Open Your Heart

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Chapter 12

"Wow! We're going on the haunted house next!"

I roll my eyes at Tyson's enthusiasm as I half-heartedly follow the small crowd of excited beybladers. How bloody typical. Just as I'd won exclusive tickets for this new theme park that had opened, Mr Dickenson had to go and send the whole team some for 'team bonding'. After days of apologising to Kai about that stupid Tala situation he had finally acknowledged my existence again, but now there seems to be a few uninvited guest accompanying us.

"Hey Kon, wanna go on the Tunnel of Love with me?"

"No Tala, I'd rather not."

He smirks at my predictable reply as I increase my walking speed to escape his teasing as well as to catch-up with my boyfriend/lover/date/stalking target, whichever title seems appropriate at the minute. As I reach his side he turns and glares at me.

"What do you want?"

I frown at his heartless questioning.

"Did you want to lose these guys?"

"What are you talking about? Can't you tell I'm having a wail of a time?" He said sarcastically.

"I mean, we're supposed to be on a date, right?"

"I never agreed to that."

This was quite true, he never technically said he would… but he never said he wouldn't either. I think he's lost interest in me, it's typical as now there's little standing in the way of us being together. Maybe he's one of those guys who like the thrill of the chase but then get bored when they get what they want. What a nasty guy! I feel like a piece of meat! But the again, I'm probably jumping to conclusions again.

"But Kai… don't you want some alone time with me?" I attempt a flirty tone but it comes out as desperate.


Hmph, there's no speaking to him today. Not that he's usually all that easy to speak to. We arrive at the supposedly spooky-looking haunted house and join the cue. After at least 30mins of extreme boredom, we reach the front and walk into the hallway. Single cars whoosh past and stop letting couples with white faces out and letting nervous looking couples replace them. I'm curious to know who will be paired together… obviously the new couple, Max and Tyson will be, Kenny an Daichi usually end up together whether they like it or not, me and Kai (obviously) and Tala on his own, Hahahaha. I observe to see if my assumptions are correct. Oh, I'm good at this! As predicted the first two lots of pairs I predicted get into the newly arrived skeleton-like cars. I jump in the next one and look cutely to Kai who sits beside me, except, it's not Kai. I could have guessed Tala would ruin it. I look behind to see Kai jump into the car behind with an indifferent look upon his face.

"I guess this will have to do then Kon. And I had so hoped you would come on the Tunnel of Love with me." He gives me a jokingly seductive look and leans closer.

"If you get scared I don't mind you clinging on to me."

I know he's just winding me up so I ignore him and concentrate on the zombies now pretending to attack the car. This, however, was a relatively bad idea. The ride was far more realistic than I had anticipated and I quickly found myself curling inwards. Observing my discomfort, Tala put his arm around my shoulders just as a massive hairy monster practically ate me.


Oops, how embarrassing. Apart from screaming like pathetic girl I also buried my head into the red-heads chest. Too late to save myself now, I think I'll just stay here, it's surprisingly comfortable and his scent reminds me slightly of Kai's. I see a flash out of the corner of my eye and I look up to see a sign saying 'Smile, your picture has just been taken!'

"That could be a nice keep-sake." Tala winks in my direction as I extract myself from his arms and look hopefully towards the end of the ride. We finally stop and I pelt from the cart only to be stopped be a firm grip on my arm. Tala pulls me towards me and whispers in my ear. He lets go of my arm and kisses me on the cheek as I stagger from the ride. 'Stay away from Kai' he said. Did he really expect me to listen to him? Hmph. I'm not giving up on Kai so easily!

I walk to the exit where the rest of the team have gathered outside the photo booth.

"Ha! Look at us Tyson, we look scared out of our minds!"

"We're such idiots! But look at Kenny! He's practically fainted!"

I see mine and Tala's photo appear at the end and I can feel my cheeks burning.

"What the…"

I see that the others have noticed it as well. It shows my clinging onto Tala's shirt while snuggled in his chest. His expression can only be described as smug as his arm is affectionately around me. The guys look curiously at it as I quietly sneak of to avoid confrontation only to be met by Kai as I attempt to leave.

"Oh, erm, Kai… I feel I should explain…"

He ignores me and just grabs my wrist as Tala did earlier. This poor wrist is going to be red-raw later! He half-drags me across the park and I can't help wondering what he plans to do. Is he going to beat me up and leave me in the middle of the dodgem ring? Is he going to drown me in the log flume? Even worse, is he going to confess his love for Tala? Oh dear, I hope not.

As I'm not paying attention where we are going, it comes as a huge surprise when I look up to find myself being pushed into a swan shaped boat. Kai follows me on and it starts drifting along through a tunnel with 'Tunnel of Love' posted over the top.

