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A scream reverbrated throughout the room, the glass bowls and figured shuddered frighteningly on the wooden shelves. She fell to her knees, her tears splashed onto the tile floor as she wrapped her arms around her ribs and bowed her head, her loose hair veiling her face while she gasped for breath. A hand grazed her right shoulder and she flinched. "Not... not right now. I'll leak"

"You'll leak?" a voice asked ammused. "What do you call crying"

"Releasing." She sighed and curled up further. "Mind numbing. Tiring. A rare gift." She looked up and grinned, pried her arms away from her chest and stood up stiffly. She smoothed back her hair with a shaking hand. "And too brief for comfort"

"You can't be okay"

She patted the lap of her pants, and smoothed out her shirt. "I'm not. But I can pretend"

"You shouldn't have to pretend"

Her eyelids closed and her breathing hitched. "I don't have a choice. People depend on me. I have to be strong and help others. I believe its wrong for people to be forced to give what they have. However, I choose to sacrifice myself to their need. Someone has to listen, to talk, to heal. I'd just as well do it. I'm already in that position"

"You're contridicting yourself. You say you have no choice, but you choose to dfo so"

"I choose to give myself no choice." Her eyes snappedopen. She russled around in her purse and pulled out a wet-nap. She wiped off her face and walked toward the door.

"You're going out there already? Won't they ask you why you screamed"

She straightened her shoulder and held up her head as she reached for the doorknob. "My choice renders me silent. No one hears me scream." She turned the knob and walked into a room full of jovial people, smiling.