Memories to Remember

By JamesPotterIsMine


James looked impatiently at the teachers table, then to the large wooden doors, then back to his plate. Remus still hadn't come back from looking for Harry, and James couldn't help but worry. Anything could happen at Hogwarts since all the children could do curses and jinxes...

"Don't worry about him! He'll be fine!" Sirius had said when they had entered the Great Hall, but now he wasn't too happy either. Professor Dumbledore still hadn't arrived, so they couldn't begin the feast.

"Come on," whined Sirius as he fidgeted in his seat. "I need FOOD!" He looked like was going to continue, but something whacked him in the back of his head. He turned sharply to find an annoyed looking Anne-Marie.

"Will you shut up already? My head still hurts from banging my head and your constant whining isn't helping!" she glared at him as he looked at her funny.

"What do you mean 'hit your head', you're ok right?" she looked at his anxious face and hers softened.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I think, though, I will get a head ache potion after dinner." She wobbled slightly, one of those books that fell on her was really heavy and she was feeling quite light headed. She wobbled again and almost fell, but Sirius jumped up and caught her.

"No, we're going to the hospital wing, now." He said firmly as she leaned against him, holding tightly onto his arm. 'Wow, he's so strong and considerate! I hope he doesn't mind me leaning against him, I hope he doesn't notice I like him!' What she didn't know, was that Sirius was quite enjoying their current situation.

"Anne-Marie, are you ok?" a worried Lily ran over, Paige hot on her heels.

"Have either of you seen Remus?" asked James, not noticing Anne-Marie. Lily growled slightly then muttered

"Last time we saw him, he was in the Library with you." James looked at her funny as Sirius sat down, Anne-Marie on his lap.

"I never go to the Library to learn, I only go there what, once a month to look up a prank or two. I don't know what you're talking about."

"We know you were there, we saw you!" Paige said stubbornly. Anne-Marie coughed suddenly, making Sirius feel more anxious.

"Annie, are you ok? Lily, feel her forehead." Lily swooped over them and placed her hand on Anne-Marie's forehead.

"Its hot, you should really get her to the Hospital Wing, she might be getting a fever..." Paige moved forward and helped Sirius hold up Anne-Marie.

"I'll take her with Sirius, c'mon Annie, lets go." Anne-Marie slowly walked with them, still leaning against Sirius. Lily looked angrily after them; she knew why Paige had volunteered. Of course, she wanted to help her friend, but she also had left Lily with James. Paige had the silliest idea; she thought that James and Lily were meant for each other.

'Hah! What a laugh! Me and Potter together? Hah!' Lily slowly sat down next to Potter, thinking that he was going to immediately ask her out, but he didn't. She waited a few minutes, and then turned to see what had caught James's attention. He was looking around the room in a worried way, as though he was actually caring about some one other then himself.

'What is he looking for?' Lily thought, flipping her hair as though trying to catch James's attention, but to no avail. She looked at him questionably, but didn't have to wait too long before a relieved look came on his face. She turned her head and watched as Remus came jogging into the room, a bag full of heavy books swinging by his side.

"Hi James," Remus gasped, that bag was quite heavy. "Hi-Lily? What are you doing here? You do know that you're sitting next to Prongs?"

"Prongs?" Lily questioned as Remus dropped his bag underneath the bench and sat across from his two friends.

"Not important." Remus dismissed with a wave of his hand then continued. "But, Lily, you have noticed that you are sitting next to James Potter. The James Potter?"

"Don't remind me..." Lily murmured angrily, making Remus laugh. Suddenly the doors to the Great Hall banged open revealing Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall walked into the room, Dumbledore striding gracefully across the room, his purple glinting robes trailing after him and his arms tucked into his pockets. McGonagall on the other hand, was moving in firm swift movements, one arm holding tight to the shabby form of the ancient Sorting Hat, the other clinging to the seat of the infamous wooden stool. Only when they had reached the heads table and turned so they faced the school did Dumbledore speak. The entire school remained silent as they showed their respect to the old man by taking in every word he uttered.

"I am pleased to announce that a certain Mr. Harry Pottol will now be attending Hogwarts. He is from Ireland, and would not like to share anything else about his past for personal reasons that he has only spoke to me about. He has had a hard life, and wishes to start anew at Hogwarts. Now, to introduce you to Mr. Pottol. You may come in now!"

