Note: I love this pairing, anyone who's listened to me rant or read BNW probably knows that by now. So, here's yet another fic for them while I stare at BNW and try to come up with a sequel for it.

Warnings for entire fic: Expect angst, probably some sex in there somewhere (Can't write a fic without it…), violence, maybe a bit of blood. Gotta point out again that I hate the good guys, Yami especially, so they probably won't get good roles in here. I tend to turn Yami into a total bastard just because I don't like him.

Poor Twisted Me – Part 1

Bakura POV

This isn't even my problem. It has hardly anything to do with me, yet here I am stuck solving it. I don't want to be doing this, I'm going to get the shit kicked out of me. I wouldn't mind so much if I was actually gaining something by it, or if I knew I could fight back. But no, I can't hit back and what am I getting from all this? My good deed for the year? I know what I'm getting. I'm getting gratitude from Ryou and absolution from my debt, I hurt him. I have to pay for that, and this will stop the guilt for a few months. I shouldn't care, I never used to care. It's been years now, though, and he's not just a vessel anymore. He says we're brothers if anyone asks - he doesn't hate me at all. I wish he did, then I wouldn't have to do this. I owe him, though. I hate owing anything to anyone, but at least this will pay off some of my debt.

Ryou is seeing someone at the moment. He's been seeing them for five or six months, and to be honest they're not so bad. His name is Mokuba. He used to be this scrawny little kid who reminded me of what I used to be like when I still had a home and a family, and a village to keep it all in. He's seventeen now, and he's grown a lot taller than I ever did. Then again, I died young anyway, and being tall must run in his family or something. My light is twenty-one now, but I don't think the age difference matters to them because Mokuba is some kind of genius. They fit well together – Ryou is shy and quiet, but Mokuba drags him out and makes him enjoy himself, so I think it's a good thing. They seem to be happy enough, so I left them to it. Now, though, Mokuba wants my light to live with him. I wouldn't care, but they haven't told Mokuba's brother that they're seeing each other. They're afraid of him, they want me to do it. I said no, it's their problem and they should sort it out. Then Mokuba told me that his brother would not be happy, and he might hurt my light. I would kill him if he did, but I don't think that would have made them feel any better. I have to tell him, because I cannot let him hurt Ryou, and if he does decide to get violent it won't be anything new to me. I can't fight back because that would just make things worse, but I can take whatever that mortal hands me much better than my light would. I am not afraid of him, but I would still rather not be doing this. Things are complicated enough at the moment, Pharaoh is remembering things that happened between us a very long time ago. Every time I see him I know he wants to bring it up – if he does I'm going to be the one getting violent. I hate him, he should leave it at that.

So, I have two wonderful things to make my life that much more enjoyable. Seto Kaiba and the pharaoh. Right now, Seto Kaiba is the one I'm dealing with, standing outside his office waiting for him to let me in, glaring at his secretary. She looks like she wants to throw me out, but she can't because believe it or not I have an appointment. Mokuba made it for me – he really wants me to do this. It's his brother, but even Mokuba is nervous about how he'll react. I don't see what they're so scared of, he's only mortal.

That bitch of a secretary finally tells me to go on in, and I do as she says, thinking about the time when I would have just killed her for looking at me like that.

Seto Kaiba's office is huge, there's no way he needs this much space. It's probably to intimidate his underlings or something. I stalk inside and close the huge doors behind me, standing near them and folding my arms, glaring over at him. He's sat behind his desk, typing away on that damned laptop of his and completely ignoring me for the moment. At this point if I were someone like Jounouchi, I'd start yelling at him. Since I'm not an idiot, I simply wait for him to stop playing games with me. If he doesn't acknowledge my presence in the next three minutes I'm going to just turn around and walk out – let them do their own dirty work. I'm sure Kaiba would hate not knowing what I came here for.

I stare at the dark blue carpet and the big window for the next few minutes, feeling my rage-meter building. He might get away with this with the mortals, but I am the king of thieves. He should be the one standing meekly by the door, waiting until it's convenient for me to notice him.

Finally I get sick of waiting, and instead of demanding his attention so that he can more pointedly ignore me, I turn around and reach for the door handle. I don't care about this any more, I'm going to go get drunk or something. Screw Kaiba and his stupid games, let him sit here in this oversized office and die of curiosity over what I wanted.

I get about as far as turning the handle on the door before his hand is on my shoulder, stopping me. I didn't even hear him move, but I'd probably been standing there lost in my own thoughts for a good minute or so anyway. His grip is like a vice, suddenly I realise why even Mokuba didn't want to do this. He's probably stronger than I was back in the desert, and that's saying something. This body is nowhere near to matching his strength, but I'm still faster than anyone I know. That includes him. Hopefully I can get out of this without him tearing my spine out, if I get it out quickly then run away. Gods, I sound like such a coward, it's pathetic. Then again, running away and fighting dirty got me pretty far back in the day, say as much about honour as you want. It never did shit for me.

