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Wrong Number?



It had been a typical evening for Uzumaki Naruto – training for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then some more. Jiraiya was such a slave driver… almost up there at the levels which Naruto had seen Gai and Lee perform back in Konoha, no sweat. While Jiraiya was a very lazy and perverted hermit who stole Naruto's life-savings every now and then (cough, make that every week), he was a perfectionist when concerning with Naruto's training – if Naruto failed to match up to his expectations the first time, then he was blessed with double the amount of work he had before the second time around. Albeit such a method brought out the colorfully linguistic side of Naruto, it did pay off very well nonetheless regardless of Naruto's foul comments. The resulting reward was one of astounding growth; it had only been a year since he had left Konoha with this ero-sennin on this trip, and already Naruto had doubled in chakra capacity and power! In response, Naruto only gave a shit-eating fox smirk whenever he thought of how strong he might become after the two remaining years have passed. I'll be so awesome, so that Sasuke-bastard will eat my dust and everyone will see how powerful I am! Heheh, I can't wait. Needless to say, Naruto was very respectful (surprisingly) as well as thankful in many aspects whether he showed it or not, and in return Naruto had become somewhat of a prized student to Jiraiya now – a student with capacity to match the Yondaime in spades. Although…

At times like now, when he had just pushed his body through the limits of hell itself, Naruto could not help but to curse at whatever kami that decided it was O.K. to make his life hell, and also at his mentor for putting him up to such hellish method. Who the hell came up with the idea of hopping one legged up and down the cliff with a fucking boulder strapped to their backs! Damn…

It wouldn't have been half as bad… if he hadn't had to repeat the exercise on each limb 100 times in a row. Fuck you, stupid Sannin. And fuck you too, kami.

Almost dead from the extreme-training-course-which-will-be-the-death-of-him-someday, Naruto had stumbled back into the small Inn which the traveling pair had stayed for the past two months. When a particularly painful sensation ran through his taxed legs, all Naruto wanted from the world was a hot, steamy bath… but alas, since when had the world ever listen to his wishes?

Never, that's when.

He had breathed a deep, shuddering sigh as pain slightly intensified as he walked up the stairs into his room, wishing nothing more than to just… make the pain go away. I really want to kill that bastard hermit… making ME run while he's sitting around and loitering with his freaking 'novel'! Why I oughta just burn that piece of shit and stick it to his face just for kicks. That brought up another spontaneous thought in the young blond. Say, where is that pervert? Oh well, Naruto could careless about what his guardian did at night – in fact; he did not want to know. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good for the sanity of the mind. Despite having had two perverted teachers in the past, Naruto had not sunk to their level… yet. Something I can actually thank the kami, for once.

Naruto's random train of thought continued on as he dragged his tired body into his room, his unconsciousness guiding the young blond's body towards the center of comfort. Although, despite having his gut-feeling or what some people may refer to as the 'sixth-sense' being shot through the roof in comparison to what he had before, Naruto had no premonitions about events that were about to take place in this very room. Life altering events, to say the least… and yet Naruto remained clueless as ever.

Or maybe it wasn't that Naruto was unprepared for the weird events that were about to take place, but it was the fact that event itself came in a package of normalcy which people wouldn't spare a glance twice at; a telephone.

Yes, everything started with a single phone.

Naruto, being the unskilled cook he is, decided he should order take-out for his famished belly – after a hot shower, of course. His muscles needed the utmost relaxation right now, and that was number-one priority. After a 10-minute of heavenly relaxation inside the tub, Naruto climbed out reluctantly with only a towel around his waist, and slowly dragged his somewhat-refreshed body out into the open of the cool air of the main room of the inn. Hmm, I'm thirsty, he thought with a sense of detachment, absently noting that the sun had already gone down. He briefly wondered if his sensei was going to want some dinner when he came back from wherever he was – but discarded the thought as briefly as it popped up. Whatever. It's not like I'm gonna wait for that pervert to come home – he's probably stuffing his stomach right now! Geez…what a pig. Gahh, I'm hungry already. Naruto absently picked up a Magazine which was piled up on the sofa, and started looking for some good take-out he could devour. Hmm, Chinese sounds good… or maybe sushi? Naruto stiffened at the name. He had had a bad oyster, which made him go to bathroom for months, with Jiraiya laughing at him all the way throughHe had no wish for a repeat of that incident. My stomach still hurts from that oyster. Ok, Chinese it is.

