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Summary: Meet the new Power Rangers, Gem rangers. So what the hell are they doing in Tokyo? It seems that Dren and his buddies aren't the only aliens. East meets west, mew meets ranger. Result: matchmaking, secrets, family problems and lots of laughs.



I don't anything but Sierra.

TMM and, what the hell? Power rangers! Sierra's POV

"Gem Rangers Morph!"

My best three friends and I were engulfed with light that originated from our pendants.

"Tanzanite Ranger Morph!" said Ryan, to my right.

"Emerald Ranger Morph!" shouted Trace to my left.

"Ruby Ranger Morph!" yelled Leah on the other side of Trace.

Finally, I morphed. "Diamond Ranger morph!"

There we stood, four Power Rangers. Blue, green, red and white.

"Time to kick butt!" yelled Trace.

I couldn't help but stifle a giggle. He was starting to sound just like Leah. Those two were spending more and more time together.

'I really must look into that'

"You didn't seriously think we would let you have your way with our town?" asked the Leah, her voice dripped with sarcasm.

There, in front of us, was an alien. He was big and slime green.

"Si! This is HQ. That alien is a chimyra. Be careful. It can breathe fire and its goo is toxic," came that fuzzy voice in my helmet.

'Dangerous and just down right ugly. Great to know that those manga writers got their aliens and monsters right'

Unbelievably, the monster smirked.

'Oh no. That's never good.'

"Hit the deck!" I screamed at my friends, pulling them down with me, just as it spat fire at us.

Ryan, Leah and Trace looked at me expectantly.

"Time to kick some butt!" ' I'm spending way too much time with those two!'

Ryan just laughed. His voice was rich and low.

We then launched into action. Leah and Ryan attacked from the sides. The alien knocked Leah aside only to get punched, in what one may call, his face. It somehow got hold of Ryan and was covering him in goo.

'The goo is toxic!'

"Diamond lightgun, full power!" I shouted, aiming at the alien.

I pulled the trigger. Ryan flipped out the way, and the alien turned into ashes.

'Job done.'

Gem Rangers :HQ

"That was well done, rangers," said HQ. HQ was our robot that managed our Head Quarters so we call him HQ. He looked human, brown haired and green eyed. He looked like his creator, Trace.

I looked around. We were all still in our ranger form. Blue, green and red all had white stripes running across their chest. I had silver stripe. The only other differences, apart from our colour, were the knee high boots Leah and I wore, along with the skirts. Leah had a mini where, I had a skirt that was long at the back and short in the back.

"Power down, rangers"

There we stood, four average teenagers.

'Okay, maybe not exactly average.' I laughed quietly at the thought of us being average, at the thought of me being normal.

"Hey! What's so funny?" Leah asked me. She was 17, tall, blond hair and brown eyes. She was the popular girl of our school. Energetic and funny, a friend I could always trust.

"Just at the thought of us being 'average teenagers'!" I said, before falling into a fit of giggles with her.

Trace and Ryan chuckled, while HQ stifled a laugh.

Trace was the computer genius amoung us. He made HQ and the computer software we use to track down aliens/ monsters. He was 18 with green eyes and brown hair.

Ryan, on the other hand was the silent strength of the team. He had unfathomable blue eyes and red long hair. He was my best friend. He's the type of guy that's silent and always behind you. Smart, gentle yet tough. He's, well, Ryan. He's 18 too.

Then there is me, Sierra Shirogane. 16, charming but insane. The youngest but the leader, I am the white ranger. A black hair with white edges and teal-grey eyes.

'We mak quite the team.'

"Okay! I have to go now!" announced Leah, " I have cheerleading practice." With that she walked out the door and up the elevator.

"I have to check something I'm working on," said Trace, " come on HQ."

I looked at Ryan; he looked at me. I shivered a little.

"Dojo?" was all he said, and I nodded.

That was how is all begun. We all trained in various martial arts. We were all fighting in a tournament, and we all made it to the semi-finals. Yeah, we all attended the same school but we never spoke to each other. The law of your status. Be it popular, geek, nerd or just strange. I faced Leah, while Ryan faced Trace. Ryan and I fought in the final match. I won, but then again, I had an advantage. (Not that you guys! Lol, what the real advantage is my secret.-)

"What's the matter?" Ryan asked me. I jumped about five feet in the air.

"Nothin'. Just thinking about the first time we all met."

He smiled; again the shivers came.

'He's got really nice eyes. Shit! Where did that come from?'

