The Helping Hand of Goddard

Chapter 1: The Problem with Love

"Hey, boy."

Goddard lifted his head, yipping softly in welcome and scampering over to his owner. Jimmy leaned down and stroked the robot dog's head, but there was no energy in the gesture. Goddard whined softly in confusion as Jimmy quietly trudged past him and slowly sank into his chair. With a soft whine the dog crept over to the boy genius. He gently nudged Jimmy's hand. He looked at his dog.

"I guess I'm making no sense to you, huh boy?" He laughed. "You're probably wondering why I'm moping around."

Goddard cocked his head to one side and woofed softly.

"It's Cindy. Remember her, boy?"

A soft whine.

"I knew you would. I'm so mixed up when it comes to her, Goddard."

Another whine. Goddard licked Jimmy's hand.

"I mean, between me and Timmy, I was the genius. I was the smart one. But… I wasn't acting like it. I was fighting. Over Cindy, Goddard! Of all people!"

Goddard blinked a couple times; despite what Jimmy seemed to believe, this wasn't news to him, but he listened anyway, wagging his tail encouragingly.

"And I… I said to Timmy that I liked her! I almost said that I loved her, Goddard!"

Goddard angled his head to one side. And this was new to him?

Jimmy sighed. After a moment, he leaned forward; punching a few keys on his keyboard, and Cindy's smiling face popped up. Jimmy studied her for a few minutes.

"I guess it was bound to happen, right Goddard? I mean, you can't save the world with someone numerous times and not fall for them, right?"

Goddard barked.

"I mean yeah, she was nice to me sometimes, but I was always wondering about Betty, you know? But then I just stopped wondering about Betty and started wondering about Cindy."

A screen opened on Goddard's chest: So what are you going to do about it?

"I don't know, Goddard." The young genius sank even lower into his chair, if that was possible, and gazed sadly at Cindy's face. "I just don't know."

I thought you were a genius. Goddard woofed softly in confusion.

"That's the problem with love, boy. You don't know when it's happened, and when it does, you don't know what to do about it." Jimmy sighed at Goddard's confused look. "I'm sorry, Goddard, but I don't know how to explain it, okay?"

Goddard blinked a few times, then after a while left the lab. He fell into thought.

Maybe I can help Jimmy. I should ask Cindy what she thinks… I mean, since he cares about her so much for some odd reason…

Goddard glanced back at his dejected owner as the door swung shut.

Jimmy deserves that much, at least. Knowing if Cindy likes him the way he likes her. Goddard took a deep breath. And I'll find out for him.


This is my first attempt at a JN chapter story, so please be kind! I do welcome constructive critisim; if you see something that you feel needs to be improved, please let me know!