Naruto lazily laid his body across the sofa, content at having some comfort for his sore muscles, and decided that he was too lazy to walk all the way across to the other side of the room, where the phone sat innocently. I guess it's time for some chakra-exercise. Mentally grinning, Naruto flicked his right index finger at the receiver, his chakra shooting out as he did so. This was a poor imitation of Kankuro's genuine Kugutsu no Jutsu, the Puppet Technique, but it got the job done – Naruto utilized it mainly to snatch objects at a distance, rather than to control. While Naruto's aim was impeccable (since all you had to do was point your fingers), he still wasn't very good at maintaining a steady connection – presumably because of his unstable chakra control. Bleh. It's still good for snatching back my wallet from the bastard, so who am I to complain?

With a slightly audible snap, the chakra string connected – then as if on que, Naruto reeled his chakra back like a skilled fisherman. Hook, line and sinker. Naruto briefly wondered if that was the correct saying, before he faced the phone which was on direct collision course with his head. Stay on task. Naruto now flicked his left pinky at the receiver, snatching it in mid-air and pulling it into his hands. And ladies and gentlemen, Uzumaki Naruto has succeeded. He mentally bowed to his invisible audiences, taking in all the glory like a statue made of gold. Oh yeah, I'm cool.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, the ancient evil snorted.

With a satisfied smirk, Naruto proceeded to happily dial the number to "The Blue Rooster", already salivating at the proposition of a meal. I want some pork chop… chow mein sounds good too. Yeah, let's get both. Too bad none of them serve ramen though – I would give anything for a pork ramen right about now. His mind completely focused on his meal, Naruto patiently waited for the line to connect all the while mulling over what he should eat. Ah, there you go.

"Ah, Hi. This is room 202 of the Iwagaki Inn, and I'd like some chow mei-"

"Hello, you have reached the Goddess Technical Help Line!"


Meanwhile, Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin wandered about the streets of Iwagaki aimlessly, looking for… research materials. Hmph, I rightfully deserve this at least – I spent all day training that brat! His conscious gnawed in his mind at that thought, screaming "You left him there to die!" which was promptly smothered ruthlessly with frightening ease. After all, Jiraiya's moral conscious was not much to look at; for over 50 years, it had endured cruel beating from Jiraiya's cruel mental beating in efforts to shut it up for all eternity. Unfortunately for Jiraiya, it held on, though by now it was no more than a mere whisper in the wind in the vast moral perversity in which Jiraiya thrived.

Walking along, his keen eyes absorbed every details about the streets – people's clothing, shop signs, etc etc… but most importantly above all, women. Fat women, short women, slender women, so and so forth… the list went on. Inwardly, Jiraiya's perverted persona decided to stick out its ugly head into the world, gracing the mankind (or in this case, the womankind) with its perverted presence. Not surprisingly, his lips stretched into what could only be described as 'creepy'; Jiraiya apparently did not care for public appearances. Of course not. Why? Because I am the Great Frog Hermit of the Mount Myouboku! Gahahahah! Luckily for the general public, he kept his thoughts inside his head.

Then uncharacteristically, a brief worry came over him as the thought of his current student entered his mind. Usually, Jiraiya did not worry (or care) about Naruto's health, since he knew for a fact that the boy was more than resilient enough to withstand anything thrown at him – thanks to his special tenant, as well as the boy's surprisingly patient nature for hard work.

But tonight, something seemed amiss.

I wonder what it is? Jiraiya was a person who weighed much on his personal gut feelings, as they were usually correct. His combat ability also relied much on his gut feelings, for he was a seasoned warrior who became stronger as his instincts and intuitions were honed with his battle field experience. So naturally, Jiraiya was not too quick to dismiss his spontaneous concern over his charge. After all, there must have been a reason for his worry, right? Well, I guess while climbing a cliff one-legged with a boulder strapped to his back is enough to warrant some worry. Should I go and check on him? That's when he was graced with the presence of a beautiful albino lady, wrapped in purple kimono laced with sakura petals, her exotic blue eyes winking at him in a flirtatious manner. Almost immediately, his concern for his young apprentice evaporated like a snowball in hell.

