Just One of Those Days

Based on The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. She owns everything.

It was one of those rare days when Kit had no work to do in the Wood household. She had the day to do as she wanted. She thought she knew exactly how she would spend her day.

The sky was a brilliant blue with not a cloud in sight. As Kit walked down the road, in the distance she could see the Meadows. They were beckoning to her. She felt herself changing paths. She had intended to go down to the wharf to see if any new goods had come in from Hartford, but now she found herself walking to Hannah's cottage instead.

When Kit reached the cottage, no one was around. There was food on the table though, so she decided to wait.

She did not need to wait long. In two minutes, she was by the door again to play with the cat when Prudence yelled, "Kit!" and threw herself around Kit's legs when she reached her.

Kit laughed. She and Prudence hadn't managed to meet in almost a month. It was a very busy time. But today was different – it was just one of those days when everybody feels really lucky. "Well, hello, Prudence. I have not seen you for a while. Where's Hannah?"

"Oh, she's coming. She's showing her flowers to Nat."

Kit felt her heart skip a beat. Nat. Nat was here. Kit had avoided him ever since he found out about William. That had been embarrassing. But she didn't do anything wrong. Why should she care?

Still she felt herself blush slightly when he entered the room. He was courteous enough, greeting her with a smile and a "Good to see you, Mistress Tyler." Kit relaxed. He wasn't going to bring up William.

All afternoon, Kit, Nat, Prudence, and Hannah spent their time talking and laughing. They talked of the Dolphin and her many trips. They also chatted about the town doings and Kit's school.

As the sun began to set, Kit realized she had to go. Nat took his leave of Hannah as well. They walked down the Meadow path together in friendly silence, then parted ways with a "Good day."

'It has been just one of those perfectly magical days,' thought Kit. 'In spite of Nat's presence.'

Suddenly she turned around and watched him retreat into the sunset. Although she felt a small smile tug at her lips, she could not see the glow on her face. She did not know what the smile meant and decided to ignore it.

'Yes, it has been a wonderful day in spite of Nat,' she thought again.

But as Kit turned once more to continue on her journey home, a small part of her brain, or perhaps her heart, that she refused to acknowledge thought, 'Or perhaps it was wonderful because of him…'

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