and started walking out of the van. When he got outside, he walked a distance away from the van and put Jennifer down. He knelt down beside her, sighing heavily.

"Now or never…" he placed Sonic, Sonia and Jennifer's medallions in a circle around both of them and held his own medallion and Jennifer's hand. Then, he closed his eyes and started concentrating. After a moment, all of the medallions and Jennifer started glowing, making Manic hope even more. He focused even more, and everything started getting black. Jennifer suddenly sat up, and everything stopped glowing. She looked around for a moment, and then at Manic who had still closed eyes.

"M-Manic?! What…" she looked around again, "I'm alive!" she examined her hands, "but… uhh… who used my head for soccer ball?"

Manic opened his eyes, looking at her.

"J, it worked!!" he cried. Jennifer looked at him.

"What? Was it all a dream… I mean, I was shot, wasn't I…?" she looked confused.

Manic smiled. "You were… but… I couldn't let it happen, I owed you… so, against Sonic's will, I used the medallions…" he cleared his throat.

Jennifer smiled back. "Used the medallions… but isn't that dangerous on a dead person?"

"I couldn't let it happen, J! I owe you my life, but… yeah, it's dangerous… that's why Sonic didn't allow it." He looked down at the ground.

Jennifer's smile widened. "Manic… I… you're the best!" she suddenly leaned over and gave him a fast kiss on the cheek followed by a hug, making Manic turn all crimson, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey… it was nothing!" he looked away from her, still grinning, sheepishly.

"You saved my life! Never walk towards the light in the end of the tunnel, eh?" she laughed.

Manic rubbed his cheek. "Yeah… by the way, I forgot to say… thank you. For saving my life." He picked Jennifer's medallion up and put it in her hand.

"I'm just glad you guys are still alive… I didn't know what to do when you were almost roboticized, it was… well, I had to do something." She sighed. Manic nodded.

"I know what you mean… it's-"

"Manic what are you doing out at a time like this?!" Manic was cut off by a voice coming from nearby. Both he and Jennifer turned to see Sonic, "and what the heck are-" he was cut off by his own gasp when he noticed Jennifer, "J?!" he almost cried out.

"Sonic, did you-" Sonia came to his side, and just stood, staring at Jennifer, "oh my gosh! Jennifer! You're alive!" she stormed over and gave Jennifer a sisterly hug, making the human look more surprised than ever.

"I am… thanks to Manic." She nodded to Manic. Both Sonic and Sonia turned to him.

"Manic! I thought we told you it was dangerous!" Sonic tapped his foot.

Manic looked down at the ground. "I know…" then, he looked up, lowering his eyebrows, "but I was willing to take a chance to save Jennifer… and, hey, she's alive, I'm alive, right? I had to do this! She saved my life!" he took Jennifer's hand.

Sonic looked at Sonia. "Of course! That's the Manic we know, the Manic we respect!" Sonia winked.

"She's right! Besides, maybe we should've been the ones who'd be ready to take a chance to save you too, Jennifer… looks like we owe you an apology!" Sonic held out his hand to Jennifer.

She shook her head no. "No… you don't. Listen, I was just glad you guys are safe! I did my part… and I owe Manic a lot… for saving my life." She pushed Sonic's hand away, "no need to apologize." She picked Sonic and Sonia's medallions up "I guess these are yours." She got up and gave them to Sonic and Sonia. Manic got up as well.

"You're still gonna stay… aren't you?" he asked, hesitating.

"Of course… if your siblings will allow it?" Jennifer looked at Sonic and Sonia.

"Hey, you're welcome! Freedom fighter in training, then?" Sonic winked.

"Freedom fighter in training! A lot of training!" Jennifer laughed.

Sonia took her medallion. "And band member!" she gave the medallion to Manic who put it around Jennifer's neck.

"Welcome to the resistance, J." he stepped back.

Jennifer bit in her lip, trying to hold the tears of joy back. "Thanks… but… aww!" she suddenly ran to Manic, hugged him and gave him a kiss, this one, longer than the other, on his cheek. He looked at her, first shocked and confused, but then, smiled, blushing.

"I-I-I-I… geez!" he put his arms on the back of his head, grinning, "it was nothing!" he looked down at the ground. Sonic and Sonia snickered.

"Well, looks like we're gonna get along great…

None of them noticed a figure nearby. Watching them all, waiting. Waiting for the day she could reunite with them, the day Mobius would be free.

"Good job, my children… I love you."