Stargate Atlantis: 'Pegasus Galaxy Syndrome by DD Agent

What does the future hold for the members of the Atlantis mission, and will these heroes ever find the family they deserve?


Season One and slight ones up to S.2's Runner. I wrote this prior to Carson's demise, so he lives in this fic, just as it should be.

Chapter One – Symptom One: Acting on Impulse

Ten years from when they first came to the Pegasus Galaxy, and so many things have happened.

But today, it was Elizabeth's special day, as she was getting married to the man that she had fallen in love with.

Elizabeth crawled out of bed and looked at the man beside her. John Sheppard. They had been sleeping together for two months now and she couldn't bear to be apart from him. His hair fell into his eyes and at that moment she didn't think she could love him more. But she had an early meeting with Dr. Zelenka and Dr. McKay, so she got dressed.

Everyone knew that they were together of course. It had come out when she had declared her love for him after he had come home injured from a dodgy meeting with the Genii. She passed Dr. Heightmeyer in the corridor and they nodded to each other. Suddenly, she felt lips on hers. John was up. He walked her to her meeting and sat down with her. Rodney looked happy and cheerful, but Radek looked sullen and drawn in. It was rumoured that he had gone on a hunger strike because of Rodney and his arrogant and selfish attitudes.

"Good Morning Elizabeth, John," Rodney replied.

"Yes," came the sullen reply from Radek.

"Right, shall we get started Gentlemen?"

She stood and smoothed down her dress. She looked perfect. Her hair clung to her head and was still thick and curly. Her eyes twinkled and she couldn't help but smile. Teyla came in and handed her a bouquet of exotic flowers they had found.

"Dr. Zelenka, are you alright?" Elizabeth asked him. He took off his glasses and just stared at her, like he was taking her in piece by piece.

"Ne, Elizabeth," and he turned and walked down the hallway. She could swear that he walked stooped and defeated, like he had just lost a great battle. John put his arms around her and kissed her neck.

She drove the thought of Radek Zelenka out of her mind and continued snuggling into the warmth ness that was John.

Teyla took her to the conference room to say hello to the Athosian children who had begged to be able to watch the wedding on the Balcony. Seeing all the Athosian Children like Jinto and Dex all grown up brought back beautiful memories. The one in particular was the time that John had proposed on the North pier.

"Don't you want your surprise Elizabeth," John had asked her.

"What are we doing on the North Pier?" Elizabeth had asked her.

Suddenly, she heard her favourite romantic song: Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On playing. She opened her eyes and stared at Johns. He sank down on one knee. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Elizabeth Marie Weir, will you make me the happiest man in the known universe by marrying me?" John asked, his voice thick with emotion and a tear in the corner in her left eye.

Her response was automatic and the answer he was longing for.


He stood up and put the ring on her finger and just held her, feeling all his emotion in these single moments.

"I love you," he whispered, and she just replied with all her heart:

"I love you,"

Dr. Kavanagh, thanks to the Internet, was playing vicar: as he had done with so many other weddings on Atlantis. His ponytail was slicked back and he just stared as Elizabeth went down the stairs into the gate room. Rodney was best man, and looked quite dashing in a suit. But not as dashing as John looked, his hair ruffled and his grin played out on her face. Carson slipped his arm between hers, as he was the one to give her away.

"Carson! John just proposed!" Elizabeth yelled as she came pounding down the stairs. It was obvious from her smile that she had said yes.

He was not alone however, as Radek was sitting down upon a bed, his arm in a sling.


They embraced and the atmosphere was filled with emotion. Elizabeth went bouncing out of the room, obviously to go tell more residents of Atlantis.

Carson turned to his patient who was more sullen and drawn in than ever before. He watched Elizabeth go with longing in his eyes. He had just solved the mystery of what was wrong with Dr. Zelenka and it was bigger and more complicated than anyone could of guessed.

"Do you love her?" It was a simple question and Carson hoped to God he was wrong. Radek could never compete with John Sheppard. Sheppard was athletic, funny and a sex symbol for many women on Atlantis. Radek Zelenka was geeky, Rodney's supposed sidekick and still mixed his Czech with his English. If Radek was in love with Elizabeth, then this relationship was eating him up from the inside.


Crap, Carson thought.

Her bridesmaids carried her train down the stairs. Teyla and Kate looked beautiful in satin blue dresses and the ushers in military black were Ronon and Lorne.

As she walked up the aisle, eyes stared at her dress. It was a simple white cut dress with delicate spaghetti straps on. It was silk and from a private designer in Colorado Springs. They were getting closer to actually getting married. She was only a few feet away from her destiny. Things had stepped in the way: The Genii, The Wraith, and other such monsters, but now it was finally here. Her wedding day to the man who made her happy.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of two very special people. And as Dr. McKay deleted my transcript of the marriage ceremony from my computer, we'll cut on to the I do's." Kavanagh announced.

Elizabeth turned to face John and felt such a rush of emotion at this man.

"Now before we get started, does anyone here have a reason why these two individuals should not get married?"

"I do,"

"You have to tell her," Carson whispered to Radek in the weekly staff meeting.

"No. She must never know!" Radek whispered back!

