Forbidden Love

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Icicle Arena:

You could hear a pin drop. No one spoke, hardly anyone breathed, no one moved. All that could be heard was the rough grunts coming out of Ryo's muzzle. His eyes were crazy, jerking from left to right. His limbs twitched; in excitement? Or perhaps fear?

Amy Rose and Miles 'Tails' Prower hung like dead geese in a Chinese butcher shop from Ryo's muscular arms. Amy's beautiful pink hair was sprawled out all across her face, her dress in tatters, her gloves hardly remaining, and cuts and bruises scattered all over her body.

Tails' body looked just as bad as Amy's, but a little more worse. His eyelids hung heavily, just as his body did.

Ryo looked smug. His grin was wide, and his left fang stuck out of the side of his mouth. He then opened his muzzle widely, his head cocked back so he was facing the sky, and he let out a laugh. Not just any kind of laugh though, this laugh was triumphant. A how-do-you-like-those-apples kind of laugh.

Elle then cracked.

"HOW. FUCKING. COULD. YOU!" she screamed, her eyes growing wide, tears spilling out rapidly. "AMY! AMY PLEASE NO!"

Her legs then started to run towards the podium. Her mind went black and her legs pelted through the dusty ground. Her hands were like swatters as she pushed everyone out of the way. Her hair billowed against her face as to how fast she was running. Her eyes narrowed and locked on to her enemy.

As she ran, never had she ever had such an urge to hurt someone. She wanted to hurt that orange hedgehog with all her might. Watch the life fade from his eyes as he begged for mercy whilst being in her manic grip. Her heart raced like a horse being whipped, her lungs expanded so greatly, but fell ever so suddenly. Her violet fur stood up violently on her skin, and cold chills were sent down her spine. She was ready to kill.

"Elle! No!" yelled Shadow, running behind her and wrapping his arms around her, holding her to his chest. "It's stupid! You don't stand a chance Elle, it's suicide up against him!"

"LET ME GO!" screamed Elle, kicking and trying her hardest to get out of Shadow's iron grip. "HE KILLED HER! HE KILLED HER! THAT SCUM!"

Shadow, with much difficulty, dragged Elle back to where the others were. Shadow then turned to Sonic, and his eyes widened.

A navy blue mist had surrounded Sonic. His eyes were jet black, and his muscles were tensed. His spines stood on edge and his limbs jerked ever so suddenly.

"Sonic…?" asked Shadow hesitantly.

Knuckles turned to Sonic and had the same expression Shadow did.

"Sonic, dude, we can defeat this guy. With all of us fighting, this guy's dead meat!" exclaimed Knuckles, pounding his fist into the palm of his hand.

"No." spoke Sonic quietly. "He's mine."

"Sonic, don't be stupid." said Knuckles. "We're in this together."

"Sonic." said Elle, swivelling her neck around to face him. "I'm doing this with you."

"No, Elle. Let me handle this." he said as his muscles tensed ever more.

Elle felt everyone's eyes on her; every person waiting to see what would happen next, what action to take from here against this blood-thirsty maniac.

"She's my sister Sonic. She's my best friend. And Tails was one of the nicest guys I've ever met."

Shadow grunted and turned his head.

"You have to let me do this with you. Please Sonic."

Sonic paused, his jet black eyes piercing into hers. "No Elle, I can handle this."

"Well, to be honest, you're not the boss of me and I don't care what you say. You may be strong, you may have defeated a lot of people in your life, you may think you're the hero of every story, but this time, it's my turn."

"She kinda just owned you man." said Knuckles, nodding his head knowingly.

Elle then smiled. "Let go of me please, Shadow."

"I don't want you to do this, you'll get hurt!" said Shadow, making his grip even tighter.

"Please Shadow, let go."

"But I don't---"

"I SAID LET GO OF ME!" yelled Elle, tugging herself out of his grip.

"Sorry…" he mumbled.

"So, are we going to do this or what?" asked Elle, grinning at Sonic and raising her fist.

Sonic then grinned, nodded and started to run at full speed towards Ryo on the podium. Elle followed, of course not keeping up, but close enough. Everyone was watching them. The other people onlooking knew this was their fight; this was their time to do what was right. They watched, holding their breath until collision.

Sonic then jumped up in mid-air, in line with Ryo. Ryo's face turned sour, his eyes widened and his grin transformed into a frown. Sonic then raised his fist, and smacked Ryo cold hard dead on in the face.

