A/N: This was written last weekend as part of a fic challenge me and my friends thought up for ourselves. Pretty random. The guidelines were that it had to be a KH romance one-shot. So I chose my favourite couple to work with. -

Warnings: Axel/Larxene, don't like it, then why are you here in the first place? It isn't very romantic, but whatever. Plenty of banter. I love banter. I hope you do too. Banter is good for the fanfiction soul.



The soft, yet sharp sound broke the near-perfect silence of Castle Oblivion's library, followed by the unmistakable whir of a certain fire wheel. Larxene tensed in her chair, her previously calm face hardening. She would not look around ... she would not...


She resolutely turned the page of the thick volume held in her hands, forcing her electric-blue eyes to read the print on the vellum page. Maybe if she ignored it, it would go away...


"Well well well ... what do we have here?"

Larxene straightened up and slammed the book shut, slowly turning around to face her fellow Organization member with a clenched jaw. Axel grinned easily down at her from the landing, one un-ignited fire wheel twirling in his hand. Larxene found the accompanying click and whir incredibly annoying; a word that basically summed-up the crimson-haired man.

"Why are you here?" she snapped, locking her icy stare with Axel's green-eyed gaze. He merely shrugged smoothly in response, letting his fire wheel disappear back to the oblivion he had summoned it from- just to tick her off, she would bet -and continued down the spiral stairs.

"Just gets boring, sitting around and waiting for the kid to show," he answered, flopping down into the opposite chair and resting his hands behind his head. The cold blonde averted her eyes and instead glanced around at the bookshelves.

"What, finally getting bored of the witch?" Larxene spat, glaring at him out of the corner of her eye. Axel's irritating grin seemed to wilt a bit, like one of Marluxia's dying flowers.

"What are you talking about?"-
"You know. You're always hanging around that girl- Namine, is it? What are you, some kind of pedophile?"

Axel's face hardened, almost as completely as Larxene's had done moments ago. His green eyes narrowed sharply, and a malicious glint lit up the blonde's eyes, pleased to watch him squirm. Abruptly, he leaned forward and roughly tapped the book still in her hands.

"And while I'm off on my 'pedophilia', as you call it, you're here lost in sadistic literature. Marquis de Sade?" he arched a rust-red eyebrow suggestively. "And you harp on my proximity to Namine. I have my own readings to quote on that: 'These are the forgeries of jealousy.'"

Now it was Axel's turn to smirk as an angry flush blossomed in Larxene's cheeks. Snapping her book onto the table in front of them, she stood up and summoned her thunder kunai to her hands, like wicked claws ready to violently rip the satisfied grin off of his face.

"Idiot! You are a fool and a presumptuous jerk a thousand times over, if you flatter yourself enough to mistake my contemptuous disgust for jealousy!" she flexed her fingers, her kunai retracting and slicing forward again like the claws of a lioness. And a matching sneer lifted her lip back from her teeth, reminiscent of any predator; the show of teeth was a feral wearning, not a sign of pleasure. In response, Axel too, stood up and stepped closer. For all of Larxene's height, he was still a few inches taller, and he stared down at her with all the condescending rage his stature offered. Yet she merely lifted her willful chin higher and moved her sneer to her eyes.

"And you're delusional as well, if you think I'll be intimidated by a man with a better figure than I!" she scoffed, fully delighted now. She raised one hand up so that it was level with her face, tapping her chin once, a mocking smile twisting her features. "If I were to rip through your coat, would there be a corset underneath?" she laughed now, cruelly and arrogantly. Axel's features twitched but he regained his composure fairly quickly.

"I don't see you complaining though," he said in response. "But as only the eleventh member, you must feel honored that I've stooped down to your level."

"Contrary to your tunnel-visioned belief, you're hardly an exalted member, Axel."

"Oh, I'm not?" he teased

"No, you're a fag with wannabe hedgehog hair."

Scowling again, Axel flicked on of the stray strands of Larxene's lightening-yellow hair in a derisive movement.

"And what is this, oh-endlessly Apathetic Princess?" he mocked, using the title she had been given in Castle Oblivion, "you give the appearence of a wannabe Shadow."

"At least I'm not a gender-confused pincushin! Take off the make-up and go home, Axel. You'll only be an embarrassment to the Organization when the Keyblade Master arrives." she tossed back her violated hair angrily. "And you thought you could impress me by quoting Shakespeare! Jealousy indeed. While Titania and Oberon were a married couple, you are merely an annoying red thorn in my side."

To Larxene's fury, her rant only seemed to bring the smirk back to her antagonist's face.

"Well, now I know what to do."

"What!" she shouted, finally snapping. She reared to strike him with her kunai, but in the next moment, Axel had reached out and grabbed her arms just above the elbows in a tight grip. Letting out a growl of frustration, Larxene struggled, but his fingers were like iron bands.

"LET ME GO!" she shouted, her thunder kunai just a few inches too far away to stab him.

"And why would I do that?"

"Because I'll cut off the extra appendages that you won't need to fight the Keyblade Master with."

"Among other things, that sounds like a good incentive for me to not let go," the crimson-haired Organization member drawled in response.

Larxene twisted violently, but all in vain. "And what," she said in a dangerous tone, "are those 'other things'?"

Axel didn't answer, but leaned down and pressed his lips to her's in harsh abandon. The kunai slipped from her stunned fingers, raining down on the carpet beneath their feet. In her shock, Larxene could barely do more than respond and comprehend the moment when all her morals went up in smoke.

Sparks of both heat and electricity danced around them as they pulled away. It was a long time before either one spoke again.

"I hate you, you know that?" Larxene said warily.

Axel grinned. "It's a start."

There you go, the end of my one-shot. I hope you liked it. Pretty weird, wasn't it? XD Romance takes a back-seat to hate. Muahahaha.