Everyone gasped as a replica of James Potter walked into the room; they could have easily passed as twins. Except for the fact that Harry had bright green eyes that were currently searching the Hall with great admiration and several long dark scars ran down his neck and cheek, but the one thing that stood out was the thin lightning bolt shaped scar running down the center of his forehead. He moved slowly looking straight at the hat and the stool, his destination. To Harry, it felt like an eternity, for he truly was nervous about the hat and what it would say...

"Why is he so slow?" asked James as he tapped his fingers on the table rhythmically.

"Don't you remember when you were sorted? Weren't you nervous?" Remus replied impatiently.

"You two have noticed that James's twin just entered the room?" Lily asked, but when neither boy replied she sighed and turned her attention back to the green eyed James. He slowly sat down on the stool and waited as the Sorting Hat was placed on his head. As soon as it had touched his head, it cried,

"Aha! A Secret Keeper, I see!" making every one jump at the sudden noise.

"Secret Keeper?" James mumbled, looking at Remus quizzically who merely shrugged.

Every one awaited the hat's shout, but it didn't come. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes seemed to last longer and longer. But still, the boy sat there, the hat on his head.

"Um, Mr. Pottol?" Professor McGonagall asked uncertainly.

"Excuse me," Harry said, removing the hat from his head and turning to the Professor. "What do you wish to know, ma'am?"

"I wish to know what house you are going in."

"I was just discussing this matter with the hat, and now, if you could excuse me, you interrupted my conversation." With that, he placed the hat on his head and said,

"I'm terribly sorry, she just wanted to ask me something, please continue..." Everyone looked like how Professor McGonagall must feel, jaw dropped and speechless. No one, not even new students talked to her like that. After recovering from this, Professor McGonagall grabbed the hat and pulled it off Harry's head.

"Sorting Hat, please tell everyone what house Mr. Harry Pottol will be in?" she said through gritted teeth, making everyone feel bad for the boy, but he just sat there and watched as the rip in the hat where his mouth should have been began to move.

"I'm afraid, dear professor, I do not know."

"What do you mean you don't know? How can you not know?"

"Well, he belongs in two possible houses."

"Which are-?" the professor angrily stated.

"Well, either Slyther-dor or Gryffin-er, I'm not sure yet." (A/N those are both combinations of Slytherin and Gryffindor.)

"I suggested Slyth-indor or Gryff-therin, but we think we've narrowed it down to the ones he said." Harry shared politely, making everyone stare at him.

Professor McGonagall blinked.

Then blinked again.

"Which house is it, Gryffindor or Slytherin?" she asked primly. If the hat had shoulders, it would have surely shrugged them like Harry did.

"I'd prefer Gryffindor..." Harry mumbled, looking down at his sneakers, feeling the eyes of all the students and faculty on him.

"It's not what you prefer, it's where you belong! How did it come down to Slytherin and Gryffindor? The two most opposite houses here?" The hat glanced at Harry then said,

"Harry knows, but I said that I wouldn't tell anyone the true answer. All I'll give away is that he has an, a relationship to both founders of the sorts." A murmur spread through the room,

The Slytherins wondering if this kid was any good at curses, the scars seemed to prove that he had gone into some magical battle.

The Gryffindors were busy muttering to fellow students about him being the next James Potter and wondering if he was any good at pranks.

The Ravenclaws, the smartest, had already figured out that if what the hat had said was true meant that he was some how related to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and the Potter Family, knowing that they were the only ones who were directly related to Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin.

The Hufflepuffs simply hoped that they could become friends with this mysterious boy.

Everyone watched as Harry continued to sit there, waiting for McGonagall to return the hat to him so he could continue with his conversation, but she didn't give it back.

"Sorting Hat, please tell me this instant what house this boy is in." Everyone began to scoot along the benches, away from her. They recognized that look, and they knew that she was going to explode at any minute.

"I already explained the current situation, I cannot place this boy."

"Um, I think I know." Harry said quietly, everyone turned so they could clearly look at him, he hadn't spoken for the past ten or so minutes and they wanted to know what was going on. Harry reached up and took the hat away from the Professor.

"Thank you, ma'am." He mumbled as he jammed the hat back on his head. Every one waited, looking straight at the hat. It first looked disapproving, and then its facial features (if it even has any) softened, and it seemed to nod.