The orange shape-shifter flew back, dropping his two victims in the process. Amy's and Tail's bodies made a sickening thump onto the wooden floor. Elle swung herself up onto the podium and ran over to the two of them.

"Amy! Tails! Please, wake up!" screamed Elle, shaking the two of them vigorously.

Sonic then looked over his shoulder at Elle. "Elle, make sure you get them to safety, I'll take care of Ryo."

Elle looked back helplessly at the two lifeless-looking bodies that lay before her. Then civilians, warriors and commoners, started climbing the podium to help the two victims. People were swarming onto the podium, and not all were good people.

Ryo's cronies started to fight once again, making the battle rage on out of control.

"Shadow!" yelled Elle loudly. "Shadow! Help me, please!"

No sight or sound of Shadow.

"Where's my pecan pudding when I bloody need him." grunted Elle, trying to listen in to and help the people who were trying to help resuscitate Amy and Tails.

Meanwhile, the battle between Sonic and Ryo got extremely heated.

"It was you! It was you being Shadow, wasn't it?!" screeched Sonic absolutely enraged.

"So what if it was? I did her a favour. Why should a beautiful girl like that deserve to be tormented to live a life with a disgusting water rat such as yourself?"

"She is beautiful and you don't have the fucking right to say that about her."

"Trust me, I know she's beautiful. Every last inch of the delicate body is. It felt like it too."

Sonic's ears perked up straight. His eyes narrowed and his spines quivered violently.

"What… did you just say?"

"It felt like it too?"

Sonic's upper lip rose, bearing one of his pearly white fangs. His pupils dilated and his fists trembled. He then lifted his head back, and roared. He then flew towards Ryo, and his fists were hitting Ryo everywhere on his body. It was just a blur of motion, but a painful one for Ryo. Even for Ryo, his speed could not be compared with Sonic's and his punches. Ryo then tried to transform, his skin quivering and starting to shed, but Sonic made his fist collide with the bottom of his jawbone, sending Ryo and his failed transformation off of the podium and onto the ground.

Sonic then powered up his run, feeling the adrenaline and fury pumping through him. He dove off of the podium and outstretched his fist so it was align with Ryo's head. He was almost there, the dive was almost complete, he could taste it, he could breathe it in. This was the moment that evil would be brought to an end.

Suddenly, Ryo's hand swiftly caught Sonic's fist in the palm of his hand, and he spun Sonic full throttle towards the gravel ground.

Sonic rolled and tumbled over loose rocks and gravel stones. His wounds started to seep with blood, and the roaming dust was finding its way inside of them, causing more pain. Ryo then dashed to stand over him, and took out his nine-tail whip. Up close, it wasn't just like any whip. It had poison shards on each end, with tiny thorns scattered along the surface.

He raised it above his head, grinning that grin that would truly be the last thing Sonic would ever remember. Sonic then spat on him, that being the only thing he could muster up the energy to do.

"Go to hell." said Sonic, gasping for air.

"Already there." said Ryo. "And so far, it's pretty much like heaven for me."

Ryo's arm then swung down forcefully, the nine-tail whip seconds away from impact with Sonic's soft skin. Sonic closed his eyes and tried to put his mind at peace. He had had a good life, hadn't he? He had met the most beautiful girl in the world and she loved him. He loved her too, but it was too late for any of that now. He had the greatest friends, the best comradeship anyone could ever ask for. Now he was going to be with his beautiful Mother. He hadn't seen her in so long, he had missed her. He promised himself to look after Amy from above. She would forever remain in his heart. She was the love of his life. He knew that for sure now. Nothing would change that. Now, for the pain…


Sonic then opened his left eye ever so slightly, and saw the poison shards dangling dangerously close to his face.

"What the…"

Ryo then fell to the side, his nine-tail whip flying out of his hand. There, behind where Ryo once stood, was Elle with an Ice Dagger covered in blood.

"Elle… what did you… what did you do…?"

"I killed him… I… I panicked… I'm sorry Sonic… I know you wanted to kill him, but he was going to kill you, I saw it!"

"Elle." he said, getting up slowly, holding onto his torn up back like a cripple. "You saved my life. You have nothing to be sorry for."

"I know I'm just so sorry I just… wait, what?" stammered Elle, bewildered.

Sonic then pulled her in for a hug. "Thank you Elle, thank you. I am eternally in your debt."

She smiled, hugging him back. "I'm glad I did something right, for a change."

"Is Tails and Amy okay?" asked Sonic wearily.

"I'm not sure…" she said, sounding morose. "They both got whisked away to the health tents. The battle has finished Sonic… we did it."

