Stargate Atlantis, Tales from the Highlands by DD Agent


Hoped you enjoyed the last part (even thought it went slightly sombre at the end). This is the final chapter of the story.

See first part for warnings and spoilers etc.


He had slept well that night, dreaming about going to the park with Dawn and Bradley when they were young. The ghost of Kelsie had been brought up last night, but it hadn't stayed around to haunt him, something that Carson was glad of. Too many nights in Atlantis had he craved her warmth, her passion, and her ability to solve almost every problem. But he also remembered her addictive nature, and her weakness for a drug that in the end cost Kelsie her life.

Rodney stirred and sat up, his stomach grumbling along with him. Radek awoke in shock, looking around to see if Wraith were holding stunners on them, but collapsed back onto his jacket when he realised it was only Rodney. They both turned to Carson, and he gave a small smile. The past year and a half had been fraught with danger and loss, but the Scottish doctor wouldn't have traded any of it for the world. He still remembered his uncertainty of joining the Atlantis operation, and how close he came to not going.


"I don't think I should be the one to go Elizabeth. Maybe someone else with better experience, or maybe someone who…"

"Carson. You have the Ancient gene, which makes you invaluable to this operation. Also you are a fantastic doctor. You were one of the first people to go on my list of people who I wanted for this expedition. You and Rodney were the first two, actually. You were in front of him, don't worry. Just don't tell him that."

Carson chuckled. Rodney was a piece of work, but they seemed to gel well together. He reminded him slightly of Bradley in his younger years, thinking he knew more than anyone else and desperately trying to be leader and the centre of attention. They acted like younger brothers some times as well; Elizabeth had often had to pull them apart during arguments over the chair.

"I still don't know."

"As you have the Ancient gene Carson, I can make you come to the expedition according to the military. However, I want you to come of your own merits. There are some fantastic doctors coming with us, not all of them medical, not all of them physicists either. Doctor Grodin, Doctor Zelenka, Doctor Gaul…"

"Doctor Zelenka? The Czech?" He had already made an impression by changing a small part of Rodney's calculation one day, a calculation that turned out to be right. The Canadian hadn't even noticed, something that made Elizabeth realise that Radek Zelenka was someone worth coming on the trip, as was Carson.

"Carson, please?"

He thought about it for a moment. It would be a wonderful opportunity, and he could really help people with the knowledge he could bring back. People like Jess, who had relapsed recently. He knew he shouldn't leave her in the state that she was in, but she had Dawn, Duncan, and their parents. She would be fine.

"Fine, you've twisted my arm!"


Once he had determined that both his companions had awoken, Carson showed them what he had found in the dirt. Both men were fascinated with his discovery, but a rustling outside stopped their inquiries into what was in the box.

Rodney drew his gun, pointing it directly at the entrance. Carson would think it a noble gesture had he not seen the physicist's legs wobbling. He also drew his gun, while Radek just gathered their supplies. Seeing what they had hidden from him, Rodney gave a disgusted look.

"McKay! Beckett! Zelenka!" called out a voice, and the three men recognised it as Sheppard's. Gathering what they had left, they made their way to the front of the cave. Rodney was slightly wary about going out, just in case it was a trap by the Wraith to get them to come out. Radek shook his head and pushed him outside the cave.

Three feet away from the deep foliage was Sheppard, Lorne, Teyla, Ronan and several marines including a very on edge Lt Cadman. The medical team checked the three doctors over, while Rodney filled the Colonel in on what had been happening the past few days. It had changed a bit, Carson realised, as McKay told his team that they had been on the run for the past two days and had only just made it to the cave.

As his staff checked out Carson, Cadman made his way over to him. She looked tired, like she had been worrying about him.

"I was worried about you."

"Nothing to worry about lass, I had two of the greatest minds Atlantis has to offer with me," Carson announced, as they watched Rodney try to desperately act out a scene with them fighting the Wraith, but unfortunately hitting Radek in the nose in the process. The Czech then proceeded to start an argument with his superior, one that rapidly dissolved into foreign insults. Cadman and Carson just laughed. He kissed her softly, before the group walked back to the gate.

"You didn't finish you story Carson," Radek announced as they made it to the DHD.

"What story?" Cadman asked as the event horizon flared into life.

"Just a story."

They went through the gate.