Heheheh, I wonder what her name is…


What the hell?

Naruto stared at the phone as if it had spat on his face. Did she just say 'Goddess Technical Help'? What the heck is that? Then Naruto noticed that the person on the other line was still speaking.

"…We will be there in just a moment to grant your Access Request. Please hold for a moment-"

Naruto decided it was a good idea to cut off whoever was on the other line. "Oh I'm sorry; I think I've dialed the wrong number. Good day." Click. He pushed the End button, effectively cutting off the conversation. Goddess technical help? Is that something for the air conditioner? Bleh, I bet it was one of those telemarketers. Bah… Oh well, I tried to be polite. That was another thing. Even if he didn't like it, Naruto learned the art of etiquette during his travels along the town – mostly out of pure necessity, seeing that his boisterous and hyperactive attitude warranted more problems than both Jiraiya and Naruto needed.

Plus, it was a life-saver when women from the bath house tried to put off Naruto as a pervert right along with the old hermit. That was totally unacceptable. I ain't gonna be beaten for something that pervert did – no way in hell! Momentarily pushing that thought aside, he sighed as his stomach grumbled in unhappiness. Shit, I still didn't order my chow mein… gah, stupid telemarketers. Determined to get a take out, Naruto flipped through the book again, looking for another suitable restaurant to call.

That's when he heard the weirdest noise of all.

Swirling noise of wind suddenly rushed out of the bathroom, howling in its path until it was met with Naruto's bewildered face. What now…? Somebody had just appeared in that bathroom… Naruto felt it. Could it be an intruder? Perhaps an assassin? Such possibilities were slim, but not all that impossible. Can it be the Akatsuki…? Impossible, Jiraiya said they would not be mobile until two years later. But then again, who guaranteed the validity of Jiraiya's information? He could have been misled, or maybe both Naruto and Jiraiya were walking right into an intricate plan that was all laid out even before Naruto knew of their existence. Well, whatever it is… what the hell is it doing in the bathroom?

The last thing Naruto expected was an indignant squeal, accompanied by a loud crash.

"Eeeeek! Why is the floor so wet!"

What the fuck?

Now dumbfounded, Naruto slowly reached for his weapon pouch and took out a kunai, and an explosion tag. One can never be too careful. Then with a cautious step, he stealthily moved towards the entrance of the bathroom, while holding onto the hem of the towel to keep it from falling off of his waist. What the heck is going on…?

Then from the darkness of the bathroom, a girl emerged.

No, a woman, he corrected. With flowing midnight hair which glistened under the soft glow of the lamp, the woman possessed an unearthly aura of holiness – it was as if she were an angel incarnated. Her clothing were exotic, a kind which Naruto had never seen before in his life. She appeared to stand a good 3 inch taller than him, yet she still held childish quality about her. The woman's eyes shone in orange-ish brown light, dancing with annoyance and pain from her apparent fall. But the most prominent feature about her was the circular markings on her forehead and next to her eyes, not unlike the whisker like- birth marks he himself possessed on his cheeks. Who…?

Then Naruto almost burst laughing right there and then, seeing a huge bump protruding from her head. Her expression one of slight anger and annoyance, she glared at the snickering blond for a moment before blushing slightly and turning away, noticing his lack of clothing. Naruto noticed almost the same time as she did, and he hastily jumped behind the sofa for cover. Trying to cover his embarrassment, Naruto yelled "Who the heck are you!" over his shoulder, peaking over the rim of the sofa at this girl who had appeared out of nowhere.

At this, the strange woman broke out into a radiant smile.

"Ah, good evening!" She slightly rubbed the bump on her head, wincing slightly as she did so, but she never lost her smile. "My apologies for not introducing myself sooner. I am," The woman swirled her exotic clothing in an exuberant manner, bowing slightly as she did so. "Skuld, Goddess First Class, Category Two with Unlimited License! Nice to meet you, Uzumaki Naruto!"