"Ah, yes. Yes, very good, very good." It mumbled, but since everyone was so quiet everyone heard. "Yes, I agree with you there, hmm, yes, good reasons. Ah, the sword, yes, that is a good symbol of-yes, let me just announce it-GRYFFINDOR!"

Everyone clapped with relief as the boy stood up and began his slow journey across the room. Lily looked down as he walked by and blushed, making him smile slightly. James on the other hand, noticed that as he walked he limped; his right leg unusually stiff. Remus saw this too, and as the boy sat down by himself at the end of the table, they all couldn't help feel bad for him (except for James, ('Lily never blushed when I walked by!'))

"Poor thing," Lily stated in a motherly way, stroking and twisting her red hair with her finger. "He's all alone and he's obviously been through so much."

"You know, I don't trust him." James murmured angrily, picking at the chicken that had appeared on his plate.

"You said that when you first met him..." Remus said sternly. "He's not half bad, he might look like you, but he acts like a totally different person. He likes to learn and read and do magic to help people."

"Ah, look at him." Lily whispered sadly, ignoring Remus and James completely. "He's not even eating anything, he must be really nervous about a new school." Remus's head shot up and looked over at Harry. Sure enough, he wasn't doing anything but stare up at the starry night sky.

"He should be eating; it's not good for him to starve himself." Remus stood up and walked towards him. James eyes followed him as he sat down again, across from Harry and began to speak to him.

"Harry, you should eat something." Remus said to him, making Harry jump at the sudden voice. When he saw who it was, he looked back up at the ceiling. Remus sighed and grabbed a slice of bread from one of the plates.

"Why don't you just have some bread?" Harry glanced at the bread before turning his eyes to Remus's.

"Thank you for your concern, but I had a large lunch, and I'm not that hungry." Remus raised an eyebrow at him, but placed the slice of bread back on the silver platter and said

"Feel free to come to me if you have any questions..." Harry nodded, and watched Remus walk back towards his father and mother. Of course he felt bad about lying to Remus, but he didn't feel like eating either so this was the easiest way out of trouble...

"So, why wasn't he eating?" Lily asked as Remus sat across from her.

"Said he wasn't hungry and had a big lunch-James please don't do that to that chicken, that's disgusting!" James looked up; he had been busy cutting open his piece of chicken and putting peas and corn inside it.

"Why?" James asked, but when he saw Lily's death glare he simply averted his eyes and began eating properly.

"I feel so bad for him; it must be bad having James's looks..." Lily muttered gazing at him, almost in a longing way.

"C'mon guys, lets go see if Anne-Marie is ok." Remus said quickly, changing the subject as fast as he could. They all nodded and began to walk out the door, towards the Hospital Wing.

"Just lay 'er right there!" sang Madam Jefferson, the second nurse at Hogwarts. Ever since the Marauders had become who they were, they had needed more then one school nurse.

"Now, what be a happenin' with this girl?" She asked as she watched Paige and Sirius place her gently onto a bed.

"She was complaining about having a headache, and the next thing we know she's almost about to pass out!" Sirius cried as he stroked Anne-Marie's hair.

"Well, 'er breathin' is normal, an' she be a doin' good, on'y problem I can see is that she's out cold." With that, Madam Jefferson flicked her wand, causing Anne-Marie to groan and sit up, awake once again. She rubbed her head and looked at the worried faces of Sirius and Paige.

"What happened?" asked Anne-Marie as a purple liquid was shoved into her.

"Drink this, jus' a simple pepperup!" Madam Jefferson waltzed out of the room.

"Nutter, that one is..." Sirius said as Anne-Marie drank the potion, and sighed.

"God, I needed that. Stupid headache, stupid cold too..." Anne-Marie smiled as Remus, Lily, and James walked into the room.

"Are you ok Annie?" Lily asked as she ran over to her side.

"Yah, just fine now. Thanks for asking, Lillers." Madam Jefferson walked in and said kindly to Anne-Marie,

"You'll be ok deary. Now, if you get dizzy or an'thin', jus' come ove' her' and I'll fix you righ' up!" Anne-Marie got up and began walking away with Lily and Paige, talking quickly and squeakily, making it impossible for the boys to understand what they were saying. James made to follow but Remus held him back, Sirius behind him.