"Kai! Wha-?"

He cuts my words off as he gently leans in and gives me a small peck on the lips.

"This is what you wanted wasn't it?"

I look at the disgustingly sickening surroundings of dancing hearts and quite scary-looking cupids and answer honestly.

"No. This is the cheesiest ride I've ever been on. It's tackier than one of Grandpa's shirts."

A small smile appears on Kai's lips as he once again leans in to kiss me, but he lingers longer this time. I don't care where we are, Kai is showing affection even after all this Tala business and there's no way I would stop him now! He seems to be going slowly, possibly out of uneasiness but I respond rather enthusiastically by grabbing the back of his head and bringing him much closer. He gets the hint and our lips passionately lock as he gently pushes me down. My back hits the cold, hard plastic of this vile swan we're riding as Kai leans lustfully over me.

"Ray, I…"

He cuts himself off this time by lowering himself back onto my mouth. I can't help but be incredibly turned on by this position. Kai's knee is in between my legs, edging ever closer to my groin… it's taking all my self control to not react, especially with our tongues entwined and every part of our bodies touching as possible. He slowly shifts all his weight onto one arm and begins caressing my chest with the other one. He slowly unfastens the clasps on my shirt and slides his cold hand up my bare torso. I gasp at the icy touch but it's in no way uncomfortable, it is quite pleasant against my warm skin. We have never really got much further than this in these 'personal encounters' mainly due to the fact that I wouldn't let Kai betray Tyson. Now Tyson was well out of the picture it felt different, like Kai was letting out all of the passion he had held in for so long. He was kissing me so aggressively my lips are bound to be swollen for days, his hand is also slowly travelling downwards…

"Kai!" I gasp as he reaches the waistband of my trousers.

This doesn't put him off as he begins to undo my buttons. He teases the sensitive skin on my belly before painfully slowly travelling downwards until he –

"Would the passengers in boat 4 please refrain from being intimate while on the ride. Thank you."

Ah… In our moment of passion we seemed to have forgotten where we were… Opening my eyes after that extremely passionate session I realise we are still, in fact, in the painfully colourful love ride. My ears which were previously filled with the sound of my heart pounding away is replaced by cheesy music which wouldn't sound out of place in a porn film. Kai sighs and, knowing I won't carry on now, pushes himself up and slumps against the back of the seat.

I regain my breath and follow suit. I glance sideways to meet crimson eyes which causes blood to pump from cough elsewhere to my face. His eyes trail down my body to my crotch where they linger for a moment.

"You may want to make yourself more presentable Ray."

I also look down to see my shirt open as well as my trousers undone and slowly sliding down. I'm sure my face is a colour which could rival Tala's hair as a rapidly adjust the clothing Kai so wonderfully messed up.

The ride stops a few minutes later and I bluster out feeling highly embarrassed. I catch Kai out of the corner of my eye, giving the ride attendant a look which says 'Yes, I was very close to participating in sexual activities on your ride.' What a cocky bastard. He's walking way too slowly for my liking so I rush back, take his hand and hurry onwards to find our team mates. I'm out of breath within a few moment and I slump over on the spot when I realise I have no idea where we are. Kai stands next to me and gives my hand an encouraging squeeze, still interlocked with mine. Still with that annoying arrogant grin on his face he begins to walk slowly forward pulling me behind before I compose myself and speed up to walk beside him.

It's quite romantic, just walking along, holding hands while on a date (sort of). It's just like I thought it should be. Me and him, him and me… that swarm of Bladebreakers running towards us…

"Where were you?! We looked everywhere!"

I look down at the Tyson, now slumped over and panting, shortly followed by Max.

"Oh, we… erm…"

"Went for a walk." Kai said in a matter-of-factly way.

"Oh… ok then." Max looks a little unconvinced but then directs a wink at me. I smirk, much like Kai was doing.

Tala strolls up to us with an evil expression upon his brow and looks down at where our hands are linked. He snatches my hand away from Kai's and growls:

"Kon, I need to speak to you."

I whimper in reply but it does nothing to stop him forcefully dragging me away. I look behind me to Kai who looks frustrated but does nothing to help me as I am over-powered by the foreign beyblader. He finally stops down a small alley between the 'Happy pizza time' restaurant and the 'Ahoy pirates!' gift shop. Upon stopping, he grabs my shirt collar and slams me against the brick wall. I wince as he prevents me from sliding down the wall in pain.

"Do you not recall what I said to you earlier?"

Fire burns within his eyes as his furious face comes ever closer to mine. Jesus Christ I'm going to die!

To be continued…
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