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Good luck or bad was all the same in the end. It was luck, and though Doumeki didn't think he felt that bad when he didn't have any, but he knew perfectly well that he'd been dying and should by all accounts be dead, and that it had felt terrible, and that misery was easily forgotten by people.

There were multiple types of luck, as many different types as there were people, Yuuko had once said. Doumeki had grown up believing there were only twelve types of luck, and usually he'd drifted between various sizes of blessing. Just because he lived at a shrine didn't mean he didn't have to spend money on fortune telling, but at least none of the papers hanging from the tree were his.

The last three times Doumeki had managed to drag himself outside it had been to see if 'no luck' would not maybe mean 'bad luck' after all. In all three situations something had happened. The first time no matter how hard the shrine maiden shook, no paper would come out of the box. They couldn't give him a fortune after opening the box of course. The second time a paper had come out but it had rolled on over the counter and on the floor and when Doumeki had tried to grab it the paper rolled into the mud and became useless. He couldn't get a second one, because the box had been tampered with once more.

The whole situation had been 'very unlucky' as one of the shrine maidens had said.

The third time he'd tried had been after his bath, with Yuuko on his heels. The third time Yuuko had watched with amusement how after a lot of struggling Doumeki finally had one of the papers in his hand and opened it.

The moment he unrolled it he cut his finger. It didn't even hit the ground before the wind swept it up. Yuuko had laughed.

She said that as long as there was no luck Doumeki would not be able to read his fortune, because there was no fortune for him to read. But she commended Doumeki on getting as far as holding the paper in his hand before it 'bit him'.

Doumeki's mind still took this as 'very horrifically bad luck', as the tokens in the shrine would say. Or should say. It was what the tokens in the shrine would have said.

Ever since he had his fate and future pushed back into him forcefully Doumeki hadn't felt like testing his twelve different types of luck yet. And then there was Watanuki.

Then there was Watanuki.

That boy should be a thirteenth category of luck altogether, Doumeki thought as he knocked on the door of the doctor's office.

"What did you do?" he asked immediately as he pulled the curtain aside.

Watanuki didn't remove the arm from his eyes. "I fell."

"He tripped." Himawari said concerned. "I didn't even see on what."

"Idiots don't need much." Doumeki remarked.

"Bastard." Watanuki ground out and removed his arm, revealing what would pretty soon be a very bruised cheek. The dark red and purple contrasted sharply with the boy's skin tone. But Watanuki looked well. The dark rims under his eyes were almost gone, losing the certain charm it created, but adding a new 'alive' and 'healthy boy my age' look. There was no white left, just that unnatural colour and that endless deep swirl of emotions. Doumeki caught himself staring the moment Himawari started talking.

"I have to go back to class." Himawari said smiling. "Thank you for looking after him, Doumeki, that is very kind of you."

Doumeki nodded.

"He doesn't have to!" Watanuki sneered after she'd left and fell back on the bed. "You can go now." He repeated to Doumeki.

Doumeki leant against the walls and crossed his arms. It was quite a pitiful sight to see really, Watanuki on the hospital bed. How can one boy get himself into that much trouble? It were times like these when he knew for sure the boy was in no danger –no immediate danger- that he considered these things. Watanuki had fallen during gym-class obviously, and probably tripped over nothing in an attempt to look at Himawari and participate in the sport of the day. Instead of having normal reflexes the boy had probably flailed his arms and landed flat on his face. Pitiful, really, that boy's luck in life.

"Walk home with me today." Doumeki said.

"What?" Watanuki turned on his side.

"After practise."


The school bell rang so Doumeki pushed off and made for the door.

"Ah! Fine don't speak, be high and mighty, see if I care!" Watanuki yelled after him. He seemed energetic enough today despite the fall. It was hard to get Watanuki down after all.

Doumeki heard a noise, he was sure of it. Getting our from under the water he listened again.

"Well?" he heard.

"Towel." He muttered, waving his hand in the general direction of where he left it.

"I am not your servant." Watanuki grumbled.

"Towel." Doumeki said again, hands scrambling rudely up Watanuki's chest until he got the towel in his face.

"Well?" Watanuki asked. "Why do you need me?"

"I want you to come to the shrine with me." Doumeki said, swung the towel over his shoulder and made his way to the clubhouse. Watanuki followed him, sulking along the way, and when Doumeki held open the door, stood fast outside muttering things like 'no interest in your body' and 'perverted'. But the waiting time was short and the walk back was short. There was almost no discussion and only two occasions where Doumeki had to prevent the boy from walking into somebody else.

It was busy at the shrine, because of the festival last week, and there were chimes and charms everywhere. The place was filled with middle-schoolers as well, at this time of day. Doumeki ignored everything and went straight to the fortune.

"Wait here." He said, handing over the money to a girl that had only started a little while ago and was as lovestruck with him as all the girls were in the beginning. She smiled long and hard at him and made sure to brush his fingers when she took it from him.

"Fortune telling? You want me to" Watanuki asked, genuinely surprised. "Wait- fortune telling? Are you insane?"

Doumeki frowned.

"I don't want to know how horrifically bad my luck is, and I especially do not need to know how blessed you are." He paused for a moment and added. "I do not appreciate the topic of luck."

"It's not for you." Doumeki said as he took the little paper that came from the box without incident.

Watanuki blinked and remained quiet as Doumeki unrolled it and read what it said.

"So, now what?"

"Nothing." Doumeki said. "You can go."

"That is what you dragged me here for? So you can have your fun, which you can have at any time of the day, since you live here!?" Watanuki yelled.

"You can make me tea." He offered.

"Like hell I will!" Watanuki huffed.

"You can make me dinner."

"How does your mind work? Honestly!"

"It's your day off, isn't it?" Doumeki asked.

"No!" Watanuki lied.

Doumeki ignored him and went inside, knowing the boy would follow eventually. Watanuki knew where he would be and knew where the kitchen was and despite his protests did not seem to mind making food. In fact, Yuuko had gone as far to tell Doumeki that Watanuki would bake everything double, so he could bring some to school.

When he didn't hear the boy following him directly, he assumed Watanuki went to get his fortune after all. He got rid of his uniform and put on something more comfortable and fitting. When he heard the boy stomping around the kitchen sometime later, he knew the fortune had been 'bad luck' for the boy.

It was a comforting thought.


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