At this, Naruto stared at her as if she had sprouted wings and proclaimed herself the next Orochimaru.

When she received no response other than the deer-in-the-headlight stare, the woman who introduced herself as Skuld puffed up her cheek slightly, but soon regained her beautiful smile. She then took out a card from somewhere within her clothes, and then walked over to the sofa where the young blond was still staring at her with something akin to 'What the hell is going on here!' written all over his face.

"Here's my card, by the way." Now amused, Skuld placed the card on top of Naruto's urchin hair which slid off his hair and onto the wooden floor.

Finally, after a moment of prolonged silence between them, Naruto choked out a single sentence which accurately summed up all the thoughts which ran through his head since her arrival. "Who the hell are you…?"

Skuld now appeared to be annoyed once more, her eyes rolling upwards. "Didn't I just introduce myself? Geez, I mean, I kind of knew that you were somewhat on the slow side, but this is just too-" Naruto decided he had heard enough. "That's not what I mean, you stupid onna!" Skuld twitched at the term. "What the hell were you doing in my bathroom? On top of that, how the hell did you get in here! I didn't even sense you until you were in there… either my senses have dulled to the point of being retarded, or you were in here the whole time… which I highly doubt, in both cases." Here, Naruto paused to take a breath.

The woman's eyes which had developed a tick twitched madly as her slender form trembled, and Naruto palpably felt the anger roll out of her. Whoa, what'd I say? Then as if to announce the arrival of a great storm, the weird girl fell to her knees, while her anger dissipated in matter of moments. Only thing left was sadness, which confused Naruto to no end – but he knew one thing, and he also knew that he had to do his best to prevent it from happening. He chanted in his mind, fearful of what may take place in the next moments, Oh shit oh shit ohshitohshitohshit-

She sniffed.

The girl fell forward sobbing with sadness, making Naruto groan. Naruto now gripped his head in frustration, frantically wondering what the hell he had done to make her cry. I didn't do anything, I swear! Why is she crying? Then miraculously, the girl's sobbing ceased as abruptly as she had started it.

When Skuld lifted her head, she had a fox-grin that was all too familiar to the Jinchuuriki, and said a smug, "Psyche."

Once again, Naruto stood frozen, but this time, he was the one who started trembling. She dare make a fool of me! The Master of the Pranks? Oh she will get her due… At his enraged expression, Skuld's melodious laughter rang out and silenced the teen's rage as if he was doused in a bath water, soothing his mind like a mother's lullaby.

"Sorry, sorry. I just couldn't help it! Besides, you really deserved that one – I mean, you called me stupid!" Skuld said with a genuine laughter, making hand gestures as she went. "You called me, The Great Skuld who governs the Future, stupid! Oh the audacity of mortals, I'll never understand…" She shook her head as if to contemplate upon her favorite past time, which ticked off Naruto for some reason. Then it hit him like a brick – that was a gesture Jiraiya made often, when addressing Naruto's dislike to perversion. Jiraiya would say that he'll never understand why Naruto would want to refuse, and then make that exact same pose. What the…

Skuld continued to take the lead in the conversation, speaking as if she hadn't been crying a minute before. "So, Uzumaki Naruto. Like I've mentioned before, I am Skuld, Goddess First class with Unlimited License." Winking at Naruto, Skuld continued with what appeared to be her introductory statement. "I am here by your access request to the Yggdrasil computer, in which I will grant you a wish." She paused as if to make a point. When Naruto opened his mouth to speak of his confusion, Skuld once again stepped in as if she were waiting to cut him off. "One wish and one wish only. And no, none of that wishing for million more wishes; that's cheating." Childishly sticking out her tongue, Skuld playfully blew a raspberry at the blond teen.

Naruto couldn't take the confusion anymore and finally cracked. "What the hell are you talking about? Wishes? Goddesses? Are you mental or something?" He accentuated his point with a gesture of mental insanity with his index finger. Then his attitude quickly turning sympathetic, Naruto asked, "Do you want me to call the hospital for you?"