"James, I think, I think we should give Harry a chance." Remus mumbled, staring at his shoes.

"What if he's a Death Eater?" asked James dramatically. "Why else would he not want to tell us of his past?"

"He has his reasons." Sirius shrugged. "Just like how we have our reasons about not telling people our secrets. Anyway, if we become his friend, then he's more likely to share his secrets with us." James looked thoughtful for a minute, then replied

"Fine, I'll be kind to him, I'll trust him, and I'll let him keep his secrets until he is ready to reveal them."

Sirius gasped. "Did THE James Potter just say something not self-centered and kind?" James smirked and whacked Sirius in the head.

"C'mon, let's go to bed and-damn! Harry doesn't know where he'll be sleeping and he doesn't know how to get into the common room!" Sirius cried and bounced out the door and down the hall.

As the Marauders and Lily left, Harry smiled and stood up. He was about to follow them, but decided against it and instead headed for the Library. He looked at the towering bookcases and selected a few Defense against the Dark Arts books. Carefully sliding them into his bag, he set off towards Gryffindor common room, where he planned to read into the early hours of the morning. As he approached the Portrait of the Fat Lady, he thought, 'Damn, I don't know the password.' At that exact moment an owl flew towards him and dropped letter into his hands.

Dear Mr. Pottol,

You will be sleeping in the Gryffindor boy dorms, where I hope you will enjoy your time with James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter. They should all be faithful (Almost everyone will," thought Harry angrily) good natured friends.

Good Luck,

Professor Dumbledore

P.S. Gamboling Goblins is a quite fascinating subject.

Harry smiled and continued walking towards the Fat Lady. It was funny; remembering Dumbledore's other 'hints' to what the passwords were, most of the time being 'I'm very fond of-' followed by some muggle sweet. Harry faced the Fat Lady and said clearly,

"Gamboling Goblins." The Lady smiled and said kindly

"Welcome to Hogwarts." Then revealed the Gryffindor Common room. It looked the same as how it did in Harry's time, the same chairs and staircases, windows and fireplaces. Harry dragged the near overflowing bag of books towards on stiff wooden chair by a large snow-covered window. Leaning back into his chair, he took a blue leather bound book and opened it up, revealing old shabby parchment.

Harry found 'Jinxes for the Jinxed' a quite fascinating book, but after reaching chapter three ('Jinxes-good or bad?) he stopped and pulled out a book with fading words on the pages but bright red gleaming letters on the front forming the words 'Dark Arts and How to Defend' he was just about to begin when Lily and two girls he didn't know entered.

"Hi." Harry said looking over the top of his book at the girls, making Lily blush.

"I see a few things wrong with this picture." Paige said, looking between the two.

"Yah, Lily, why are you blushing because Potter said 'hi' to you?" Anne-Marie looked at her questionably.

"And" Paige noted. "Why is Potter reading, again?" Lily grinned sheepishly and said quietly,

"His names Harry Pottol and he's from Ireland." Anne-Marie and Paige nodded in understanding and sat down next to Harry, grinning happily.

"So, how's Ireland?" Harry shrugged.

"Why'd you move?" Harry looked at Paige right in the eye and said,

"Would you prefer me to say nothing, or lie to you and tell you what Dumbledore wanted me to say?" Paige's eyes widened slightly, but she quickly shook her head. Just then, Sirius, James, and Remus ran into the room, panting heavily.

"Have-you-guys-seen-Harry?" James gasped as he doubled over leaning against a chair for support. They girls all pointed at Harry who continued to read his book, not really paying attention to the other boys.

"Oh. I guess he got the password..." Remus muttered, sinking into one of the armchairs near the fire.

"Obviously." Said Paige, rolling her eyes. "Night-night Harry sweet-ums!"

"Yah Harry, nice to meet you honey!" Anne-Marie blew a kiss at him before marching up the stairs after Paige.

"Hope you sleep well tonight Harry dearest!" Lily actually kissed him on the cheek, and then ran up the stairs after her to friends. Harry sat there stunned, then slowly turned to face the Marauders.

"What just happened?" asked Harry shakily. All the boys glanced at him before breaking out in fits of laughter.

"They-always-do-that-to-new-people!" laughed Remus, holding his sides.