"Even if she doesn't feel that way, at least you'll get it off your chest," Carson gasped. He had been moaning at Radek for weeks to tell her, but Radek Zelenka was more stubborn than anyone realised.

"Ne… I mean no! Carson, shut it!" Radek said defeated. He sunk back into his laptop and just stared longingly at Elizabeth who was carefully making sure her ring was on show.

Elizabeth turned to face the person responsible for stopping the wedding. She was shocked to see Radek Zelenka standing there. His hair was floppy and attractive, and he wasn't wearing his glasses. He looked so different than the man who had looked starved to death lately. He looked strong, determined and so bold.

"Dr. Zelenka, what is your reason for this interruption?"

"The reason for my interruption is I love you Elizabeth," he whispered the last part, so only she caught it. But then he shouted it to the rafters.


She was shell-shocked. So was John as he sat down on the nearest chair. She stared at him and he stepped forward. She looked over and saw Carson nodding to Radek.

"Why?" She was after answers. He had just ruined the best day of her life.

"Because I had to let you know how I feel,"

"And how is that?"

Without realising it, he had slipped his hands into her hair. Without even thinking about it, he kissed her. His lips were warm and inviting and to her surprise, she gladly welcomed them on hers. His lips massaged her own and she could feel him expressing what she could only assume was nearly ten years of love towards her, as the kiss was full of passion and feeling. He pulled back and stared at her. He didn't see the punch coming towards him from Sheppard, but felt its force as he was thrown to the floor.

"…Just keep me in the loop okay?" She asked him.

"You are the loop," He replied softly to her.

It was only then that he realised what he said. As she walked away, he mentally kicked himself. He had had a steady girlfriend back in Prague but he had broken it off before he went on the mission to Atlantis. It was after the incident with the Puddle Jumper when it was stuck in the Stargate when he realised he had feelings for her. He had shrugged off the first two romantic dreams, but after he had fantasised about her all day every day, he realised he had it bad. He thought about her hair, her lips and everything day in and day out. 24/7. He shrugged this one off, and walked off to examine the deep space sensors.

Elizabeth couldn't believe it. She had seen Radek Zelenka as someone who respected her and was friends with. She couldn't believe he had feelings for her. Not just feelings, he was in love with her! But the thing that had really surprised her was that she had felt so comfortable in his arms. After their kiss, he had looked complete. Full. Not like the Radek Zelenka that had looked like a vampire for all those months, but like the man who had helped saved Atlantis time after time. After John had punched Radek, she had run to her room to assess the situation. She went out of her quarters to sort this mess out.

She was still wearing her wedding dress when she bumped into Rodney.

"Johns in the Mess Hall, Radek's on the balcony overlooking the North Pier. Just thought you'd like to know,"

"Thank you Rodney,"

She went to the Balcony first. She had to talk to Radek. The doors opened and she felt the cold chill of sea air. Radek was standing there, looking over to the sea. The sun was setting and it was an amazing sight to behold.

"Hello Radek,"

He turned, saw her shivering in her wedding dress and turned back to the ocean. She could see that he was staring blankly, lost in her own thoughts.

"That night you came into the infirmary, you never did ask why I was there. The truth is I saw Colonel Sheppard propose marriage to you. I punched the door as I was angry and shattered two bones. I had never been in love, till I met you Elizabeth, never. I have been in love with you for nine years and eleven months now, and I continue to be in love with you,"


"I never spoke up in case you said no. I want you Elizabeth. I would die to have you in my arms just once. I would die to be with you. I would die to have you. But I…I can't have you,"

"Kiss me,"


"If you love me, then kiss me,"

Radek stood for a moment, but he eventually stepped forward. He ran his hands down her arms and moved them up to her back. He slowly moved them up her spine and she trembled. It was either from the cold or the intimacy of the situation, she couldn't tell. He finally got them at the base of her neck where it met her curly hair. She closed her eyes and felt his lips kiss her neck. They moved up slowly, as if he was tasting her, trying to savour each moment with her. His kisses travelled to her chin and eventually found solace on her mouth. He took her in, inch by inch. He kept his mouth on hers, and without warning, her arms travelled to meet his back. He slowly sighed as he realised that she was kissing him too. She felt so warm in his arms and so…so perfect. As he released her, she saw John, Rodney and Teyla staring at them. John slowly nodded and smiled forcedly. He mouthed the words 'be happy', and she went back to letting nine years and eleven months of unused passion melt her heart.

Later that month, ten years after the puddle jumper accident…

"Do you, Elizabeth Marie Weir take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, through sickness and in health, through poverty, wraith attack and McKay destroying us all and eating us out of house and home?" Kavanagh asked.

"I do" she said, knowing those were the last word's she was ever going to say as Dr. Elizabeth Weir. She stared at Radek and he smiled and stroked her hand.

"And do you, Radek Bedrich Zelenka take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do".

Ten years from when they first came to the Pegasus Galaxy, and so many things have happened. But today, it was Elizabeth's special day, as she was getting married to the man that had fallen in love with her and had harboured burning passion because he wanted her to just be happy. With John Sheppard, she felt happy. With Radek Zelenka, she felt complete.