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Trace turned to Ryan, grinning, 'Leah would have been proud. Mission accomplished." Ryan nodded. It was better for their health to help Leah than to fight her. They too left to change.

Chapter 7

Ryan and Trace were the first ones ready. Ryan wore form hugging dark blue jeans that only complimented his lean legs. He wore a white tight T-shirt that showed off his well-defined chest with a blue button-up shirt worn over it. It made his hair seem redder and his eyes deeper. Trace went for the black dress pants that emphasised his height with a green dress shirt that brought out his eyes. Their earrings and dog tags screamed 'bad boys' and the messed up hair was begging for hands to run through it.

"Who did you get dressed up for, Ryan?" Trace teased when he saw his friend. Even with the slight blush, Ryan shot back, "I could ask you the same thing."

"As long it's not my sister, it's fine" came a voice from behind them. Ryou and Wesley came down the stairs. Both wore black jeans. While Wesley wore a black dress shirt, Ryou had opted for a red T-shirt that placed emphasis on my eyes. Eyes that were currently glaring at them; daring them to contradict him so he could torture them.

Both boys gulped slightly and shook their heads. The awkward situation was broken with Wesley's teasing comment, "Maybe Ryou dressed up so someone too?"

The glare was now directed at Wesley but was ruined by the blush on the pale blonds cheeks. Trying to forget the situation, he poised a question the males,

"Where are the girls?" Trace and Ryan looked at each other and shook their heads.

"You obviously don't know the female gender," said Ryan with a pitying look at the older two guys.

"Allow us to enlighten you,' said Trace wisely, "females take longer to get ready than males. One must never rush them; ever. If you do, you are likely to be injured, especially if they know martial arts. And, besides, it's worth the wait if you catch my drift…"

Ryou's glare returned in full force and Wesley just laughed.

"Who would have guessed that Ryou has the 'over-protective big brother complex'?" came a voice from behind them. Zakuro stood there wearing a simple dark purple dress that stopped above her knees. She wore matching purple boots that reached just below her knees to match. She looked every bit the model she was. But Ryou's attention was on the pink-haired girl at her side.

Ichigo wore plain blue Capri pants with a pink shirt and ribbons in her hair. The other girls smirked knowingly at the two who were obliviously staring at each other. Minto wore blue ballerina style dress and Lettuce wore a long green skirt with a white shirt. Pudding wore denim shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt.

"Awesome, everyone is ready!" said Leah as she waltz into the room. She wore black jeans that hugged her curves and a blood red shirt that said 'Keep looking'. "Let's go shopping!"

Everyone stared at her. "What?!"

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" asked Trace. Seeing her blank look, he sighed before adding, "Sierra? You know, our leader. About so tall, black hair, grey eyes?"

Leah stared at Trace and rolled her eyes. She turned around and saw no one there. Her eyes narrowed. Seeing the Look, Ryan gulped. That Look meant trouble for someone.

"Sierra! Get your ass out here this instant!" she hollered at the closed door. A muffle shout comes from the other side.

"No way in hell, Leah! I'm not wearing this! Give me back my jeans!"

Everyone was now staring at the door. Leah huffed and walked to it and yanked it opened. Leah turned to them and said ever so sweetly, "one moment" and entered.

"Damn it, Sierra! You look fine! Heck, you look hot. Now come on!"

"No way am I walking out of here wearing this. Give me my damn jeans!"

"NO! Now move it! I want to shop before Christmas!"

"No and you can't make me!"

"Oh, I can't? Watch me!"

"Bring it. I can kick your ass anytime and you know it!"

There was a sound of a scuffle and curses. The mews turned to the two present rangers. They merely shrugged the looks off.

"It's safer out here than in there. By the looks of it Leah tried give Sierra a make-over," said Trace.

"Yeah, and last time that happened, Sierra had to beat off guys with a stick. She got revenge by burning Leah's pompoms. Then Leah got revenge by dying all of Sierra's shirts pink. Then we somehow got caught in thanks to a comment from Trace and both of us woke up one morning floating on an inflatable mattress in the school pool."

"Highly embarrassing!" Trace put in, face a little red from remembering the incident.

"Moral of the story, never get on either of their bad sides or in a fight between them," finished Ryan.

The mews stared at the rangers. And they thought they were crazy and a dysfunctional team. Just then the door opened and everyone's attention riveted to it.

Out came Leah carrying a kicking and screaming Sierra. Huffing, Leah put her down and straightened out her clothing. Sierra stood there glaring at Leah then turned her attention to the people in the room. Glaring at them; daring them to make a comment. Funnily enough, the glare was a lot like a certain blonde's glare they knew.

Sierra stood there in a white mini-skirt and black tank top. She wore knee length black boots and black fingerless gloves.

Ryan silently gulped again as he stared at his leader. His eyes travelling up from the boots, along smooth pale skin to the edge of the white skirt. Gulping, he quickly looked away, and took deep breaths.

"Fine," huffed Sierra, walking towards the door, "let's go."

And the shopping trip began. No guy dared come too close to the group with the four protective males with them. Whilst in the first store, sierra pulled Leah away from the others.

"How are we getting the two together?" she asked Leah, pulling the skirt down.

Leah ignored her friend's actions and thought. She knew she wanted to lock Sierra and Ryan in a dressing room together. The chemistry between those two just needed a spark to be lit. but the other two. Now they were difficult. Ryou, from what she had seen, was very quiet and unresponsive. Ichigo was in denial. Maybe…

"Sierra, I got an idea. I'm going to go and flirt with your brother. Then we get Trace to flirt with Ichigo. That has to get a reaction out of one of them to make a move!" said Leah with a devious smile.

Sierra thought it through and nodded. Considering the situation and the personalities involved that would work.

"Good, you go and tell the mews. I'll go tell the guys!" and she flounced off to the corner the two male rangers were standing. They were watching in horror as the mews gave Wesley a make over. Sierra shook her head as she watched her friend go.

Her eyes strayed to the two male rangers. Or more correctly, the blue tanzanite ranger. Her eyes trailed over his form, 'damn, he looks good!' shaking her head of the thoughts she started to walk to the mews. She knew she was falling for her best friend and couldn't stop. 'I don't think I want to stop it anyway.'

She giggled at Wesley expression of relief when he saw her coming over.

"Zakuro, " she called, beckoning the girl to her. "Leah has a plan. She's going to flirt with Ryou and Trace is going to hit on Ichigo. We are going to see if that will make them react."

Zakuro smirked at the girl and nodded, "I'll tell the others. It should work. Those two need a hard shove in the right direction."

Meanwhile, Leah told both the male rangers the plan before pulling Trace aside under the guise of 'he needs some hints.' She was really discussing the other plan.

"Okay, we need to find the perfect store and opportunity. Then we lock both of them in the dressing rooms, preferable both in a hot outfit that makes them want to jump each other."

Trace shook his head again, "I say it again. Remind me never to get on your bad side."

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