"Haha! You-should-of-seen-your-haha!-face!" Sirius gasped falling into James who was choking from laughing so hard.

"Haha, phew..." Remus gasped, wiping away a tear of laughter before standing up straight and, without glancing at the others cried happily.

"C'mon, we need to get to bed, we'll never wake up in time for double potions if we stay up any later." All the boys groaned, making Harry grin with amusement. Slowly they all climbed the stairs to the boy's dorms and into bed, where Harry fell asleep. Here, I would love to have written '...fallen asleep to delightful dreams of dancing pixies and such,' but unfortunately, it was nothing of the sort...

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Memories to Remember



"My Lord, we have some information that I think you will find quite interesting." A short bald man said to Harry, bowing deeply. Harry looked at him quizzically and murmured hoarsely,

"And what, Wormtail, would that be? Pray this will be important." Wormtail blushed vigorously, his many blunders had cost him dearly before, from giving him inaccurate information to just being plain stupid. His bald head shone against the almost full moon outside, it being the second lightest thing in the room.

A dark, damp, dungeon with one small barred window that was letting in the moonbeams was where he stood, kneeling in front of his master who sat in a silver throne. The throne had two large silver snakes twisting around each other, forming the back of the royal chair, two emeralds glinting where their eyes should be. The chair, which was pressed against the furthest wall from the door, facing it, were two torches, which cast shadows through out the room, the dancing enchanted blue flames hung on Harry's right and left on the wall.

"I have news from Malfoy, and Nott." Squeaked Wormtail feverishly, hoping his master would not let out his anger on him.

"Go on." Harry glared, resting his chin on his hand as he leaned on one of the silver tails of the right hand snake which formed the armrest.

"They said that when they tried to attack Potter by luring him out of the castle, they were interrupted by one of those Weasley children." Wormtail glanced up at Harry, but quickly looked down again when he saw his Lord look so angry.

"You mean to tell me, that two of my top Death Eaters couldn't attack The-Boy- Who-Lived just because his friends little sister was there?" Harry growled, gripping the sides of the silver armrests tightly.

"N-no my L-lord!" Wormtail stuttered, bowing so low, his short stubby nose touched the floor. "They t-tried to a-attack! B-but somehow, P-potter disappeared!" Harry glared at the mass of shaking robes on the floor at his feet, and he whispered angrily,

"So, what you are trying to say is that young Harry Potter has thwarted me again?" Wormtail trembled harder, his voice was uneven and shaky as he spoke,

"My Lord, my Master, a white mist, that's how they described it, it wrapped around him and when it was gone and faded, so was the boy! All that was left was the sobbing girl!" Harry rubbed his chin with his long pale fingers and slowly got up, walking past a cowering Wormtail, and towards the large wooden bookcase that sat by the entrance to his throne room. He ran his dirty hands across the thin leathery books, and then selected one. It was a dark navy blue, and curling letters formed the words, Protecting Spells, How Can They Be Stopped? and flipped towards the end. The parchment rustled as he turned the worn pages, finally reaching the end with large bold letters that stretched across the top, forming the words, THE SEPIA STORM SPELL

Harry smiled, knowing that this was what he needed. Slowly striding across the dungeon like Throne Room, he sat back down in his green cushioned chair and began to read.


'One who survives death and has served good to at least one soul will be protected by THE SEPIA STORM SPELL. When they are in most terrible trouble, with no others who are capable of saving and or helping said person shall be engulfed in a silver glinting mist and transported to the safest place for them. Most shall not just travel to a different location, but to a different time, where possibly they can make a difference in their future lives (present, but future in the past). The Sepia Storm Spell got its name from...'

Harry closed the book and looked thoughtfully at the moon that was gleaming through the bars in the window, knowing he did not need to read on. 'So, our young Mr. Potter has traveled through time, his parents' time. He could easily make his life happier there. Now, contacting my past self will be a challenge...'

"WORMTAIL!" Harry barked at the lumpy black figure on the ground, who immediately jumped up, ready for the command.

"I want you to fetch my smartest, intelligent bookworm Death Eaters you can find, they will report back here. Tell them they will be spending a long night in my Great Library." Wormtail bowed and said loudly as he walked out of the room backwards so he was still facing his Master,

"Your word is law, Lord."