Skuld calmly waited for the denial stage to pass. It's the same thing with every human… even Keiichi was like this at first. "No, I am not mental. And no, you're not mental either. Like I said, I am a Goddess, and I will grant you one wish. It is as simple as that – whatever you wish for, it will come true." With her index finger, she poked Naruto's forehead as if chiding him. She continued, "If you wished for the destruction of the world, it will be done. If you wished for immortality, it will be done. Basically, whatever you want." When Naruto opened his mouth again, Skuld replied before he could speak. "And I'm still not mental. Geez, get it through your head!" With an annoyed wave of her hand, Skuld made an 'hmph' noise. When Naruto tried to speak again, she cut him off again. "Yes, if you wished that you were taller, then you will become taller. Do you understand yet?"

This time, Naruto's jaws fell on the floor.

She read my mind? What is this, a bloodline limit? Alarmed, Naruto instinctively held up his forgotten Kunai in a defensive position, while making sure that his towel wasn't falling off. I keep forgetting about that, dang it. It's embarrassing enough already…

With a heavy sigh, Skuld slowly walked towards the blond teen. "Calm down, you're not gonna fight with that thing." When Naruto made no gesture to comply with her request, Skuld couldn't help but to exhale an exasperated sigh. Ohhh, how does Belldandy cope with this kinda thing! "Look Uzumaki, I'm just here to do business with you, alright? Don't get so worked up about it." Skuld lifted her hands in a gesture of surrender, and Naruto finally lowered his weapon when she had done so.

"…Whatever. I still don't believe you by the way. I mean, I bet there were people before me who you've granted wishes to, and you said you can grant any wish, right? So then, why aren't there immortal people running around, or why isn't the world destroyed already? I bet at least one of them would make that kind of a wish." Naruto nodded, satisfied with his logic. At his reasoning, Skuld grinned slightly before she launched into explanation.

"Heh, but you see little Naruto. We do not grant wishes to everyone – only to certain individuals who will not abuse the chance." Skuld smirked when the teen fumed at the emphasized word. No doubt the teen was angry from her provocation – but that was fine with her. As long as he makes his wish… then I can go home! Skuld felt slightly giddy at the prospect of getting this over with as fast as possible.

I am not little, Naruto thought with some righteous conviction.

"No, I'm sure you aren't short at all. But what can I call a person who is three inches shorter than I other than little?" Skuld's smug insult did not go very well for the blond, as he literally fumed with anger. "Quit doing that! Don't you know that it's improper to invade other people's thoughts, you stupid onna!" With a smug satisfaction, Naruto observed the girl twitch at his name calling.

"You little brat, I'll show you who's improper!"

"Oh yeah? Let's go stupid, I'll take you down!"

Both stood seething at each other, ready to throttle one another at moment's notice. Then, realizing how foolish she must have looked to Kami-sama, Skuld had the decency to blush at her immature behavior. Oh kami, what the heck am I doing? Sighing once more, Skuld put her face in her hands with some resignation seeping into her form.

"Okay, just… I did not come here to argue with you," Brat. It was on the tip of her tongue, but Skuld managed to bite it off."I came here to grant you… a wish. So, I will do so, and you will get whatever you wish for, and I will go home. Sounds like a deal?" Flashing a tired grin, Skuld walked over to a chair and sat with a bored expression on her face.

Naruto, unsure as to how to respond, just stood there scratching his head. Twisting his features into a scowl, he reluctantly replied. "Uhm… whatever. I can't believe I'm going along with this," Shaking his head in amusement, Naruto bit off the part about Skuld being need to be put in a straight jacket and thrown into an asylum. "…but I will. Just… let me get my clothes." Blushing slightly, Naruto excused himself for a moment as he retreated into his small room, casting a cautious glance at the strange girl who just nodded in response and sat with boredom.

Hmm, what a weirdo, Naruto thought anxiously, curious as to what this beautiful girl with a foul temper had wanted. There has to be a catch to all this… I wonder what her intensions are.

Zipping up his toned-down version of his old jump suit, Naruto headed back out into the one of the most confusing night of his life.


Belldandy was quite worried.

As she stood on top of her majestic quarter's balconies, Belldandy mused upon past happenings.