"What do you mean we did it? How has it finished?"

"We beat them. We overpowered them and our numbers were much greater than theirs. The remaining few retreated. We won Sonic, we won!"

Sonic's face lit up. "We actually did it. It's a miracle…"

"And the mastermind behind it all, is finally dead and gone." she said, motioning her hand towards Ryo. "Can you not hear all the celebrations erupting around the arena?"

Sonic then focused on listening intently to his surroundings. Elle was right. People were chanting, screaming and shouting in pure joy. It was all over. This war was finally won.

"Elle!" yelled Shadow, running over to her. "I'm so glad you're okay!"

Elle giggled and kissed his cheek. "I'm fine."

Shadow then grinned sheepishly, not really the one for public affection.

"Sonic!" yelled Knuckles running over. "Man, I'm so glad you're okay."

Sonic then raised his eyebrow at Knuckles.

"Well… Shadow did it to Elle, so I wanted to make you feel special too."

"Thanks, I guess." chuckled Sonic lightly.

"Can we please go and check on Amy and Tails?" asked Elle worriedly.

The three boys nodded, and followed after Elle to the health tent.

Icicle Arena – Health Tent:

"You can't have access, I'm sorry." said the man at the front doorway.

"And why the hell not?!" yelled Elle, placing her hands on her hips.

"Medical staff only. No visitors."

"My sister is in there! And my really close friend!"

"Elle c'mon." said Sonic, walking up the man. "Hey, we just wanna see our friends. She's my girlfriend, and he's my best friend. Please man, please."

"No means no, sir."

"I ought to stick your head on a staff and---"

"Whoa whoa whoa, Shadow," said Knuckles putting up his hands in a calming way. "No need for that. There's other ways to resolve this."

Knuckles then went up to the man, smiled and punched him, knocking him unconscious.

"There," he said, dusting off his mitts happily. "In we go everyone."

"You'd think his fists were his brain." said Elle, hesitantly going in after him.

"What brain?" asked Sonic innocently, beckoning Shadow to go in before him.

They then made their way to Amy's and Tail's stretchers, which were side by side one another. Both looked sick, pale and drastically wounded.

"Hey! You're not allowed in here, it's restricted access!" shouted one of the doctors.

"Ah shit."

3 hours later.

The 3 hedgehogs and 1 echidna sat exhausted under the tarp which was deemed as the waiting room. It wasn't flashy or exactly comfortable, but considering the circumstances, it would have to do. It was now beginning to grow dark, and the mosquitoes were starting to bite. Elle had fallen asleep on Shadow's lap, and Shadow had fallen asleep sitting upright, his mouth wide open and drool pooling onto his shoulder.

Sonic was wide awake, sitting on the edge of his seat waiting to hear the news. Knuckles had curled up on the floor and fallen asleep, and occasionally spoke in his sleep about wildflowers.

The doctor then lifted up the flap on the tent and strolled out to the waiting room with a clipboard in his hand. He then stopped in front of Sonic and looked at him with tired eyes.

Sonic swallowed dramatically. "Uh… hey. What's… going on?"

The doctor sighed and removed his glasses, tucking them into his shirt pocket. "Prince Sonic, am I correct?"

Sonic nodded.

The doctor then bowed his head. "It's an honour, sir."

"Um, thanks?" said Sonic. "But please, skip the formalities. Is it good news or bad news? I'm fairly confident that it's good… I've been positive all afternoon."

The doctor then nodded. "There is positive news."

Sonic's face lit up.

"But, there is also, negative news."

Sonic slumped down into his seat. He felt his nerves stand on end, his heart thumped ever so loudly against his chest, and his mind was swimming with possibilities.

"Would you like to wake your friends first?"

Sonic then looked to his sound-asleep friends, but decided against it. "No, I'll let them know when they wake up."

"Fair enough then." said the doctor, glancing at his clipboard. "The Ice Princess, Amy Rose, her shoulder was dislocated, and she has suffered from head trauma…"

Sonic clung on to the edge of his seat.

"She has made it through, sir." smiled the doctor. "She's alive."

The blood rushed to Sonic's heart and he felt as if it was going to explode. His one and only, the love of his life, she was still alive. He buckled to his knees and cried. Not out of sadness, but out of joy. His tears spilled out over his cheeks then splattered down onto the ground.

"I assume she means a lot to you sir?" asked the doctor.

"She means everything to me." sobbed Sonic, now standing. "That's the best news I've heard all day. Thank you, doctor."

"My pleasure sir." he smiled, placing his hand on Sonic's shoulder.

