Not Your Average Carthaki Fairy Tale

"Every generation has a fairy tale. Sometimes though, things don't work out that perfectly. Empress Kalasin and Emperor Kaddar Iliniat of Carthak weren't exactly a…traditional...couple. This is their story."



Every generation has a fairy tale.

Every nation has a story that lasts throughout the ages.

Most of these stories are about princesses who marry kings, bring change to a ravaged country, and live happily ever after. In these stories, usually everybody ends up happy, and true, everlasting love is a factor.


Sometimes, things don't work out that perfectly. Sometimes, there are…roadblocks. Deterrents. Sometimes, you don't fall in love over a kiss or a moonlit evening.

When two drastically different people from backgrounds as different as flame and ice marry, sometimes, they clash. Especially when both have strong sarcastic streaks, are extremely stubborn, and neither is especially fond of admitting mistakes.

Such is the story of Empress Kalasin and Emperor Kaddar Iliniat of Carthak. They weren't exactly a…traditional…couple. Both were more likely to argue, yell, or otherwise snipe at each other than sit in harmony, talk to animals, or cooperate to rebuild a country.

Not your average fairy tale material.

Maybe their relationship wasn't conventional. But then again, not many things about them were. Despite the lack of magical animals, cooperation, and harmony, they managed to make things work, somehow. And the legend of the first rulers of House Iliniat still lives on today, along with their descendants.

This is their story.