It had been almost a few centuries since her time on Earth, in which were the happiest times in her life as a Goddess. It seems like yesterday when Keiichi and I've met… She mused with some sadness, recalling the happier times. Since then, Belldandy and everyone else had returned to Heaven, and thus back to their duties and responsibilities. Unexpectedly, after her experiences on Earth Belldandy was promoted from Goddess First Class, Category Two with Unlimited License to Goddess First Class, Category One with Unlimited License, which concerned with governing of the Goddess Technical Help Center, or rather, the wish-granting department. Now instead of field work, Belldandy regulated the assignments coming in and taught the inexperienced Goddesses in wish-granting.

Needless to say, it had been quite busy.

But what surprised her more than her promotion was the profession Skuld chose at her stage of maturity, when all of the Goddesses chose a profession in which they will devote their eternity towards.

"I would like to be a Wish-Granting Goddess, or specifically, in the department of the Goddess Technical Help Center," Skuld had said boldly in front of the audiences around her. It was during her time of Maturation Ceremony, which was watched by all of the high-elders as well as Kami-sama, who watched over the proceedings. After a moment of silence, one of the high-elders had stood and spoke his disagreement.

"I believe that Skuld's area of expertise was in the Department of Technology; I think everyone here can attest to that," There were few nod of heads at his mention. He asked Skuld, "Why the sudden change of interest?"

At the inquiry, Skuld slightly lowered her eyes, and said "What I've felt and seen on Earth… is what changed my course. I have seen many sufferings, and I would like to devote myself to the help of sufferings of others." At her reply, the high-elder sat with a satisfied nod.

After a moment of silence, the rumbling voice of Kami-sama reverberated throughout the walls of Heaven. "Your request is accepted, Skuld. Now, you are to be promoted to Goddess First Class, Category Four with Unlimited License. You are now to transfer to the department of Wish-Granting."

Throughout the proceedings, Belldandy had watched her younger sister with pride, overjoyed that her little sister would choose her heart over her desires. Skuld always had a beautiful heart. Now her singing is one of the most acclaimed in the Heaven as well. At this, Belldandy's heart swelled with pride at her sister's accomplishments. I'm so proud of you Skuld.

From there on, Skuld had worked her way up the ladder, performing with absolute excellence throughout her career.

If so, Belldandy should not be worried, right?

But this is her first field job as a wish-granter, Belldandy worried with much concern. I hope she'll do well… Even though Belldandy had decided to give Skuld a relatively easy job, she still couldn't help but to worry. Ah, that reminds me of my time on Earth… Topic of field job brought back memories of Earth once more, along with a person who she held very, very close to her heart. Immediately, her normally bright and cheerful mood dampened.

Keiichi… oh how I miss you. Then as if planned, a pallid hand softly grasped her hands sooth her unease. Holy Bell… thank you very much. The angel kindly smiled back in return, her angelic wings fluttering in unspoken reply.

Her thoughts returning to her little sister, Belldandy whispered words of encouragement before she slowly turned and returned inside.


Skuld slightly whistled her favorite song, as she waited for her first customer to finish changing.

I can't believe my rotten luck… Skuld grumbled, annoyed that she got such a brat as her first assignment. What was Belldandy thinking, giving her such an annoying person who didn't even remotely seem miserable for her first assignment? The boy seemed fine enough. Fine indeed, A slight blush found its place on her cheeks, staining pink over her smooth, pallid skin. Why don't people wear clothes these days? Even if it's their home, they should at least have some shame. Skuld wondered why the administration office had chosen this boy as a recipient for Goddess Technical Help.

Since one way or another, the recipients were always lacking something that completes the equation, be it emotional of physical.

The Goddess Technical Help system was there to compliment their lack of completion – if they were worthy of it, of course. The only condition was that recipients had to be pure of heart. But, there was a restriction to this system - the recipient had to choose his or her own wish, which meant that he or she needed to decide what they were lacking for themselves. It was a process designed to flush out the unworthy, and rewarding only the most deserving. The reward can be incalculable, but in the same sense, wrong choice can bring incalculable consequences. Some who made the wrong choice spent the rest of their lives in hollow misery, never to be completed with what compliments their very self.

But hey, at least they got a chance, Skuld thought defensively.