"What's the bad news?" said Sonic, wiping tears of joy away from his emerald green eyes.

The doctor looked solemnly at him. "I'm so sorry to have to inform you with this sir…"

"Please. I need to know. Is Tails alright? I understand he may be really hurt, but he'll live, right?"

"Sir… Your friend as you call him – 'Tails', is… is not with us anymore…"

"Did he have to get transferred to another Kingdom's facility?" asked Sonic.

The doctor shook his head. "He didn't make it sir. We did everything we could but we could not revive him. He suffered from major blood loss and we lost him…"

Sonic felt his heart sink, and his eyes well up with tears. This time, they were tears of sadness. He cried, and wept, and sobbed. His best friend. The one who had pulled him through everything, the one that was the only person to give him a chance at friendship from the very start. He was now… gone.

"I'm incredibly sorry for your loss." said the doctor. He then bowed his head, gave a sympathetic stare and entered into the tent once more.

Sonic slumped onto the old rusty chair and wept for what seemed like hours. He then felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Elle.

"Sonic…? Sonic what's wrong? Is everything okay?"

Elle woke up the other two, and all of them listened intently to Sonic as he told them the news. All was cheers and smiles at Amy's survival, but when the news about Tails' passing away, it was pure silence. Not the good kind of silence, but the silence where something awful had just happened and there's nothing to say. Elle was the first to cry, crying her eyes out as she wept into Shadow's broad chest.

Knuckles shed a few tears, trying to pass them off as drops of sweat. Shadow silently cried into Elle's messy hair, trying to hide his eyes from the others gazes.

It felt like hours that they were crying for. It was now pitch black and only murmurs of the remaining people left in the arena could be heard. Then, out of no where, the Ice King suddenly waltzed out of the health tent door. His gaze met Elle's, and it was like a long-lost child seeing their parent for the first time in years.

"Dad! Dad!" yelled Elle, bouncing out of Shadow's arms and into her Father's. "I've missed you! Dad, I've missed you so much!"

"Shattered." mumbled Knuckles to Shadow with a grin. Shadow just glared back.

"Oh sweetheart! I'm so glad to see you alive and well! I don't know what I would've done if I had lost you…"

"But you didn't, Dad. I'm not going anywhere, and neither is Amy. She's alright Dad! She's alright!"

He chuckled. "As I heard. She wants to see everyone."

Everyone got up and started moving towards the tent door, when the King grabbed onto Sonic's and Shadow's shoulders. "May I have a word with you two?"

Knuckles and Elle quickly bolted inside, leaving them there to fend for themselves.

"Now, I know you two are interested in my daughters, and quite honestly, I'm proud they fell in love with you two rather than two jail escapists on the run. You need to treat my girls well."

"With all due respect your highness, we would never treat them in an ill manner. They mean everything to us." said Sonic, nudging Shadow to nod in agreement.

The King nodded, and then smiled a sweet smile. "Alright. Well, you take care of my girls okay? They've chosen you as their life suitors. Don't let them down."

Sonic and Shadow both nodded in unison.

"And if you do let them down, you'll have no more quills left, and you'll both be on Noah's Arc to a remote island." smiled the King.

Sonic and Shadow looked at each other and nodded, mostly due to fear.

"Now run along boys. She wants to see you both."

The two of them then ran inside hurriedly to the see the little pink hedgehog.


"Sonic, honey, I want it to be pink." said Amy, staring at the now yellow walls.

"But Amy," said Sonic, putting down the paintbrush. "We don't even know the gender of it yet. Yellow is safe."

"But I can feel it's a her." said Amy, rubbing her now bulging tummy.

Sonic then laughed, walked up to his fiancé and wrapped his arms around her, her bulging stomach keeping a distance between them.

"I can't help feeling that there's something in the middle of us." chuckled Sonic.

Amy giggled. "She'll be beautiful."

"You're hell bent on it being a 'her' aren't you?"

"I can feel it. Even Elle can. Shadow, well, he just agreed with whatever Elle said. I would too after the look she gave him. Knuckles thinks it is too!"

Sonic laughed again. "Well it's due in a few weeks. I guess we'll have to find out then."

"And I can't wait." smiled Amy, giving Sonic a deep kiss.

Sonic kissed her back just as deeply, wrapping his arms around her slender waist as she entwined her hands into his quills, pulling him in closer.

This was just the beginning.

THE. END. OMG. I've finished! Haha, wow. I actually got a bit teary towards the end. Sequel? No sequel? I'll let my readers decide!

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