A/N: This is something I wrote to distract me from the other things in my life. Doesn't really add up to anything really, but feel free to read and be amused.

It was a sunny day at the ball park. The fans had gathered to watch their favorite baseball teams play. The concessions stands were not as busy as they were before. Briseis was leaning against the counter next to the register. She scratched her neck as the yellow polyester shirt she was force to wear was irritating her skin. She could hear the crowd cheer and boo. She sighed. She watched the people walk by, and then she found herself watching one man in particular. He didn't fit in with the baseball fans. He wore jeans and a black button down shirt with a sports jacket. His blue eyes were looking around for something or someone as he ran his fingers through his blonde hair.

"Hey, can I get 2 chili dogs and nachos? Hey! HEY!"

Briseis looked up and saw a customer standing there slightly annoyed with his friend.


"Are you there? Is this your first second on the job?"

"Actually it's my second" Briseis stood up and walked over to get the chili dogs and nachos.

She looked back up and the blonde man was gone. She frowned a bit and charged the customer for the food.

"Twelve dollars"

"What? Twelve dollars for that?"

"Oh I'm sorry is this your first second at the ball park?"

"You're lousy at customer service"

"Please feel free to fill out a comment card"

"Listen,"the customer looked at her name tag, "Bri," he reached over to touch it

Briseis smacked his hand away immediately.

"Keep your hands to yourself!" Briseis yelled out

"You've been nothing but rude Bri or whatever your name is. I want to talk to your manager"

"Well take a number"

The angry customer lunged almost towards her. Briseis backed up quickly but saw that someone was holding him back. It was the blonde guy she saw. He pushed him onto the counter and held him there.

"The lady doesn't want to be touched. You should keep your hands to yourself"

"Who are you?"

"Someone that knows that this nice girl is over worked, under appreciated at this thankless menial job forced to serve over priced food to you ingrates deserves just a little respect. So why don't you take your overpriced food and go back to the stands with your friend"

The blonde man let the customer go, who immediately got up. His friend was by his side urging him to leave. The stare between the angry customer and the blonde increased, until the customer took a swing at him. The blonde man already anticipated it and ducked and punched him back hard. He fell back onto the counter, where Briseis poured soda all over him.

"Bitch!" he yelled out

The customer turned around and looked at Brisies. He was about to lunge at her again, but this time she was ready and she shot out hot cheese from the nacho dispenser.

"Briseis! What are you doing!" the manager yelled

Brisies stopped what she was doing and the customer was covered in nacho cheese.

"She's completely crazy! Look what she did to me!" he yelled out

"Brisies! I've had enough of this!" her manager yelled

"Me too! I quit!" Brisies said as she walked away from the two of them.

She started tugging at the yellow shirt she had to wear. She walked out of the ball park and to her car, which was an old beat up car that had no air conditioning. She got into the car and of course it wouldn't start. Her day was getting worse by the second. She popped the hood and smoke started coming out. She waved her hands around and finally saw that something was overheated. She leaned over to get a better look. And while Briseis was getting a better look, someone else was standing there getting a better look at her.

"Need some help?"

Brisies jumped up and hit her head on the car. She turned around slowly and saw him standing there. She rubbed her head.

"My car's had it, like me" she said rubbing her head

The blonde man looked in and around the inside of the car.

"You're right, well about the car, it's pretty much done. I say strip it sell whatever parts you can"

"That's not an option I have right now"

"Can I give you a ride somewhere?"

"I don't get into cars with strangers"

"Well then, what's your name? "

"I don't talk to strangers"

"Well what do you think you're doing right now?"

"Oh come on, even bright yellow shirt wearing, cheese shooting, former ball park concession stand workers have names"


"Well Briseis, are you afraid of strangers?"

"Should I be?"

Achilles smiled and closed the hood of her car.