So if the boy was not lacking, then why was she here? Hmm, I wonder… is this an issue of his heart? Now curious, Skuld sent out her power to sense the blond boy's heart, to peak into his very core and self.

What she found startled her to no end.

There, at the center of the innocent looking teen, was a malevolent crimson core pulsing with destructive dark energy. Its aura darker than blood, the presence emanated by the core chilled Skuld to the bones. This kind of evil… I haven't seen anything like it before… The pulsing energy seemed to exceed even the power of the top ranking Valkyries of the Heaven with frightening ease, and Skuld who stood before the energy felt infinitely dwarfed. Then another startling discovery made its way toward her brain. T-this is a suppressed form! The energy was suppressed and it was still exhibiting such phenomenal energy! What could hold such enormous power without self-consummation? The power fascinated Skuld, yet frightening her at the same time. The only energy signature that was remotely similar with the power was Demonic power, but it was still too powerful to be demonic.

Such horrifying power… what is it doing in the belly of a child?

So entrapped in her analysis, Skuld did not hear the blond come back outside, and taking out a chair from the table to sit directly across from her.

"Hey, annoying onna. So I'm here." Naruto did not miss the expression of concentration on Skuld's face which disappeared as she recognized his presense. I wonder what she was thinking about... It's not fair, that mind-reading thingy should be two ways! Mentally pouting, he waited for the predicted response to his gibe at her, but none came. Instead, Skuld asked in a serious tone, "Why do you have a… demon inside your belly?"

For the second time that day, Naruto froze in horror.

Skuld patiently waited for an answer, her orange eyes boring into the shocked blue eyes of the blond teen. Tell me, Skuld's eyes said. Why? Naruto's eyes stared back at her orange eyes, and then replied in a fearful response, why do you want to know?

Because I… Skuld's eyes faltered, not being able to find a suitable reason to answer the teen's question. Taking the chance, the blond's eyes averted quickly, his face hidden in the shadows of his blond urchin hair.

"How the hell did you know…?" Naruto growled out, his words laced in disbelief and anger. But his next words were filled with so much hate and resentment, that Skuld shivered at the sheer emotion within the words. "Even more so, why would you care, anyway?" Naruto felt bitter inside, knowing that no sane person will come close to him after knowing his secret. "Aren't I just a worthless demon vessel? Are you here to kidnap me or assassinate me?" They're all the same… that is why it must stay a secret. He knew he wasn't being fair, but he knew he was right; Iruka-sensei, Jiraiya and Tsunade-baba were the sole exception to his philosophy, yet Naruto did not feel all that encouraged in publicizing his secret to his friends. Even my comrades will turn their backs on me… what difference does it make? What difference does this onna make? With much force, Naruto bit out his next words. "Get out." Naruto was fully ready to kick her out, but one action prevented him from doing so.

Skuld had pulled him into a passionate embrace, sobbing softly.

Why… is she hugging me? Even knowing that I am a Jinchuuriki, she would still touch me? Confusion flooded Naruto's mind as he tried to comprehend the meaning of this action. How can this be? It did not make sense to Naruto at all – all the accumulated experience throughout his life had shown him the same result with three exceptions. Almost in every single circumstances, Naruto was rejected – whether by the Ninja Society, or by the average citizens, or even by Haruno Sakura, who he had chased after for years. So how was it now, that this weird girl who just popped out of his bathroom today, who declared herself as a Goddess, is able to hug him with such passion, such acceptance? Who is she…?

Her soft sobs echoed through out the hotel, as she just held him between her arms, embracing him with all her heart. Poor soul, she cried in her mind. You have suffered so much… I'm so sorry, Naruto. Skuld could feel the incomprehensible sadness rolling off of the blond like tidal waves against the bedrocks, and it had saddened her endlessly. He suffered so much… and yet he still keeps a heart of gold and purity of the soul. Skuld's tears of sadness rolled down her cheeks, and onto Naruto's back, who sat still in her arms, unmoving. Who are you? You, who have the heart so warm and soul so pure that puts the very heaven into shame?

Rain poured outside as silence reigned supreme for the pair.


From the Yggdrasil's Main Chamber, Urd sat with an apprehensive expression on her face as she observed the happenings on the transparent screen.

