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The darkness pressed up against them, soft as their mingled breaths, until there was nothing but black and the two figures trapped within it. Even Demyx's inane signing seemed far away, driven off by Axel's question.

Larxene couldn't see the green-eyed Nobody, but she knew he was close; the light touch of his hand against her own confirmed that. She could almost taste the red of his hair, feel heat of his fire-green eyes burning a path through the shadow.

"I'm not afraid of anything," she answered, groping for his arms in the dark and holding his wrists.

"Then why is your heart beating so fast?"

Larxene suddenly dug her nails into the arms she held in a loose grip, an almost instinctive reaction to the reminder of her hated pulse. She was a Nobody; it wasn't real, simply the ghost-like remnants of her true self. Axel winced, the closeness of their faces making it possible for the yellow-haired Nobody to feel it.

"I'm not afraid of anything," she whispered again, yet her tone had lost its conviction.

"Seems like you're at least afraid of admitting you're afraid."

There was a long pause before she spoke again.

"Alright, so I'm afraid. Afraid of what my emotions mean. We're Nobodies Axel. We don't have hearts. Everyone else says we don't have feelings either, yet I can still sense them. But it's like a memory more than an actual emotion. Maybe I'm remembering what it was like when my original self had a heart. Is it just resonance?"

Axel didn't speak, yet one hand slipped away from her grip to rest comfortingly on her head, stroking her bangs back, not needing sight to see. When he didn't answer, she continued.

"I'm hollow, yet at the same time, I can perceive distant emotions. Like holding your ear up to a seashell and hearing the ocean. It's not the true waves you're hearing, just what's left. A small part of what exists, only we Nobodies can't see the whole picture. It's different for you, though. You have Roxas. The two of you are friends, and that's something that no other Nobody can boast about. You're more used to these emotions, because you've had something- someone -who's made those far-off memories come alive."

"And you're afraid of this?"

"Yes. Because up until ... until you, these distant emotions were more thought than feeling. But now they're stronger; I can feel them now, and it scares me. Scares me that there's something new, something unnatural going on within me." her right hand tightened almost convulsively around the red-haired Nobody's arm. "Something I can't control."

In the darkness, she could sense his smile. "So you're a control freak, eh Sparky?"

The blue-eyed woman hesitated, ignoring the nickname as she turned her head to one side. "I suppose I am."

His roaming hand gently caressed the side of her face, the gesture of not only a lover but as a friend, seeking to both take and give comfort. Yet when he finally spoke, it was in a whisper that no person would say to another in light companionship.

"Then go ahead. Take control."

Larxene felt his submission, in his shifting posture and voice. Mirroring his previous movements, she let go of his arm and reached up to run her gloved fingers through his spiky hair. She imagined she was looking into his eyes, seeing the blue-green depths through the darkness, in a shadow way that held all the qualities of dreams. Just like her feelings, just like the Nobodies themselves. Just like the echoing pounding of her heart in her should-be hollow chest, the sound that mocked the life that never belonged to her and the non-existence she knew now.

Silently, she stood up, and Axel followed suit. Trusting her instincts in the dark, she kissed him lightly, deliberately. The fire-wielder gently took her wandering hand in his own, slipping off the black glove. Tentatively, she let her palm rest on the side of his face, noting that this was the first time she had ever felt human skin, non-existent or otherwise, under her own. She so rarely removed her gloves, and never had the opportunity for close contact. She let her fingers trace the unseen marks under his eyes, mapping the contours of his face. Axel halted her movements and stilled her hand.

"You can feel," he whispered. "Is it just resonance?"

Close enough now, Larxene shook her head. This was real, this was solid, this was powerful and intoxicating, and yes, it was terrifying. There was heat, fiery warmth flowing through his skin and into her own like rushing blood through a vein. Red blood, the color of anger and intensity, of passion and boldness, the color of fire, the color of Axel himself, of the strands of hair brushing against his tanned cheek along with her hand.

And there was electricity, quick and sparking, untamed yet always seeking control, something that could kill you if you weren't careful but for now seemed to simply surge in what little space was left between them, pulling them together. Yellow and bright, a color that was like the smart snap of confidence against white marble floors, feet swiftly carrying a lightening-strike-slender frame across a room, the color of the sleek hair that seemed to bask in the glow of white skin and the feel of a hand entangled in it. The color of flash and zeal, the color that warned you to stay away yet entranced you at the same time.

Once again, it was Larxene who instigated the kiss, reveling in regaining of her control and relishing losing it simultaneously

Unbeknownst to them, Demyx, after overhearing all that went on, had proceeded to slide down the hall in a victor dance, accompanied by the splash of water all around. But Axel and Larxene took no notice of this, more intent on their own waves, which seemed to have become a little louder, a little more clear, like breaking apart the seashell to find that the ocean had been there the whole time anyway.


Now I know why Axel and Larxene couldn't get together in the game. Because if they did, the world would just implode from too much awesomeness.