Chapter 6: The Aftermath

Time ceased to exist.

For Jimmy and Cindy, days could have passed and they wouldn't have known it. Libby and Goddard exchanged amused looks in the safety of the shadows, unnoticed by the lab's two occupants.

Now what?

"Now nothing." Libby smirked. "We just watch, and wait."

Oh dear. That could take awhile.

"Knowing those two? Nah."

Goddard glanced up at her.

You sound quite certain.

"Hey, Sheen and I did the same thing they're doing right now."

Only, knowing you two, you probably pushed the PG-13 limit…

"I'm just going to ignore that comment."


A few stunned seconds after Libby and Goddard had finished their little exchange (having gone unnoticed by Cindy and Jimmy, unsurprisingly), Cindy and Jimmy pulled apart, gasping slightly. Cindy released Jimmy's lab coat and he stumbled back; both were positively star-struck. Cindy was somewhere off in La-La Land, and Jimmy… was wherever the heck he went when something of this magnitude happened to him.

"Um… whoa."

Jimmy rubbed his head. "What the heck was that?"

"Emotional buildup?" Cindy shrugged.

"One heck of one…"

"Hey, Neutron, I didn't hear you complaining!"

"Did I say I was?"

"… No…"

"Thank you."


They both jumped at that, turning at once. Libby stepped out of the shadows, smirking like a cat that had swallowed an extremely fat canary. Goddard padded to her side.

"Okay, so it isn't a confession, but close enough! You two finally locked lips!" Libby crowed. Goddard wagged his tail and barked happily.

"Libby… how long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough, girl, trust me."

Cindy blushed, edging slightly closer to Jimmy, and without really thinking about it the boy genius took her hand. They both jumped and blushed again, but they didn't pull apart.

Looks like love to be, Libs, Goddard flashed, and Libby's smirk widened. Cindy and Jimmy blushed even deeper, but still didn't pull away.

"Girl, you two ain't gonna be just friends!"

Cindy blinked, and her grip on Jimmy's hand tightened. "We aren't," she said without thinking. She looked uncertainly at Jimmy, realizing what she had said. He smiled at her.

"No, Libby, we aren't." His smile widened, and a small smile began to form on Cindy's face.

"Well, good! Because if you guys were thinking of being just friends after that little lip lock you two shared, well, you had another thing coming! Hey… hey! I am still talking to you! Jimmy! Cindy!"

Libby's rant went unnoticed by Cindy and Jimmy, more or less because Cindy's small smile had become a mischievous smirk, and gripping Jimmy she had pulled his lips to hers for a second time.

Goddard's tail wagged harder, and he exchanged amused looks with Libby.

Yes, everything's back to the way it used to be, Goddard thought contentedly, then glanced over again at Jimmy and Cindy. He blinked, angling his head to one side.

Well… maybe not everything.

The End


Awww... so cute!

Well, that's it. The end... my favorite chapter by far! The JC fluff...