"Forbidden Love"

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Ice Castle:

It was a beautiful, clear day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, but there was a very cold chill in the air. Amy had just woken up and had a shower and now was going to breakfast in the dining hall. She always had the same thing for breakfast, which was pancakes of course. She was going down the stairs to breakfast when someone jumped out in front of her and gave her the surprise of her life.

"What the!" shouted Amy in surprise.

"Hahaha" laughed Elle. "I got you good Amy".

Amy just glared at her older sister Elle. Elle loved to play jokes on people and she was not the serious type at all. She was very carefree and smiled everywhere she went. Elle was a light violet colour and she had very long quills. She loved her blue dress and she had the most bluest eyes you've ever seen. Amy really envied her.

They were now in the breakfast hall and eating their breakfasts that were prepared for them. Elle was flicking bits and pieces of pancakes at Amy when their father rushed into the room.

"Everyone listen to me right now" said their father very seriously. "Do not go outside, the Fire Kingdom is attacking us with their "Kao".

Amy and Elle just stared at their father.

"Kao?" questioned Amy. "What are they?".

"Creatures that look like birds but a firey look to them" stated their father. "When they come in contact with something they explode leaving a explosion of fire".

"Oh no" said Amy quite panicky. "What if the ice around the castle melts!".

"Don't worry Amy" stated her father calmly. "We've got our warriors out there with our ice cannons firing at them".

"Oh good" said Amy quite relieved.

"But" said Elle in a questioning voice. "Why are they attacking us, what the hell did we do to them?"

"Well Elle" said her father. "Ever since the almighty chaos died, there has been havoc between out two kingdoms".

"Wha..?" said Elle in a dumb voice.

"The King of the Fire Kingdom thought that when chaos died, it was to our doing, but really we had nothing to do with the death of chaos" stated their father.

"Oh, I get it now" said Elle dumbly.

"No you don't" snapped Amy. "But if we didn't do anything, why are they attacking us?".

"They don't believe us" stated her father quite simply. "We've tried to convince them but no avail".

Just as he finished his sentence, a mob of Ice Warriors barged through the door claiming to have got rid of all the Kao. Their father went over to congratulate them and talk to them about the next move they should make against the Fire Kingdom. Amy then ran up to her room. She opened the door walked over to her balcony and looked at the beautiful view. There were snow-capped mountains everywhere and beautiful frosted trees. She loved the endless winter. She couldn't live without it. But there was always one thing she wanted to see. The Fire Kingdom. Just to see what it's like. Just to see the scenery would be enough for her. Sometimes she felt a little trapped in this castle. Never being allowed to go out of the boundaries. She just wanted to see another Kingdom...just for once.

It was now nightime. Amy was getting ready for bed when someone knocked on her door. It was Elle.

"Hi Elle" said Amy.

"Hey Amy" said Elle.

"What's up?" asked Amy.

"Well, you know how like we aren't allowed to go out of the boundaries?" asked Elle.

"Of course I know" stated Amy drearily. "They tell us every single day".

"Yeah well, I actually sneaked out!" said Elle raising her voice a little.

"WHAT!" yelled Amy so loud a servant walking by asked if somthingwas wrong.

"You snuck out!" yelled Amy trying to whisper it a little.

"Yeah, I just had to know what was out there" said Elle with puppy-dog eyes.

"And, what was out there Elle?" said Amy forcefully.

"A huge solid ice wall" stated Elle. "But on the other side is...".

"What what Elle!" said Amy bursting with curiousity.

"The Fire Kingdom!" shouted Elle with excitement.

Amy just stared at her. Could this really be? The Fire Kingdom is right over the top of a great ice wall!

"Elle" said Amy. "I need to get into that Fire Kingdom".

"What!" said Elle under her breath. "But...but you don't know what they'll do to you if thy catch you!"

"You don't even know what kind of creatures live there" said Elle. "They could be hideous monsters!".

"I know the risks" said Amy. "But I need to know that there's something out there that can be explored, I need to know what it's like to be in another Kingdom".

Elle just looked at her with sorrow on her face.

"Please Elle" begged Amy sadly. "Please, help me get into that Kingdom!".

Elle just looked at her. Ever since Amy was little she had wanted to be in a different place, she didn't like being in the same old one. It had always been her dream to see another place. Elle then looked at her eyes and sighed.

"I'll do it" stated Elle. "I-l'll do it for you Amy..".

Amy's eyes lit up and she then screamed for joy. She then hugged her sister so tightly, she heard her gasp for air.

"I don't know how to thank you Elle!" shrieked Amy. "You're the best sister a girl could ever have!".

"Awwwwwwwww shucks Ames" said Elle sympathetically. "That's so sweet".

Elle and Amy laughed and then wished each other good night. Tomorrow, everything was going to change.

Fire Kingdom:

Sonic was outside lying on his favourite grassy plains. It was so hot in this Kingdom, everything could've just about melted. Sonic stood up and went inside. His father, was organising the next attack plan on the Ice Kingdom. His father never paid any attention to him at the least. He only paid attention to him if it was to get him in trouble. Sonic disliked his father alot. He missed his mother ever since she passed away. He knew he had to stop living in the past, but it was harder then it seemed. In his Kingdom, he was very well known, and verybody liked him. He always helped the Kingdom out in any way possible. He then got tired of hearing his dad talk, so he went up onto his balcony.

He liked being away from it all. He liked being undisturbed and having privacy. He hated big crowds and no privacy. Then a servant below the balcony shouted up at him.

"Excuse me, Prince Sonic!" shouted the servant.

"Now what" whispered Sonic to himself.

"Your father commands you that you stay inside for the remainder of the afternoon, while we are going to attack the Ice Kingdom" stated the servant.

"What!" yelled Sonic angrily. "I was going to fight in that secret attack!".

"Yes, but this is a direct order from the King himself" stated the servant. "And he expects you to follow through with it".

Sonic got of the balcony and went inside slamming the door closed behind him.

"How could he do this to me!" yelled Sonic to himself. "I'm twice as strong as any of those warriors out there!".

"I hate him so MUCH!" screamed Sonic.

Sonic then collapsed in anger on his bed and fell asleep.


Sonic was running towards a forest with trees that were covered with snow. He was trying to find someone, but he didn't know who. He got to what looked like a castle of ice. He then saw his people fighting with silver, glassy warriors. He then heard a girl scream his name. He looked around and saw a girl being beaten by his warriors. He rushed over to her but someone held him back. He was kicking and screaming to get out of the tight grip. He saw the pink hedgehog fall unconcious to the ground. A violet hedgehog then came over and started sobbing over the pink one. Sonic felt like he had seen these people before. He tried to run and save them, but fire surrounded him and everything went black.

Sonic awoke with a start. He was dripping with sweat and he felt cold all over. He remembered how real the dream was and how beautiful that pink hedgehog. She was really beautiful. He looked outside to see it completely dark. He must've been asleep for quite a while. He then cleared his head of all those awful thougths he had in the dream, and went back to sleep.

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