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Okay, before you read any further, if you haven't read chapter 101 of the Furuba manga, you must go do so right now! It's easy. Just Google Fruits Basket chapter 101 and you'll find some translations and scans that are pretty good. Go on, go do it! You know you want to. (And then come back here!)

I couldn't believe it when I found out that AKITO IS A GIRL! Suddenly a lot of things started making more sense. Akito's character wasn't one of my favorites (not like Momiji!) until I found that out. She's a lot more interesting as a girl - her motives for what she does are a lot clearer.

Anyway, I always feel sort of sorry for her now. She has a pretty pitiful existance, (as far as I can tell she just sits around all day looking angsty) but I'd love to see some more depth to her character. So.. I'm writing an AkitoShigure fic? Ha ha. There's no one less depthy (thats not a word, but if it was it would mean.. with a lot of depth) than Shigure. Except for maybe Ayame..

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What I Don't Tell You


The scent of jasmine floated on the air as Akito Sohma stood in the shower. She felt wonderfully free, allowing the warm water to run over her tiny body.

Her black hair clung to the nape of her neck as she reached over to stem the flow of water.

Akito stepped out of the shower, shivering as the cool air hit her. Her skin gleamed in the early morning sunlight and for a fleeting moment, she felt pretty. She reached for a soft towel and began to dry off, stopping the streams of water that ran between her thin shoulder blades and down her slender back. When she was dry, Akito reached for the outfit she had chosen for that day.
It was... decidedly more feminine than what she usually chose to wear. A simple, pretty yukata with a decorative obi.

Today was a special day for Akito, and every year she celebrated it, all by herself.
She felt sort of... stupid considering the occasion but, Akito led a life with little happiness and so, this was an opportunity to do something entertaining, she reasoned.

Akito walked down the lonely hall of the main house that led to her rooms and moved slowly to her favorite window, the one that took up almost an entire wall, and sank into the seat below it. Staring out at the beautiful flowers below, she wondered if Shigure would come to see her.

You see, the day Akito was celebrating was a day long ago when he told her he "liked" her and gave her a flower. She sighed, thinking of that moment she remembered so clearly and of the despair she felt now, for that which could not be, that which hung tantanizingly in front of her, just out of her reach.

Still, she allowed herself to reminisce, for remembering such things helped her hold on to at least some of her sanity.


Shigure stretched back, staring at what he had written on his computer screen for his next "novel". It was pretty good, if he did say so himself. All it needed was... a little bit more romance, he grinned.
"Ah ha ha ha ha!" he laughed triumphantly, causing Tohru to shriek and jump in fright. "Are you okay, Shigure-san?" she exclaimed. "I'm fine.. but I do know one thing that would make me feel even better.." he said slyly, pulling Tohru towards him. "Get your filthy hands OFF her, you pervert!" Kyo yelled as Yuki pulled the innocently confused girl out of Shigure's clutches. Shigure laughed again "I was joking!" "Yeah, well it wasn't funny!"Yuki said. "Okay, okay. Jeez." Shigure said. "I'm going out for a little while."
He left the house and headed down the road. A little time spent annoying Mayu-chan at her parent's bookstore would be fun. And it would be just the thing to distract him from the odd mood he was in today.

It was nearly nine o'clock at night and Akito was in a horrible mood. That stupid idiot Shigure hadn't bothered to show up even for five minutes all day. He hadn't been to see her in so long and it made her very angry. And, although Akito didn't like to admit it, a little sad. She had no idea why she was attracted to him, she just was.

Kureno knocked on her door. "Akito? Can I come in?" "Go AWAY!" she shouted forcefully. She didn't want to see anyone right now.
Akito waited until she was sure Kureno had left and then got into bed. Shigure never would have just walked away, even if she told him too,she realized. As angry as that should have made her, it just made her feel even more sad. A single tear made it's way down her soft cheek and dripped off her chin.

Silently sobbing, Akito willed sleep to come and claim her.


Shigure was in wonderful spirits as he headed over to the main house. An afternoon spent driving Mayu-chan crazy had been exactly what he needed. And now he was heading over to see Akito. The perfect end to a perfect day, he mused.

"Haa-kun" he called "How's Akito?" "He's pretty upset, I think he's asleep" Hatori answered. Shigure was shocked. "What happened to make him so mad?" "He's not exactly mad.." Hatori began, "I'm pretty sure I heard him crying earlier.." "What?" Shigure asked, shocked. He whirled around and hurried towards her room.

"Akito-san..?" he called. When no one answered him, he opened the door and went in cautiously. Akito was sleeping, her brow wrinkled in frusturation, her pretty face stained with tears. He approached her quietly and studied her for a moment. She was truly lovely, in a way that made him, for whatever reason, incredibly sad.

Sometimes Shigure really wished that Akito was just a normal woman. Someone he could be free to fall in love with, without this immense guilt he was feeling now. Of course, if she was just any other woman, he probably wouldn't feel this was about her. She would become a throw away one night stand, like so many others. He sighed. He wouldn't bother waking her up right now, he would just come back tomorrow.

So there it is, the first chapter! Sometimes Shigure really is an idiot. I hate how there's implied ShigureRin in volume 9, it really bothers me. (That's where I got the throw away one night stand thing, their casual sex makes me so angry!) He belongs with Akito!

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