Love Never Wanted Me

Wordcount: 359


The man at his desk sighed, and turned slightly to face an old woman. "Yes, I will come soon."

She tsked at him. "Akito-san needs you now, Doctor."

Nattering old woman… she knows Akito doesn't need me all the time- I checked on him a half-hour ago. He rose briskly, unfolding his legs gracefully and placing a prescription on the desk simultaneously. "Inform Akito-san that I will be with him shortly." He ordered the servant- he hated ordering people, but it had to be done if he wanted any peace and quiet.

Her mouth tightened into a hard line, but she nodded and closed the door on her way out.

His blue eye, half hidden under a fringe he was growing (he refused to admit even to himself that he was trying to hide) followed her silhouette through the screen until he was satisfied she was gone.

He's always hounding me. And I was about to leave, and check on Tohru…. Poor girl's always getting ill, and I think it inconveniences her more than anyone… he allowed himself a tiny smile at the reaction he'd elicited from Shigure, that time Tohru had come down with the 'flu and had needed an injection.

And she trust me completely with that injection- even Akito hates the beastly things, and yet she sat there with a smile and told everybody that she couldn't feel a thing! She never laughed at my Zodiac form, either…

Sighing again, Hatori Sohma packed his briefcase with the bare essentials he always took out as he began his work each day- records of clients, payment details, prescriptions that needed validating, a photograph of Kana- and smiled softly at the only other personal object in his workspace- a tiny photograph of Tohru Honda, half-hidden behind a vase of dried flowers. He brushed his fingers over it, picked up his brief case, and walked out, feeling happier than he had all day.

He was going to see Tohru, and he was happy about it. Happy to be accepted. He was cared for, and cared in return.

Love shows itself in many ways.

Hmm, yes, drabble on Hatori and how much he likes little Tohru :grins: I hope y'all like! Friendship fics are great… and I'm doing it because I love the guy... there we go!

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