Chapter Six: The Cole Siblings

Dear Eleanor,

I hope you are well, and I hope that my niece and brother in law are too. I should have written to you earlier, but things have been more than busy.

Willy died when Arisia blew, as well you knew. But I did not, as I am writing this letter to you today. He was part of an organisation called the rangers, which I'm sure you have heard about on Clarks political puppet ISN. After he died, I decided to take up the mantle.

Minbar was better than I thought, considering how I spent my years in the war. The archetecture was beautiful, and the people even more so. If you ever have a chance to go visit it Ellie, I suggest you do so. But maybe not for a few years, the civil war back there has taken all the beauty out of it.

But, back to the Rangers. They weren't a cult as I first feared, you know the antics and things that Willy got up to. They were in fact, something infintiely better. They are dedicated on peace, little sister, and I was only to happy to join up and avenge Willy's death. You see, a race known to us as the shadows destroyed our home, and the rangers were dedicated on stopping them.

After my training, I was sent to Zagros 7, a Drazi colony. Lets just say that their cooking left much to be desired. But, after that, I was stationed on Babylon 5. Remember how you used to talk about going there all the time? It's wonderful, although the place does make you go crazy.

I met some wonderful people on Babylon 5 while fighting the shadows. Susan Ivanova would have to be my favourite. She's beautiful and brilliant. I know what you're thinking, Marcus and his unrequited love all over again. But, I know she feels the same way, I just know it.

We defeated the shadows, easier saif than done, believe me. Now we're working on Earth. I hope you're safe on Mars Ellie, I really do. We're dropping out of hyperspace, I've got to go.

All my love,

Marcus xxx


Dear Mrs. Eleanor Carter

I am sorry to inform you that your brother Marcus Cole passed away. He was a good friend to all of us here on Babylon 5. He survived fighting the shadows, the Earth Alliance only to die to save the love of his life, Susan Ivanova. She is now a starship captain and is living her life thanks to your brothers noble sacrifice.

I know that both of your brothers: Marcus and William, had become rangers. Both of them have died in service to the Instellar Alliance and the peace that we have created. Their names will be remembered for eternity, through their acts.

Marcus didn't talk much about his family. He mentioned Will on occasion, but only as the reason why he joined the rangers. I do not know if you will be angry about this, but it is my understanding that he found talking about his past painful.

I am so very sorry for your loss,


Delenn of Mir

Entilzha of the Rangers.


Dear Fabian,

I think that you are absolutely nuts. I really do. Will died trying to be a hero, and so did Marcus. Edward died fighting the Minbari, and now you're going to work with them? Are you insane?

I know that you always regretted leaving, and I know that you blame yourself for Marcus and Will's death. But, if you join these bloody rangers then the only death you will cause is your own.

Please reconsider Fabian,

All my love,

Your loving sister Eleanor.

P.S. Don't do this Fabian!


Dear Admiral Ivanova,

Included in this letter is everything I know about my brother. He kept detailed diaries which he kept on him at all times. I hope this helps in understanding my pillock of a little brother. He loved me, loved Will, loved Eleanor, loved Edward and he loved our parents. But among all things, he loved us all together as a family. 'Cole and co.' was what he nicknamed the company. Talking to my little sister, it seems that he mentioned you to her, and that he was in love with you. All though this may be painful to hear, I believe you have to know.

Entilzha veni

Ranger Fabian Cole.