So she found out, Urd logically concluded, as she saw her younger sister embrace the demon vessel. That boy… is of much importance. If he were to fall into the wrong hands… Urd shuddered at the mere suggestion of such possibility. She still had hard time believing that the Kyuubi – the most powerful of the Bijuu – was sealed inside the body of a mere blond teen of mid 14. A wish-Recipient too, no less! The situation was screwed up, needless to say – and Urd did not like any of it.

The Kyuubi was much like an X-factor, an entity that even the Heaven or Hell knew not much about. All the information that they had in the Yggdrasil Main Database, was that the first sightings had been during the beginning of time, when Yggdrasil was first constructed and when system of Heaven and Hell was being stabilized. The Kyuubi had existed along with eight others like it, but they had suddenly disappeared from the face of the universe for unknown reasons shortly after the stabilization of the Yggdrasil and Nifelhelm, almost omnipotent computer systems of Heaven and Hell, respectively.

And then just recently, the Bijuu have made their return.

Urd fought the urge to groan as she recalled the system anomaly which happened about half a century ago.

"Warning, extreme fluctuations in power detected on Earth: Coordinates X34584 Y09877," The Yggdrasil Celestial Computer System rang the emergency alarm, Class S, but apparently the pure data flow was too much for the system to handle and Yggdrasil had ultimately closed down temporarily. Urd clearly remembered the incident… because she was the one who ended up with the responsibility to fix the computer.

Sometimes, Urd wondered if she would get a break if she were gifted with less abilities.

The only compensation for Urd's troubles was Peorth's misfortune - she had been pissed at this information, and was stomping her foot every ten seconds while yelling at everyone and everything that stood in her way. It was pretty funny I suppose, if it wasn't for the situation.

The extreme power fluctuations that were detected on Earth were confirmed as Bijuu – or rather, the corporal materialization of Bijuu. They had basically materialized out of thin air using their supply of almost infinite energy, and then had taken the forms of earthly beasts – Ichibi being a raccoon, Nichibi being a cat, and so and so forth, up until Kyuubi being a fox. No one in Heaven or Hell knew the purpose of their forms, but some speculated that maybe the animals that were nearest to their materialization site were taken as the form of their corporal materialization.

Still, no one had the answer to their sudden appearance. Not even Yggdrasil had an answer for Bijuu's random appearances on Earth, but Yggdrasil did confirm that the Bijuu were traveling in a united pack through a time warp set to the present. Though, since materialization, the Bijuu had taken independent actions which were completely irrelevant towards each other. They just seemed to be wreaking havoc among the living, and the careful balance of power in the world started to shake and crumble under the fluctuation caused by the Bijuu. In response, Heaven and Hell had agreed to co-operate in order to seal the mysterious beings, and by doing so "muffle" the energy fluctuation emanating from the cores of each Bijuu. So both sides sent out their best warriors, cornering the Bijuu starting from the Ichibi and working their way up the number. The method they chose to use was locking them up in physical objects, where they will be held for an indefinite number of years until a better solution surface its head. But physical object couldn't hold a Bijuu with seven tails or more – and thus they were classified as Higher Bijuu for the time being. Unfortunately, there was no solution for the containment of the Higher Bijuu, not even a temporary one – and the mortal world was a sitting duck waiting to be shot point blank.

That was until, some of the humans in the era developed special, different sealing techniques which deviated from the Heavenly or Hellish methods – it incorporated the use of blood and ink, and a sacrifice of a life – in return for the sealing of the intended target. Thus, the final Bijuu – Kyuubi – had been captured and sealed – and that was almost 15 years ago, and the aftermath of that incident was sitting right inside that screen Urd was so intently looking at.

Scratching her chin, Urd fought the urge to frown as she observed the pair, wondering where the boy fits in this vast scenario of the Gods.

If my intuitions are correct, then the stakes are extremely high – too high of a price to pay if we were to fail… I hope Kami-sama knows what he's doing, for our sake.

Urd cut off the video feedback, and then stretched in her chair. She didn't even try to stifle the yawn that escaped her.

Time for a nap…………wait. Before that, I need some sake.


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