His eyebrow went way up. He looked at me, 'enough with the shivers!' and I got up.

'Time to kick some butt!'

A good 3 hours later…

'That was a good work out. I still beat him,' I smirked.

"You do know that next time we train, I will wipe that smirk off?" said Ryan ever so politely.

"Of course you will," I replied flirtatiously, fluttering my eyelashes.

He laughed and gave me one heck of a nuggie.





"That wasn't even an insult!" I complained. He was fun to argue with. Though we never really argued. " I'm going to see what Trace is up to."

Ryan laughed even more and followed me. "That was an insult!"







"GUYS!" yelled HQ and Trace.

Both of us started to giggle.

'We really need to learn how to act our age, or at least he should.'

"There I got it!" pronounced Trace triumphantly.


"Phone Leah and tell her to get here. This is big. The hunch paid off." Said Trace.

"Already here. What's up?" asked Leah as she made her usual big entrance.

"Okay, you know that there have been new aliens. I mean they are very different from whet the old rangers fought," started HQ.

"Yeah, I have," I stated; everyone stared. " According to the records they left us with the Morphers and the data. They never faced what we have been facing."


"You will be the new Gem Power Rangers," Jason had told them.

"We have been watching you and we know that each of you has the martial arts talent," continued Jess.

" More than that you have the special spark that hold certain qualities to being a ranger," said Fred.

"Each of you burn with a passion that is like fire itself," said Harry.

" This and the fact that the Morphers have chosen you. It's time to pass on the power, to you. You may be young, but we have every faith in you. We are sorry for you having to get this message like this. We have left data and information that will be useful in the disks. Good luck rangers," said the video-Jason.

The video ended. We had all competed in the National tournament and had been asked by one of the most elite senseis to come. Sensei Serin, had trained the previous Power Rangers. They were asked to fight until the 'true' rangers came. They had died fighting 4 years before they saw the tape.

End flashback.

"Right, so I have finally found out why. I, sorry, we have been doing some extra tracing and researching. There have been similar attacks in Tokyo, Japan. There have been, though many people would call tit fake, reports of aliens and such," said, Trace.

I looked at him. 'Not good…'

" The grain of truth in all the lies," said Ryan quietly as Leah nodded. I could hardly breathe.

"We believe that our enemy, Zorrac, has joined forces with whoever is there, or they could be the same person or they could be working for him. Either way, we have to get the bottom of this," concluded HQ.

"Yeah! We're going to Japan!' smiled Leah.

'Shit! This can't be happening.'

I swear Ryan is a mind reader or something because he was staring at me.

"What's wrong, Sierra?' asked Ryan. Everyone turned to look at me.

'I can't tell them!'

"You know you can tell us anything," he spoke again, softly, almost hurt.

'Stupid mind reader! What am I going to do…'

I took a few deep breaths.

' My brother lives in Tokyo."

"YOU HAVE A BROTHER?" everyone yelled.

"Yeah, but I haven't seen him in 5 years. The thing is that they are handling the situation there. We shouldn't worry about it."

" What are you talking about?" asked Trace.


"Someone else is fighting there. That is why Tokyo is still standing," Ryan spoke again.

Now everyone turned to Ryan. Leah walked up to me and grabbed my arm and pushed into a chair. I refused to meet her eyes.

"Now tell me, no us, what the hell you know!" demanded Leah.

I took another breath. And I turned in the chair.

'Where to start?'

"You guys know nothing about my life, my past," I spoke so softly I was surprised at the amount of pain that seeped through my defences. " I am Sierra Shirogane, second child of Dr. Shirogane and co-creator of Project Tokyo Mew Mew."

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Leah recovered first, " what the hell?"

I sighed and pulled out my necklace. The one without the Morpher, it had a locket. I opened the locket and connected the locket to the computer. The screen turned on.

The picture appeared, it was of Ryou and me with our parents. Next came articles about a fire that killed our parents. Then all the infomation about Tokyo Mew Mew.

"Tokyo Mew Mew was a project that our father was working on before he died. It was this project that caused the predesites to attack our house," I spoke with no emotion. I was too lost in my memories. "Our father new of the alien invasion so he found a way to genetically combine the DNA of five humans with five red-endangered animals. Of course the DNA would be genetically modified so the humans have the strength, sped and agility of the animal. The new DNA allowed for new weapons and a whole new fighting force. After my parents died, my brother and I have completed it. I left Japan to study here in America, but I spoke and helped my brother a lot. He found the five girls and they are now fighting for us. Ichigo, Zakuro, Lettuce, Minto and Pudding."

