Memories to Remember

By JamesPotterIsMine

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or anything to do with Harry Potter, even though I wish I do.

Chapter One:

White smoke

A figure sat on the cold ground, starring at the lake, almost in a longing way. It was a dark cold winter night, and even though there wasn't any sign of snow on the ground, the freezing wind still stung. The boy stood up and ran a hand through his black unruly hair and ajusted his glasses. His green eyes flashed brightly as he looked up into the velvety black sky.

"Harry, you should really come inside, its freezing out!" a voice said from behind Harry. He quickly turned to see a girl with long red hair standing behind him.


"No Harry, you're coming inside right now." Ginny said, grabbing Harry's arm and leading him towards the castle.

"It's not that-" Harry started to say but stopped suddenly. Ginny turned and watched as a silvery smoke swirled around Harry.

"Harry!" Ginny screamed, but it was too late. The smoke had vanished, along with Harry!

Ginny stood stoke still, not sure what to do. After a few minutes, she came back to her senses and began sprinting to the castle.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Ginny yelled as she ran through the doors.

"Prof-" Ginny fell backwards as she had ran smack dab into some one else.

"Ginny! What are you doing up at this hour?" Ginny looked up into the curious face of her former DADA teacher, Remus Lupin.

"Professor!" Ginny gasped, jumping up and running towards him. "Harry! Disappeared! White smoke!" With that, Ginny fainted into Remus's arms.

A\N: I know, really short chapter, but I'm going to update real soon!