"What do you want?" He demands, because Seto Kaiba doesn't ask questions – he demands answers. I turn around and shrug off his grip, and he's really fucking tall. He's looking down at me suspiciously, already having figured out he's not going to like what I came here to tell him. I may as well get this over with.

"I came with a message for you, from my light and your brother." I take a step back, a step closer to the door. I'm right up against it now, I could just reach out and open it.

"Why would my brother have anything to do with Ryou Bakura?" He narrows his eyes at me, and I'm pretty sure he's figuring it out for himself – he just wants to hear me say it so he has someone to take the anger out on. Well, I can handle whatever he gives me. Why the fuck did I agree to do this?

"They're going out. They have been for months. They wanted me to tell you." I say, trying not to flinch when his fist connects with the wall right next to my head and he leans down, trapping me against the door.

"What?" He snarls quietly, and I can tell just by his voice that he's going to tear me a new one if I don't get out of here quickly. He could kill me.

"They want to live together now. That's it." I say, keeping my voice level. He just stares at me for a long moment, and I can see the rage in his eyes. I stare back evenly, not letting my eyes give anything away, and just when I think he's going to let me go his fist is in the front of my shirt. He could probably lift me right off the floor but he doesn't, he just yanks me up and looks right into my eyes. I hiss at him and he shoves me back against the wall, knocking the breath out of me. Before I can get it back his hand is around my throat and his fingers are digging into my neck, and I clench my teeth because all I want to do is claw at his eyes until he lets me go. This is not a good position to be in – he could snap my neck right now. I hate being this vulnerable more than anything, but I can't fight back. This is for my light, I hope he appreciates it.

"Why did you come?" He growls. I glare up at him, wishing I could breathe properly.

"Because I wouldn't let you lay a fucking hand on my light." I hiss back, and his grip tightens. I squeeze my eyes closed because they're starting to blur at the edges, and every instinct I have is screaming at me to start fighting. I'll give him another minute, and then screw it. He can beat me all he wants, but if he's actually going to try and throttle the life out of me I'm not going down without a fight. I just thank Ra I don't have a knife on me right now, because if I did I'd damned well use it, and I'm sure that would go well. Sorry Mokuba, I killed your brother. But hey, he started it, you know? I hate this. I can hear my own pulse pounding in my head, and when I open my eyes again all I can see is red. It clears after a moment and I've had enough of this. He's actually trying to kill me, and there's only so far I'm willing to go to repay my debt to Ryou. When I die it's going to be loud, and bright, and people are going to see it for fucking miles. I'm not letting this bastard strangle me in some office and then calmly go back to typing like I don't matter enough to be concerned with.

"Get the fuck off me, Kaiba!" I snarl, clawing at his arm. He seems to snap out of his little haze of bloodlust at my voice, but he's far from ready to let me just walk out of here. His hand leaves my throat and I drop to the floor, not expecting that or the sudden rush of being able to breathe again. I'm too vulnerable down here at his feet, so I'm about to scramble out of the way and put some distance between us, but he kicks me in the side and I end up sprawled on the carpet, coughing. He kicks like he should be doing it for a living. I try and claw my way up, at least onto my hands and knees. I'm too slow, though, and this amazing pain shoots up my arm. I'm seeing white, and it takes me a good few seconds to figure out what happened. He just stood on my fucking hand. Not so bad on its own, but I had my fingers curled under my palm, ready to push myself up. Well, at least one of my fingers is now broken, maybe two. It hurts like a bitch and my survival instincts are really starting to kick in now. I pretty much scream in pain and rage, and jerk my palm up to slam into his kneecap. He staggers back and I scramble up and sprint for the door, knowing I'll be safe once I'm out there because he's not going to touch me in front of his secretary and all his little minions.

I yank the door open with my bad hand and hiss in pain, but manage to get out of there without even looking back at him. I give the secretary a venomous glare, trying to look like I haven't just had the crap beaten out of me by her boss, and make it to the elevator just as the door to Kaiba's office opens. Instead of coming after me he just stands there and smirks, looking totally fine as the doors of the elevator close between us. I get the feeling he's decided that this whole thing with Mokuba and Ryou is somehow all my fault, and I'm now on his revenge list. Ra, this has not been a good day. Still, even I can look on the bright side. At least it's over, right? I don't have to see Kaiba again, and I've done my part. They can sort the rest out for themselves once he's cooled off – as for me, I'm going to find some cheap vodka and drink until my hand stops being so painful.


You know he's not going to get off that easy, right? I'm actually writing a story with something like a plot. Well, damn. Still, it could be worse. At least I didn't write it at 5am this time.