Author: DD Agent
Title: Cole and Co.

Chapter One: The Early years
Summary: The mysterious British ranger finally exposed.
Characters: Marcus Cole
Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: The only spoilers this story contains is the name of the ranger Marcus Cole (from season 3-4), and the name of the colony and his brother (which aren't really spoilers but if you don't want to know, then don't read on)

Warnings: Fights and swear words.

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Babylonian productions and J. Michael Straczynski, except the names of his older brothers.

F.Y.I. I betaed this myself, as my usual Beta Kay is busy with revising and I didn't want her to stress out. Plus, a big shout out to Jammy and the Cast of The Serial Killer of Suffolk (© Lawson Media). Also, after a review which was very handy, I updated the story on their recommendations. Cheers to you.


Marcus Cole was always a handsome child. He had deep green eyes that quenched knowledge and adventure. He had dark hair that flopped into his eyes. He loved to sit by his father's feet while he read him stories of adventure and of knights and damsels in distress. Marcus especially loved the ones about King Arthur and his round table.

The little knight ran around their small quarters in the orbiting platforms around Arisia Colony with a wooden sword skewering the family cat Tibbles and his older brother Edward. Edward was suave and hated his little brother acting like a little twit when he brought women over. Edward was the eldest child in the family and Fabian was the next oldest. He had neck length brown hair and was only a year older than Marcus was.

In 2228, another little Cole was born. Marcus was only two when his little brother William was born. The little knight was surprised to be the older one for once. However, his mother and father were spending more time with new baby Willy than Marcus, and he hated that. He especially didn't like it when William was now having King Arthur read to him and Marcus was shut out.

At school, Marcus was quite a swot. He was fantastic at English literature, but doodled stories of hideous dragons and such during English Language. Maths wasn't an option. He was good at it, yes, and his father said he had a head for figures, but it didn't interest him any little bit. It was when William came up to school, that things became seesaw territory. William was even a more pathetic dreamer than Marcus was, and often got told off during lessons. However, his dreamer attitude made him get beaten up by the bullies of the local school.

One day, Marcus was reading Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol when his little sister Eleanor came running up to him.

"Marcus, you got to come! Williams getting beaten up by those bullies from Chester Road!"

The ten year old dragged himself out of his comfy world of fiction and ran after his perky sister. There he saw William in the middle of a headlock with Timothy Warwick, the biggest boy he had ever seen.

"Hey! Leave my brother alone!" Marcus yelled. Timothy and his gang looked at him like he was a mad man. They dropped William to the floor panting, and went after Marcus.

Both boys were brought in front of their father at his office at the mining industry. Williams black hair was stained with dirt and he had skin peeling away on the left side of his face. Marcus had a nasty black eye, a broken nose and several large finger shaped bruises on his neck.

"Well. I am very disappointed in both of you. Especially you, Marcus. You are Willy's older brother. You should be looking after him and not fighting yourself! I just got a call from the school. They say the boy that you fought will need six stitches on his head and will need a plaster cast on his leg!" their father shouted, with obvious disappointment leaking into his voice.

The boys sniggered at this, but quickly ran out of their father's office before he could yell at them again. William then turned to his brother with a massive grin on his face.

"That was bloody brilliant! Cheers, bruv!" William said, grinning like a black Chester cat.

"Bloody brilliant? Are you kidding Willy? You could of gotten us both killed. Not to mention the fact that Dad is as mad as hell at us. Next time, either grow up or fight your own battles. I'm tired of being second to you at home and responsible for you," Marcus replied and stormed off, leaving William bleeding and upset in the middle of the corridor.


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