They all looked shocked.

"We never knew..." began Leah.

"You never told us, "said Ryan in a voice that made me want to cry.

"There's more?" asked Trace, expectantly.

I nodded, " The first genetic infusion was made on my brother," I typed on the keyboard and brought up his genetics. "He's part cat. He has a cat's abilities o a point and can, believe it or not, turn into a cat."

They continued to stare at me.

" The first infusion my brother did was on me. I am part white lion. That is why I'm faster than you guys and more agile," I finished.

I kept staring at the screen. I couldn't look into their faces. I didn't think I could stand the fact that I may have to look at what were my first true friends, staring at me in disgust.

Someone turned the chair around. I stared at the floor. A soft hand was under my chin, forcing me to look up. I stared into blue-blue eyes.

"Show us," was all he said.

I took a deep breath, yet again. I slowing let my instincts take over. I felt the white ears pop up and the tail behind me. I still stared at the ground.

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked, well more screamed, Leah.

Something snapped.

"It's my life, my past. It's what I had to do and live with it. It's what I gave up everything for. I think I hold the right of who to tell and who not to tell!" I said with a voice so cold I thought I saw her shiver.

On the inside I was raging.

"I'm a freak, just like those girls because of what must be done. No one but my brother knows I exist. I can't go to Japan because I there is a reason I was sent here. I'm the trump card. If they can't beat Deep Blue, I'm the one who has to try again. I have to create new Mews and I have to lead them. The aliens don't know I exist, that I have the knowledge and the resources."

Everyone was silent. Then, Trace held something out to me. I stared at it. It was his cell. I stared at him.

"There won't be need for you to be the trump card. If we work together we can defeat these aliens. Phone your brother and tell him we're coming for a holiday."

I stared at him. Staring was the new fashion.

Café Mew Mew, Tokyo Japan:

(no pov)

"Get back to work, Ichigo," ordered Ryou coldly. She stared at him, eyes aflame.

"NO Ryou! You have absolutely no right to order me around like I have to feelings, just because you don't!" yelled Ichigo. Today was not the best of days. She had caught Masaya cheating on her. She broke up with him and all this before 10 am.

Everyone in café Mew Mew, waitresses and customers turned to watch another one of these two infamous fights.

Just then a cell phone started ringing. Ichigo was still going at Ryou, but stopped when he answered his cell phone. Even Wesley (I can't spell his Japanese name! XD)

Looked interested. No one even knew that Ryou had a cell phone.

"Hello?" he asked. He listened for a while a then, he smiled and a small twinkle in his eye appeared.

"We haven't talked in a while. How are you?" he smiled again. Everyone stared at him. Ryou smile twice in one day. It was going to snow in the middle of summer.

"I'm fine. Yeah, I know about them… YOU 'RE WHAT?" now the emotion in his eyes looked like his was concerned, disbelief and scared.

Even the customers were curious. Those that were regulars knew that Ryou hardly ever showed emotion other than anger and annoyance.

He ran his fingers through his hair. " Okay, when," was all he said. Then he just listened and nodded. "Okay, see you. Love you too, bye." He ended the call.

He looked around. Everyone was staring at him, he just said love you to someone. Now the mews were interested.

Without a word, Ryou turned and left for his room. The girls turned to Wesley, but he looked as confused as them.

All Ichigo though was, 'who would Ryou say love you to? I'm not jealous, just curious.' The little green monster still squirmed in the chest. 'I've just broken up over Masaya! Come one Ichigo, get a grip of yourself.'

Though, it was no use.

'There is no way I'm falling for Ryou!'

America, Ryan's pov…

'I never knew she kept so much from me. I should be mad, but I'm not. She suffered so much. I wonder what it's like to be part cat,' I thought as I turned in bed to stare at the ceiling.

'She felt so nice in my arms after she started crying through the phone call. She really does look beautiful even when she cries and especially, the lion ears.' I sighed, and then the thoughts came back to me.

'What the hell! Why did I just think that about Sierra? She's my friend and our leader. Bad thoughts! But she is beautiful… ARR! I can't be falling for her?'

I shifted again and frowned.

'No, it's just seeing the vulnerable part of her, that's it. I'm not used to see that side.'

I slowly fell in to sleep but not before one last thought slipped in to my dreams.

'I wonder what it would fell like to touch those ears of hers…'

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